Andrew Francis Swann | 19 Dec 16:00 2014

habits and todo state changes

Having recently set-up an org habit for the first time, I have some
feedback on the manual page `Tracking your habits'. Point 6 currently

  6. You must also have state logging for the `DONE' state enabled
  (*note Tracking TODO state changes::), in order for historical
  data to be represented in the consistency graph.  If it is not
  enabled it is not an error, but the consistency graphs will be
  largely meaningless.

which I found a little too vague.

I had  org-log-done  set to 'note.  This was not sufficient to get correct
habit consistency graphs.  Changing it to 'time was, but I quickly got fed
up with not being prompted for notes on closing other types of task.  I
therefore reverted to 'note, but added the property


to the habit task.  This now works smoothly as I wished.

Based on this I suggest adding the above LOGGING line to the PROPERTIES in
the example included in the manual so it reads:

        :STYLE:    habit
        :LOGGING: DONE(!)
        :LAST_REPEAT: [2009-10-19 Mon 00:36]
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John Kitchin | 19 Dec 03:18 2014

org-mode in teaching

Hi all,

I wrote a blog post
on how I used org-mode in teaching this past fall. Short summary: All
the notes, assignments, quizzes, exams, etc... were in org-mode,
students did all their work in org-mode, and we did all our grading in
org-mode. It was pretty awesome!

Thanks everyone for an awesome community, and fantastic package in
org-mode. Best wishes in the new year!


John Kitchin
 <at> johnkitchin

John Kitchin | 19 Dec 02:15 2014

new org-ref repo

Hi all,

I have finally put my org-ref code into its own git repo:

The repo includes some handy utility functions on a doi and bibtex
entries. I "improved" the cite link menu so it has a lot of new options
to open a cite link bibtex key in web of science, pubmed, google scholar
and cross-ref if the corresponding bibtex entry has a doi. It is pretty
nice (biased opinion of course). Hopefully I got all the dependencies in
this repo correct so it will just work for you. If not, post an issue on
Github, and I will work on fixing it! Thanks,


John Kitchin
 <at> johnkitchin

Chaitanya Krishna | 19 Dec 01:31 2014

Word under cursor to internal link

Hello there,

Is there a shortcut to change word under cursor to an internal link? Basically it is a pain trying to surround with two braces all the time!

C-c C-l does not prompt me to create an internal link.

Best regards,
Rainer M Krug | 18 Dec 12:00 2014

Naming of (indirect?) buffers opened by C-'


I remember there was a discussion recently about the naming of the
indirect buffers of source code block opened with C-' but I can't find
it at the moment. Was there a solution on giving these buffers a
useful name, i.e. the name of the code block?

If this is included in org, it does not seem to be working for me?




Rainer M. Krug
email: Rainer<at>krugs<dot>de
PGP: 0x0F52F982
Marcin Borkowski | 18 Dec 10:57 2014

org-agenda-todo-ignore-timestamp vs org-agenda-todo-ignore-with-date


I vaguely remember asking about this some time ago, but could not find
that thread.

It is not at all clear from the docstrings what is the difference
between org-agenda-todo-ignore-with-date and
org-agenda-todo-ignore-timestamp.  I did a simple experiment on my
agenda and found out that org-agenda-todo-ignore-timestamp did not
ignore entries with a repeater timestamp, while
org-agenda-todo-ignore-with-date did.

Is that correct?  If yes, could it be said in the manual?



Marcin Borkowski
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Adam Mickiewicz University

Sharon Kimble | 18 Dec 05:48 2014

org-toc.el x 2 = confusion

Did you know that there are currently two "org-toc.el" in existence?
There is the org-mode one of 17.9kb, and 508 lines of code, author
being Bastien Guerry. Incidentally, it quotes the home page as being
at "" but even if
you drill back to the server, Bastien is not on that machine!

The other one is like this -

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
;;; org-toc.el --- add table of contents to org-mode files

;; Copyright (C) 2014 Sergei Nosov

;; Author: Sergei Nosov <sergei.nosov [at]>
;; Version: 20141110.650
;; X-Original-Version: 1.0
;; Keywords: org-mode org toc table of contents
;; URL:
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

and it is 14.6kb and 285 lines of code.

And right at the moment, I have both in my "" so I'm going
to remove the older and smaller version. Can something be done such
as Sergei renaming his as, to be completely daft, "toc-org.el"?


A taste of linux =
my git repo =
TGmeds =
Debian testing, fluxbox 1.3.5, emacs
Feng Shu | 17 Dec 15:10 2014

[patch] org-element: Deal with subscript like: "_{x}"


Myles English | 17 Dec 12:30 2014

[bug] Effort and column view


I reported a possible bug a couple of weeks ago and since then I have
notice related bugs in todays HEAD (that may have existed before).

1) The column view of TODO items only shows the total Effort at the
top and the Effort for the last item,

2) The column view of the org-agenda (restricted to current buffer with
'<', get list of todos with 't') only shows the Effort for the last item
and the total Effort at the top shows the same value as for the last

3) Narrowing by tag (the original possible bug reported) shows similar
behaviour as above


jenia.ivlev | 17 Dec 07:04 2014

How do you show the entires in the logbook drawer in the agenda


I thought that the entires in the logbook drawer - entered pressing `C-c
C-z` in orgmode - would show up in the agenda, pressing `C-c a a`, but
they do not. 
Is possible to somehow list those notes in the agenda?

Thanks in advnace for your kind help.

Eric Abrahamsen | 17 Dec 02:09 2014

Re: getting calc-units working in table formulas

Michael Brand < <at>> writes:

> Hi Eric
> This answers only one of your questions:
> On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 5:21 AM, Eric Abrahamsen
> <eric <at>> wrote:
>> #+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
>>   (defmath uconvert (expr target-units)
>>     (math-convert-units expr target-units))
>> #+END_SRC
> I would prefer
> #+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
>   (defmath uconv (expr target-units &optional pure)
>     (math-convert-units expr target-units pure))
>> | km    | ft                  |
>> |-------+---------------------|
>> | 2.5km | uconvert(2.5 km ft) |
>> #+TBLFM: $2=uconvert($1 ft)
> Calc syntax uses comma to separate the function arguments, see
> examples in e. g.

I was hoping I'd made a more interesting mistake than that! Thanks for
clearing that up.

> | km     | ft           |
> |--------+--------------|
> | 2.5 km | 8202.0997 ft |
> #+TBLFM: $2 = uconv($1, ft)
> Btw, to have the units only in the column header:
> |  km |        ft |
> |-----+-----------|
> | 2.5 | 8202.0997 |
> #+TBLFM: $2 = uconv($1 *  <at> <$1,  <at> <$2, t)
> The same without a user's defmath:
> |  km |        ft |
> |-----+-----------|
> | 2.5 | 8202.0997 |
> #+TBLFM: $2 = usimplify($1 *  <at> <$1 /  <at> <$2)

Wow, interesting stuff. I had no idea...

I'd still like to provide a small patch to the documentation, alerting
users to the fact that units work out of the box. Does anyone have any
opinions on including a defmath for `math-convert-units'? (The 'pure
variant seems like a fine choice.)

Lastly, is there a way to both use output formatting, and retain the
unit name (if desired)? Right now I get this:

| km    | units | conversion |
| 2.5km | ft    |    8202.10 |
#+TBLFM: $3=uconvert($1, $2); %.2f

Ie, the "ft" falls off the results when I add the "%.2f". Is it possible
to retain that and have formatting?