Lawrence Bottorff | 22 May 15:54 2015

customize LOGBOOK note intro text?

When I do C-c C-z to start a LOGBOOK entry note, the text reads "Note taken on", then the timestamp. Is there any way to customize the text -- or get rid of it and have just the timestamp?

Bjarte Johansen | 22 May 13:02 2015

Using buffers instead of string when processing and passing org-babel results


I have been wondering: Is there a reason org-babel passes around results as strings instead of buffers? I
understand there will be more to keep track of and right now there is a great chance of breaking code
(org-modes code and other people who depend on the current behaviour).

However, I just did an elementary test with the following

#+BEGIN_SRC bash :results verbatim
  cat file.txt

I created the file with the command `base64 /dev/urandom | head -c 100M > file.txt`.

If I execute the script in the normal way it takes more then half a minute to complete. If I on the other hand
convert every point on the path that expect it to be a string to be a buffer instead it takes less than 5
seconds to complete the script and insert the result into the buffer.

I understand that it might not be normal to insert these big files into the org-buffer, but the problem is
also there if you want to silence the result and pass it from script to script. The creation of big strings is
really slow.

I also feel that buffers are more natural vessels for the results. They are easier to manipulate than
strings in Emacs and are much much faster. A big problem however is how do we handle the buffers that are
created? They won’t be garage collected, so we need a way to safely kill them when we no longer need them.

Is this something that org-mode is interested in? I could try to work on it, but if org-mode isn’t
interested in the change I am not sure I will bother.


Zhihao Ding | 22 May 11:43 2015

float control in org

Hi there, 

Could I ask for some advice on using the latex float 
package in org mode? I’d like to have some control on 
the positions of the figures, tables, code blocks etc. 
Currently I am doing it using latex entirely, just for 
my code blocks, as below 

   	./ —someargs
     \caption{my caption}

 There must be better ways of doing this?

Thanks very much!

Tractatus | 22 May 09:16 2015

org-caldav: VTODO entries without DTSTART


I am testing syncing my ical files via Radicale CalDAV Server to org
usinf org-caldav. For some files I get an error "Format specifier
doesn't match argument type". [2]

In my ical files generated by Mozilla Icedove are VTODO entries [1]
without a DTSTART field. [1] I think this causes the error.
Since I do not care to sync VTODO'S is there a way to filter them out
before they are processed? Can this error be avoided?

The code seems to try to deal with missing dtstarts:
but the error seems to occur before that:


Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Format specifier doesn't match
argument type") format("%02d:%02d" "nil" nil)
  (let* ((calendar-date-style ...) (ical-list ...) (e ...)
(zone-map ...) (dtstart ...) (dtstart-zone ...) (dtstart-dec ...)
(start-d ...) (start-t ...) (dtend ...) (dtend-zone ...)
(dtend-dec ...) (dtend-1-dec ...) end-d end-1-d end-t (summary ...)
(description ...) (rrule ...) (rdate ...) (duration ...)) (if (and
dtstart ...) (setq start-t nil)) (when duration (let ... ... ... ...))
(setq end-d (if dtend-dec ... start-d)) (setq end-1-d (if
dtend-1-dec ... start-d)) (setq end-t (if ... ... start-t)) (list
start-d start-t (if end-t end-d end-1-d) end-t summary description))

Kyle Meyer | 22 May 06:49 2015

[PATCH] org-src.el: Unescape source block on edit

org-edit-src-code doesn't seem to be unescaping correctly.  For
example, calling org-edit-src-code on

#+begin_src org
  ,* h

puts ",* h", not "* h", in the source buffer.  When exiting, ",*" is
escaped again, resulting in

#+begin_src org
  ,,* h

The attached patch moves the unescaping call from org-edit-src-code to
org-src--edit-element so that the source string is unescaped
regardless of whether it was passed as an argument or extracted
directly from the buffer.

Alain.Cochard | 22 May 06:07 2015

org-notify: can't define an org-notify-add

Sorry I am posting this message again: I made a mistake and it
appeared within an unrelated thread (perhaps it is possible to remove
it from there?)



If I have in my emacs init file the following org-notify setup, as
specified by the org-notify doc (if I understand it correctly):

   (require 'org-notify)
   (org-notify-add 'my-appt '(:time "1h" :actions -message
								   :period "30s" :duration 20))

and in my file:

   * TODO test agenda 
     DEADLINE: <2015-05-21 Thu 17:55>
     :notify:   my-appt

the behavior I get is the one defined as the default in the
org-notify.el file:

	;;; Provide a minimal default setup.
	(org-notify-add 'default '(:time "1h" :actions -notify/window
					 :period "2m" :duration 60))

I can override this default in my init file, i.e., replacing
"org-notify-add 'my-appt" above by "org-notify-add 'default", and I
then get "my" default behavior.

So as far as I can see, everything behaves as if I did not use the
proper syntax for the :PROPERTIES: block (consistently, if I alter it
or remove it completely, I still get the default behavior).

Am I doing something trivially wrong?  Any idea how I could debug
this?  (I have no relevant message in the *Messages* buffer.)

Many thanks in advance.

Org-mode version 8.2.10 (8.2.10-40-gc763fa-elpa  <at> 
GNU Emacs 24.5.1 (x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.14.12) of
2015-04-17 on

Jacob Gerlach | 22 May 04:54 2015

Export code and results in one environment


I'd like to export a source block and it's results together in one latex environment. I came up with a solution using the final filter below.

Is there a better way?


  #+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :exports none :results silent
    (defun combine-verb-final-filter (s backend info)
      (when (eq backend 'latex)
      (replace-regexp-in-string "\\\\end{verbatim}\n*\\\\begin{verbatim}"
                                s nil t)))
    (add-to-list 'org-export-filter-final-output-functions 'combine-verb-final-filter)

Works, given:
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :exports both
echo "Hello"

: Hello
Produces (desired effect):
echo "Hello"

Max Linke | 21 May 22:21 2015

how to render align environment with mathjax in html-expot


I would like to use align environments when I export to html. As this is 
nicer for me to align equations.

When I use them naked like this.

   		a &= b + c \\
   		x &= y + z

the equation does not get rendered at all but the naked text is 
displayed in the html file. Do their exists some options to tell 
org-mode to wrap align environments for mathjax? Or do I have to wrap 
this in some special source block?

best Max

Lawrence Bottorff | 21 May 20:48 2015

LOGBOOK entry lands outside LOGBOOK

I'm using the C-c C-z to make what I though would be LOGBOOK entries, but they seem to appear outside the :LOGBOOK . . . :END: block, even though my cursor is positioned inside the block. What do I do to keep them inside?

Also, I seem to have created this header:

***               |     |              |    |

which won't let me remove it, saying it's "read only." No other entries are behaving this way. What have I done and how do I get rid of it?
cédric ody | 21 May 16:40 2015

org-mode, tikz and beamer

Dear org-mode users,

I have used org-mode for some months now. I find it very useful. I
have recently used it to prepare mathematic teaching lessons using the
beamer exporter.

I wanted to combine org-mode and tikz latex's package from latex In
order to insert some kind of mind-mapping from the headlines between
the main parts of the lesson. I enclose an example so that you can see
what I am talking about. Note that you can move forth and back through
the presentation with hyperlinks. Note also only the chapter "Droites
dans le plan" is filled so most of links fail.

I have done that from a single org-mode file using shell scripting
calling org-mode and emacs in a batch mode way.

Before improving my shell script, I would like to know if there is a
proper way to handle that within org-mode in lisp language. I have no
idea about how to do that but someone may know if it is possible or
not, and may give me hints to follow so that I could have a try.


Cédric Ody
Attachment (cours.pdf): application/pdf, 340 KiB
Gregor Zattler | 21 May 15:09 2015

org-notmuch: how to open-link-at-point in other window?

Dear org-moders,

I want to open-link-at-point (C-c C-o) in other window.  With
file links this is standard behaviour (at least with my
configuration).  But I don’t know how to do so with notmuch:
links.  Universal argument won’t help.

Any ideas?

I think there should be key bindings for opening in same window,
other window, other frames regardless of the type of link opened.
Is this doable?

How about:

| open in same window  |       C-c C o |
| open in other window | C-c 4 C-c C o |
| open in other frame  | C-c 5 C-c C o |


Ciao, Gregor

 -... --- .-. . -.. ..--.. ...-.-