Jorge A. Alfaro-Murillo | 2 Sep 01:06 2014

[PATCH] org-passwords.el: Improvements

Some development in the password manager.



* contrib/lisp/org-passwords.el (org-passwords-default-password-size,
org-passwords-default-random-words-number): New variables.
(org-passwords-copy-username, org-passwords-copy-password): Use
org-entry-get to obtain the property value.
(org-passwords-open-url): New function.
(org-passwords): Can be called with universal argument.
(org-passwords-generate-password): Use default size given by
(org-passwords-random-words): Use default number given by
(org-passwords-concat-this-with-string): Fix bug.

The patch adds several functionality:

Open the URL property directly from the mode. URLs can be inherit.

Universal argument in org-passwords allows for longer browsing. Two
arguments is used for editing.

There is a default password size and random-words number for faster
password generating.

Fix bug in C-u M-x org-passwords-generate-password.

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Noah Slater | 1 Sep 23:03 2014

Sort habits in agenda view


I have quite a few habits, spread across quite a few agenda files. But
they're shown in some sort of order in the agenda view which looks
like habits I am doing worse with are at the top.

I suppose that makes sense for some people. But what I'd really like
to be able to do is chunk the habits by category (in my case:
categories are derived from filenames).

How habits are then ordered *within the category chunk* is another
question. It would be nice to be able to select from "in the order
they appear in the file" and "smart sorting based on history of

Can someone help me with this?



Noah Slater

Jeff Kowalczyk | 1 Sep 22:25 2014

Symbol's value as variable is void: org-planning-line-re

Using org-mode a4a1d85 or 2df0785, I see multiple errors, including:

Using M-q to fill a paragraph, error on the line at point:

  user-error: An element cannot be parsed line 7149

  user-error: An element cannot be parsed line 7141

When using M-RET to insert a heading:

  byte-code: Symbol's value as variable is void: org-planning-line-re

When using C-c to update the duration of a clocked time line:

  byte-code: Symbol's value as variable is void: org-planning-line-re

I reverted to 288ffa, ran make clean && make, and the problems are
no longer present.


Noah Slater | 1 Sep 22:06 2014

Getting lots of Emacs crashes


I'm getting a lot of Emacs crashes recently using Org. Is there any
way I can help to debug why this is happening?



Noah Slater

Eric S Fraga | 1 Sep 22:03 2014

[bug] insert diary entry from org agenda view inserts entry in wrong place


I am again seeing the same problem with inserting a diary entry from the
default agenda view that I ran into early last month: when the entry is
inserted into a date tree, the entry ends up *before* the headline for
the actual date:

| * 2014
| ** 2014-09 September
| *** 2014-09-01 Monday
| **** A meeting I had earlier today
| <2014-09-01 Mon 11:00-12:00>
| ***** testing a new entry for tomorrow
| <2014-09-02 Tue 10:00>
| *** 2014-09-02 Tuesday

The above is the result of inserting "10am testing" for tomorrow.

I have tried tracking down where this problem has arisen in the git log
but reverting a couple of org-agenda entries did not help.



: Eric S Fraga (0xFFFCF67D), Emacs, Org release_8.3beta-305-g0e0bab

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Noah Slater | 1 Sep 21:59 2014

Command to open up any agenda file?


I quite like C-c b (org-iswitchb) but it only works if the file is
already open. What I really want is a command that lets me tab
complete any agenda file at all. Does such a thing exist? I couldn't
find it in the docs.



Noah Slater

Loris Bennett | 1 Sep 17:02 2014

Table formula with <at> I

Dear All,

In the following:

|   |   |   |
|   |   |   |
| 1 | 1 | 1 |
#+TBLFM:  <at> I$3=1

I expected to get a '1' just in the third column.  Where am I going



Org-mode version 8.2.7c (8.2.7c-44-g3fed03-elpaplus  <at>  /home/loris/.emacs.d/elpa/org-plus-contrib-20140818/)

This signature is currently under construction.

Felix Natter | 31 Aug 11:22 2014

Code to convert lists etc. to HTML for org-mode export filter?


I am working on org-freeplane.el, a fork of org-freemind.el [1].

[1] FreeMind and Freeplane are mind mapping programs and can thus
be used to organize tree-structured information like org-mode does.
Freeplane is a FreeMind fork, org-freeplane.el was necessary because
users want to use the features of Freeplane.

Can someone please point me to the code for converting node text to
HTML in org-mode?
The following code:

* item1
- one
- two
- three

should result in a mind map node with content:


(of course there are more complex examples, like nested lists etc.)

Is there common code for exporting to HTML (3.2 in my case)?
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Alan Schmitt | 31 Aug 17:26 2014

navi-search-and-switch fails

(Thorsten asked me to repost this from github.)

When calling navi-search-and-switch interactively, I get the following

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument stringp nil)
  call-interactively(navi-search-and-switch record nil)
  command-execute(navi-search-and-switch record)

The problem seems to be with this code in navi-rename-buffer

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
    (if (eq major-mode 'occur-mode) (current-buffer) (get-buffer "*Occur*"))

As there is no "*Occur*" buffer, and the current buffer is in
emacs-lisp-mode, =(if (eq major-mode 'occur-mode) (current-buffer)
(get-buffer "*Occur*"))= returns nil and with-current-buffer fails.

> Is the source-file an outshine-file?
> Did you call outline-minor-mode on it, with outshine activated
> (i.e. with outshine-hook-function added to outline-minor-mode-hook)?

I think it is. Here is my current configuration:

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
(add-hook 'message-mode-hook 'outline-minor-mode)
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Noah Slater | 31 Aug 14:19 2014

Agenda filtering by category does not work for habits


In my default agenda view, I have several habits displayed using the
standard built in habits module.

If I move to a habit and try to the the "<" command, which should
restrict by category (in this case, filename) nothing happens. I get
"No category at point".

I have tried manually setting the category in the file, and the same
thing happens.

Two questions:

1) Is this a bug? How do I fix it?

2) Is there a way to filter the agenda by category with a prompt,
instead of having to move to a point? I'd like to do it like a tag,
where I can hit a key, start typing the name of a category, tab to
complete, hit enter, and have the agenda filtered.

Thank you,


Noah Slater

Marcin Borkowski | 31 Aug 10:37 2014

Moving my init.el to Org


so the time has come.  Either I'll declare .emacs bankruptcy soon, or
I'll use Org-mode to structure it.

I googled for a while, but couldn't find what I'm looking for: a list
of options with hints (or links to hints) about how to get started, and
possibly their pros and cons.

I know that I could use org-babel-load-file, or outshine.  What are
other possibilities?  What are the caveats (and advantages) of both
(other?) ways?

I am pretty sure that my question *can* be answered by RTFM (Worg
page? some blog post?), so please link the FM if possible.



Marcin Borkowski
Adam Mickiewicz University