Kevin Brubeck Unhammer | 30 Oct 12:22 2014

how to turn off UID-creation for non-exported ical items?

Before upgrading to Emacs 24.4, I used org-caldav to sync my agenda with
OwnCloud. This of course requires stable UID's on the exported items, so
I have

    (setq org-icalendar-store-UID t)

Items which are not exported don't need UID's, and didn't seem to get
them before. But after upgrading, suddenly all my org entries get UID's,
which is very annoying. Is there a way to avoid UID's on non-exported

I figured maybe org-icalendar-create-uid could check if
(org-element-property :deadline entry) or (org-element-property
:scheduled entry), but then I noticed there's no property for entries
such as

** Thing happens
   <2014-10-10 fr. 20:00>

so maybe to be sure only to-be-exported items get UID's, the creation
has to happen in org-export-data (after
org-export--populate-ignore-list), but at that point I'm not sure the
org-file can be safely altered. Does anyone have an idea how to fix


Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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Kevin Brubeck Unhammer | 30 Oct 12:05 2014

org-icalendar-store-uid messes up encrypted sections?

I've got an entry marked :crypt: and after trying org-icalendar export
with emacs 24.4 my git diff showed that the entry had changed like this:

*** Gift ideas							      :crypt:
-Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)

[… bunch of nonsense …]

+Version: GnuPG v1

So at the moment I'm just not using icalendar export for fear of losing
data :-(


Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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Kyle Meyer | 30 Oct 03:03 2014

[PATCH] org.texi: Remove reference to deleted command


The attached patch removes an entry in the manual for a deleted command,

(I've recently completed the FSF assignment process. Please let me know
if you need more information.)


Jared Travis | 30 Oct 01:15 2014

Bernt Hansen bbdb template capture with bbdb 3

Hey all,

I working on a fresh install of org-mode and I've tangled in Bernt's 2014-08-24 org-mode.el.

There are some slight variations in emacs and org versions (Bernt: emacs 23.2.1, org 8.3 beta; mine: emacs; org 8.2.6).

I can't get Bernt's phone template F9-p bbdb name capture to function. My error is:
Symbol's function definition is void: bbdb-hashtable

I understand that bbdb-hashtable was retired with bbdb 2.

It there a current re-lisping of Bernt's bbdb coding floating around?

Thanks in advance for any tips,


John Hendy | 30 Oct 00:39 2014

Proper settings for tj3 report directory/output?

I just re-set up tj3 on a new work computer and am a bit puzzled by
the report directory structure.

Here's what I get when running C-e J j

If I use C-e J p instead, I get:

Opening Overview.html doesn't pick up the css, though. I have to put
Overview.html inside of taskjuggler.

If I manuall run tj3 on the file, I get the same taskjuggler
directory, but Overview.html is generated inside of ~/working_dir

I'm a bit confused by both behaviors. The variables I've defined in .emacs are:

org-taskjuggler-target-version: 3.5
org-taskjuggler-default-reports: include "reports.tji" (custom report
I've defined)

As far as I know, these are relevant but left as the default that came with org:
org-taskjuggler-proces-command: "tj3 --silent --no-color --output-dir %o %f"
org-taskjuggler-reports-directory: "reports"

I don't think it matters... but here's my pretty simple gantt chart
reports.tji file used above:

#+begin_src reports.tji

textreport frame "" {
  header -8<-
    == Example report ==
    <[navigator id="navbar"]>
  footer "----"

 textreport index "Overview" {
    formats html
    center '<[report id="overview"]>'


taskreport overview "" {
  header -8<-
    === Timeline/Deliverables ===
  columns bsi { title 'WBS' },
          name, start, duration, chart { width 1200 ${TaskTip} scale hour}

  # For this report we like to have the abbreviated weekday in front
  # of the date. %a is the tag for this.
  timeformat "%d %H:%M"
  period 2014-11-03-06:00 + 72h
  loadunit minutes
  hideresource 1
  sorttasks tree



Thanks for any suggestions,

Jonas Hörsch | 29 Oct 23:58 2014

Braced inline math no longer supported: ($ ... $)

Hi dear list,

I just updated my org-mode to latest master and found, that the
behaviour of inline math seems to have changed; with the unwelcome
side-effect, that inline math in braces is not exported correctly to
latex anymore:

($\varepsilon = 0$) used to be exported to latex as ($\varepsilon = 0$),
but recently became somewhat like:

(\$\(\varepsilon\) = 0\$)

producing spurious dollar signs. is there a workaround?

thank you,
Kyle Meyer | 29 Oct 23:08 2014

[BUG] No syntax highlighting with setup file


Starting with commit 61a241f ('Rewrite setup keywords initialization'),
I find that syntax is not highlighted in buffers that include

For testing, I'm starting Emacs (24.4) with 'emacs -Q' and with no
additional setup besides loading Org.

I have a file,, that contains


Then, I have a second file that includes

| #+setupfile:
| * heading 1

When I open this file, there is no syntax highlighting. This works seems
to work fine in the previous commit (0b74864).

Can others reproduce this?


Roberto Huelga | 29 Oct 18:46 2014

Patch org-capure-fill-template

Patch proposal fro org-capture-fill-template

Hope it's useful.

Tyler Smith | 29 Oct 18:35 2014

org-insert-drawer completion targets


I'm trying to figure out how drawers work. I see that `C-c C-x d`
provides automatic drawer insertion, and wraps around the region if
active. However, `LOGBOOK` is explicitly excluded from the completion
targets. However, I don't see another way to add a LOGBOOK without
typing the word out manually. This seems strange - is there another
shortcut for adding LOGBOOK drawers? If not, why isn't it allowed as a
completion target?

I'm not complaining, just confused about the preferred workflow for
LOGBOOK drawers.



Org-mode version 8.2.8 (8.2.8-elpaplus  <at> 

Doyley, Marvin M. | 29 Oct 17:35 2014

Trouble using julia with org-babel

Hi there,

I have been play  with julia the last couple of weeks and have been having some issues when I try to use it in org-babel

More specifically, It get the following error

ERROR: unsupported or misplaced expression using
 in _start at ./client.jl:394
 in _start at /julia/usr/lib/julia/sys.dylib

When I execute the following code block

#+begin_src julia
using Winston


I should mention, that everything works perfectly in eshell or when I execute simple code blocks like

#+begin_src julia

|   0 |
| 2.5 |
|   5 |
| 7.5 |
|  10 |

Does Any body know how to resolve this issue.

Rasmus | 29 Oct 14:24 2014

[question/patch] How detailed may org.texi be?


I would like to push the following patch to org.texi on export
behavior of sub/superscripts and LaTeX delimiters.  To me it seems
relevant, but it's somewhat technical.  Is it relevant to include such
"implementation" details/choices in org.texi?



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