startnow | 1 Jan 11:54 2005

mail folder main


Can I create a folder in mail/private which name is
pippo.pluto <at> ?

I have tried :
     `(| ("To" "carmelo.lofiego <at>"
"mail.private.pippo.pluto <at>"))

but this doesn't work.

thanks and excuse me for my english) :-)

Niels L. Ellegaard | 2 Jan 22:13 2005

Re: Checking mail

David Sumbler <david <at>> writes:

> It seems to be working OK, but in the Group buffer all my mail groups
> appear with an asterisk instead of the number of unread messages (I am
> using the default gnus-group-line-format).  And the line appears in
> cyan instead of grey like all my newsgroups.
> Also, when I press 'g' to to get new "articles" only proper newsgroups
> are updated, not the mail groups.  The only way I seem to be able to
> get the actual number of unread e-mails to show in the Group buffer is
> to enter then quit each group in turn.

The following is a wild guess: I once had a somewhat similar
problem. This problem occured because I had lowered the level of the
nnfolder group to 5.

I am not sure if this is the reason for your problems, but at least
it's worth a try :)

                             Good luck


Phil Stripling | 2 Jan 22:25 2005

Re: How do you say "gnus"?

David Sumbler <david <at>> writes:

> Now for the trivial question: how do you say "Gnus"?  Is it pronounced
> like "News", or do the cognoscienti pronounce it in some other way?

Do you know what a schwa is? If not, see

Since I can't type the upside down e that is the symbol for schwa, let me
use uh. 'uh' cannot be accented, so gnus is pronounced 
guh 'noose
with the accent on noose.

> For that matter, how do people usually say "Emacs"?  I say "Ee-macs",
> but perhaps it should be "Em-axe".

'ee macs

> On the very rare occasions when I have managed to get to a local Linux
> user group (my work schedule doesn't usually allow it) I've realized
> that most people seem to say "Line-ux" for what I think of as
> "Linn-ux".  I suppose none of it matters much, especially if I never
> get to talk to anyone about these things!

It's a coined word, as are gnus (in this instance) and emacs, so
pronunciation is not governed by standard rules (gif, for example is
supposed to be pronounced using the hard g found in golf, but American
English proposes that it should be jiff. C'est la vie.) In American
English, Linus is pronounced so that the first syllable rhymes with
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Neil Woods | 3 Jan 06:45 2005

Re: Updates to nnweb?

On Fri, Dec 31 2004, Jesse F. Hughes wrote:
> Hey ho.
> Since Google has made the big and ugly changes to its group interface,
> nnweb is borked.  This is too bad, since I really liked it for
> gnus-refer-article-method.  
> Any chance this will be fixed soon?

I hope so. However, it should be easy to fix oneself. Simply edit
nnweb.el, replacing all instances of '' with
(eg) ''. The country specific google group
searches still work the old way (though there is no guarantee that this
will continue to work indefinitely, or even for much longer.)



François Fleuret | 4 Jan 11:55 2005

No smarter way than fetching every 5min ?


This is slightly remote to gnus but ...

My current setting is that fetchmail gets the mails every 5min from
the servers and gives them to exim, who drops them wherever they are
supposed to be dropped. Gnus gets them from those files like if they
were in /var/spool/mail.

But I suddenly start to wonder ... There is no smarter way to do that
? Like for instance fetchmail keeping a live connection to the server
and getting a notice when new mail arrives ? I have the feeling it has
to be possible ...



François Fleuret

Andreas Rottmann | 4 Jan 16:10 2005

Re: No smarter way than fetching every 5min ?

Francis Litterio <see <at>> writes:

> François Fleuret wrote:
>> But I suddenly start to wonder ... There is no smarter way to do that
>> ? Like for instance fetchmail keeping a live connection to the server
>> and getting a notice when new mail arrives ? I have the feeling it has
>> to be possible ...
> I suspect that configuring fetchmail to check for mail every 30 seconds
> would appear very similar to such a "server push" mechanism.
Well, don't know if your ISP/mail hoster will be delighted if every
user does this ;)

Cheers, Rotty

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Gustavo G. Rondina | 5 Jan 06:15 2005

Connection closed

Hi all

My connection is closed by the NNTP server very often with gnus, why
is that happening? Usually it happens when I'm at the summary buffer
reading or browsering articles.

This message appears at the minibuffer:

 Process nntpd<1> not running

When I try to do something after this message, like selecting an
article, I get this message:

 Server closed connection

Then I return to the Group Buffer with a 'q' and hit 'g', and it seems
to be connected since it fetchs the headers from the NNTP server, but
when I enter some group summary I can't read any article.

I have a guess the error is with my server, but I don't know... with
nn it had worked fine for a long time.

Have anyone had a problem like this before?

Thanks in advance.


Gustavo G. Rondina
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William Xuuu | 5 Jan 10:18 2005

send mail directly using smtp ?


I have the following in my .gnus.el:

(require 'smtpmail)
(setq send-mail-function 'smtpmail-send-it
      message-send-mail-function 'smtpmail-send-it
      smtpmail-smtp-server ""
      smtpmail-default-smtp-server ""
      smtpmail-smtp-service 25
      smtpmail-auth-credentials '(("" 25 "william_xuuu"

(setq smtpmail-debug-info t)

When sending mail, i get an error: 

Sending via mail...
220 Coremail SMTP(Anti Spam) System (163com[20030606])
553 You are not authorized to send mail as <MAIL FROM:
<william_xuuu <at>>>, authentication is required
221 Bye
smtpmail-send-it: Sending failed; SMTP protocol error
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Terrence Brannon | 5 Jan 11:53 2005

nntodo - any need for more than 3 priority levels?

I was thinking along the lines of having 5-10 levels of priority. 3
seems a bit too coarse for my way of thinking about things to do.

1  = urgent + takes a lot of time
2  = urgent + can get out of the way quickly
3  = important
4  = necessary
5  = optional, want to do
6  = optional, dont want to do
8  = would like to do
10 = i'll never get to it


Terrence Brannon, sundevil <at>,

Billy O'Connor | 7 Jan 05:46 2005

Re: Unknown option -dump (??)

Al Arduengo <exalti <at>> writes:

>> If you have "links" set to render html messages, change it to lynx or
>> w3m.  I've not been able to get links to honor the -dump option.
> Why thank you sir!  I was just in the process of compiling w3. :-)

my pleasure.  The biggest problem that i have is a lack of messages
that fail in that manner to test with.  :/