Rafał Kowalski | 29 Oct 09:42 2014

Emacs (24.4.2) Gnus (0.12) TLS connection not working


My Emacs (24.4.2) Gnus (0.12) email setup has stopped working with the
following error message:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
Sending via mail...
gnutls.c: [0] (Emacs) fatal error: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.
gnutls.el: (err=[-110] The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.) boot: (:priority NORMAL
:hostname smtp.me.com :loglevel 0 :min-prime-bits 256 :trustfiles nil :crlfiles nil :keylist nil
:verify-flags nil :verify-error nil :callbacks nil)
smtpmail-send-it: Sending failed: 530 5.7.0 No STARTTLS command has been given.
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

I'm wondering if it's the Gnus or Gnutls problem.  I'm using brew on OS
X Yosemity and Gnutls is 3.3.9.

Any help appreciated!


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Sharon Kimble | 26 Oct 13:49 2014

org-columns-compile-format: Wrong type argument: stringp, 1

I am having great difficulty, in fact its impossible, to send an email
or newsgroup posting. Whenever I try I get this showing in the
mini-buffer -

│org-columns-compile-format: Wrong type argument: stringp, 1

I've found where I can customize it, but what should it be please?


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Ted Zlatanov | 24 Oct 15:21 2014

Re: Change location of .newsrc.eld file?

On Fri, 24 Oct 2014 15:44:57 +1000 "Paul W. Rankin" <hello <at> paulwrankin.com> wrote: 

PWR> Can I customize the path of the .newsrc.eld file? I'd like to store it
PWR> inside another folder that I can sync to Dropbox.

PWR> Caveat: without altering the paths of the ~/News and ~/Mail directories,
PWR> if possible?

I use:

(let ((f "~/Dropbox/newsrc"))
  (if (file-exists-p (concat f ".eld"))
      (setq gnus-startup-file f)
    (message "Dropbox newsrc is not present")
    (sit-for 2)))

Paul W. Rankin | 24 Oct 07:44 2014

Change location of .newsrc.eld file?

Can I customize the path of the .newsrc.eld file? I'd like to store it
inside another folder that I can sync to Dropbox.

Caveat: without altering the paths of the ~/News and ~/Mail directories,
if possible?


Paul W. Rankin

Torsten Mueller | 23 Oct 14:12 2014

Emacs 24.4 for Windows?

Does anybody know where to find binaries for Windows (32 or 64bit)? If I
look on the Savannah FTP servers I see the sources of 24.4 but the
Windows binaries are only up to 24.3 Why are there no 24.4 binaries?

Emanuel Berg | 21 Oct 05:56 2014

Re: adapt in SCORE file does not work logicaly

Stefan Huchler <stefan.huchler <at> mail.de> writes:

> btw scoring is better than killing and what u do,
> because u have no 0-1 switch but u can have
> different levels of output quality filters, as
> example hide thhreads that fall into several fitlers
> and have a really bad (low) value, u could even sort
> by value and see the one u are interested most first
> and so on.
> I am just tired to hit 50 times a day L s s p and L
> a e p (author exact permanenct) for every video,
> when I know it could happen more or less automaticly
> or by pressing only k for everthing I dont like.

Scoring is perhaps better than killing and what I do,
but this case doesn't show it because I never hit
anything, and certainly not a four-key combination, 50
times a day.

What you describe from scoring is some kind of
interactive scoring where you score what you like (and
dislike) in different ways.

I'm not interested in that kind of scoring, I'm
interested in me manually setting up rules and then
have Gnus doing the scoring based on those rules and
the input stream of messages, and then show me a
"transformation" of that stream, transparently.

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Christopher Culver | 20 Oct 04:23 2014

How to update mail groups only?

When I see the new mail notification in the Emacs mode line, I want to
be able to automatically update all the mail groups in Gnus, the same as
if I typed Alt+G manually for each mail group in the summary
buffer. Hitting G in the summary buffer is inconvenient, because it
updates all groups (including RSS feeds that are slow to download)
before it lets me get to my new mail.

Is there a way to update only mail groups?

Emanuel Berg | 20 Oct 00:14 2014

Re: adapt in SCORE file does not work logicaly

Stefan Huchler <stefan.huchler <at> mail.de> writes:

> thx for an answer!

This answer doesn't answer any of your questions, but
you are welcome nonetheless :)

There is a huge section in the Gnus manual on
scoring. Did you check that out?

For what reason do you want scoring?

If it is to block spammers and perhaps (f)lamers in
general, for mail, I managed to do that with
splitting, just split them to a spam group, then give
that group low priority so it won't even show.

For news, I have a KILL file. I just add addresses to
both. But to KILL isn't as good as splitting because
the to-be killed posts still show up in the group
buffer. It'll say "some.group 6" and you think, cool,
some interesting discussion, hit RET, and... turns
out, all six were KILL-ed.

I just feel it would be better to have a common
interface for splitting both news and mails and also
to have the plonkies in a textfile, i.e., not hard

Now I have the splitting hard-coded in an Elisp (.el)
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Stefan Huchler | 19 Oct 17:32 2014

adapt in SCORE file does not work logicaly

the adapt variable in score files which u can set to ignore/nil/t works
as far as I understand it as a group specific version of
gnus-use-adaptive-scoring which is the global version of it, right?

So u can activate gnus-use-adaptive-scoring globaly and with
adapt=ignore dont use adaptive scoring for this group, and the other way

So far that makes much sense to me, but score does not allow the value
word or (word).


1. question: how can I do activate word based adaptive scoring for one

2. question: it would be logical to either allow the value (word)
there. Do I have to quote it somehow or something?

If I press 2 in gnus-score-customize on the score value menu which
stands for lisp expression, it just ignores it, it does not ask me for a
lisp expression.

thx for an answer!

Emanuel Berg | 17 Oct 01:35 2014

Re: Which dark Color themes suitable for gnus?

Clemens Schüller <cs.mlists+info-gnus <at> mailbox.org>

>> I like my theme the best - screenshot:
>> http://user.it.uu.se/~embe8573/gnus/dumps/new/group.png
> Which theme is this?

It is not exactly a theme.

The reason it looks the way it looks in general is
because it is in a Linux VT (the ttys or "the console",
you get there often by hitting Ctrl-Alt-F1 - I don't
know if you know all this already so don't be angry if
you do). The font is Terminus 28x14. This is setup in
/etc/default/console-setup [1].

Then, Gnus looks a bit different (the group lines, and
the mode bar line) because of configuration. Mostly:

(setq gnus-group-line-format "%0{%L%}%3=%2{%2~(ignore \"0\")T%}%6=%G%30=%1{%6~(ignore
\"0\")y%}\n") ; group line
(setq gnus-group-mode-line-format "%M%: %S") ; mode line

but there is probably a thing or two apart from that
(in particular the definition of the faces mentioned in
the gnus-group-line-format), check out all my Gnus
config here: [2]

Then I setup all Emacs faces in one file to uphold the
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Damien Wyart | 16 Oct 13:32 2014

Re: Prevent Gnus from checking for news at startup?

* Paul Rankin <hello <at> paulwrankin.com> in gnu.emacs.gnus:
> How do I prevent Gnus from checking for new news at startup? Ideally
> just build the Group buffer then press `g' to connect.

For a one shot solution, you can start Gnus with gnus-no-server. If you
want to get this behaviour permanently, you should declare the primary
backend as nnil, and move your news server as a secondary backend, and
adjust its level so it doesn't gets checked at startup.