Reiner Steib | 22 Apr 16:07 2003

Re: [Patch] FAQ in texinfo format

On Tue, Apr 22 2003, Kai Gro├čjohann wrote:

> Frank Schmitt <usereplyto <at>> writes:
>> Is putting it under Appendix really a good idea? It's quite hidden
>> there. 

ACK.  The old version of the FAQ has been there, so I though that the
new version should be placed there too.

>> What was wrong with having it as a seperate info file?
> Let's put it in a more prominent place, 


> but in the general Gnus info file.  

I'm not sure.

> There are so many info files for Gnus, people don't read them anyway
> :-( Gnus, Message, Emacs-MIME come to mind at least.

... and Sieve and PGG.  But as we have menu items for those in (info
"(gnus)Top") under "Other related manuals", it should be more easy to
find them.  

I guess we cannot include the manuals for message etc. into gnus.texi,
because those are libraries, that are supposed to be independent of
Gnus.  This argument doesn't hold for the Gnus FAQ.

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