Christopher W. Ryan | 26 Jun 22:43 2016

M-n s is undefined

Hello. I just set up a new computer, running Windows 7 Professional 
64-bit. I installed R 3.3.1, then MikTeX 2.9, then Vince Goulet's 
version of emacs 24.5.1 with ESS. Those are all on drive C:\, a 250 Gb 
solid state drive.  My data files and documents are on drive E:\, a 
terabyte hard drive.

In emacs, when I have an .Rnw buffer open, M-n s  is met with the error 
message in the subject line.

Sweave.sty is in C:\LOCALTEXMF\Tex\latex\Sweave

which I listed as a root in MikTeX Admin.  And I refreshed the FNDB, 
both as a user and as Admin.

How can I get M-n s  (and I assume I'll have a problem with M-P as well) 
recognized as command to sweave my file?



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Ramon Diaz-Uriarte | 5 Jun 15:15 2016

company mode troubles

Dear All,

I just upgraded a bunch of emacs packages (including ESS) and now company
is not working well with R.

With the latest tar.gz (ess-version: 16.04 [Released git: cccb9481389b])
and with the latest from elpa (ess-version: 16.04 [elpa: 20160602.203])
when I start typing, say, "runi" (to get runif as possible completion)

I get the errors:

Company: An error occurred in auto-begin

Company: Back-end (company-R-args company-R-objects :sorted) error
"Symbol's function definition is void: :sorted" with args (ignore-case)

If I then try "?" at the R prompt, I get the error

Symbol's function definition is void: :sorted

If I install (from melpa-stable) v. 15.9 none of those issues arise.

I reinstalled company (even if I've had the same 0.8.12 for the last few
months), but nothing changes. Note that company seems to be working fine in
C++ and text buffers.



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Laurent Gatto | 1 Jun 10:52 2016

fill-paragraph shoudn't break inline R code chunks

Dear all,

Has anybody a suggestion or a solution for avoiding fill-paragraph to
break inline R code chunks when editing Rmd buffers. For example, typing
M-q on this sentence in an Rmd buffer

These data are directly available from the `r Biocexptpkg("pRolocdata")`


These data are directly available from the `r
Biocexptpkg("pRolocdata")` package

which is then simply formatted as inline code, rather then being
executed, as illustrated in the attached screenshot.

Thank you in advance.

Best wishes,


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Sparapani, Rodney | 24 May 17:28 2016

Re: [ESS-bugs] \Sexpr

>Footnote: before sending this I made sure to get the latest ESS. On an Xubuntu box I tried 
>the instructions and they just didn't work.  It turns out that I had to remove 
>/usr/share/emacs23/site-lisp/savefile/*ess* before anything would take; until that point 
>it continued to load 13.09-1, the version from the Ubuntu repository.
>   make install:  puts a new one in /etc/share/emacs
>   remove /etc/share/emacs23/ess and /etc/share/emacs23/savefile/*ess*
>   add /etc/share/emacs/site-lisp to my emacs path
>Now I see the new one.
>Terry T.

Hi Terry:

Not sure about the bug itself.  But, I looked at your installation problem.
And, frankly, I can’t imagine what went wrong.  Here, I don’t have a 
savefile/*ess* nor can I see anyway that make install would create one.

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Tamas Papp | 20 May 10:17 2016

ESS/julia functions argument hints in modeline


When editing a source file ESS/R, I get hints about function arguments
in the modeline. Is this functionality suppored to work for ESS/julia?
All I see is the function name followed by a :.

Using current ESS master.



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Bill Denney | 17 May 16:04 2016



I use a mixture of ESS, Rgui, and RStudio for my R development in 
Windows 10.  When I install packages to the user local library in ESS, 
it installs to the R_LIBS_USER directory.  Within ESS, this works well.  
When I switch to one of the other environments (Rgui or RStudio), the 
environmental variable isn't set.

I never manually set R_LIBS_USER.  So, how does it get permanently set 
in ESS but not found in either Rgui or RStudio? And, is this something 
that I need to fix locally or is it a bug in ESS?



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Peter K | 10 May 18:13 2016

can't turn off fancy comments

Dear ESS gurus,
 I've been trying to turn off the behavior where comments with a single '#'
get indented to the middle of the screen. It somehow was turned on by
default during one of the upgrades.

 Searching the web, this could be turned off by setting ess-fancy-comments
to nil. Later posts suggested that ess-indent-with-fancy-comments should be
used instead. I've added the following two lines to .emacs:
(setq ess-fancy-comments nil)
(setq ess-indent-with-fancy-comments nil)

 but the "fancy" indentation persists no matter what (I've tried removing
everything else from .emacs, upgrading ESS package - now at version 16.04).
Having spent a few minutes looking at the ESS code, I can't figure what the
appropriate switch would be. Hopefully someone here knows how to turn this


	[[alternative HTML version deleted]]

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Boylan, Ross | 5 May 20:22 2016

\delta for julia?

From the julia docs
In the Julia REPL and several other Julia editing environments, you can type many Unicode math symbols by
typing the backslashed LaTeX symbol name followed by tab. For example, the variable name δ can be entered
by typing \delta-tab, or even α̂₂ by \alpha-tab-\hat-tab-\_2-tab.

Any  prospect of getting this behavior in ESS?  Or is it already there and I don't know how to use it?
I'm using ESS from git as of a couple days ago (just before the 16.04 pre-release announcement).  I did a make,
though I suppose it's possible I'm picking up some older julia-mode.el.

When I run julia from a terminal outside emacs the completion behavior shown above happens; when I run it
inside Emacs/ESS it does not.

Ross Boylan
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Martin Maechler | 4 May 10:17 2016

Pre release of ESS 16.04 - please test

Dear ESS users,

I've made avaialable  tar (and zip) balls of a prerelease of
ESS 16.04 ((16-04 = April 2016, yes, we are slightly late)),

Of course they are also available via MELPA or from our github

The plan had been to freeze 16.04 end of last week and do much
testing, fixing as many errors as possible before release.
Unfortunately we did not announce this really, and I am doing
that now.

There a quite bit of new features and improvement,
some of the more important ones possibly in what was called "ESS
developer" mode and now has the menu entry / sub menu
 "Package development".
Typically ESS now automatically detects that you are editing
package R source code.  If needed (much more rarely),
the(changed!) key sequence to use is  C-c C-t C-s.

If you find errors / problems you may open an issue on github to
report them ..
or use the good ole [ESS] menu entry "send bug report"
or equivalently
   M-x ess-submit-bug-report

Thank you in advance for your support in making ESS better, by
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Vinh Nguyen | 18 Apr 00:50 2016

auto-complete working in inferior-ess-mode but not ess-mode?


I'm currently using the bleeding edge version of ESS on Emacs 24.5.1
in Windows 7.  I have the following in my init file to enable

(setq ess-use-auto-complete t)

In an iESS buffer (iESS [R]), auto-complete works (type "plot." in the
prompt and a list of possibilities is displayed).  I also see a
drop-down menu named "Complete".

However, within an R file (ess-mode; ESS[S]), auto-complete doesn't
work (eg, when I type "plot." like before).  I don't see the
"Complete" drop-down menu either.  When I run the function
(auto-complete-mode), the mode gets disabled, meaning that it was
enabled before.

Any thoughts on what's going on and how I could fix this?  Thank you.

-- Vinh

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William Denton | 8 Apr 17:34 2016

Change in ESS affects Org generating images through R session

It's possible a recent change in ESS has broken generating images with R in Org. 
I raised this on the Org list and was asked to bring it over here (see below).

This works in Org, and generates an image:

#+BEGIN_SRC R :results graphics :file example.png

But if I start an R session (M-x R) and then run this, with :session, I get an 

#+BEGIN_SRC R :session :results graphics :file example.png

The error is

+ + Error: unexpected symbol in:
},error=function(e){plot(x=-1:1, y=-1:1, type='n"

That's coming from the org-babel-execute:R function in Org's lisp/ob-R.el:

I'm not good enough to pick out what's going on there or see how any recent 
changes in ESS could have done something.

Now here is a bit from an email from Rainer Krug, with a few points about how he 
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