Robin Green | 28 Jun 00:24 2011

DVC revert (for hg) doesn't revert file buffer


I found what I think is a bug in DVC. If I do C-x V f R on the current
buffer, this happens (I copied and pasted this from the *Messages* buffer):

revert file: "/home/greenrd/hg/urweb-patches/lib/ur/list.ur" ? (y or n) 
hg revert finished
list.ur changed on disk; really edit the buffer? (y, n, r or C-h) 

What happened was that the file got reverted - but the buffer didn't!
Fortunately, emacs noticed as soon as I pressed a key - but I can't see
any valid reason to want this behaviour.

Is this a bug? And is this a general problem with DVC, or does it only
happen with revert (or only with revert for hg, even)?


Robin Green