Dirk Ullrich | 18 May 19:31 2016

Choosing the default LaTeX environment to be inserted [Repost]


by accident I have sent this message to the "auctex" mailing list first.
Therefore I repost it here. Sorry for the noise.

Currently `LaTeX-environment' uses a simple heuristics to determine
the default ennvironment to insert: If there is only whitespace
between (bop) and point the default environment is "document".
otherwise the value of `‘LaTeX-default-environment' is used as default

I have tried to make this decision more robust such that "document" is
also choosen as default environment if there is a mix of
whitespace-only and comment-only lines before point.

The Git patch appended is against "master". I've tried my best to
adhere to the (seemingly) commit message style used in the AUCTeX

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Arash Esbati | 17 May 15:17 2016

[PATCH] Adding support for xcolor.sty

Hi all,

I have written a style for xcolor.sty and in order to make it work
properly, I had to patch some other styles as well -- change sets are
attached for:

* style/textpos.el ("textpos"): Remove "color" from
("textpos"): Respect both "xcolor" and "color" for query to
"textblockcolour" and "textblockrulecolour" commands.

* style/ntheorem.el ("ntheorem"): Respect both "xcolor" and
"color" for query to "shadecolor" command.

* style/colortbl.el ("colortbl"): Run style hook for "color" only
if "xcolor" is not an active style.
("colortbl"): Check if "xcolor" is an active style and run
(TeX-arg-xcolor) or (TeX-arg-color) respectively to query for the

* style/color.el ("color"): Check if "xcolor" is an active style
and then run `TeX-add-symbols' on commands defined by "color.sty"
and add fontification support.

* Makefile.in (STYLESRC): Add new style xcolor.el.

* style/xcolor.el: Add new file.

Any comments welcome.

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Arash Esbati | 9 May 11:52 2016

[PATCH] Improving style/ltx-base.el and style/doc.el

Dear all,

please find attached 2 patches against style/ltx-base.el and

* style/ltx-base.el ("ltx-base"): Insert a pair of braces after
"DeclareOption*", "AtEndOfPackage", "AtEndOfClass",
"AtBeginDocument" and "AtEndDocument".
Insert a "\relax" after "ProcessOptions".

* style/doc.el ("doc"): Do not indent the content inside the "macro"
Insert a pair of braces after "DoNotIndex", "StopEventually",
"MacroFont", "AltMacroFont".
Prefix the string read with TeX-esc when inserting
"DescribeMacro", "cmd".
Ask for an argument ("parg", "oarg", "marg", "meta").
Add missing macro "cs".
Delete dups ("MacroFont", "AltMacroFont", "theCodelineNo").
Ask for .fdd and .dtx files to input or include ("DocInput",
Add lengths "MacrocodeTopsep", "MacroTopsep", "MacroIndent".

As always, comments are welcome.

Best, Arash

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Uwe Brauer | 2 May 20:34 2016

x-symbol-mode and iimage


One of the last things I missed in Xemacs+x-symbol was the feature to
display png/jpg directly, without compiling the latex file.

Now I just learned about iimage.el (shipped with GNU emacs) which
provides a *minor mode* for displaying these images. The only
disadvantage: it seems impossible to resize the displayed images and on
my 12 inch Laptop I found them too big.

So if somebody knows about it or a similar package please speak up.


Uwe Brauer 
Ikumi Keita | 24 Apr 13:06 2016

Enable directory local variables for japanese-latex-mode

Hi AUCTeX developers,

I noticed recently that directory local variables are invalid in

[Short summary of this mail]
Could you review the attached change and apply if it is OK?

First of all, I explain how to confirm that directory local variables
are invalid in `japanese-latex-mode'.  You don't need Japanese tex
engines to try.

Put the following two files in an empty directory somewhere.
---- .dir-locals.el ---------------------------------------------
;;; Directory Local Variables
;;; For more information see (info "(emacs) Directory Variables")

  (TeX-PDF-from-DVI . "Dvipdfmx")))
---- test.tex ---------------------------------------------------

%%% Local Variables: 
%%% mode: japanese-latex
%%% TeX-master: t
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Matthew Leach | 18 Apr 21:44 2016

Future direction of TikZ style

Hi all,

I have a question regarding what to do next regarding the future of the
TikZ style.  The optional arguments that can be passed to TikZ commands
seem, to me, to be a very important feature.  My question is whether I
should look at implementing completion for the optional arguments to a
TikZ command?

For example, section 14.7 of the TikZ manual documents the 'arc'
command.  This command is practically useless without specifying some
"optional" parameters to the command and the list of parameters that
could be specified are documented in this section.  My question is: is
it too invasive for AUCTeX to be completing "optional" arguments to
commands/macros (since, AFAICT, I don't see it done anywhere else in
AUCTeX) or is this something I could look at implementing?


Mosè Giordano | 16 Apr 15:24 2016

Sharing value of a variable between all files of the same document (was: [PATCH] auto-save the value of `TeX-command-extra-options')

Hi Matt,

2016-04-15 20:39 GMT+02:00 Matthew Leach <matthew <at> mattleach.net>:
> Hi Mosè,
> Mosè Giordano <mose <at> gnu.org> writes:
>> On third thought, it's pretty tricky to locally change the value of
>> `TeX-command-extra-options' once it's set.  The only simple way I
>> found is to manually edit the auto saved file and then revert the *TeX
>> buffer, not the best option indeed.
> I agree - this doesn't seem like an ideal fix.  One possible solution
> that I've thought about that seems more intuitive is to include a new
> line in the footer of TeX-master files for variables that should be set
> document-wide.
> For example, when I create a new TeX file I have:
> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
> %%% Local Variables:
> %%% mode: latex
> %%% TeX-master: t
> %%% End:
> --8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
> What about if we add a new category called 'Document Variables':
> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
> %%% Local Variables:
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Ikumi Keita | 15 Apr 17:11 2016

Misc patches

Hi all,

Now I'm sending four more patches which involves more or less the actual
contents, not just the document or comment, of AUCTeX.  Comments and
suggestions are welcome.

Ikumi Keita

Attachment (fix-for-description-env): text/x-diff, 1190 bytes
Attachment (texmathp): text/x-diff, 1580 bytes
Attachment (deactivate-input-method): text/x-diff, 1197 bytes
Attachment (TeX-region): text/x-diff, 1218 bytes
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Matthew Leach | 13 Apr 20:09 2016

[PATCH] auto-save the value of `TeX-command-extra-options'

Hi all,

Please see the attached patch that saves the value of
`TeX-command-extra-options' to the auto-save file so it gets set

Feedback welcome.


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Matthew Leach | 13 Apr 14:45 2016

Further TikZ patches

Hi all,

Please see the attached TikZ patches.  I saw that the last set I pushed
broke compatibility with XEmacs, sorry about that.  I'm posting these
here to ensure I don't break it again!


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alex | 12 Apr 21:10 2016

On TeX-newline


As it stands, `TeX-newline' doesn't respect `electric-indent-mode'. It calls
`TeX-newline-function' non-interactively, which disables the electric
indentation that `newline' would normally do when `electric-indent-mode` is
enabled. I know that setting this variable to `newline-and-indent' would work,
but all other modes that use `newline' work out of the box.

Is this intentional? It would be solved by using `call-interactively' instead of
`funcall', but there's still the issue of no arguments being passed into

Though I don't really see the point in this variable/function in the first
place. Why not tell people interested in changing behaviour to put the relevant
define-key call in their init file?
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