A Tenglund | 1 Mar 21:52 2009

Call for papers: Journal of Library Innovation

The Journal of Library Innovation is seeking submissions for publication for its inaugural  issue in
January 2010.

The Journal of Library Innovation, one of the first journals devoted explicitly to innovation and
creativity in libraries, is a peer reviewed, electronic journal published by the Western New York
Library Resources Council. Its mission is to disseminate research and information on innovative
practice in libraries of all types.

Innovation in libraries can include, but is not limited to the following: 

The discovery of unmet user needs. 
The introduction of new services or the retooling of traditional services resulting in a better user
Creative collaboration between libraries, or between libraries and other types of institutions,
resulting in demonstrable improvements in service to users. 
Implementing new technologies to improve and extend library service to meet user needs. 
Explorations of the future of libraries. 
Pilot testing unconventional ideas and services. 
Redefining the roles of library staff to better serve users. 
Developing processes that encourage organizational innovation. 
Reaching out to and engaging library users and non-users in new and creative ways. 
Creative library instruction and patron programming. 
Finding new ways to make library collections or library facilities more useful.   

The Journal of Library Innovation publishes original research, literature reviews,  commentaries, case
studies, reports on innovative practices, and book, conference and product reviews. 

The journal also welcomes provocative essays that will stimulate thought on the current and future role of
libraries in an Internet Age. 
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Amanda P | 3 Mar 18:24 2009

Re: Archive Scanning

It sounds like a traditional flatbed will not work for what you need to
scan. That is the cheapest option and if you were scanning the 8.5 x 11
sheets only this would suffice. However, since you have large documents, you
will most likely need a book scanner or a large feeder scanner (Map
scanner). These are quite expensive (10K and up). Software for scanning is
relatively cheap though. In fact, many programs for the actual scanning and
even editing are free. Finally, you would want to make sure that you are
scanning the items in the best way for preservation (not just the quality of
the scans, but where/how you store them too).  Email me if you'd like to
discuss further:

Amanda Piegza

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We have a large number of documents we're looking to digitize.  Most are
sheet pages of 8 1/2 by 11, or 11 by 17.  Some are oversized 24 by 30 or
larger.  We'd be looking to, initially, scan these to a large external

Are there any recommendations as to hardware, software, and process?

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Lindahl, David | 3 Mar 21:40 2009

eXtensible Catalog (XC) webcast and software availability!

eXtensible Catalog webcast:

A new webcast that describes the eXtensible Catalog (XC) software is now
available!   This presentation includes video, audio and animated slides
describing all of the components of XC software, features, and
architecture.  In addition, recent screen shots of the XC Metadata
Services Toolkit user interface are provided.


The webcast is a continuous presentation broken up into six parts for
ease of viewing.  The total length is 70 minutes and each of the five XC
applications is described in detail.  The links to each segment are
annotated with a brief text description of the contents.

eXtensible Catalog software availability:

The XC team is currently in the final stages of making the XC software
available.  The XC OAI Toolkit and the XC NCIP Toolkit are currently
being readied for release under the MIT License
(http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php).  Development and
functionality enhancement will continue on these toolkits after release,
but new development will take place on a publicly accessible code

The XC Metadata Services, Drupal, and Learning Management System
Toolkits are in varying stages of the design and development process.
We are making the code for each of these toolkits available via a
publicly accessible code repository as well.  The Drupal and LMS
Toolkits will be released under the GPLv3
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Dalia L. Corkrum | 4 Mar 01:12 2009

Systems-Metadata Librarian at Whitman College

~ with apologies for cross-postings ~


Whitman College invites applications for the position of Systems/Metadata
Librarian.  This librarian is responsible for the daily operation of the
Innovative Interfaces Integrated library system and for organizing access to
networked information resources using traditional and emerging metadata

This position has responsibilities for all of the duties associated with the
creation and maintenance of data related to both digital and print
materials.  Additionally, this librarian provides systems and metadata
support for digital services and serves as the administrator of the
library's website.    

Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate the following: the
ability to operate and maintain online catalog and circulation systems;
knowledge of metadata schema; knowledge of current issues and trends in
library automation; knowledge of contemporary web design and development;
demonstrated project management abilities.  Strong candidates will be able
to evaluate the implications of adopting new technologies, and how they can
be leveraged to move liberal arts college libraries forward.

The successful candidate will be flexible, creative, and enthusiastic. S/he
will have a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively and possess a
strong service commitment.  Required qualifications:  Master's degree from
an ALA-accredited program, two years of library experience, preferably in an
academic setting; demonstrated experience with technical services,
integrated library systems, web page design, project management, and
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Ina Smith | 3 Mar 20:18 2009

4th Institutional Repository Workshop (Univ of Pretoria) - change in registration due date

* Please note that - on request of various individuals - the due date for registrations and payments has now
been postponed until 25 March 2009*


Following the need for training and support on implementing institutional repositories in developing
(and also in some instances developed) countries, it is our privilege to announce that a 4th
Institutional Repository Workshop will be hosted by the University of Pretoria (South Africa) during
2009. Visit the University of Pretoria at http://www.up.ac.za 

About this workshop
Modern computer technology is barely 50 years old, and few of us have seen
or used digital objects that are more than 30 years old. Add to this that we
can't predict the future of computer technology, it puts us in a very
vulnerable position when deciding on which approach to follow when
preserving our digital assets (incl. research). More and more African as
well as South African institutions/organizations are starting to implement
digital preservation strategies and repositories in order to collect,
disseminate, manage, preserve, and index their digitally born and
non-digitally born assets, following a world-wide paradigm. In addition to
preserving intellectual output, an open access digital repository can also
help improve the visibility, usage and impact of research conducted at your
institution on the world out there.

The aim of this workshop will be to equip colleagues from all sectors with
the necessary skills to implement a digital repository - from compiling and
implementing an e-strategy, conducting a needs analysis, compiling a
business plan, proposal, installing the necessary software (we will be using
DSpace open source software), digitization and copyright issues, up to
giving exposure to the repository and the role of librarians and faculty.
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Wilkin, John | 4 Mar 16:12 2009

Digital library positions at the University of Michigan

In addition to the Head of DLPS position posted here earlier, we have a couple of positions coming open.  Text
provided below:
The University of Michigan Library seeks innovative librarians to join a dynamic, collegial team engaged
in creating, managing, and preserving a ground-breaking digital library.

Text Creation Partnership, Project Outreach Librarian (term appointment)
Promoting the use of digitized materials for research and teaching is vital to supporting scholarship.  We
seek a librarian interested in engaging in questions such as:
· What role should libraries play in developing more sophisticated tools for humanities research?
· How is scholarship changed by access to large bodies of digitized historical materials?
· How can libraries support the use of encoded text in research and teaching?
· How do we nurture and sustain collaborative digitization projects across multiple institutions?

Digital Preservation Librarian
Shape the future of tomorrow's past. Join one of the world's cutting-edge digital libraries in creating
the field of digital preservation. Take on the challenge of exploring such concepts as:
· What does preservation mean in the context of a digital library with holdings counted in millions?
· Step-by-step, what does a library need to do to ensure that digital collections will be available ten
years from now? 50 years? 100 years?
· How does a digital repository assure users and partners that the holdings are secure for the long-term?
· What does the community at all levels-students, faculty, librarians, the public at large-need to know
about preserving digital information, and what is the best way to instruct them?

Individuals with interest in and appropriate qualifications for one or more of these positions are
encouraged to apply.  For more information about specific responsibilities and qualifications, please
visit http://www.lib.umich.edu/hr/employment/librarians.html To apply, email cover letter and
resume to Robert Campe at libhumres@...
<mailto:libhumres@...> Review of applications will begin on
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Giannis Tsakonas | 4 Mar 17:19 2009

ECDL 2009 - Second Call for Special Tracks

---Apologies for cross-posting---

13th European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL 2009): Digital Societies
September 27 - October 2, 2009, Corfu, Greece

# General Call
The Call for Contributions for ECDL2009 can be found at:

# Calls for Special Tracks

ECDL 2009 intends to host in its program four plenary specially
recognized tracks on Digital Libraries
*** Infrastructures, http://www.ionio.gr/conferences/ecdl2009/st_infr.php
*** Content, http://www.ionio.gr/conferences/ecdl2009/st_content.php
*** Services, http://www.ionio.gr/conferences/ecdl2009/st_services.php
*** Foundations, http://www.ionio.gr/conferences/ecdl2009/st_foundations.php

*** Printable Version of the Calls:

# Submissions
Papers (full and short) either to the general track or to one of the
special tracks, posters and demonstrations can be submitted by their
authors  using the conference management system by March 21, 2009.

# Dates
*** Papers, Posters and Demonstrations Submission Deadline: March 21, 2009
*** Acceptance Notification: May 11, 2009
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Art Gutierrez | 4 Mar 19:01 2009

3M 7210

Hello,  we have a 3M Self Check Out machine, model 7210, and it is about 8 years old.  Since we have had it our id
card numbers have changed several times.  The last change we made added a letter to the front of the id with 8
trailing digits.  When we swipe the card with the built in card reader it does not work with cards encoded
with the letter in the id number.  I was wondering if anyone knew how I could change the settings to allow
alphanumeric id numbers? I assume this is possible but the pc running this thing is ancient so maybe it is
not?  Thanks

Art Gutierrez
Thomas Edelblute | 4 Mar 19:15 2009

RE: 3M 7210

In the 6210, there are some under the scanner settings there are some advanced options where this is
defined.  I don't know how to change these variables, but I can see them there.

Thomas Edelblute
Public Access Systems Coordinator
Anaheim Public Library

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Subject: [Web4lib] 3M 7210

Hello,  we have a 3M Self Check Out machine, model 7210, and it is about 8 years old.  Since we have had it our id
card numbers have changed several times.  The last change we made added a letter to the front of the id with 8
trailing digits.  When we swipe the card with the built in card reader it does not work with cards encoded
with the letter in the id number.  I was wondering if anyone knew how I could change the settings to allow
alphanumeric id numbers? I assume this is possible but the pc running this thing is ancient so maybe it is
not?  Thanks

Art Gutierrez
Web4lib mailing list

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Ranti Junus | 4 Mar 19:33 2009

LibGuides and library website Google custom search

Hi All,

We are going to use LibGuides and hopefully our users can start using
it this Fall 2009 semester.

I'm looking for libraries that use both LibGuides and Google custom
search, and have your LibGuides content also indexed by Google in
order to appear in your library website's site search.

Would you mind to share your library website URL so I could look into it?

Ranti Junus, Systems Librarian
 Electronic Resources
 100 Main Library W441
 Michigan State University
 East Lansing, MI 48824, USA