Joan C Biella | 6 Oct 14:36 2008

hotel near Library of Congress

Here's the info about the hotel nearest the Library of Congress.

Dougherty, Roberta L | 6 Oct 22:46 2008

MELA page updated

Dear friends,


The preliminary schedule for our November meeting is now on the MELA website, as is a .pdf document containing the biographies for the slate of candidates for V.P./President-Elect and Member-at-Large.


The URL for the updated page is here:




Roberta L. Dougherty

Middle Eastern Studies Librarian

University of Texas Libraries

University of Texas at Austin

P.O. Box P

Mail Code S5400

Austin, TX 78713-8916

tel.:  512-495-4257

fax:  512-495-4569





From: [] On Behalf Of Joyce E. Bell
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2008 7:35 AM
To: Executive Board of MELA
Subject: RE: schedule of events ... PLEASE


The schedule shows those two committee meetings on Friday from 1-2, so it looks like Thursday 1-2 should be marked just with Committee on Cataloging.


I haven’t seen any objection to my suggested changes, unless some are forthcoming, Robin would you adjust the schedule?




From: [mailto:bounce-3084897-5323474 <at>] On Behalf Of Omar Khalidi
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 8:07 PM
To: Executive Board of MELA
Subject: Re: schedule of events ... PLEASE


Other Committee meetings are the meetings of


Iraqi Libraries


Education and Reference Committee meetings meet on 21 November Friday from 12 noon to 1PM,



----- Original Message -----

Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 10:47 AM

Subject: RE: schedule of events ... PLEASE


Excellent!  Thank you Omar.


Robin (and E-Board) I suggest these changes:


Eliminate the last column.  Move the text for the program in the event column with “Program”.

In the attendees column, by both lunches use “registered attendees”.  Use “all” for the Persian cataloging workshop and the legal and reference meetings.

Spell out the word meeting, and the other various abbreviations.


What are the “other committee meetings” that are mentioned along with the cataloging committee?





From: [] On Behalf Of Omar Khalidi
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 8:51 AM
To: Executive Board of MELA
Subject: Re: schedule of events ... PLEASE


I had to wait until confirmation or the lack of it from Jamal al-Ghitany, renowened novelist of Arab world. Sadly, he is unable to make it. So attached is the schedule, and I will redo it today for it to go on the web. Here is the last chance to look at it, Omar

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 8:39 AM

Subject: schedule of events ... PLEASE


For about the dozenth time I went to the MELA website to look at the preliminary program, and it isnt there.  Can this please be posted right away?  Each time a question arises, I have to hunt through my e-mail for our prelim schedule in order to respond.




RE: An Elusive thesi from Morocco, pl. help

Dear Chris Sherratt:
	I would try contacting both the author and the university directly,
and see if you can wheedle a copy of the thesis from the source. Since it is
unpublished, it may not be available in any other university library.
	That being said, once you get a copy, it may be worthwhile to have
that or another copy donated to either the Library of Congress and/or the US
Geological Survey Library. Once it is in their collection, the information
will become available on GeoRef and OCLC, and future librarians won't have to
tear their hair like you have done, trying to find an elusive copy.


Mr. R. Lee Hadden
Geospatial Information Library (GIL)
Topographic Engineering Center
7701 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA 22315-3864
(703) 428-9206

"Curiosity is not a nice virtue- and it never leads to innocence." -Donna

See some of my writings, both online and on paper, at my author page at:

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[mailto:bounce-3117924-8073248@...] On Behalf Of Omar Khalidi
Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 1:15 PM
To: melanet-l@...
Subject: An Elusive thesi from Morocco, pl. help

----- Original Message -----
From: "Chris Sherratt" <>
To: "Omar Khalidi" <okhalidi@...>
Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 12:42 PM
Subject: elusive thesis from Maroc

> Hello, A student is looking for this reference:
> title:  Les filons dans le massife ultrabasicque des Beni Bousera  
> (rif Interne, Maroc): charaterisation Petrographique, geochemique et  
> age de mise en place (Rb-Sr). Unpublished thesis, University of  
> Marrakech, Maroc, 1993.
> The author is Mohamed El-Baghdadi. In searching web of science, I  
> find a paper that cites him, giving his location in 2005 as  
> "Laboratorie d'exploration et gestion ressources Naturelles, Dept.  
> Sciences de la Terre, Faculty of Sciences and Technologies. Beni  
> Mellal Morocco."
> Any help in finding this thesis would be so appreciated! I've tried  
> Georef, Geobase, Amicus and Library and ARchives Canada and  Worldcat.
> Thanks,
> Chris S.
> Chris Sherratt
> 54-200
> Lindgren Library
> Cambridge, MA 02139
> 617-253-5648

Ali Houissa | 7 Oct 19:39 2008

Turkey Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2008.

FYI--It would be great if we hear some reporting on this event at our next annual in DC.

Guest of Honour 2008 Turkey

Turkey will be introducing itself as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2008.
A Turkish organisation committee is now beginning with preparations for a programme that will include a varied range of exhibitions and cultural events alongside the presentation at the Book Fair. There are plans for seminars and workshops, book exhibitions, readings, concerts, films and stage productions – mainly in Frankfurt and Berlin, but also in other German cities.
At the Frankfurt Book Fair 2007, several events on the Turkish book market and Turkish literature provided a foretaste of the exciting programme that awaits us next year. There was a particularly positive response to the German-Turkish rights and licence exchange session, offering ten-minute speed-meetings for publishers from the German and Turkish children’s book markets to establish initial contacts.
The presentation of the Guest of Honour is in the Forum, Level 1 and the Turkish Collective Stand in hall 5.1. C 976
         Turkey - Book Production Data
         Turkish titles of the Frankfurt Rights Catalogue
         Turkey - Economic Data
         Turkish companies at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2008

Attachment (1357b4b.jpg): application/octet-stream, 1146 bytes
William Kopycki | 7 Oct 19:46 2008

Atiyeh obituary


It is worth noting an obituary for George Atiyeh that appears in the 
latest issue of the AUB Alumni publication "Main Gate":

(scroll down to read)


William J. Kopycki
Middle East Studies Bibliographer
Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center
University of Pennsylvania
3420 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6206
tel 215.898.2196
fax 215.898.0559

John Eilts | 7 Oct 20:58 2008

Annual registration

I have gone to the page for the annual conference and I find options to 
pay dues, and to pay dues and register.  I find no option to just pay 
for registration.  Since I will be paying for registration out of staff 
development funds I need to have it as a separate payment.  Will this be 
fixed?  Others may also need this.


John A. Eilts
Curator, Islamic and Middle Eastern Collection
Stanford University Libraries
251 Green Library
557 Escondido Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-6004
Tel: +1.650.736.1815
Fax: +1.650.723.5476
Mobile: +1.650.862.4878
Email: john.eilts@...

Nicholas Ostler | 8 Oct 00:16 2008

FEL XII Proceedings: Endangered Languages and Language Learning - new book

The Foundation for Endangered Languages held its twelfth conference in
Ljouwert (Leeuwarden), Friesland (NL) in September 2008, in
collaboration with the Fryske Akademy and MERCATOR. It concerned the
problems that arise for endangered languages in language learning.

A language is endangered if the rising generation, for whatever reason,
is not learning to use it.  That is the essence of language
endangerment. Language learning is therefore, in the most immediate
sense, the central mechanism in any remedy.

The topic includes both informal, sometimes almost unnoticed,
acquisition of languages, and formal language instruction in the school
system or outside it. Transmission may need to occur in small isolated
communities, or (more perilously) among minorities within a larger
social world that speaks another language. Where language teaching is an
established facility, but outside school, this may be in nursery
facilities, organized clubs, or -- most recently, through distance
learning, each with its own distinctive problems.

What innovations are possible, given that the teaching and learning of
languages is something that has been practised for millennia?

The proceedings of the conference are now available, entitled "Endangered
Languages and Language  Learning", edited by Tjeerd de Graaf, Nicholas
Ostler and Reinier Salverda. (ISBN 9780956021007)

It is an 237-page volume, and the contents look like this:

Index of Authors

  Map of Language Locations by Page Number

  Index of Languages

Tjeerd de Graaf, Nicholas Ostler and Reinier Salverda

  Preface: Endangered Languages and Language Learning


Alastair Walker How Can Academic Institutions Help Support an

  Endangered Language? The Case of North Frisian


Pamela Innes Gaps in Linguistic Analyses and Their Ramifications for

  Teaching Endangered Languages

Ekaterina Gruzdeva Nivkh Syntax in Educational Perspective

Eric Hoekstra and Bouke Slofstra  How Majority Languages Influence Minority
Languages: the Linguistic Mechanisms and some Consequences

  For Language Maintenance through Education

Chryso Hadjidemetriou  Attempting to Document and Revitalise Kormakiti
Maronite Arabic


Lily Okalani Kahn Developing New Yiddish Pedagogical Resources

Hashem Ahmadzadeh Difficulties of Teaching Kurdish in a European University

Racquel-Maria Yamada Integrating Documentation and Formal Teaching of
Kari'nja: Design and Use of Teaching materials based on documentary

Yoshiyuki Asahi Endangered Languages and Japanese Language Education in

Olga Kazakevich Mother Tongue Classes at School in the context of Selkup,
Ket and Evenki Communities


Maya Khemlani David Language Policies - Impact on Language Maintenance and
Teaching. Focus on Malaysia, Singapore and The Philippines


Roza Laptander Sociolinguistic Description of the Priuralskij County in
the Yamal-Nenetskij Autonomous District

Picus Sizhi Ding Learning of Minority Languages in Yunnan, China

Leila Dodykhudoeva and Vladimir Ivanov Language Immersion in Endangered
Pamiri Communities: Elicitation Strategies in Tutorial Work


Paolo Coluzzi The Presence (or Absence) in Education of Minority and
Regional Languages in one European and one Asian Context

Dick Smakman and Cassandra Smith-Christmas  Gaelic Language Erosion and
Revitalisation on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Yamina El Kirat El Allame  Bilingualism, Language Teaching, Language
Transmission and Language Endangerment: The Case of Amazigh in Morocco

Ljubov Radnaeva Language Policy, Endangered Language Research and
Teaching Experience in the Russian Federation


Hindrik Sijens How Information and Communication Technology can Help

  Language Preservation and Education

Itziar Idiazabal, Estibaliz Amorrortu Mother Tongue, Language of Immersion.
What Can the School Do to Revitalize Minorized Languages?

Cecilia Odé Teaching Materials on Language Endangerment: An Interactive
E-learning Module on the Internet

Erich Kasten Preserving Endangered Languages of Local Speech Variants in

Julia Sallabank Motivating Young People to Learn Endangered Languages

Eta Nikolaeva and Solveta Logina Winter Schools of the Latgalian Language
and Culture in Achinsk Pedagogical College (Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia)


Durk Gorter European Minority Languages: Endangered or Revived?

David Nathan and  Meili Fang Language Documentation and Pedagogy: Seeking
Outcomes and Accountability


Marit Vamarasi Where There is no Teacher: Language Instruction in Diaspora

Olimpia Rasom Teaching in Multilingual Areas with a Minority
Language: Guidelines for a European Training Model

Mohana Nambiar and Subramaniam Govindasamy  The Learning of Endangered
Mother Tongue Languages of Minority, Immigrant Communities in Multilingual
Contexts: the Case of Malayalam in Malaysia


Piet Hemminga  Some Remarks on the Implementation of the European Charter
for Regional or Minority Languages in the Netherlands

Iulen Urbiola Threats to Language Immersion in Endangered Language
Communities: the Case of Navarre

Mary Jane Norris and  Endangered Aboriginal Languages in Canada: Trends,

Marianne Snider and Vincent Wintermans Prospects in Language
Learning:  UNESCO and Endangered Languages

Cor van der Meer and Alex Riemersma Mercator: Creating a Future for

  FEL Manifesto


Copies are now available, at 20 pounds sterling ($40 US, 30 euro) apiece

(including surface postage and packing). For air-mail dispatch, please

add 7.50 pounds/$15.00/10 euro. Cheaper prices are available to FEL

members, but copies are already on their way to Full, Light, Honorary

and Corporate members.

You can pay by

- a cheque (in pounds sterling) payable to "Foundation for
Endangered Languages".

- a check (in US $) payable to "Nicholas Ostler".

- proof of having sent an equivalent sum in your own currency to the
bank account, "Foundation for Endangered Languages", Account no: 50073456,
The Cooperative Bank (Sort code: 08-90-02), 16 St.

Stephen's Street, Bristol BS1 1JR, England. (IBAN: GB86 CPBK 0890 0250 0734
56; and Bank Identification Code: CPBK GB22)

- or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, EuroCard), enclosing Card number,
Expiry date (month | year), Name (as on card), and Address (as on card).

To expedite delivery, please send orders to me at the address below.


Nicholas Ostler
Chairman, Foundation for Endangered Languages
Registered Charity: England & Wales 1070616
172 Bailbrook Lane, Bath BA1 7AA, England
Phone: +44 (0)1225-852865 Mobile: (0)7720-889319

Mary Jane Deeb | 8 Oct 21:03 2008

Vacancy in the African and Middle Eastern Division

Dear Colleagues,
The African and Middle Eastern Division is posting the following vacancy:

Librarian (Reference Specialist) Hebraic (Vacancy #: 080307)
GS-1410-13 - Library Services (Hebraic Section, AMED, Collections and
Services Division)
Salary - $82,961.00 - $107,854.00
Opening Date: Oct 6, 2008
Closing Date: Nov 6, 2008
Reference librarians in these divisions provide assistance to
researchers in the culture, history, literature, politics, political
structure, economies, humanities, and social sciences of these countries
and regions. Clients include Congress, foreign and U.S. Government
agencies, national and international academics and scholars, research
and scientific institutions, the professional and business communities,
and the general public.
Application Information: Go to Library of Congress Homepage, click on
Mary-Jane Deeb, Ph.D.
Chief, African and Middle Eastern Division
Library of Congress
phone: 202-707-1221
fax: 202-252-3180
Brenda Bickett | 8 Oct 23:46 2008

Desperately Seeking al-Hayat archives for May-Dec. 1958

Hi, all,
One of our faculty is looking for al-Hayat from the period May-Dec. 1958. I cannot determine that any US library has this time period, one of course when things were rather turbulent in Lebanon. I have looked at every likely collection listed in the WorldCat holdings, to no avail. If you have it -- or can suggest leads -- it will be most appreciated.
thanks, Brenda

Brenda E. Bickett
Bibliographer for:
*Center for Contemporary Arab Studies
*Center for Eurasian, Russian &  East   European Studies
*Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding
*Dept. of Arabic & Islamic Studies
*Dept. of Slavic Languages
Georgetown University Library
Washington DC 20057-1174
voice: 202/687-4482

Brenda E. Bickett
Bibliographer for:
*Center for Contemporary Arab Studies
*Center for Eurasian, Russian &  East   European Studies
*Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding
*Dept. of Arabic & Islamic Studies
*Dept. of Slavic Languages
Georgetown University Library
Washington DC 20057-1174
voice: 202/687-4482
Smith,Arthur | 10 Oct 19:22 2008

OCLC Breakfast

The OCLC Breakfast is scheduled for 7Am on Saturday morning at the Marriott.

Bib record croissants, statistical Danish, products fresh out of the oven, and, of course, its all free.

Arthur E. Smith
Director, Strategic Business Development
Middle East and India
OCLC, Online Computer Library Center
Dublin, OHIO USA
Tel:  +1 614 764 6006 Fax:  +1 614 718 7272