Andras Riedlmayer | 3 Dec 19:17 1998

founder/editor-in-chief of Periodica Islamica jailed

The current issue of the MESA Newsletter highlights human rights concerns
in the case of Dr Muhammad Anees, a member of MESA from 1990 to 1995 and 
founder and editor-in-chief of the current-contents journal PERIODICA
ISLAMICA, which many of us use as a reference tool.  

Dr Anees was detained in September 1998 along with several other political
associates of Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. Following 
a confession that Dr Anees contends was extracted under torture and a 
trial which, according to Amnesty International "raises concerns about 
its fairness," Dr Anees has been sentenced to six months' imprisonment
on charges of sodomy. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and others
have expressed concern that Dr Anees and the other detainees are at risk
of continued ill-treatment; the fact that Dr Anees suffers from a heart
ailment has exacerbated worries about his health. Reports also indicate
that the detainees have not been allowed access to independent lawyers
or to members of their families. Amnesty International has called for
the immediate and unconditional release of Dr Muhammad Anees.

More information about the case can be found on a website established by
friends and supporters of Dr Anees at

Colleagues who wish to express concern for the fate of Dr Anees can do so
by writing letters to the Malaysian Prime Minister's office

             Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammad 
             Prime Minister's Department 
             Jalan Dato Onn 
             50502 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
             Fax: 60-3-2984172, 2383784 

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Andras Riedlmayer | 3 Dec 19:52 1998

Dr Anees case - correction

In my haste to post, I misread Dr Anees' given name. It should read

Dr Munawar Anees

Below is an excerpt from the home page

Dr Munawar Ahmad Anees is a Pakistani who is no stranger to most scholars
of bioethics. He is the author of "Islam and Biological Futures: Ethics,
Gender and Technology", "Guide to Sira and Hadith Literature in Western
Languages", "Christian-Muslim Relations: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow",
"Health Sciences in Early Islam: Collected Papers of Sami K. Hamarneh",
"The Kiss of Judas: Affairs of a Brown Sahib", "Mawdudi and the Making 
of Islamic Revivalism", and "Computers Don't Byte" amongst others. 
In Kuala Lumpur he was the Founding Editor of "Periodica Islamica" but
earlier he also founded "International Journal of Islamic and Arabic
Studies" at Indiana University in 1984. He is presently on the editorial
boards of 5 other journals. He is listed in the "Who's Who in the World".
He is a member of the Royal Academy of Jordan for Islamic Civilization
Research and a member of the UNESCO Group of Intellectuals of the World.

Perhaps intellectuals make for easy political targets. Or perhaps
politicians are especially ruthless when it comes to losing power. In 
any case, Dr Anees has become a pawn in this deadly political game of
fiscal irresponsibility.

On September 6, 1998, Sukma Darmawan Sasmitaat Madija (Anwar Ibrahim's
adopted brother) was arrested under the draconian Internal Securities Act.
This was followed by the arrest of Dr Anees on the 14th. Both were charged
with sodomy with Anwar Ibrahim. Mr Anwar Ibrahim was also arrested and
charged with sodomy and interfering with the Police. All three men were
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Jonathan Rodgers | 7 Dec 23:11 1998

NEW URL for MELA Notes


Oren Mass | 9 Dec 12:09 1998

Supplying Books from Israel

Rubin Mass Ltd. is an Israeli publishing and bookselling company that has
established during the past 65 years in Jerusalem. Beside editing and
selling our own books we are also exporters of all publications in Israel in
different languages as e.g. Hebrew, English, Arabic, German or French.

Our main catagories are:

Fiction & Drama; Poetry
Linguistics & Literature
Jewish History in Diaspora
The Holocaust
History of the Land of Israel
The Middle-East
Israel-Arab Relations
Art and Music
Archaeology and geology
Society & Education
Jewish Thought
Drush & Mussar
Bible & Commentators; Religious books
Reference Books; CD

To introduce the Israeli books to people and companies all over the world we
wish to get in contact especially with institutions and libraries that have
Jewish and Middle-East Studies as their main topic.
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Ali Houissa | 9 Dec 13:29 1998

This is neither an endorsement nor even a recommendation. It is only in
response to a number of queries I've received about the title "Middle East
Internet Directory, 1998," talked about during the MESA workshop. Point
your browser to:

US$ 27 per copy
Courier Charge USA & Canada: US$ 18.

It was nice to see you in Chicago. Happy Holidays.

Ali Houissa
The Middle East & Islamic Studies Bibliographer
504 Olin Library
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-5301
Tel. (607) 255-5752 (W) 
Fax (607) 255-6110

Oren Mass | 9 Dec 12:04 1998

New Israeli books on the M.E., Dec. 98


	$17	Aging in the Mediterranean and the Middle
East(M-46-98)/Friedman,G,&Brodsky,	101807
	Jerusalem/JDC-Brookdale Inst./232 pages /1998
	Selected papers of international Geriatrics Conference

	$30	Communities Survey in Ramallah and El-Bireh Governorate,April 1997/
	Ramallah/PCBS/188 pages /1998
	English and Arabic, maps and tables

	$14	Demographic Developments and Population Policies in
Kuwait/Winckler,Onn 101880
	ISBN 965-224-031-1	Tel-Aviv/Moshe Dayan Center/56 pages /1998
	The impact of oil wealth, the two Gulf wars, Iraqi occupation etc.

	$20	Directory of the Palestinian and Arab on-Governmental
Organizations/Ma'an                                  Dev. 	101741
	/Ma'an/180 pages /1998
	Palestine-Egypt,Lebanon-Jordan; English and Arabic; Series of Development 
	Studies, #21

	$40	Liberation,Democratization and Transitions to Statehood in
3rdWorld/Jayyusi,May	101742
	Ramallah/Muwatin/312 pages /1998
	Proceedings of a Conference, 7-8 November 1997 in Ramallah; English and Arabic

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Michael Hopper | 9 Dec 15:27 1998

Book Sale

For those of you in the Boston area the Middle Eastern Division and Slavic
Division of Harvard College Library will have a book sale on Thursday,
10, 1998, in Widener Library, Ground Floor, from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

Thank you, Middle Eastern Division 495-2437

Ali Houissa | 9 Dec 20:59 1998


>Dear Ali
>Please post the following to all members of MESA who have responded to me
>regarding the Sameer.
>"A package of As Sameer periodicals has been assembled for those members who
>had responded to my earlier notification regarding donation of the
>Please provide correct mailing address for shipment. Each of you will be
>contacted regarding the cost of shipping, handling and insurance."

>Dr. Robert Madey...Email	M4665@...

DAVID G HIRSCH | 10 Dec 01:11 1998

Azerbaijani - English Dictionary available

FYI. David

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Dear David,

Thanks so much for offering to pass a note to the Middle Eastern group
regarding the new Azerbaijani-English Dictionary.

Best to you,
I'll keep you in mind when I see new books and periodicals.

Betty Blair

Azeribaijani-English Dictionary
*  For the first time in the linguistic history of Azerbaijan
* Official Latin Script of the Azerbaijan Republic
* Compiled and edited by Professor Uruj Musayev, Vice Rector of the
Institute of Foreign Languages in Baku as the result of 25 years work.
* Volume is a beautiful burgundy red.
* 648 pages
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Ared Misirliyan | 10 Dec 07:42 1998

Re: Azerbaijani - English Dictionary available


Has anyone seen either the Cyrillic or the Latin version of this
dictionary? Anyone care to comment on the merits of the Cyrillic
vs the Latin versions? Or, on the merits overall of either one,
given the scarcity of dictionaries of Azerbaijani, in general.

The only one I could find in town was the Azerb.-Eng. and Eng.-Azerb.
dictionary by Seville Mamedov, published in the "Hippocrene Concise
Dictionary" series in 1995: the 100 pp. of Eng.-Azerb. is quite good, 
but the opposite direction, Azerb-Eng., at only 44 pages, leaves the 
impression of an early draft. Many high-frequency words are missing, and 
even the alphabetical order of entries under a letter is not done right,
possibly due to the general unfamiliarity with the new Latin alphabet...
(Still, the author sees fit to dedicate it to both her husband and


Ared Misirliyan (Off. Trans.-Interp.)
ARTURUS Translation Services (Montreal)

> FYI. David
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> Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 15:44:46 -0800
> From: ai <ai@...>
> Subject: David Hirsch - Azerbaijani - English Dictionary
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