Ali Houissa | 1 Jun 13:33 1998

Turkish Society for Musicology

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In 1997, the Turkish Society for Musicology launched a new academic journal
designed to cater for the increasing interest in musicology. Published four
times a year, the International Journal of Music in Turkey (IJMT) provides
a much-needed forum and reference point for musicology. Based in Istanbul,
IJMT adopts a comprehensive perspective to music in Turkey.

The journal covers all aspects of music and all styles and genres including
traditional Turkish art music, folk music, popular music, and contemporary
music in Turkey. New publications in the field are surveyed and expert
reviews of the most important works are included.

The International Journal of Music In Turkey is the official publication
of the Turkish Society for Musicology. It is published in Winter, Spring,
Summerand Fall for the Turkish Society for Musicology by the Boyut
Publishing Group.

IJMT seeks to establish an international network of scholars committed to
research on music in Turkey and encourage contributions from intellectuals
both inside and outside the academy. IJMT welcomes articles, essays, and book,
recording and film/video reviews. Only manuscripts in English are accepted.
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Lynne Murphy | 1 Jun 04:26 1998

Islamic Studies Librarian

We would like to fill the following position:

The School of Islamic and Social Sciences (SISS) is a graduate school
located in Leesburg, VA (about 2 hours drive from Washington D.C.).  It
was established in 1996 and offers 2 Master degree programs - Master of
Arts in Islamic Studies and the Master of Imamate (a professional degree
for Muslim chaplains).  The School and its Library are preparing to go
through the accreditation process.

The Library has a collection of approximately 12, 000 titles in mostly
Arabic and English.  It is undergoing rapid collection building and has
a healthy budget for collection development.  The areas it is collecting
in are:1) Islamic Studies -  religious aspects, political and
intellectual developments 2) Social Sciences - western basics and
Islamic and Muslim approaches to these (specifically in economics,
political science and sociology); 3) Immamate program - Christian
Muslim relations, North American Muslims, basic texts of the major

The Library requires a professional librarian (MLS) with university
experience specifically 3 - 5 years in cataloging.  The position is not
for a cataloger but requires a person to supervise the cataloging
The job entails the overall management of  a fully functional library to
service the requirements of faculty and students; the building of the
collection and the library services at the standards required to gain
and maintain accreditation.  The Library requires a person who can
create partnerships with other institutions both locally and wider; can
run an efficient library service, both public and technical; is able to
hire, supervise and train staff as required.
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Meline Nielsen | 1 Jun 17:35 1998

Book of Poisons

I have received this enquiry from Dr Manzoor Alam (a medical doctor). 

"On 27 June 98 I am presenting a paper to an International Conference
and the subject I have chosen is the Book of Poisons by Shanaq
al-Hindi, 300 BC. Chanakya or Shanaq al-Hindi wrote 'Niti Shastra' and
'Arthsastra'. The 'Arthsastra' has a chapter on poisons. Kitab
al-Sumum or the Book of Poisons was first translated in Persian in 815
by Abu Hatim Bulkhi and it was further translated in Arabic by Abbas
bin Said Jawhary in 825. - Is there any trace of this work in Sanskrit
(other than what is in 'Arthsastra)? - What medium was used for the
Sanskrit version ie. 'bhojpatter', leather etc.? - Does the Persian
manuscript exist? -Could the antidote be made and scientifically
tested against poisons? -Did the poisonous girls (Vishya Kannya)
really exist? - Did people use poisons in small doses to develop
immunity against the poison? It is said that Mahmud "Begra" of
Gudjrant inoculated against poisons by consuming it in gradually
increasing doses "so that if a fly settled on his hand it fell dead"
(The Encyclopaedia of Islam, New Ed. Vol 11, 1983, p1127). -Were there
dinner plates which could detect poisons by changing colour or
breaking if, poisons were put in them? Any evidence of this? Please

The only reference I could find on the web was an article in a 
journal of the Armed Forces of  Pakistan:

I wonder whether anyone can shed light on at least the 
bibliographical enquiry.

Many thanks
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Edward A. Jajko | 2 Jun 20:11 1998

Vacancy Announcement


I have waited a long time to be able to post a message like the one below.
I would be grateful if word could be passed to those you know who may be
interested in the position but may not be on MELANET.

Ed Jajko
Hoover Institution

>									May 29, 1998
>The Hoover Institution is seeking qualified candidates for a career track
>appointment, with an initial three-year term.  Applicants should supply a
>complete resume and the names of three references well acquainted with
>their qualifications for this position.   Letter and documents should be
>addressed to:
>Paul Thomas
>Head of Cataloging Department
>Hoover Institution
>Stanford University
>Stanford, CA   94305-6010
>POSITION TITLE:		Middle Eastern Materials Cataloger

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DAVID G HIRSCH | 3 Jun 15:28 1998

turkish music quarterly

does anyone know if this title is still being published?
we have not received any isssues since v.6 no. 1 1992/3.


David G. Hirsch
Middle East Bibliographer
University Research Library
PO Box 951575
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575
email: dhirsch@...
fax: 310-206-4974
tel: 310-825-2930 (direct)

Dona S. Straley | 4 Jun 22:57 1998

Arab POWs in WW I

>I am working on a dissertation that deals with the Ottoman--Turks,
>Arabs, and others-- prisoners of war (POWs) in Russia and Egypt (held by the
>British) in World War I.  Ideally, I would like to make this a comparative
>work, comparing the experiences of those in Russia to Egypt.  Another very
>interesting point of approach would be to compare the experiences of Arabs
>(POWs) in the Ottoman army with those of Turks and others.
>        While I found a good number of memoirs, diaries, private papers,
>etc. from the Turks who were POWs, I have not come across any by Arabs.  One
>exception to this is Arif al-Arif, former Jordanian minister and mayor of
>Jerusalem.  However, he devotes less than half a page to his experiences  as
>POW in Russia in a very short (auto)biography.  Clearly, there were many
>Arabs who became POWs and were sent to Russia and Egypt as mentioned in most
>Turkish POW memoirs.  As the case of Arif al-Arif and some other Turkish
>POWs show that a good number of them came to hold important places after
>their repatriation.
>        I am interested in memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, secondary
>works, news in contemporary newspapers, photographs, etc. that deal with
>their captivity (and post-captivity) experiences.  Useful sources do not end
>there:  Arif al-Arif produced a camp newspaper while in prison, which I do
>not have.  There were a good number of such newspapers published/printed by
>the prisoners. One Turkish memoir states that there were only four Arab
>officers among them, but they still produced their own paper in Arabic.
>Arif's newspaper, for example, was called "Nakatullah."  These papers
>contained anything from entertainment to news from home, but also will
>reveal much about the condition (both physical and mental) of the POWs.
>        In addition, I am finding, at least among the Turk POWs, that there
>was a certain reluctance to talk about their experience as POWs.  Most of
>the memoirs, diaries, etc. I mentioned above were published post-humosly by
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Dona S. Straley | 4 Jun 22:57 1998

Palestinian Music Query

>Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998
>From: JENNIFER L LADKANI <jll3202@...>
>Subject: Palestinian Music Query
>Sender: owner-arabic-info@...
>To: arabic-info@...
>Precedence: bulk
>I am currently beginning dissertation research on Palestinian music and
>dance traditions.
>While finding recordings has not been a problem, I want to be sure that I
>have gathered a complete bibliography of research on this topic (which,
>so far, includes works by Sirhan, Lama, Sbait, Barghouti, and a few
>others). Does anyone have any suggestions for articles, books, etc. which
>deal DIRECTLY with Palestinian music and dance? I am especially interested
>in locating any research dealing with the debke dance tradition
>(Palestinian and other national styles) and/or Palestinian resistance
>songs. I am looking for sources written in any language.
>I would also welcome anyone who cares to discuss this topic, or offer
>suggestions or guidance.
>Thanks for your assistance!
>Jennifer Ladkani

Dona S. Straley
Associate Professor and Middle East Studies Librarian
308 Main Library, The Ohio State University
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Michael Hopper | 5 Jun 19:57 1998

Core list

Does anyone have a very current list of core materials on the Middle East?
Or perhaps bibliographies that you use in instructing students in resources
on the Middle East in your library? If so I would be interested in
obtaining a copy.


Roberta L. Dougherty | 5 Jun 20:11 1998

core list

 Me too.


 Forwarded message:
  Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 13:57:17 -0400
  From: Michael Hopper <mhopper@...>
  To: Middle East Librarians Association   <MELANET-L@...>
  Subject: Core list

  Does anyone have a very current list of core materials on the Middle East?
  Or perhaps bibliographies that you use in instructing students in resources
  on the Middle East in your library? If so I would be interested in
  obtaining a copy.



Roberta L. Dougherty
Middle East Bibliographer &
  Head, Middle East Technical Services
University of Pennsylvania Libraries
3420 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA   19104
telephone:  (215) 898-3795
fax:  (215) 898-0559
e-mail:  rld@...

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M. StGermain | 5 Jun 20:17 1998

Re: Core list

If these are available, I would like a copy too.

Mary St. GErmain

On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Michael Hopper wrote:

> Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 13:57:17 -0400
> From: Michael Hopper <mhopper@...>
> Reply-To: MELANET-L@...
> To: Middle East Librarians Association <MELANET-L@...>
> Subject: Core list
> Does anyone have a very current list of core materials on the Middle East?
> Or perhaps bibliographies that you use in instructing students in resources
> on the Middle East in your library? If so I would be interested in
> obtaining a copy.
> Thanks,
> Michael