Brenda E. Bickett | 2 Apr 18:11 1997

Transliteration standards for Arabic script -Forwarded

This appeared on the British Middle East Librarians list.... FYI,

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Subject: Transliteration standards for Arabic script

Transliteration standards for Arabic script

I am the chair of the International Organization for Standardization
subcommittee responsible for transliteration (ISO/TC46/SC2: Conversion of
Written Languages).

ISO/TC46/SC2 has developed a multiple part standard (ISO 233) for
transliteration of Arabic script. The relevant Working Groups involved are
currently WG2 and WG11 (see list below). We would like to involve more
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Brenda E. Bickett | 2 Apr 19:08 1997

Mawsuat Misr al-hadithah

Greetings colleagues,
I am sure you have received a mailing from Leila Books about the new
Mawsuat Misr al-hadithah.  Has anyone seen this publication?  Is it
worthwhile?  Scholarly? Based on a European-language work?
Thanks for your responses, Brenda

Brenda E. Bickett
Georgetown University Library
email: bickettb@...

Roberta L. Dougherty | 2 Apr 19:42 1997

Re: Transliteration standards for Arabic script -Forwarded

Yes, and so are we as librarians going to send them collective word that 
if this standards group goes about reinventing the wheel, anyone who 
participates in that standard will be rendered incapable of using a U.S. 
library catalog containing Arabic materials?

feelin feisty...



Roberta L. Dougherty
Middle East Bibliographer &
  Head, Middle East Technical Services
University of Pennsylvania Libraries
3420 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA   19104
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RAGAI MAKAR | 2 Apr 22:21 1997

Re: Mawsuat Misr al-hadithah


Kambiz Eslami | 3 Apr 15:22 1997


Dear Dr. Roper,

I apologize for not responding to your e-mail sooner. I had taken a few days
off to finish a couple projects. 

The Afshar volume is now ready to go to printer. Had it not been for a
dreadful car accident that I was in last June which left me hospitalized and
bed-ridden for some time, I would have finished it much sooner. But in the
meantime a few more scholars expressed interest in contributing, and that
was the good thing that came out of the delay. I don't know if I mentioned
who the other contributors are, but allow me to give you a list:

Janet Afary, Francois de Blois, Jerry Clinton, H.C. de Fouchecour, M.R.
Ghanoonparvar, Gilbert Lazard, Willem Floor, Ulreich Haarmann, Rudi Matthee,
Charles Melville, Abolala Soudavar, John Perry, Angelo M. Piemontese, Basil
W. Robinson, Roger Savory, Priscilla Soucek, Paul Sprachman, Faridun Vahman,
Jan Just Witkam, and myself. 

I will send you a proof of the edited version of your article in a about two

I am afraid I won't be able to attend the MELCOM International Conference
this year, but will be looking forward to hearing about it.

Sincerely yours

At 02:15 PM 3/28/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Dr Eslami,
>	Greetings. It seems a long time since we were in touch.
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Kambiz Eslami | 3 Apr 17:01 1997


Please forgive me for sending a private message to the listserve.



Kambiz Eslami			
Integrated Database Administrator		      Executive Secretary 
Princeton University Library		  The Society for Iranian Studies	
One Washington Road			 c/o Princeton University Library
Princeton, NJ 08544-2098			       
E-mail: keslami@...
Telephone:  609 258-1308
Fax: 609 258 0441

midhat abraham | 4 Apr 20:56 1997


Hi all:

The following periodicals titles are available for sale:

Al-Ma'rifah: 34 years 400 issues      for $l500.00

Hadarat al-Islam: 22 years  22 vols   for $1300.00

al-Turath al Arabi: 17 years 65 isues for $600.00

al-Mawqif al-Adabi: 26 years 306 issues for $900.00

Dirasat Tarikhiyah: 14 years 56 issues for $300.00

Binat (or Bunat) al-Ajyal 5 years 20 issues for $100.00

Majallat Tarikh al-'Ulum al-'Arabiyah 9 years 9 vols. for $ 200.00

al-Fikr al-'Arabi (Bayrut) 17 years 84 issues for $900.00

'Alam al-Fikr (Bayrut)24 years 24 vols for $900.00

'Alam al-Ma'rifah (Kuwait) 18 years 24 vols for $900.00

Prices do not include shipping and handling.

If you are interested in any of these, let me know and I will send you 
the person address in Syria.

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Brenda E. Bickett | 9 Apr 18:24 1997

CD-ROM reviews: FYI

I found a couple of CD-ROM reviews which are relevant to us:  Egypt:
5000 years of history & Lines in the sand: the pursuit of peace in the
Middle East, in the 1 March 1997 issue of LJ, p. 110-112.  Neither product
is recommended at this time, but there are some interesting observations.

Leila Books | 10 Apr 19:35 1997

LB97/04/14 - MELANET

To all MELANET members

This is just to inform you that you can send all your messages to Leila 
Books e-mail. Our e-mail line had some problems, however, everything now 
is in order. 

Awaiting to receive your messages.

Best Regards

George Fawzi

Rachel Simon | 14 Apr 22:15 1997

Yet another book

I've been away for a week: two book were asked for review, and I've received
another one. Here is what's available:

*Naguib Mahfouz. Children of Gebelaaw. Pueblo, CO : Passeggiata Press, 1997
 (3rd revised, augmented edition)

*Glen E. Robnson. Building a Palestinian state : the incomplete revolution.
 Bloomington & Indianapolis : Indiana University Press, 1997. 228 p.

Please let me know at: RSIMON@...

Thanks, Rachel Simon