Abdelhay MOUDDEN | 4 Aug 21:02 1988

Moroccan Publications

Attached is the monthly bulletin of Moroccan publications issued by our
Center for Cross Cultural Learning, Rabat, Morocco.  It contains the
last list of 1997 publications and an update of  the 1998 publications. 
If you have all five CCCL bulletins you should have a complete list of
items published in Morocco in 1997.  We will include any items that we
might have missed in our future bulletins.  
It was officially announced yesterday, August 2nd, that The Moroccan
book fair will take place this year from November 5 to November 15, 1998
in Casablanca.  Let us know if you are considering attending and if our
Center can be of any help (hotel recommendations, reservations, train
schedules…)  We will also like to meet you and exchange ideas on how to
improve our services.
Our Center will be closed for the month of August for our annual summer
vacation.  I will be in the US (Vermont and Boston) for most of August,
beginning August 9.  If you wish we can talk over the phone, just email
me soon your phone number.
Have a nice Summer.
Abdelhay Moudden
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