Smith, Jay (LIB | 4 Mar 21:23 2015

Dewey class for Indian treaties

I'm sorry that I've lost the original message on this topic and 1-2 replies.  Someone asked what Dewey class
to use for Indian treaties, and there was an attempt to deconstruct 342.730872.

I just wanted to comment that treaties as a subject would appear to fall in Dewey 341, Law of Nations.  341.026
is "Treaties, codes, cases."  Except that under this number is a lengthy note directing the cataloger to
use other numbers in many instances.  Of relevance in this case is this instruction:  "Class text of
treaties *on a specific subject in domestic law* with the subject in 342-347 ...."

So, although Indian tribes are often described as "nations," which would suggest classing somewhere in
341, international law, treaties between the United States and Indian tribes end up being put in
342.[73]0872, which is basically U.S. law relating to "Indigenous and aboriginal peoples."  (You can go
directly to 342.0872 with this caption, and then insert U.S. [73 from Table 2] as a jurisdiction, as
Library of Congress does.  SFPL does not subdivide since we collect only U.S. and California law, giving us
a shorter number.)

In the past, 970.5 was used in many cases.  It is given in Dewey 19 as an optional number for "Government
relations with native races."

I would also agree with the person who suggested using WebDewey with caution to build numbers.  I still find
it harder to use than flipping back and forth among the 4 Dewey volumes, awkward though that may be.

Jay Towne Smith
Senior Cataloger
San Francisco Public Library



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Blogger | 4 Mar 19:31 2015

[Typo of the day for librarians] Togete* (for Together*)

I was watching Togetherness the other night, a couples-oriented dramedy on  
HBO. I also happen to be an inveterate credits watcher and was duly  
rewarded in this habit when I spied the name of the show's costume  
designer: Mynka Draper. Perfect! Edith Head had a great name too, but not  
quite as on the nose, so to speak, as this one is. Draper's got one of  
those nomen est omen names, the kind that puts you in mind of the  
possessor's profession--although I doubt she's known for swaddling her  
clients in politically incorrect furs. I attempted to figure out if this  
was her given name or a behind-the-stage name, if you will, but all I could  
determine (thanks to the New York Times) was that her "alternate name" is  
Minka Draper, which only makes it that much better. Our typo today turned  
up ten times in OhioLINK (about half of which look like early variant  
spellings, some records noting this fact with a "sic"), and 149 times in  

(Mink coat, DDR, 1954, posted February 26, 2011, Wikimedia Commons.)

Carol Reid

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Dan Haj | 4 Mar 08:19 2015

caricatures and cartoons

Dear all,
I was working on a book discussing caricatures and cartoons and came across a problem I would like you please
to help me sort it out.
In the Library of Congress authorities there are the following inconsistencies:

Caricatures and cartoons is 650
then you see it as 450 under the 150 Cartoons and comics
I have the feeling that Cartoons and comics is the latest and the first one is going to be changed eventually.
What do you think?

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Keenan, Teressa | 4 Mar 01:09 2015

ALMA & authority maintenance?

I am looking for help from people out there who are using ALMA and who maintain authorities on their catalog items.

Can you explain how your authority control process works?  Have you been able to maintain authority control
without subscribing to a service like MARCIVE or Backstage?

I have been told by some individuals that we will save money by moving to ALMA because authority control will
be built into the new system and we will no longer need to pay for updates to authority records. Is this
really the case?  Is there really no need to maintain bibliographic data on  a local level? Are there any
catalogers out there using ALMA that are willing to share their basic workflow for maintaining
authorities records?

On a similar topic.  Have you been able to reduce the number of staff required for cataloging because of
switching to ALMA?


Teressa M. Keenan  
Head, Bibliographic Management Services/Metadata Librarian,
Associate Professor
Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library - MLIB 345
The University of Montana 
Missoula, MT 59812-9936
teressa.keenan@... , (406) 243-4592


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Sandra Macke | 3 Mar 23:11 2015

Outsourcing foreign language materials - looking for words of wisdom

Does anyone currently outsource the cataloging for the following languages: Arabic, Japanese, Chinese,
Spanish and/or Russian.   

If so would you be willing to sure your experiences good and bad with specific vendors?  Things like
turn-around time, value of the records, workflow impacts, etc.  Feel free to email me off-list and I can
post a summary back to the list. 

Sandy Macke
Catalog and Metadata Administrator
Multnomah County Library
Phone: 503.988.5467


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Blogger | 3 Mar 22:14 2015

[Typo of the day for librarians] Differnet (for Different)

What did the highfalutin dolphin say when she almost got trapped by the  
tuna-trawling boat? Answer: "I beg to differ, Net!" Sorry about that,  
folks, but it's been a fishy few days in my world this week. I'm writing  
this while eating a cup of clam chowder, and right after reading about the  
recent Supreme Court decision involving illegal grouper harvesting--one in  
which a dissenting Elena Kagan quoted from Dr. Suess ("One fish, two fish,  
red fish, blue fish") and also made the charmingly circular argument  
that "a 'tangible object' is an object that's tangible." I myself happen to  
have picked up a tangible object the other day in the form of a 2002  
children's book entitled The Anchovy Story, written by Dino Cortopassi. Oh,  
and I just went to the stacks to look for something completely unrelated  
when the first thing that caught my eye was a large monograph with a  
pictorial (or should I say piscatorial?) cover entitled Freshwater Fishes  
of North America. And last but not least, as if that wasn't enough to hook  
you, we're in the zodiac sign of Pisces right now, so Happy Birthday,  
Fellow Fish! Today's typo isn't that different from a lot of other ones; it  
simply results from the transposition of two adjacent letters, sort of like  
the symbol for Pisces itself. We pulled up nine cases of this slippery  
solecism in OhioLINK, and 162 in WorldCat.

("Dolphins Set25" by Nevit Dilmen, Aquacity, Istanbul, from Wikimedia  

Carol Reid

Posted By Blogger to Typo of the day for librarians at 3/02/2015 05:00:00 AM

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Harden, Jean | 3 Mar 20:20 2015

Music Cataloging Institute, University of North Texas, Denton, June 8-12, 2015

UNT Libraries will host a summer Music Cataloging Institute June 8-12, 2015. Beginning and intermediate
music catalogers, including those whose work also involves other types of materials, will benefit from
this seminar-style, hands-on experience. The principal instructor will be Jean Harden, Coordinator of
Music Technical Services, assisted by Janelle West, Music Catalog Librarian, and Ralph Hartsock,
Senior Music Catalog Librarian. Participants will create full catalog records for several items during
the week. The focus will be on RDA in MARC. Space is limited to 10 registrants.

Held on UNT's Denton campus on the 4th floor of Willis Library, the institute begins at 9 a.m. Monday and
concludes around noon Friday. Lunch will be provided all five days; all other meals and housing are at the
attendee's expense. Both hotel/motel and dormitory housing will be available. Arrangements and
payment are the responsibility of the participant.

Tuition for the institute is $500, which includes a nonrefundable $50 application fee. Registration will
be online from the Music Library's website ( Full payment must be made by
credit card at the time of registration, which will open on March 6, 2015, and will close when the workshop
is full or on May 8, 2015. Partial scholarships may be available to attendees with financial need and
should be requested during registration. An application form will be sent by email. Note: A portion of the
tuition minus the application fee may be refunded if a person withdraws or is awarded a partial
scholarship. Refunds will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

For further information and the registration link, see

Jean Harden
Coordinator of Music Technical Services
University of North Texas
Denton, TX  76203
(940) 369-7178

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Jennifer Gregory | 3 Mar 18:56 2015

Field 526 for accelerated reader


We recently added indexing for a few more fields in our ILS, including 526,
the study program field.  We've begun using it to add accelerated reader
info to new records as they come through, but we'd also like to populate
our existing records.  I'm assuming we'll need to contract with a third
party to get it done.  Has anyone else done this?  If so, who did you use,
and how did it turn out?



    Jennifer Gregory
    Collection & Technical Services Manager
    Boone County Public Library
    Main Branch
    1786 Burlington Pike
    Burlington, KY 41005
    (859) 292-3386
    Fax: (859) 689-0435


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Natalie Bulick | 3 Mar 17:58 2015

2015 OVGTSL Conference Registration is Now Open!

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am excited to announce registration for the 2015 OVGTSL Conference is now open! To register please follow
the link below:

All the best,

Natalie Bulick, 2015 OVGTSL Conference Chair
Cataloging and Metadata Librarian
Cunningham Memorial Library


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Michael Borries | 3 Mar 17:23 2015

FW: Year in record

Before we get into a war of words ...

It is my understanding that when CIP is upgraded to full level with book in hand at LC, the dates are not only
supposed to be changed, if incorrect, but also bracketed, if it turns out that the only date on the piece is a
copyright date.  This includes the date in the call number, since presumably the book has not yet been
labelled  for shelving.  And this does happen in the majority of cases.  (And, yes, if the record is still CIP,
I will change the date in the call number, since LC is supposed to do so.)

However, like John, I come across books upgraded by LC which have not had the dates corrected.  In about three
cases, I believe, for some reason, the date on LC's copy was different from the date on the piece I had in
hand, but in most cases, the cataloger upgrading the CIP had neglected to correct the dates.  This is
frustrating for us who rely on LC, since it can be difficult to know whether to create a new record in OCLC or
to correct LC's record locally, reporting the mistake to LC.

It is also my understanding that when LC corrects an already completed record, they do not change the date in
the call number, presumably because that would require additional processing.  At least, I have seen
otherwise corrected records with the date in the call number left unchanged.

I suppose that with the large volume of materials passing through LC, we should expect, and be tolerant, of
some errors.  But the dates seem easiest to catch, and uncorrected dates occasionally seem to come in
batches, and, as I mentioned, it is an uncorrected date that can trigger the mistaken creation of a new record.

Michael S. Borries
Cataloger, City University of New York
151 East 25th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY  10010
Phone: (646) 312-1687
Email: Michael.Borries@...

-----Original Message-----
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Ankersen, Elizabeth L | 3 Mar 16:56 2015

Re: oclc connexion client

We can't control unqualified personal names. This has been going on for about a week, with a brief respite
last Friday.

-----Original Message-----
From: AUTOCAT [mailto:AUTOCAT@...] On Behalf Of Liptack, Vanessa
Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2015 10:28 AM
Subject: oclc connexion client

Is anyone else having problems with the connexion client?  It seems when I = search the authority files I am
getting an error message.

Vanessa Liptack=


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