Gene Fieg | 31 Aug 23:42 2014

Quality of MLS education cataloging

I recently went to the website of California state school that teaches
library science and for which I taught courses in 1990s.  The core courses
are all about "information" and information access, etc.  Cataloging is not
a core course as it was in the 90s not to mention reference librarianship.

Cataloging at this school is an elective now.  And the program is ALA
approved, the same organization that pushed RDA.  And now the principles
behind RDA or any other cataloging code and the teaching them is secondary
in their view.  Have they forgotten their own history?  Dewey ring a bell?
 Cutter ring a bell?

I guess not.  Just make librarians "information science" specialists
(whatever that might mean) and category that Michael Gorman correctly
denoted as bogus.  Bogus. Bogus!

I hope my alma mater for library science (a school outside of Chicago) has
not gone the same way.  I have not checked their course offerings and which
ones are required.


Gene Fieg
Claremont School of Theology

Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Lincoln University do not
represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the information
or content contained in this forwarded email.  The forwarded email is that
of the original sender and does not represent the views of Claremont School
of Theology or Claremont Lincoln University.  It has been forwarded as a
courtesy for information only.
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Wendolyn C. Vermeer | 29 Aug 21:28 2014

Announcing an SCTPG Workshop: Cataloging Especially Special Formats Using RDA & MARC21, Sept. 26th

*please cross post*

SCTPG is pleased to announce the workshop for all of your lingering and confounding format questions:

"Cataloging Especially Special Formats Using RDA and MARC21"

With presenters Jay Weitz, Senior Consulting Database Specialist, OCLC, Dublin OH;
and Julie Renee Moore, Catalog Librarian for Special Collections and Special Formats, Henry Madden
Library, CSU Fresno

Friday, September 26, 2014
8:30am - 4:30 pm
Long Beach City College

For full program details and to register, see our event page at

We hope to see you in Long Beach!

Wendy Vermeer
SCTPG Program Chair

Wendolyn Vermeer
Metadata Librarian
Cal Poly Pomona University Library
3801 W. Temple Ave.
Pomona, CA 91768
909-869-3103 (fax)

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Blogger | 29 Aug 20:36 2014

[Typo of the day for librarians] Refrenc* (for Referenc*)

Librarians are famous for their endless acronyms, but I hate to see us fall  
prey to the attendant lure of absurd terminology as well. There was an  
article posted to AUTOCAT recently about the fledgling Florida Polytechnic  
University and its library, which for some reason has decided to  
go "bookless." He added: "There are way too many buzzwords in this article,  
in my opinion." To me, the worst one by far is the so-called "success  
desk." I commented on this to a colleague who has lately grown weary of the  
exigencies of reference work and he responded: "It has a nicer ring than  
the 'failure desk.'" A friend at a local college library tells the campus  
has an actual "Office of Student Success." (It's probably right around the  
corner from the "Department of Doing Well in Class.") A coworker mentions  
the Syracuse City School District's newly renamed "Office of Talent  
Management" (formerly called "Human Resources"), which puts me in mind of a  
cigar-chomping letch in a 1930s motion picture studio glancing meaningly at  
the casting couch. I'm not quite sure what's going on here (other than the  
apparently innate impulse to keep "upgrading" the names of things,  
otherwise known as pointless euphemism), but it makes me wonder if maybe  
we've been watching too many American Idol-type shows of late, in addition  
to drinking the "self-esteem" Kool-Aid being served at most of our schools  
these days. And speaking of kids, lunch, and out-of-control acronyms, I  
think my favorite comment of all comes from a classmate of my niece's, who  
once wryly observed (no pun intended) that "LGBT" sounds sorta like a  
sandwich. (Bacon, lettuce, and tomato with Green Goddess dressing,  
perhaps?) All kidding aside, and with reference to OhioLINK and WorldCat,  
today's typo was found 29 times in the former, and over 1100 times in the  

(Photograph of the reference desk area inside the Pomona Public Library,  
ca.1900. Situated near the front entrance, the reference desk, a  
semi-circular wooden desk, greets visitors. A lamp, several books, a pile  
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Frankie Hernandez - LAWLIBX | 29 Aug 18:53 2014

Dewey instruction


I'm a long term lurker, so here goes nothing!  I'm wondering if anyone knows of an online crash course in dewey
classification.  I looking to change jobs and only have experience with LC.  Thanks in advance for any
guidance y'all can give me.

Frankie Hernandez
Superior Court Law Library 
101 W. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ   85003
fhernandez <at>


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Michael Borries | 29 Aug 18:38 2014

Class number for book on conjugal abuse

I am cataloging a book by Anisha Durve, The power to break free : surviving domestic violence : with a special
reference to abuse in Indian marriages.  As the last part of the subtitle suggests, and as she states in her
book, she intends to deal with domestic violence in marriages within Indian, indeed South Asian,
communities, both in India and world-wide, and she is also dealing primarily with Hindu families.  She
uses her own experience, and she lives in the U.S.

A cataloger who cataloged this book locally assigned the class number HV6626.23.I4, for domestic
violence in India.  I am inclined to keep this, but I am also wondering if HV6626, general works, would be a
better class number.  What do you think?

Michael S. Borries
Cataloger, City University of New York
151 East 25th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY  10010
Phone: (646) 312-1687
Email: Michael.Borries@...


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Gamboa, Camille | 28 Aug 21:07 2014

What's your favorite Library Tradition? Show us to win a Charleston Travel Grant

*Apologies for cross postings*

From finals week slumber parties, to blasting songs at night to wake up exhausted patrons, to daily high
tea, every library has traditions that play an important role in its institutional DNA. If you are proud of
your library's traditions (or even if you put on a happy face and tolerate them), we invite you to share one
with the wider library community for a chance to win a travel grant to the 2015 Charleston Conference or one
of 11 $50 Amazon gift cards. From now until Friday, September 19, we invite all academic librarians in the
U.S. and Canada to submit a photo that depicts your favorite tradition; it could be something unique,
longstanding, or even a tradition-in-the-making.

Click here for more details, conference rules, or to enter:


- 1 first-place winner will receive a voucher for registration at the 2015 Charleston Conference as well as
$500 for travel related expenses to attend the 2015 Charleston Conference.

- 11 second-place winners will receive a $50 Amazon gift cards to purchase book(s) of their choice.

- All 12 winners will have their entry photographs featured in the 2015 Charleston Conference's
photo-desk calendar which will be given to all conference attendees.

The winners will be based on the following 3 criteria:

1. Ability to depict their library's tradition

2. Creativity

3. Quality of the photo entry

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Elisabeth Lomax | 28 Aug 17:50 2014

"LOANRULE" field glitch (?) . . . need some advice!

Hi cataloger friends!  I have a puzzle . . .

I'm working in Sierra.  We have equipment (50 computer mice, 50 power
cords, 50 laptops, etc.) that I recently added into the system.  I created
one record (ex: Dell laptop power cord, model number ____ ) and simply
added 50 items, with a different copy number and barcode.

My puzzle is:  MOST of these items will check out to patrons.  But some of
them give an error message "Loanrule says non-circulating".

ICODE1 = 0
ITYPE = 85 Equipment
> location codes are correct
Loanrule = 0
Status = Available  (Also shows available in public view)

System gives the option to "override", and check out the item anyway, but
the error message will pop up on every attempt to checkout.

Has anyone run into this before?  Is there something I'm missing?

Elisabeth Lomax
Part-time Cataloger
Avila University's Hooley-Bundschu Library


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Sarah Stein | 28 Aug 15:15 2014

Position open at Denver Public Library - Senior Catalog & Metadata Librarian

I am retiring October 1st after 36+ years.  If you'd like to work with
a great team and live in a great city, here's the job posting:

Application deadline: Sept. 5, 2014
Apply online at   Resumes
are not accepted without a completed employment application.

Background Information: The Denver Public Library's vision: We are
connected. The Library is making Denver a better place to live by
fostering early literacy, preparing our future workforce and
connecting people of all ages with information, ideas and experiences.
It's an exciting and pivotal time at the Library! As a part of the
Collection Services Department, this position will provide a
leadership role as we move into the exciting future for the library

What You'll Do: Work downtown at the Central Library in the Collection
Services Department to create positive experiences for library
customers by overseeing all aspects of cataloging, bibliographic and
authority control, including cataloging in all formats using OCLC and
the Polaris Library System. Advise and steer the catalog and ILS
database maintenance. Review, develop and implement cataloging
policies and procedures. Coordinate both regular workflow and linked
data projects in coordination with the ILS team. Serve as the
expert/lead on cataloging practices and policies within the Cataloging
Department and throughout Denver Public Library. Prioritize the
expectations of end users by providing quality control, high quality
data and a satisfying discovery experience. Serve as a key resource in
understanding and troubleshooting issues that impact all modules of
the ILS. Provide regular training for library staff at all levels.
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[JOB OPPORTUNITY] Temporary Metadata Analyst - San Francisco Bay Area (South Bay)

 The Metadata Analyst is responsible for the integrity of bibliographic
data and business rules for content in the client database.

Duties and Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

1. Bibliographic and business rule metadata: Responsible for preparing
metadata for titles to be submitted to the client database. Preparation
tasks include:

a. performing queries in a bibliographic source database to obtain metadata
b. integrating publisher-provided metadata with metadata from other sources
c. normalizing data to meet the company’s metadata standards
d. proofreading metadata for typographical errors
e. compiling business rule metadata to support client’s business models

2. Metadata maintenance: responsible for maintaining an accurate and
complete database of pre-submission metadata.

3. Quality control: The metadata analyst performs periodic reviews of
metadata in the production database to ensure the data is accurate and is
normalized to the client’s standards.

4. Recordkeeping: Content processing requires a large amount of
recordkeeping that must be performed accurately and in a timely manner.
Types of recordkeeping include documenting errors found in incoming
metadata, notifying appropriate parties when classification is complete,
and creating other documentation to support the client’s content policies.

5. Effective Participation on the client Team: This position is responsible
for contributing to the company’s overall success by communicating
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Belford, Rebecca | 27 Aug 21:02 2014

FW: reminder - MOUG website survey

Note that this truly is calling *all* music catalogers, even if you only catalog a few music items here and
there. You do not need to be a current member of MOUG (Music OCLC Users Group) or a user of its current website
to participate.

Rebecca Belford


From: Music OCLC Users Group Discussion Forum
[mailto:MOUG-L@...] On Behalf Of Faulkner, Autumn
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 11:07 AM
To: MOUG-L@...
Subject: [MOUG-L] reminder - MOUG website survey

Calling all music catalogers--if you haven't done so yet, please take a few moments to give us your feedback
about a potential collaborative environment for the new MOUG website:

The survey will close this Friday, August 29. A big thank you to everyone who has already responded! Your
input will be enormously helpful to us.


~ Autumn

Autumn Faulkner
autumn@...<mailto:autumn@...> | 517.884.3488
Michigan State University Libraries<>

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Melissa Kemper | 27 Aug 21:34 2014

Question About Roman Numerals in RDA

We're having difficulty finding instructions about this in the RDA Toolkit.
If you have a date of publication in Roman numerals, how should you
transcribe it?

Thank you,

Melissa Kemper
Kent State University


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