Gamboa, Camille | 28 Aug 21:07 2014

What's your favorite Library Tradition? Show us to win a Charleston Travel Grant

*Apologies for cross postings*

From finals week slumber parties, to blasting songs at night to wake up exhausted patrons, to daily high
tea, every library has traditions that play an important role in its institutional DNA. If you are proud of
your library's traditions (or even if you put on a happy face and tolerate them), we invite you to share one
with the wider library community for a chance to win a travel grant to the 2015 Charleston Conference or one
of 11 $50 Amazon gift cards. From now until Friday, September 19, we invite all academic librarians in the
U.S. and Canada to submit a photo that depicts your favorite tradition; it could be something unique,
longstanding, or even a tradition-in-the-making.

Click here for more details, conference rules, or to enter:


- 1 first-place winner will receive a voucher for registration at the 2015 Charleston Conference as well as
$500 for travel related expenses to attend the 2015 Charleston Conference.

- 11 second-place winners will receive a $50 Amazon gift cards to purchase book(s) of their choice.

- All 12 winners will have their entry photographs featured in the 2015 Charleston Conference's
photo-desk calendar which will be given to all conference attendees.

The winners will be based on the following 3 criteria:

1. Ability to depict their library's tradition

2. Creativity

3. Quality of the photo entry

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Elisabeth Lomax | 28 Aug 17:50 2014

"LOANRULE" field glitch (?) . . . need some advice!

Hi cataloger friends!  I have a puzzle . . .

I'm working in Sierra.  We have equipment (50 computer mice, 50 power
cords, 50 laptops, etc.) that I recently added into the system.  I created
one record (ex: Dell laptop power cord, model number ____ ) and simply
added 50 items, with a different copy number and barcode.

My puzzle is:  MOST of these items will check out to patrons.  But some of
them give an error message "Loanrule says non-circulating".

ICODE1 = 0
ITYPE = 85 Equipment
> location codes are correct
Loanrule = 0
Status = Available  (Also shows available in public view)

System gives the option to "override", and check out the item anyway, but
the error message will pop up on every attempt to checkout.

Has anyone run into this before?  Is there something I'm missing?

Elisabeth Lomax
Part-time Cataloger
Avila University's Hooley-Bundschu Library


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Sarah Stein | 28 Aug 15:15 2014

Position open at Denver Public Library - Senior Catalog & Metadata Librarian

I am retiring October 1st after 36+ years.  If you'd like to work with
a great team and live in a great city, here's the job posting:

Application deadline: Sept. 5, 2014
Apply online at   Resumes
are not accepted without a completed employment application.

Background Information: The Denver Public Library's vision: We are
connected. The Library is making Denver a better place to live by
fostering early literacy, preparing our future workforce and
connecting people of all ages with information, ideas and experiences.
It's an exciting and pivotal time at the Library! As a part of the
Collection Services Department, this position will provide a
leadership role as we move into the exciting future for the library

What You'll Do: Work downtown at the Central Library in the Collection
Services Department to create positive experiences for library
customers by overseeing all aspects of cataloging, bibliographic and
authority control, including cataloging in all formats using OCLC and
the Polaris Library System. Advise and steer the catalog and ILS
database maintenance. Review, develop and implement cataloging
policies and procedures. Coordinate both regular workflow and linked
data projects in coordination with the ILS team. Serve as the
expert/lead on cataloging practices and policies within the Cataloging
Department and throughout Denver Public Library. Prioritize the
expectations of end users by providing quality control, high quality
data and a satisfying discovery experience. Serve as a key resource in
understanding and troubleshooting issues that impact all modules of
the ILS. Provide regular training for library staff at all levels.
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[JOB OPPORTUNITY] Temporary Metadata Analyst - San Francisco Bay Area (South Bay)

 The Metadata Analyst is responsible for the integrity of bibliographic
data and business rules for content in the client database.

Duties and Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

1. Bibliographic and business rule metadata: Responsible for preparing
metadata for titles to be submitted to the client database. Preparation
tasks include:

a. performing queries in a bibliographic source database to obtain metadata
b. integrating publisher-provided metadata with metadata from other sources
c. normalizing data to meet the company’s metadata standards
d. proofreading metadata for typographical errors
e. compiling business rule metadata to support client’s business models

2. Metadata maintenance: responsible for maintaining an accurate and
complete database of pre-submission metadata.

3. Quality control: The metadata analyst performs periodic reviews of
metadata in the production database to ensure the data is accurate and is
normalized to the client’s standards.

4. Recordkeeping: Content processing requires a large amount of
recordkeeping that must be performed accurately and in a timely manner.
Types of recordkeeping include documenting errors found in incoming
metadata, notifying appropriate parties when classification is complete,
and creating other documentation to support the client’s content policies.

5. Effective Participation on the client Team: This position is responsible
for contributing to the company’s overall success by communicating
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Belford, Rebecca | 27 Aug 21:02 2014

FW: reminder - MOUG website survey

Note that this truly is calling *all* music catalogers, even if you only catalog a few music items here and
there. You do not need to be a current member of MOUG (Music OCLC Users Group) or a user of its current website
to participate.

Rebecca Belford


From: Music OCLC Users Group Discussion Forum
[mailto:MOUG-L@...] On Behalf Of Faulkner, Autumn
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 11:07 AM
To: MOUG-L@...
Subject: [MOUG-L] reminder - MOUG website survey

Calling all music catalogers--if you haven't done so yet, please take a few moments to give us your feedback
about a potential collaborative environment for the new MOUG website:

The survey will close this Friday, August 29. A big thank you to everyone who has already responded! Your
input will be enormously helpful to us.


~ Autumn

Autumn Faulkner
autumn@...<mailto:autumn@...> | 517.884.3488
Michigan State University Libraries<>

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Melissa Kemper | 27 Aug 21:34 2014

Question About Roman Numerals in RDA

We're having difficulty finding instructions about this in the RDA Toolkit.
If you have a date of publication in Roman numerals, how should you
transcribe it?

Thank you,

Melissa Kemper
Kent State University


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Ted P Gemberling | 27 Aug 17:59 2014

"Gray's anatomy" as access point

“Gray’s anatomy” is currently set up as a see reference under the authorized form: Gray, Henry, ǂd
1825-1861. ǂt Anatomy (both 100 and 400 in name-title form).

I notice that in LC’s own catalog, the uniform title is “Anatomy, descriptive and surgical,” in a
240. That is the title of Gray’s original edition. I believe there have been over 30 editions, right up to
the present, and Gray was only involved in the first one or two because he died at age 35.

The see reference “Gray’s anatomy” no longer seems to be useful as an access point. I don’t know if
this could be because so many libraries have given up their “classic” catalogs in favor of “next
generation” catalogs. I think I used to be able to do title alphabetic searches for the subfield t under a
person’s name and get a link to the established form and its related bibliographic records, at least in
some ILS’s. In a survey of catalogs around the country over the weekend, I found no catalogs where that
worked for Gray’s anatomy, except for OCLC Connexion.

I wonder if the established form should be 130 Gray’s anatomy since that is how most people know the work.
Since that would probably violate RDA principles (RDA 5.5), I may have to just use a local uncontrolled 740
to bring all the editions together.

Thanks for any thoughts you have on this matter.

Ted P. Gemberling
Historical Collections Cataloger
UAB Lister Hill Library, rm. 234B
1720 Second Ave. South
Birmingham, Ala. 35294-0013
Phone: (205)934-2461
Fax: (205)934-3545

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Salman Haider | 27 Aug 17:56 2014

Temporary / Permanent Date in an Incomplete Multipart Monograph (RDA Cataloging)

Temporary / Permanent Date in an Incomplete Multipart Monograph : Questions
and Answers in the Google+ Community "RDA Cataloging"

RDA Blog <>


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Blogger | 27 Aug 16:40 2014

[Typo of the day for librarians] Colletive* (for Collective*)

I once told a date that I hated having to change someone's name midstream,  
as it were. I said I was like a "baby duck" in that way; whatever name  
I "imprinted on" was the one I'd be inclined to follow forever. (He waffled  
on his own preferred variant, but immediately started calling me "Baby  
Duck" and continues to do so to this day.) For example, I have a hard time  
adjusting to "married names" and find myself faintly disapproving when a  
person of longtime nomenclature suddenly decides to take a nickname or  
other "alternative" moniker without a very good reason. I've known my share  
of flaky and/or PC pseudonomists, but will pointedly exclude Zephyr Rain  
Teachout (the winds-of-change challenger to New York governor Andrew Cuomo  
and one who wants to throw out the new teaching standard known as the  
Common Core) because that's the actual name her Vermont parents gave her at  
birth. (Teachout is an old Dutch surname.) The collective noun (or "term of  
venery") for a group of ducks is a "paddling," which is sort of cute in  
a "cuz that's what do they do!" sort of way, but not nearly as funny as the  
one I would personally nominate if this were up for a vote. I'd like it to  
be a "charlatan of ducks," from a recent article on Slate about the way too  
many desperate college applicants, plus students trying to avoid charges of  
plagiarism, are succumbing to the temptation of MS Word's "right-click  
thesaurus." One poor clicking cluck wrote of hearing the "charlatan" of  
ducks in the distance, as that word had appeared there as a synonym for  
quack. Some other collective favorites include: a glaring of cats; a murder  
of crows; a memory of elephants; a business of ferrets; a charm of finches;  
a bloat of hippopotamuses; a scold of jays; a deceit of lapwings; a kindle  
of kittens; a barren of mules; a superfluity of nuns; a poverty of pipers;  
a gaze of raccoons; and a clutter of spiders. And ladies, remember, next  
time you're surrounded by a superfluity of men, just lean in and picture  
them as a "blush of boys" and see if that doesn't put your name on the map.  
(And while we're at it, perhaps we should start calling ourselves a girder,  
a girth, or even a girn, of girls!) Colletive* (which should really be  
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Christina | 27 Aug 16:22 2014

Crowdsourcing for Libraries and Archives

Hello! This is Christina Manzo from the emerging Crowdsourcing Consortium for Libraries and Archives
project supported by the IMLS. Could you send the following message to the people on your listserv?



On behalf of our partners at Dartmouth College and Boston Public Library, we are pleased
 to announce the launch of an exciting new initiative, funded by the Institute for Museum and Library
Services (IMLS), that will examine how libraries, archives, and museums, can most effectively use
crowdsourcing techniques to augment their collections and enhance their patrons’ experience!  

This initiative, provisionally entitled the Crowdsourcing Consortium for Libraries and Archives
(CCLA), will employ a series of meetings and webinars to collect, examine, and share the most recent,
cutting-edge technologies, tools, and platforms and accompanying best practices in the field.  The goal
of the CCLA is to create a forum that enables all interested stakeholders to join a national conversation
about the most pressing needs and challenges regarding the development and deployment of crowdsourcing
technologies in the cultural heritage domain. 

As a first step in this process, we want to hear from you!

The CCLA team invites you to take a short 10-minute survey to share your thoughts on the current state of
crowdsourcing in libraries, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions. Your opinions and
insights will directly inform the agenda of upcoming CCLA activities and events, influence the
discourse of current and future discussions, and have the potential to translate into real-world applications.

Thank you!

P.S.To stay informed about upcoming CCLA events, please follow us on Twitter:  <at> crowdconsortium

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Richard Hill | 27 Aug 15:56 2014

2014 ASIS&T Annual Meeting now open

ASIST 2014 Annual Meeting  
See for full information and to register

October 31-November 5, 2014, Seattle, WA

Come to Seattle for the 77th ASIS&T Annual Meeting.   The theme for this years conference is Connecting
Collections, Cultures, and Communities - we chose this theme to celebrate the breadth of information
science, its historical roots, its user-centeredness, and its unique aim of bringing people together
around ideas, thoughts, and the exchange of information and knowledge.

The program includes 42 papers, 26 panels, 102 posters, 12 workshops, and many opportunities for
socializing at receptions. All in all this conference is packed with intellectually stimulating
sessions, lots of opportunities to network and meet new people, and engage in the health and well-being of
this wonderful association.

We are delighted to present two excellent and accomplished keynote speakers:  
 Kris M. Kutchera is Vice President, Information Technology for the Alaska Air Group
Alessandro Acquisti is Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Richard Hill
Executive Director
Association for Information Science and Technology
1320 Fenwick Lane, Suite 510
Silver Spring, MD  20910
FAX: (301) 495-0810
(301) 495-0900


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