June Samaras | 2 Apr 05:06 2015

Fwd: [MGSA-L] Fw: 3rd Ancient Greek Drama Summer School, Lavrion & Epidavros, June 22-July 5

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   Dear all,

 Please find attached the announcement for the 3rd Ancient Greek Summer
School held in Lavrion and Epidavros from June 22-July 5, 2105.


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Laval Hunsucker | 1 Apr 16:58 2015

Greeek & Latin in French schools ( was : Pas de "cri spation de spécialistes" ! )

By the way, anyone who'd like to sign an online petition against the
proposed development can go to


I have just been made aware of this possibility -- as have the others
here who also follow that list -- by the message
on the Classicists list, to which many here perhaps don't subscribe.

- Laval Hunsucker
  Breukelen, Nederland

Laval Hunsucker | 1 Apr 14:34 2015

Pas de "crispation de spécialistes" !

These two articles from LeFigaro.fr, dated yesterday, deal from
another perspective  ( not that of a teacher in the banlieue this
time, but that of a member of the Collège de France and of the
Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-lettres, and Eugène Ionesco's
successor in the Académie Française )  with the same matter as the
item to which I called attention here a couple of days ago under the
subject-line "Doing classical languages at school these days" :


"Marc Fumaroli : «Le latin est victime des fanatismes égalitaires et
utilitaires» 1/2

Par Vincent Tremolet de Villers

Publié le 31/03/2015 à 19:32

FIGAROVOX/ENTRETIEN - La réforme du collège risque d'entrainer la
suppression du latin. Plutôt que de se résigner ou sombrer dans la
nostalgie, l'académicien Marc Fumaroli rappelle la vitalité des textes
. . .
Vous me direz: pourquoi cette fixation sur ces deux langues anciennes?
Nous allons y revenir. Je me contenterai de dire pour l'instant que
cette cause n'était pas de notre part une crispation de spécialistes,
mais un éloge des humanités et de la place légitime qui leur revient
dans l'enseignement public français.
. . .
Le latin et le grec étant la partie la plus menacée, et peut-être la
plus fondamentale de cet ensemble, nous les avons pris pour drapeaux.
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Laval Hunsucker | 31 Mar 22:01 2015

Cultural award ( bit of CC )

Perhaps of interest. Award presented this evening :


"The 2015 ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture will be presented to
Athens Biennale from Athens and Visual Culture Research Center from
Kiev in Brussels on 31 March 2015."

<<From Europe’s most fragile borders, facing unforeseeable futures,
Visual Culture Research Center and Athens Biennale courageously show
us how culture can be a means of solidarity and common ground that
create tangible alternatives to the economic and political conflicts
of our time.>>
— Chris Dercon, Jury member, Director, Tate Modern

Athens Biennale has re-imagined the model of the biennale as a space
for cultural debate and grassroots organising in contemporary Greece.
It has reinvented the art biennale as a structure that enables new
forms of solidarity between local and international cultural
communities and wider civic engagement. The most recent biennale in
2013 was organised in the format of an Agora, which in ancient times
referred to a gathering space that had overlapping social, business
and political uses. The biennale took an innovative collective
curatorial approach that breaks radically from a consumer-oriented
model of exhibition-making. Faced with severe funding cuts, the Athens
Biennale proves the power of self-organisation and building common
ground through culture.
. . .
By choosing to honour these two laureates, ECF is sending a strong
signal for the future of independent cultural initiatives in wider
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Laval Hunsucker | 31 Mar 16:19 2015

Quite TAN : Timbuktu => Bamako => MN

Interesting and important project by an institution which will
necessarily be ( well ) known to some classicists  ( and of
which I myself have not-unadulteratedly-pleasant personal
memories from the days of roll microfilm ).  Here's the press
release, dated yesterday :


"Hill Museum & Manuscript Library digitizes Timbuktu’s historic
manuscript collections

March 30, 2015

The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) at Saint John’s
University is creating digital records of more than 22,000 rare and
historically-significant documents from a library in Timbuktu. The
Mamma Haidara Family Library has one of the largest private
manuscript collections in Timbuktu, and some of its documents
date back to the 13th century.

[ etc. ]"

- Laval Hunsucker
  Breukelen, Nederland

Laval Hunsucker | 30 Mar 23:03 2015

"Repatriation" of antiquities

It's getting a bit murky.

This today from the NYT :


concerning e.g. the Mosul case, and the Parthenon sculptures.

And the NYT reminded us also today, appropriately, of its
somewhat earlier "debate" :  "When Should Antiquities Be
Repatriated to Their Country of Origin?" at :


- Laval Hunsucker
  Breukelen a.d. Vecht, Nederland

Laval Hunsucker | 30 Mar 16:24 2015

Doing classical languages at school these days

Interesting perhaps to note this guy's point of view :

"Augustin d'Humières : Oui, il faut enseigner Homère et
Shakespeare en banlieue

Par Alexandre Devecchio

Publié le 28/03/2015 à 17:59
. . .

Que pensez-vous de la suppression du latin et du grec au
. . .

Plus l'école va mal, plus elle a besoin du grec et du latin.

[ etc. ]"


- Laval Hunsucker
  Breukelen, Nederland

Laval Hunsucker | 30 Mar 15:21 2015

TAN : War in the cloisters

Fortunately there's nothing like this going on at
universities outside Great Britain ! ;-) :

"The war against humanities at Britain's universities

Higher education is stuffed with overpaid administrators
squeezing every ounce of efficiency out of lecturers and
focusing on the ‘profitable’ areas of science, technology,
engineering and maths. Are the humanities at risk of
being wiped out?

 Alex Preston

Sunday 29 March 2015 08.30 BST

A war is being waged within the cloistered world of
academia, a war whose repercussions will be felt
down through the generations. Long one of Britain’s
global success stories, our universities are under
attack by an austerity-obsessed government looking
to maintain the excellence of our institutions at a
fraction of the cost.

[  . . . etc. etc. ]"

( And 453 reader comments . . . so far. )


- Laval Hunsucker
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Klooster, Jacqueline | 30 Mar 10:32 2015

Reminder: Conference Announcement Homer and the Good Ruler, May 20-22 Ghent

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below the final, and somewhat changed, programme of the Conference Homer and the Good Ruler:
The Reception of Homeric Epic as Princes' Mirror through the Ages, Ghent University 20-22 May.

You can also find the programme, and more information about the venues and registration, at https://homerprincesmirror.wordpress.com.

If you would like to attend (25 euro) please send an email to homerprincesmirror <at> gmail.com before May 1, 2015.

With all best wishes,

Jacqueline Klooster and Baukje van den Berg

Homer and the Good Ruler: the Reception of Homeric Epic as Princes’ Mirror through the Ages

20-22 May 2015, University of Ghent

Venue: KANTL, Koningstraat 18, Ghent

Wednesday 20 May

9.00-9.30 Registration

Chair: Kristoffel Demoen, University of Ghent

9.30-9.45 Welcome

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June Samaras | 30 Mar 03:34 2015

British Museum offers to lend Elgin Marbles back to Greece


British Museum offers to lend Elgin Marbles back to Greece

But the UK rejected a request to take part in a United Nations mediation
process about the contentious ownership of the 2,500-year-old sculptures

IAN JOHNSTON   Friday 27 March 2015
The British Museum has offered to discuss lending the so-called Elgin
Marbles back to Greece, after the UK rejected a request to take part in a
United Nations mediation process about the contentious ownership of the
2,500-year-old sculptures.

Britain’s rejection of arbitration talks brokered by the global heritage
body Unesco could trigger legal action by Athens in an international court
in an attempt to reclaim the ancient sculptures, depending on the outcome
of advice from its team of high-profile lawyers including Geoffrey
Robertson QC and Amal Clooney.

But in a letter to Unesco, Sir Richard Lambert, the chairman of the British
Museum’s board of trustees, has offered to hold direct talks with the
Acropolis Museum over the pieces held by the Bloomsbury Square institution.

“The British Museum has routinely lent to Greece…” Sir Richard wrote. “The
scholars of the British Museum and of other institutions that hold
Parthenon sculptures enjoy excellent collaborative relationships with Greek
museums and universities. These have included collaboration on research
projects, publications and exhibitions.

Britain’s rejection of arbitration talks could trigger legal action (EPA)
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Laval Hunsucker | 29 Mar 14:15 2015

Recovery of stolen/looted art

A most interesting combination of items, and of circumstances of
background and recovery, announced Friday in Rome.

This seems to me a rather striking Tauroctony, by the way. Not
iconographicly, of course :  the iconography is quite orthodox. But,
rather, stylistically, as well as technically ( material, workmanship ).
The provenance is also interesting, i.a. given that most of the best-
known and well preserved -- at least sculptural -- examples of this
and related Mithraic representations come, if I'm not mistaken, from
the more remote reaches of the Roman empire.

Anyway, see, e.g. :

"Recuperato un Picasso da 15 milioni, una tela di Carlevarijs e una
statua romana

Il quadro del 1912 è rimasto per 36 anni nelle mani di un ignaro
corniciaio che lo ha ricevuto in dona da un cliente. L'opera del II-III
secolo d. C., invece, che raffigura il Dio Mitra mentre uccide un toro,
era su un furgone che trasportava alcune piante coperto da telone
ed era destinato in Svizzera. Ritrovato anche un olio su tela del
1700 che raffigura piazza San Marco a Venezia

[ etc. ]"



"Carabinieri ritrovano un Picasso e 2 capolavori
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