June Samaras | 27 Jul 19:15 2015

Lessons in resilience from rural Greece



A few weeks ago I was in Greece and visited the brother of my late husband.
He lives half way up Hymettus, just where the paved road ends and the
phrygana begins.

Presently he has no job, but is coping by calling on the traditional
survival skills of his origins in Thessaly.

He has a few chickens, has planted melitzanes, peppers,tomatoes and other
crops in  the garden, and now has two goats providing milk, and from which
his wife makes delicious fresh cheese.

Just another example the resilience of Greeks and how - as they have since
ancient times - they cope with austere  circumstances.

June Samaras

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James McNally Pfundstein | 27 Jul 18:18 2015

Lingering Latina

It doesn’t have anything to do with the Eurozone or the Greek economic crisis, but listmembers still
might be interested in this New Yorker piece about Latin teachers studying historical linguistics in NYC.


One thing caused me to bite my elbow a little bit: the reference to the founder of Latin literature, Plautus
Livius Andronicus.

JMP(“Plautus vortit barbare”)
Diana Wright | 27 Jul 11:35 2015
DANIEL P. Tompkins | 26 Jul 22:12 2015

Weber, Proverbs 22:29, and the Greek Crisis

In a recent essay, Philippe LeGrain says "As a condition of the new
eurozone loan program, Germany is forcing Greece to raise its pension age –
while it lowers its own
Seeking to confirm this startling claim, I find that Germany in 2014 did
indeed lower its retirement age to 63
and has forced Greece up to 67
<http://www.manager-magazin.de/politik/europa/a-1043265.html>, in year 2022.

At least, that's what the law says.  LeGrain is technically correct. But he
omits the swarm (I mean it!) of rules that surround early retirement in
Germany:  to get a full pension, one must have contributed to the pension
fund for 45 years, more, I'm told, than elsewhere in Europe. And in
practice, at the current moment, Greeks and Germans have the same
"effective" (i.e. actual) ages of retirement  (data from BBC
<http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-33382046> and OECD
So the *seemingly  *discordant retirement laws favoring Germany are less
than they appear.

Still, the image of the "lazy Greeks" has quite a presence in Germany.   A
search for *faule *+ *Griechen * on German Google produces 368,000 hits, a
notorious *one cover of Spiegel
a spectacular set of images.
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Lorenzo Smerillo | 26 Jul 16:11 2015

Eulogy for Greek

Depressing news from Albion:

DANIEL P. Tompkins | 25 Jul 22:29 2015

Josiah Ober on the Greek Crisis

Here's a sensible spinoff
from Ober's *Rise and Fall of Classical Greece*.


Laval Hunsucker | 25 Jul 17:40 2015

Godwin on debt, with some CC

From Origin of Specious, via OUP today, for anyone interested ( but at
any rate on a topic recurrently coming up here lately ) :


- Laval Hunsucker
  Breukelen, Nederland

Laval Hunsucker | 25 Jul 17:10 2015

"TAN : Dress to impress, in the academic setting ?"

Maybe, but maybe not.

Research results which can be taken with a very sizable grain of salt,
I'd think :


". . . almost 1,000 students were asked to rate photographs of
lecturers dressed in three different outfits: casual, business-casual
and business-professional.
Academics wearing smarter outfits tended to score more highly on
approachability and likeability . . . .

“No matter what academic discipline they study, [students] still
expect academics to dress professionally within the walls of the
post-secondary environment,” she concludes.
Institutions may wish to advise academics on what to wear if they wish
to be seen as likeable to students, while lecturers should also
consider dressing more smartly, she adds.

[ etc. ]"

- Laval Hunsucker
  Breukelen, Nederland

Laval Hunsucker | 25 Jul 16:33 2015

Civic morality and Socrates

For those who can manage Dutch, here's an op-ed piece from today -- on
current affairs but fairly heavy with CC, though not by a classicist
-- which I came across and thought potentially of interest to some
here :


[ There's an irritating dittographic mistake near the end, which
however does not impede understanding but could screw up an automatic
translation program. ]

- Laval Hunsucker
  Breukelen, Nederland

DANIEL P. Tompkins | 25 Jul 14:19 2015

Serious economic problem in Mediterranean

Oh boy.  This could be grim.  Online it's easy to find a 2013 report in the
journal Phytopathologia Mediterranea (easy to Google) that reports on a
devastated Apulia and says this disease has long been around but only
recently got a new vector, the glassy-winged sharpshooter.  In California,
it's attacking almonds, oleander and some grapes.  It really seems to like
olive trees, and now it's in Corsica.


  [image: Le Monde.fr] <http://www.lemonde.fr/> Entre colère et peur, la
Corse se mobilise contre la Xylella fastidiosa

Le préfet de Corse a pris un arrêté, vendredi 24 juillet, pour intensifier
la lutte contre la bactérie tueuse de végétaux.

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Diana Wright | 24 Jul 20:19 2015

Underwater excavations