Erling Holtsmark | 1 Sep 02:16 2014

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Colin McLarty | 30 Aug 19:08 2014

Can Kindle make Liddell and Scott a default dictionary?

> I got a Kindle, since it now handles Chinese pretty well.  And it can
> display ancient Greek, and it can download the "Complete Liddell & Scott's
> Lexicon with Inflections."

But can it do look-up in the lexicon, the way it does when you set an
English (or Chinese) dictionary as default dictionary?

I could just download the Lexicon and fool around but I've met enough
frustrations for one day (or a few days) getting the thing to handle
Chinese well.  Can anyone hear tell me the best way to handle ancient Greek
on the Kindle?

best, Colin

Tamara Green | 30 Aug 04:14 2014

Latin teacher needed

The Heschel School, a progressive Jewish day school in Manhattan, seeks a f/t (or half/time) Latin
teacher, levels I-IV, starting immediately.  Good salary and benefits. 

Please contact me asap (classes begin Tuesday!)

Tamara Green

Patrick Rourke | 29 Aug 23:46 2014

Fwd: New PhD program in Classics with a special track in Ancient Performance at Washington University in St. Louis

I thought some might not have seen this and might find it interesting.

I know nothing about the program; please contact Prof. Moore or Prof. Keane
for more information.


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From: Marshall, Hallie <Hallie.Marshall <at>>
Date: Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 4:51 PM
Subject: New PhD program in Classics with a special track in Ancient
Performance at Washington University in St. Louis

 Dear Colleagues,

 I am pleased to announced that the Department of Classics at Washington
University in St. Louis has begun accepting applications for admission in
Fall 2015 to a new PhD program in Classics with a special track in Ancient
Performance.  In addition to general requirements in Classics, students in
the Ancient Performance track will participate in both courses and hands-on
experience with faculty and productions in the Performing Arts Department.
 PhD students will receive full tuition remission and a generous stipend.
More information is available on the department’s web site (, and
potential applicants can also contact Cathy Keane, our Director of Graduate
Studies (ckeane <at>

 Please feel free to contact me at tmoore26 <at>
<> if you have
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June Samaras | 29 Aug 20:55 2014

CFP: Kalamazoo: Byzantium and the Middle Ages -- Bosom Buddies or Uneasy Allies?

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From: Barrett, Richard Raymond <rrbarret <at>>
Date: 28 August 2014 23:04

 Call For Participants, Byzantine Studies Association of North America
sponsored session at 2015 International Congress on Medieval Studies,

 Organizer: Richard Barrett, Indiana University, rrbarret <at>

 What is the right relationship of Byzantine studies as a discipline to the
study of the Middle Ages? Is it a related, but parallel, field? A
sub-discipline? Something else entirely? What is the best way for the
relationship of Byzantine studies to medieval studies to be understood so
that productive collaboration is maximized? What is the right scale for
interaction – on an individual basis? Is a large conference like Kalamazoo
big enough for Byzantium? This roundtable will involve a selection of
scholars, including Byzantinists and non-Byzantinist medievalists, who will
discuss the challenges and opportunities presented when the disciplines

 Byzantine studies makes for a somewhat awkward fit in settings generically
intended for "medievalists". There are a number of factors that feed into
this; first and foremost, perhaps, is a conception of the "Middle Ages"
that privileges Latin and French subjects, particularly those that fall
into the rather narrow window of time generally referred to as "high
medieval". This means also that Byzantinists tend to face something of a
language gap; while Byzantine studies requires a knowledge of Latin, Greek
can be somewhat obscure for Western medievalists, and other languages that
can factor into a discussion of Byzantine subjects - such as Syriac or
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Felix Maier | 29 Aug 11:37 2014

CfP Conference Truth Historiography, Saarbrücken February 2015

“Rheotoric – tragedy- mimesis.  The problem of truth in Greek post-
classical historiography” - „Rhetorik – Tragik – Mimesis. Das 
Wahrheitsproblem in der nachklassischen Geschichtsschreibung” 

Conference at the University of Saarbrücken (Germany), February 19-21, 


Prof. Dr. Thomas Blank (Saarbrücken)

Dr. Felix K. Maier (Freiburg i.Br.)

The Departments of Ancient History of the University of Saarbrücken and 
the University of Freiburg invite all classicists and historians to 
submit an application for the conference on truth in Greek post-
classical historiography, to take place in Saarbrücken (Germany),  from 
19 to 21 February, 2014. 

The discussion on the aspect of truth in Ancient Greek historiography 
gets sometimes blurred by the approach of trying to apply modern 
understandings of a true representation of reality. Truth, from the very 
beginning of Greek literature, was a very flexible and complex concept. 
Meaning, diversification and various perception of truth in 
historiography cannot be grasped by simply analyzing the norm 
established in this genre.

Therefore, the conference aims at approaching post-classical 
historiography from a different perspective, discussing the issue of 
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Mark Davidson | 29 Aug 11:40 2014

Ebooks of the complete works of classical authors

I recently came across the website, and thought I'd
mention it because I haven't seen it referred to here.

They have low-cost ebooks, including many Greek and Roman authors. The
texts are all public domain, and seem to be mainly based on
out-of-copyright Loebs.

BUT... unlike many other public domain ebooks, they are all properly edited
and formatted, with proper tables of contents.

Each ebook includes the *complete works* of the author, often including the
more obscure texts and fragments, Greek/Latin text, English translations
(sometimes several of them), and sometimes interlinear translations.

Prices are $0.99 - $2.99, which seems reasonable for properly collected,
edited, and formatted public-domain texts.

Currently available are:

Diodorus Siculus
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June Samaras | 29 Aug 01:14 2014


Mary Beard Takes On Her Sexist Detractors

Rebecca Mead profiles the Cambridge classicist Mary Beard, whose fight
against misogyny has made her a feminist heroine. “Beard’s zest for the
online fray seems indefatigable.”
June Samaras
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sbudin | 28 Aug 19:20 2014

CALLS FOR NETWORKINGS: Historical Politeness Network

     In case this is of interest.   -Stephanie Budin

 From Kim Ridealgh <kimr1312 <at>>:

I am trying to establish a network for all scholars who currently work
on politeness in ancient languages or cultures. This research can
utilise politeness theory, decorum studies, ‘facework’,
impoliteness/threats,  and the use of theoretical approaches
influenced by Goffman, Grice, or Brown and Levinson (or one of the
many other politeness frameworks). At the moment I am trying to find
out more about those scholars who are interested and/or researching
this area, to provide a suitable forum to bring us together, and offer
the opportunity to publish in a special monograph in collaboration
with the Journal of Politeness Research.

If you are interested in joining the network, please email me. The
network is open to academics and PhD students.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Kim Ridealgh (PhD Egyptology)
k.ridealgh <at>

School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies
University of East Anglia
Norwich Research Park

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June Samaras | 27 Aug 00:40 2014

Modern Greek Classes for .... Scholars of Greek Archaeology

Courtesy of ASCSA)

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From: *Christina Haywood* <christina.haywood <at>>
Date: Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 1:22 PM
Subject: Modern Greek for postgraduates and early career scholars in




Athens, 27th October to 7th November 2014

Reading modern Greek bibliographical sources has become indispensable for
any research postgraduate student or scholar of Greek Archaeology. This
two-week intensive course (pilot) aims at familiarizing non-native Greek
students with the modern Greek language - structure, vocabulary and
terminology – which is used in archaeological publications, from excavation
reports and object catalogues to theoretical studies, and from current
demotic Greek to *katharevousa*.

The venue will be the IIHSA premises, 51A Notara St, Athens. Lessons will
take place on three evenings per week (x 2 ½ hours) over a two-week period
from 27th October to 7th November 2014. The course may be extended for a
third week (10th-14th November) depending on demand.

The teacher will be archaeologist and philologist Dr Vassilis Petrakis. The
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June Samaras | 27 Aug 00:14 2014

Three reasons college textbook prices are out of control

Use the link to see the chart

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