Patrick T. Rourke | 6 Mar 19:11 2015

Penguin Lowers Translators' Rates

IAPTI - International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters 

P. T. Rourke
Laval Hunsucker | 6 Mar 19:07 2015

A steamy and earthy Latin Christian classic ?

This, from the current The Hedgehog Review (U. Virginia), may
be of interest to some here :

The Hedgehog Review: Vol. 17 No. 1 (Spring 2015)

Why We Confess: From Augustine to Oprah

Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig

A good a bit of Augustine in there.

- Laval Hunsucker
  Breukelen, Nederland ​

Diana Wright | 6 Mar 18:58 2015

Ennion, an ancient glassblower


Laval Hunsucker | 6 Mar 14:02 2015

More on Lavau

This 5th-century B.C. find is pretty interesting and important for
studying the connections between pre-classical western Europe
and the Mediterranean.  ( Otherwise I wouldn't keep bothering
you all about it :-). )  The state of preservation of the objects
found is also particularly good.  To add to my postings of this
Wednesday, when the story broke, and yesterday with the on-site
video report :  here's a four-minute-+  video studio interview with
the president of the Institut national de recherches archéologiques
préventives, which was responsible for the excavation :

"Archéologie : l’Europe et la Méditerranée se rencontrent à

C’est une découverte qualifiée d’exceptionnelle par les
archéologues qui a été rendue publique mercredi 4 mars. Depuis
l’automne, des chercheurs de l’Institut national de recherches
archéologiques préventives (Inrap) fouillent une tombe princière
du Ve siècle avant notre ère, qui s’annonce comme l’une des plus
remarquables de la culture celte de la période dite « du Hallstatt »
(entre 800 et 450 avant J.-C.). Dominique Garcia est le président
de l’Inrap, il nous explique comment le site a été identifié et ce
que nous apprennent les éléments trouvés à Lavau."
​​[ Unfortunately, you may encounter a ridiculously extended idiot
commercial message inserted by Le Monde before the actual
interview begins. I couldn't quickly find a link to get around it,
as I did with the video yesterday. ]
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DANIEL P. Tompkins | 6 Mar 12:53 2015

Why Michael Chwe is worth reading

Well.  I see that Chwe, a well-regarded IR scholar who uses game theory,
makes a mistake about Jane Austen's juvenilia in his recent *Jane Austen,
Game Theorist. * And in the spirit of a certain sort of philology, that
renders his book worthless.

We work in a profession in which that sort of response is common.  Erich
Auerbach's *Mimesis *was one of the most important works on narrative of
the last century, but our field was full of people who refused to read
beyond the first chapter, because he said disputable things about Homer.
So they never got to the brilliant and significant discussions of the use
of Latin in Gregory of Tours, etc.

Now, back to Chwe.  I'm actually using him in an essay right now, in
particular his comments on strategic thinking, e.g. "To think
strategically, one must ... take into account how others think
strategically."  This is a central item in narrative, important not only in
Austen, James (Maggie Verver masters strategic thinking in *The Golden Bowl*)
and other texts.  When I'm debating someone, or facing him or her on the
battlefield -- or in a marriage, I'll be better off if I can dope out how
he'll respond to my gambit.

But how many characters in literature have this skill?  Some do, some
don't.  It strikes me as  a very worthwhile topic to explore, which is one
reason Chwe is somewhat useful (though not my major source).  It might be
worth asking, how many list members have noticed characters thinking
(successfully: we all know *Princess Bride*) about others' thinking in our
readings of literature and criticism?

That's a more important topic than Chwe on the juvenilia, i.e. more central
to his work and to ours.  I'm sincerely interested in what folks might have
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James Spinti | 5 Mar 17:35 2015

Philology and the digamma

I’m editing a book and ran across a conundrum. Here’s my musings on it:

James Spinti
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Colin McLarty | 5 Mar 16:23 2015

The heavy shadow of philology

If philology is a shadow of its former self then it is a weighty shadow and
that weight is part of the problem.

KJ Dover's Sather Lectures on Lysias and the Corpus Lysiacum arrived to me
from Amazon just as this thread was starting.  Precisely because he has so
much easier textual access than his predecessors and writes in a time used
to so much more rigorous analysis, he must spend 200 pages establishing
that *every* claim or denial of authenticity for *any* purported work of
Lysias is less justifed than has been thought.

You might wonder if I am being fair so I will quote:

> Readers who hope that I am about to offer them firmer grounds for
asserting that
> certain speeches are by Lysias and certain others are not will find the
> is the case.  My whole argument is to the effect that confidence which
has seemed
> justified is unjustified and that the question of ascription is less
easily answered
> than has commonly been allowed.

He sums up his conclusions with

> XII is the only speech which we can safely affirm to have been written in
its entirety by Lysias and by him alone.

> [granted one historical assumption] it is extremely improbable that
Lysias was alive [to write the second speech for Iphicrates].

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Laval Hunsucker | 5 Mar 15:12 2015


​In the meantime, I came across a video report, as well, on
that princely find in Aube/Champagne-Ardenne to which
I alerted here yesterday. It lasts a bit more than 2 1/2
minutes, and is at :

- Laval Hunsucker
  Breukelen, Nederland ​

Laval Hunsucker | 5 Mar 14:36 2015

Pompeii -- financial malversations

Maybe some here will find this of interest :


Pompei: sequestrati fino a 6 milioni di euro all'ex
commissario Marcello Fiori

La Corte dei Conti, attraverso la Guardia di Finanza, ha disposto
il fermo conservativo dei beni dell'attuale coordinatore dei club
"Forza Silvio" di Berlusconi. Al centro delle indagini i lavori
realizzati durante la sua gestione d'emergenza a Pompei nell'arco
del 2009-2010, i cui sprechi furono raccontati da "l'Espresso"

di Francesca Sironi

[ etc. ]"



Betrugsvorwürfe in Pompeji

Autor:  dpa

Datum:  04.03.2015 16:15 Uhr

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Jean Alvares | 5 Mar 14:23 2015

Interesting review of Philology: The Forgotten Origins of the Modern Humanities

Interesting review of Philology: The Forgotten Origins of the Modern Humanities 
James Turner(

Laval Hunsucker | 4 Mar 22:54 2015

Hallstatt ( but including some nice [ visual ] CC )

Here's a bit of archaeological news just breaking :

"Publié le Mercredi 4 Mars 2015 à 22h13

Archéologie : découverte exceptionnelle d'une tombe princière à Lavau"

[ etc. ]"


"Troyes: découverte d'une tombe celtique

ACTUALITE Flash Actu  Par avec AFP

Mis à jour le 04/03/2015 à 19:58   Publié le 04/03/2015 à 19:39

[ etc. ]"


"Découverte exceptionnelle d'une tombe princière dans l'Aube

LIBERATION 4 mars 2015 à 21:04

[ etc. ]"
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