DANIEL P. Tompkins | 1 Dec 17:31 2015

One upside of immigration

From a review in TLS.



Raphael Honigstein


*How German football reinvented itself and conquered the world*

288pp. Yellow Jersey. £18.99.

978 0 224 10012 0

Published: 25 November 2015

T he year 1998 was an important one for German football. The national team
was dumped out of the World Cup at the quarter-final stage, suffering a
humiliating 3–0 defeat at the hands of Croatia. It was the start of a
period of decline for this once mighty footballing nation: a highly
fortuitous run to the final in 2002 was sandwiched between dismal showings
at the European Championships of 2000 and 2004. In the same year Chancellor
Gerhard Schröder came to power. His *Social Democratic government
modernized Germany’s citizenship rules in 2000*; fourteen years later, a
German squad featuring players of Polish, Turkish, Algerian and Ghanaian
heritage would become the first European side to win a World Cup on South
American soil.
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Elizabeth Manwell | 1 Dec 15:49 2015


Coming this Friday...can't wait to see it (if it makes it to my small media


DANIEL P. Tompkins | 1 Dec 14:44 2015

What we think about, what we do, what's appropriate

On my screen right now is Michael Dixon's review, in the 2009  Bulletin of
the American Schools of Oriental Research, of Art Eckstein's *Rome Enters
the Greek East.  *   Dixon and other experts in Hellenistic history praise
this book as an intelligent explanation of complex interstate diplomacy
that benefits from the use of power transition theory (which I shan't
explain, since you're all sitting at devices that will provide explanations
in 1-2 seconds).

Power transition theory is getting increased exposure nowadays, because
it's being promoted, in so threadbare a form as to seem irresponsible, by
Graham Allison at Harvard (google for "Thucydides Trap").  Allison
threatens to discredit the theory, Eckstein  makes a good case for its

Why mention this here?  Because it brings up thing that's been on my mind.
When Art (and I and others) seem to "digress" from "the classics," we may
in fact only be digressing, in ways that have no relevance to our real
work.  But equally arguable is the case that we're thinking about, or
exploring, ways to conceive or represent texts and events that will spill
over meaningfully into our scholarship -- or that have done so.  That may
be worth considering.

I really do believe that "everything's connected," and that our reflections
on modernity have roots in our work on antiquity, and feed back into them.
Perhaps because I was trained by or influenced by scholars who exemplified
this -- Eric Havelock, whose politics offended  University of Toronto
donors; Adam Parry;  Vidal-Naquet, who was suspended from teaching for a
year (I'm told) for defending Algerians; and others.  Non-professionals on
the list may be put off, but there are ways in which what goes on here --
attempting, for instance, to explore the economic problems in Europe in
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Arthur Eckstein | 1 Dec 13:53 2015

stochasticterrorism (was: Does Jabari L. Dean = Robert L. Dear??). Reply to Vince

To Vince,

Regarding "stochasticterrorism":

Whatever that is supposed to be, it is qualitatively different from the situation with ISIS.  With ISIS,
we're not talking about a debate on a controversial topic (criticism of abortion;  BLM criticism of
police) that sets off some paranoid schizophrenic who is
already living in his own world.   As others have said, with ISIS we are talking about tireless propaganda
that overtly and continually and directly ADVOCATES killing all enemies
of Islam.  

 And with ISIS we're not talking about the occasional individual random psychopath--Robert Dear at
Planned Parenthood in Colorado and Jabari Dean threatening to kill 16 white students at the University of
Chicago.   There's a quantitative
and thus qualitative difference (to quote Marx) between individual nut-cases such as Dean and Dear and
40,000 murderous, beheading enslaving Islamic soldiers in an organized state with a real government
proclaiming themselves the chosen of Allah, 
the scale of whose reach goes from Syria to Paris.  The societies and cultures that produced these two very
different phenomena are different from each other--not similar.

Bin Laden and al-Baghdadi and Abu Musab al-Zarkawi didn't inspire only the occasional individual random
psychopath.  They overtly and directly urged millions of Muslim to KILL "the Crusaders and the Jews". 
And with this OVERTLY murderous propaganda they attracted and  CONTINUE to attract tens of thousands of
active religious killers.  And (if we take the 16% figure, as some were willing to do yesterday, since
 it means 84% of Muslims don't support such monsters), then, beyond the tens of thousands of religious
killers, with 16% they also have the general support of 220 MILLION Muslim believers around the world.

I am sure the difference between this global jihadist religious insurrection and the occasional paranoid
schizophrenic such as Dean or Dear is obvious to all rational people here.

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Angel V | 1 Dec 10:36 2015

Book announcement: ''The Big Think Book''

Readers of this list might be interested in the following title from *Peter

*The Big Think Book*, Discover Philosophy Through 99 Perplexing Problems,
Peter Cave (Bloomsbury 2015)

*About the book:*
A thorough introduction to Philosophy. Without the boring bits.
Is it morally acceptable to kill one person to save five? How do we know
the sun will rise tomorrow? Can a robot be human?
In philosophy, the questions range from the wonderful to the strange, and
from the ridiculous to the very serious indeed.
With the aid of tall stories, jokes, common sense and bizarre insights,
Peter Cave addresses some of the biggest issues in the subjects of ethics,
knowledge, logic, politics, emotions, metaphysics and more. Replete with
amusing and mind-boggling examples, *The Big Think Book* is the perfect
gift for anyone who likes to puzzle over the conundrums of life and is an
ideal introduction for new students of philosophy.

*Peter Cave* is a lecturer in philosophy at The Open University and City
University, London. He frequently contributes to philosophy magazines and
journals, from the serious to the fun, lectures around the world, and has
scripted and presented philosophy programmes for the BBC.
pc <at> petercave.com or petercave <at> cantab.net

Publisher’s link:

More Peter Cave: http://www.petercave.com/
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Mark Davidson | 1 Dec 08:43 2015

Quote of the day

ille sinistrorsum, hic dextrorsum abit, unus utrique
error, sed variis inludit partibus
  - Horace, Satires II.3.50-51

One goes off to the left, the other to the right: they're both making the
same mistake, it just fools them in different directions.


Rosivach, Vincent J. | 1 Dec 05:08 2015

stochasticterrorism (was: Does Jabari L. Dean = Robert L. Dear??)

FWIW, http://stochasticterrorism.blogspot.ca/, applicable to bin Laden- (or ISIL-) and Hannity- (or
Fiorina)-inspired terrorism.  I don't know enough about this to say whether it's valid or not, but the
notion is at least food for thought.


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Subject: Re: [CLASSICS-L] Does Jabari L. Dean = Robert L. Dear??

People have missed the point of my sarcasm.  BLM no matter what its rhetoric no more responsible for this
individual crazy person than is Carly Fiorina or Christianity for the Colorado crazy person.
When we are talking about lone crazies, what goes on inside the head of a paranoid schizophrenic has little
or no connection to the outside real world and the debates that go on there.

Arthur Eckstein | 1 Dec 02:49 2015

Re: Does Jabari L. Dean = Robert L. Dear??

Okay--given the story below, and the closing of the U of Chicago as a result of Jabari Dean's threats to
murder 16 people, are all of you who with howling triumph blamed Christians for the Colorado shooting (as
if that equalled ISIS' 40,000 Robert Dears!)--given this guys murderous threats, are you ready to blame
the Black Lives Matter angry demonstratons for inspiring HIS act of terrorism?  or are you going to
suddenly change positions, the light goes on, and you say, well, THISt guy is obviously just a crazy man?  

Which will it be?

A 21-year-old Chicago man was arrested on Monday for threatening to kill 16 white male students or staff on
the University of Chicago in retaliation for the shooting last year of black teenager Laquan McDonald by a
white police officer, according to law enforcement officials.

Jabari R. Dean was charged with transmitting a threat in interstate commerce and, if convicted, could face
up to five years in prison, the U.S. Attorney in Chicago said in a statement.

The University of Illinois at Chicago said one of its students, living off campus, was arrested for making
the threat, which caused the University of Chicago to cancel classes on Monday.

UIC confirmed that Dean, who wore a red school sweatshirt at his initial court appearance, according to a
Chicago Sun-Times reporter, is an undergraduate studying electrical engineering and has been enrolled
since fall 2015. Dean was ordered held in custody until bond conditions could be determined, likely tomorrow.

Diana Wright | 1 Dec 02:29 2015

Re: Greeks: Agamemnon to Alexander

Thanks, David, and a much overdue thanks for all the work you do.


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Now at the Field Museum in Chicago ... when I livetweeted the Quebec
version, I mentioned how it was pretty much a Greek art history course in
one exhibition .... no photos were allowed (I doubt they are at the FM), so
enjoy this one:


david meadows | 1 Dec 01:53 2015

Greeks: Agamemnon to Alexander

Now at the Field Museum in Chicago ... when I livetweeted the Quebec
version, I mentioned how it was pretty much a Greek art history course in
one exhibition .... no photos were allowed (I doubt they are at the FM), so
enjoy this one:


david meadows | 1 Dec 01:51 2015


Doesn't make the news much, so: