Hussein Shafie | 16 Jul 18:50 2015

XMLmind XML Editor video tutorials can now be viewed on any platform, including tablets and smartphones

XMLmind web site no longer relies on Adobe Flash for its video 
tutorials. All the screencasts have been converted to HTML5 video.

In consequence, XMLmind XML Editor video tutorials can now be viewed on 
any platform, including tablets and smartphones.

XMLmind XML Editor video tutorials are found in:

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Hussein Shafie | 9 Jul 10:00 2015

Re: Creating links in Docbook 5+

Bill D. wrote:
> Yes, you are right, XXE is not very intuitive.  I have spent a lot of time studying online tutorials, using
the XXE help utility, and also searching in many of the PDF documents that are contained here:

Then may be it's time to study DocBook 5+ because your question is about 
DocBook 5+ and not about XXE.

DocBook 5: The Definitive Guide

> I have learned a lot, and now know how to create links to external web pages and to send email to a particular
address.  I’m using Docbook 5.0, and have installed the 5.1 update that Pixware released in late June.
> But so far I have not been able to figure out how to create a ulink that references another section of a
document.  I've studied the XML code in one of your document samples, docbook-modular-book.xml, and its
children, chapter.xml, section1.xml, and section2.xml.

You should really look at demo/docbook5-sample.xml because 
demo/docbook-modular-book.xml is DocBook 4 document. You are using 
DocBook 5+.

> How can I insert an effective ulink that works like the following code in chapter.xml?
> <para><ulink url="section1.xml">section1.xml</ulink>,</para>
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nobili, philippe | 2 Jul 09:46 2015

Cannot load previously saved file

Dear M. Shafie,


We are facing a rather annoying  issue with XXE (6.3.0): we were able yesterday to save a document on a shared FTP drive from XXE, but when we try  to load this document again, we get the fatal error that follows:


Of course, we understand that something has to be fixed in the document… But we can’t open it to fix it. The document itself is valid, maybe it would be better – if at all possible – to empty the problematic attribute(s) rather than refusing to load the document entirely.


The current workaround: getting the document from FTP, fixing it in Emacs (or so), putting it back to FTP… Is not particularly convenient.

Many thanks,



Philippe Nobili

Subsurface Imaging - Product Engineering

Tel: +33 16447 4090 | Mobile: +33 63756 6441



27 avenue Carnot

Massy, 91341 – France


Please consider the environment before printing.


This email and any accompanying attachments are confidential. If you received this email by mistake, please delete
it from your system. Any review, disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of the email by others is strictly prohibited.

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Nicolai Andler | 1 Jul 14:03 2015

Fwd: /n in para of xml file (line length)


I have the XMLmind XML Editor Professional Edition 6.3.0 on a mac 10.10.3 Yosemite

this is rather urgent, as it causes chaos when parsing the xml files.

the para element has a line break
the line length in the para element is currently limited, but I need it unlimited (without a line break)
there is an 'invisible' line break that is not visible in the xml editor window ..I used a text editor and display hidden elements to see this 'grey bracket/ para break'
see pic below

I changed the xmlEditor preference (set from 80 to 1000 and untick) and did a 'save as' over a existing xml file
but the result is even worse as it is now adding new lines in the middle of the xml tags

see attached xml. file

please ..

Best regards,

Nicolai Andler

Mobile (.de) + 49 176 400 23 101

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Jeff Hooker | 26 Jun 03:59 2015

Track changes

Hello Hussein,


Before you throw up your hands and say “We’ve been through this!”, please give me just a few lines to present an idea to you.


I understand that you think Word-style track changes is unworkable in XMLmind for a number of reasons. Ok, in truth I’m not all that fond of Word-style change tracking either because of all the noise it adds to the authoring window.


However, your current “Compare Versions” feature already has all of the features that I’d like to see in “Track Changes”, except that it needs two different versions of the document to work. If data that you encoded in processing instructions at the bottom of the file segmented the changes made *by session* then you’d be able to compare the document against other versions of itself, and achieve a version of tracked changes that is actually more flexible and useful than Word-style tracked changes could ever be.


The fact that an author would need to pause to run a compare in order to see what he’d done is, frankly, a detail. The feature would nicely fill the differencing gap needed during active authoring.


Just my opinion.




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Hussein Shafie | 26 Jun 10:23 2015

Re: cannot unzip the .zip distribution of XMLmind XML Editor v6.3.1

S. wrote:
> Cannot unzip the .zip distribution of XMLmind XML Editor v6.3.1. See attached screenshot.

Thank you for taking the time to report this problem.

We'll remove all Thumbs.db and Thumbs.db:encryptable in the next release 
of XMLmind XML Editor.

Meanwhile, I suggest to either:

* Use a capable Zip utility and not Windows integrated Zip utility. The 
following free utilities will not choke on Thumbs.db and 

- 7-Zip
- Info-ZIP


* Install the .tar.gz distribution.


* Install one of the setup.exe distributions.

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Hussein Shafie | 24 Jun 09:59 2015

Re: Rendering of replaceable with a role not working anymore in XXE 6.2+

Fabián M. wrote:
> we've written a customization for one of our customers which works fine
> on XXE5.9.0, XXE6.0.0 and XXE 6.1.0, but does not work as expected on
> XXE6.2.0, neither on XXE6.3.0
> This particular piece of the whole customization is a simple CSS rule,
> as follows:
> replaceable[role=input],
> replaceable[role=number],
> replaceable[role=date],
> literallayout[role=textarea],
> itemizedlist[role=select],
> itemizedlist[role=select-down]
> {
>      display: inline-block;
>      width: 60px;
>      height: 60px;
>      border: 1px solid #000;
>      border-radius: 5px;
>      padding: 20px 5px 5px;
> }
> /* This one works */
> replaceable[role=check][conformance='1']
> {
>      content: image(url(ge-icn-checkbox-checked.png));
> }
> /* But this, and the following ones (and similar) do not */
> replaceable[role=input]
> {
>      background: #fff url(ge-icn-text-input.png) no-repeat top left;
> }
> replaceable[role=number]
> {
>      background: #fff url(ge-icn-number-input.png) no-repeat top left;
> }
> replaceable[role=date]
> {
>      background: #fff url(ge-icn-date.png) no-repeat top left;
> }
> Starting with XXE 6.2 should we write the above CSS customizations in a
> different way? I can include some screenshots if needed, or even the
> full CSS file, or whatever may be needed to help you reproduce this
> issue. Let me know, and thanks in advance for your help.

I would say that it worked by chance in versions of XXE older than 6.2.

Something like:

     background: #fff url(ge-icn-text-input.png) no-repeat top left;

has no content, whether normal content, generated content or replaced 
content. (CSS properties "background" and "background-image" do not 
specify a content.)

A more ``natural'' CSS rule would be:

     content: url(ge-icn-text-input.png);
     background-color: #fff;

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Hussein Shafie | 24 Jun 09:40 2015

Release of XMLmind XML Editor v6.3.1

XMLmind XML Editor Evaluation Edition v6.3.1 can be downloaded from

Professional Edition users, please upgrade using this form:

(The above form is usually accessed through

XMLmind XML Editor v6.3.1 (June 24, 2015)


* Preliminary support for DocBook 5.1, which introduces new topic
   and assembly elements.

   This support is packaged as a new add-on called "DocBook v5.1
   configuration (Release Candidate)". This add-on is NOT included
   by default in XXE distributions. If you want to experiment with
   DocBook 5.1 assemblies and topics, please use menu item
   "Options|Install Add-ons" and select the add-on in order
   to download and install it.

   New resources related to DocBook 5.1:

    - New tutorial: DocBook Assemblies and Topics for the Impatient.

    - New documentation: XMLmind XML Editor - Support of
      DocBook 5.1 Assemblies.

    - New open source software: XMLmind Assembly Processor.

* Upgraded Apache Batik (SVG support) to version 1.8.
   Upgraded Apache FOP (PDF generator) to version 2.0.

* Several other enhancements (e.g. menu item "DocBook|Convert
   to Module") and a few bug fixes.

More information in


* DocBook Assemblies and Topics for the Impatient

* XMLmind XML Editor - Support of DocBook 5.1 Assemblies

* XMLmind Assembly Processor

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Hussein Shafie | 22 Jun 17:28 2015

Re: How can I use absolute pathnames for images?

Bill D. wrote:
> I am working with Attributes to use an absolute pathname for images, but the method seems a bit awkward.
> 1) Each time I modify the attributes of an image, the "Source destination" in the "Edit Attribute" popup
window defaults to the current folder.  Is there a way to configure this to refer to the last used folder instead?
> 2) For the "Destination location",  it seems that I have to either key in the full pathname, or cut & paste it
into the input box.  Is there a way to make it use the full pathname that's already entered into the "Source
destination" input box?

I'm sorry but I don't understand. If you want to use absolute pathnames 
for images, then you'll have to use the "Browse Files" button of the 
Attributes tool.  This "Browse Files" button displays a standard file 
chooser dialog box. No "Source destination", no "Destination location" 
here. I mean, please do *not* double-click on the image.

The standard file chooser dialog box of course remembers last visited 

See attached screenshot.

> 3) Also, is there a way to change the type of object for an image, such as changing a "figure" to a
"mediaobject" or vice-versa?

No. 1) Please select mediaobject. 2) Press Ctrl-C to copy it to the 
clipboard. 3) Select figure parent. 4) Press Ctrl-V to replace selected 
figure by the copied mediaobject.

These 4 steps can be automated by recording a macro (Tutorial:

> 4) Is there a way to delete an image?  When I right click on an image, both the "Cut" and "Delete" choices are
greyed out.

When you click on an image, you select the imagedata element. This 
element cannot be deleted as a mediaobject/imageobject element has a 
required imagedata child element.

(Press Shift-F1 to learn about the content model of selected element. 
Other than this, the reference documentation of elements such as figure 
mediaobject, imageobject, imagedata is found here:

Please 1) click on the image 2) use the node path bar to select 
"mediaobject" or "figure", that is, the topmost image container and 3) 
press Delete.

I'm sorry to confess it but XMLmind XML Editor is not intuitive to use. 
Unless you take the time to learn its basics (Tutorials here:, you'll loose your time 
with this tool.

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Arno Smit | 18 Jun 10:21 2015

Create a modular element from a selected flat element

Just an Improvement request,

Example work flow:

While writing a Docbook book I insert a flat chapter after another chapter.
Somehow later, I decide I want to make this chapter modular.

Current situation:

1.      I have to create a new chapter from a template

2.      Copy past the flat chapter contents from the book to the new chapter file

3.      Replace the flat chapter by a reference to the new chapter file into the book again.


Make it possible (if not already) to create a modular chapter from a selected flat chapter element. The same applies to other elements that support modularity. Related to this, inserting a new chapter as a new referenced document is also a nice option.

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Hussein Shafie | 16 Jun 09:31 2015

Re: How can I use absolute pathnames for images?

Bill D. wrote:
> Is there a way to use absolute pathnames for images, rather than
> relative pathnames?

Sure but you'll have to use the "Attributes" tool for that.

The "Attributes" tool has a "Browse Files" button (folder icon + down 
arrow icon). This button is a "split button". If you click on the down 
arrow icon, you'll get a popup menu letting you choose "Absolute path" 
rather than "Relative path". (but please keep "URL" selected, do not 
select "filename".)

The choice made there persists during the whole editing session, but 
will be lost when you'll quit XXE.

More information in

> So far it appears that if you create an XML file in
> one folder, and insert images in it that reside in another folder, the
> pathnames that are generated are relative.

Yes. This allows to create a ``self-contained folder'' containing the 
document and all its resources.

> Then if the XML file is
> moved to a different folder, the editor is unable to find the images.

Not if you use "File|Save As". Try it and you'll see that the pathnames 
of the images are automatically updated.

We recommend to do this rather than use absolute pathnames for images.

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