Boris Goldowsky | 30 Sep 21:55 2015

dav_vdrive extension not found

We use the WebDAV virtual drive plugin for accessing our shared content, but as of recently it isn’t found when I go to “Install Add-ons”.   Lots of other add-ons show up, but not that one. We’re using XXE Pro 6.3.0.

Any clue why this would be?


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rleif | 27 Sep 20:30 2015

XMLmins and CSS

I am having trouble evaluating XMLmind. My goal is to edit a simple XML page that is formatted by a CSS page in a “what you see is what you get mode”. I need to be able to edit the XML page and then switch to edit the CSS page. So far, I have been able to open the XML page and receive the following error message:

file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:6:15: unsupported value for property "margin-top"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:7:18: unsupported value for property "margin-left"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:8:19: unsupported value for property "margin-right"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:18:16: unsupported value for property "margin-top"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:19:18: unsupported value for property "margin-left"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:20:19: unsupported value for property "margin-right"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:27:19: unsupported value for property "margin-top"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:28:22: unsupported value for property "margin-bottom"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:29:18: unsupported value for property "margin-left"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:30:19: unsupported value for property "margin-right"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:37:19: unsupported value for property "margin-top"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:38:22: unsupported value for property "margin-bottom"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:39:18: unsupported value for property "margin-left"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:40:19: unsupported value for property "margin-right"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:45:11: unknown pseudo-element or pseudo-class "link"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:50:14: unknown pseudo-element or pseudo-class "visited"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:55:17: unknown pseudo-element or pseudo-class "link"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:61:18: unsupported value for property "margin-right"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:62:19: unsupported value for property "margin-left"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:71:19: unsupported value for property "margin-right"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:72:18: unsupported value for property "margin-left"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:92:19: unsupported value for property "margin-right"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:93:18: unsupported value for property "margin-left"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:110:20: unsupported value for property "margin-right"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:111:18: unsupported value for property "margin-left"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:122:20: unsupported value for property "margin-right"


file:/F:/TestXMLMind/acs.css:123:18: unsupported value for property "margin-left"

How do I open the CSS page an edit it. I need to toggle between both pages? I already have HTML formatting elements on my XML pages. Parenthetically, these elements stop the XML from validating with my XSD editor, oXygen. I used your XHTML5 schema with my crude modifications to make it work with XSD 1.1.

Please also reply by email.

Thank you.

Robert C. Leif, Ph.D.

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Hussein Shafie | 25 Sep 16:29 2015

Re: Preview issue(s) in OS X

Leif H. S. wrote:
> In the aftermath of (and "premath"/before) trying to get XMLmind XML
> Editor to open files via double-click in Finder, I also fiddled with the
> preference for default previewer application. The default is that the
> command this command:
>   * open "%U"'
> But I have also tried specifying a particular Web browser, such as
> Firefox, via that same command:
>   * open -W -n -a /Applications/ "%F"
> However, when using the latter solution, what happens is that a /second/
> instance of Firefox is opened (or a second instance of Safari, if that
> is what I set as default preview app). Of course, Firefox refuses to run
> a second instance - so that does not work at all, for Firefox.
> But anyway, what I have ended up with is to rely on the default setting
> - that is what seems to work best. Except that right now, on the OSX
> 10.10 computer, I have some problems even with the default settings
> (which I will save for later, if they don’t rectify themselves):
> Therefore I am motivated to ask about is the issue I described above -
> that a second instance is opened. Is that a bug? Can it be rectified,
> e.g. by editing the command?

On the Mac, the command invoking the "default viewer" is indeed:

open "%U"

If you have found a problem with this default, then please file a formal 
bug report[*] about this.

Now, in case you don't like the default value, the command invoking the 
"default viewer" can be specified using Options|Preferences, "Helper 
applications" section, "Default viewer" field.


Please understand that we provide no support whatsoever about the custom 
command you specify in this "Default viewer" field. It's up to you to 
figure out what to do.

[*] Using the info you sent us, we must be able to quickly and easily 
reproduce the problem here at XMLmind.

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Integration with OS X Finder (double-clicking and more)

Finder, the file manager of OS X, has a manual "Open" function to open 
files in a predefined/default applicaiton. And when you double-cick on a 
file, the same thing is supposed to happen.

However, in our experience (OS X 10.7 and OS X 10.10), neither of these 
methods work together XMLmind XMLEditor: All that happens is ... 
nothing. Well, XXE does open (or is brought to the front), but the file 
does not get opened.

Not a huge issue for most users fo XXE - probably, but confusing for 
some users.

Is this a known bug? And is there hope that it can be fixed? Or is there 
even something we can do to make it work? (I have tried the typical 
thing, namely to let all .xhtml files be opened by XXE - without 

leif halvards silli

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Martin Goik | 24 Sep 13:15 2015

Docbook 5 and Mathml


is there support for Mathml expressions spanning multiple lines?

I understand XMLMind does support Mathml 2.0 and thus expressions as
being shown in

Xmlmind does accept <mspace linebreak='newline' ... /> but that does
not result in a linebreak at all.
states lacking browser support for the linebreak attribute. Having
Docbook generating PNG images anyway: Is there a workaround?

Martin Goik

Martin Goik  Tel.  +49-711-8923-2164
GnuPG public key:

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Hussein Shafie | 18 Sep 19:46 2015

Re: Can a CSS command-button invoke a custom macro?

Andy B. wrote:
> Thank you so much and my apologies for missing a typo on my part. I was
> using "SetReference" instead of "setReference".  Blush.
> It works great.

No problem.

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Stefan Seefeld | 18 Sep 16:58 2015

coping to clipboard


Is there a way to copy from XXE into the clipboard only the raw content,
i.e. without the full XML markup ?




      ...ich hab' noch einen Koffer in Berlin...

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Hussein Shafie | 18 Sep 10:00 2015

Re: Can a CSS command-button invoke a custom macro?

Andy B. wrote:
> Is it possible to have the CSS command-button invoke a user-written
> macro command?

Sure. This has always worked.

Note that in XXE, there is no differences in terms of access between a 
command written in Java and a macro command. Both are found in the same 
global command registry.


> On elements which contain an IDREF attribute, we'd like to have a
> drop-down-arrow on the element which, when the user clicks on it,
> invokes one of our custom macros (which creates a pick list of the
> appropriate set of IDs for that particular element).
> For example, we have IDs for things like reference works, sections,
> chapters, examples, index items, etc., etc.  We have specific elements
> to refer to each one of these so that the user does not have to wade
> through a large set of irrelevant IDs.  For example, for citations to
> referenced works, we have a citation element.  When a user inserts a
> citation element and invokes our custom macro command (called
> 'SetReference'), that command displays a pick list of the works in the
> master list of references.  It does not show any other elements with an
> ID, only those that are relevant to a 'citation'.
> I've tried to use the command-button to refer to our macro, but it does
> not work (which is no great surprise since the documentation says the
> command must be one in Chapter 6 of the command documentation).

I don't see why. Probably a very minor problem.

> But it would be nice if something like this
> command-button(icon, icon(pop-down), color, black, command, "SetReference")

Good idea to quote "SetReference" because in CSS, identifiers are 
case-insensitive. Without the quotes, XXE would have looked for a 
command called setreference.

> would invoke our macro.
> As I think you know, we are way back on version 5.3.0 of XXE.  So if
> this is now available in newer versions and I failed to notice, then
> please forgive me for asking.  But if there is a way, then I'd really
> like to know.

It should work find in v5.3 too, because the feature you need has worked 
since the inception of command-button().

Real example used in the configuration found in the add-on called "Easy 

Excerpts from profiling.css:
 <at> property-value value-footer(setStyleIcon)
     " "
     command-button(icon, setStyleIcon, tool-tip, _("Set style"),
                    command, "{prf}setStyle", parameter, "style")

value[style]:after {
     content: value-footer(url(has_style.png));
( <at> property-value is just a simple CSS macro facility. See

Excerpts from profiling.xxe:
   <command name="{prf}setStyle">
         <command name="editAttribute" parameter="%0" />
         <set variable="style" expression="%_" plainString="true" />

             <test expression="not($style)" />
             <command name="removeAttribute" parameter="%0" />

expression="replace($style,&quot;'&quot;,&quot;\\'&quot;,l)" />
             <command name="putAttribute" parameter="%0 '%_'" />

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Hussein Shafie | 14 Sep 11:11 2015

Re: WYSIWYG mode and file saving

Robert C. L. wrote:
> I started to test XMLmind by creating the following trivial XHTM5 page:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <!DOCTYPE html>
> <html xmlns="">
>    <head>
>      <title>RCL Test</title>
>    </head>
>    <body><p>This is a test</p>
>    <p>This is the second line</p>
>    </body>
> </html>
> The  file save as command is light and does not respond.

Sorry but I cannot reproduce this problem. See attached screenshot: 
opened "Trivial.html" then saved it as  "Trivial 2.html" the reopened 

If there is a problem, it's certainly triggered by something in your 
working environment.

> Does XMLmind have a what you see is what you get format for working on
> web pages?

Yes. Your web pages pages must simply be valid XHTML 1.0 (strict or 
lenient), XHTML 1.1 or XHTML 5.

See "XMLmind XML Editor - XHTML Support"

> My ultimate goal is to base XHTML5 forms on my XSD1.1 schemas.

We support all XHTML5 form controls in WYSIWYG. Please drag and drop the 
following demo URL in latest XMLmind XML Editor:

(Please ignore the "No WebDAV" warning.)

Unfortunately, we do not support XSD1.1, only XSD1.0. For now, we do not 
plan to implement XSD1.1.

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Martin Goik | 14 Sep 08:57 2015

Feature request: Drag'n drop tabs


working with multiple documents Xmlmind editor provides one tab per

Xmlmind may allow for changing the order of tabs either by "drag and
drop" or via keyboard shortcuts (am I missing something?).

Martin Goik


Martin Goik  Tel.  +49-711-8923-2164
GnuPG public key:
Martin Goik | 12 Sep 07:11 2015

Xmlmind 6.0.4 and xxetool problem


I've just upgraded from Xmlmind 6.0.2 to 6.0.4 thereby moving my Docbook 5.0 document instances to 5.1.

Unfortunately xxetool invocation no longer works. I've changed the conversion command names according to

goik <at> virt:~/xxe-pro-6_4_0/bin$ xxetool convert -vvv docb.toHTML
/home/goik/workspace/GoikLectures/Doc/target/lectures.xml -u /tmp
xxetool: Loading document "/home/goik/workspace/GoikLectures/Doc/target/lectures.xml"...
xxetool: Stripping ignoreable whitespace from "file:/home/goik/workspace/GoikLectures/Doc/target/lectures.xml"...
xxetool: *** error: command 'docb.toHTML' not found

Even more confusing: The doc states that calling the utility yields the list of available conversion
options. And the
above "docb.toHTML" seems to be readily available:

goik <at> virt:~/xxe-pro-6_4_0/bin$ xxetool convert

Am I doing something stupid? Up to now I was using "db5.toHTML" and "db5.toPSFile" for years without any problems.

Martin Goik


Martin Goik  Tel.  +49-711-8923-2164
GnuPG public key:

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