Jeff Hooker | 25 Jul 17:22 2014

Breaking Paste From Word (XMLmind 6.0)

Hello Hussein,


I have attached a small sample of a large document that, in my version of XMLmind 6.0, utterly breaks the Paste From Word feature. I have yet to get the engineer responsible for this document to admit what he did, but I thought you might be interested in a sample. Since it also utterly violates all of PMC’s guidelines for Word documents, I’m not terribly interested in a fix for it; I am just submitting this sample as way of possibly improving the Paste From Word feature in future versions of the product.




Attachment (XMLconversionDoom.docm): application/, 195 KiB

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Jeff Hooker | 24 Jul 08:15 2014

XSLT parser issues with process command (XMLmind 5.4.1)

Hello Hussein,


I’m trying to write a process command to produce a few .h files from a single XML file. The command itself is very simple:


<command name="dita.toFirmwareHeader">
<copyDocument to="__doc.xml">
<resources match="^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9.+-]*:/.+" />       
<transform stylesheet="xsl/pmc_custom/firmware/generate_firmwareheaderfile.xsl" file="__doc.xml" to="__doc.h" />
<upload base="%0">
<copyFile file="__doc.h" to="%0" />       
<command name="dita.convertToFirmwareHeader">
<command name="" parameter="[checkIsSaved]" />
<command name="selectConvertedFile"
          parameter="saveDirectoryURL" />
<command name="dita.toFirmwareHeader" parameter='"%_"' />
<command name="preview" parameter="[lastConverted]" />


The stylesheet is defined as a version 2.0 stylesheet, and page 19 of the Configure.pdf manual for my version states that “Child element transform in XMLmind XML Editor - Commands invokes the XSLT engine (Saxon 6.5 or Saxon 9 depending on the version of the XSLT stylesheet)”, yet this is the message that I get when I try to run the command:


Fatal error: Unknown XSLT element: result-document; SystemID: file:/C:/Users/hookerje/AppData/Roaming/XMLmind/XMLEditor5/addon/pmc_dita-2/xsl/pmc_custom/firmware/generate_firmwareheaderfile.xsl; Line#: 26; Column#: -1


Result-document is a 2.0 feature that has been in Saxon since 9.2. I’ve replaced the version of saxon9 in XMLmind with my own version to make sure that it is compatible, but it makes no difference. Do you have any suggestions about what could be the issue?






Jeff Hooker

Technical Lead, Technical Communcations

Burnaby Office

P: 604 415 6000 x.2625

C: 778 855 7406


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Camille Bégnis | 22 Jul 14:09 2014

Bad rendering with new images loading process


we have experienced a serious issue with the new dynamic images loading system.

To reproduce, you should load into XXE a document with the following characteristics:
* short document (DocBook section for example) with images in it, all stored on WebDav remote server
* when the images are not loaded the full content fits on screen (no right slider)
* when the images are loaded the full content does not fit on screen

When that happens, the images are not shown but blinks so it makes it really hard to edit the document.
A workaround consists in resizing the window.

Thanks for letting me know if you can reproduce.

Best regards,

Camille Bégnis
camille <at>
Tél: +33 (0)
5, rue de la Touloubre
13770 Venelles

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Pierce Tyler | 18 Jul 21:23 2014

How get nice header into web help


I am using the pro version 5.9.0 to generate web help--and am trying 
to insert a custom header just like the one in the XMLmind XML 
Editor - Online Help example:

I see from your example you were able to insert your header into the 
body somehow. Do you have any tips on how to do this?

I tried to solve this by creating a customized .css which put an 
image and text "before" the body defined by __stock_webhelp.css. 
This looks good at first, but on closer inspection we find that the 
last bit of content in our longer sections cannot be viewed when 
scrolled down to. What's missing in the content is an area about 
equal to the size of the hacked in header we inserted. You can see 
an example of what I'm talking about here:

Thanks for any insight.

Best regards,


Pierce Tyler
VP Knowledge Management  <at> xTuple

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Hussein Shafie | 18 Jul 10:10 2014

The messages of XMLmind XML Editor v6 have been translated to Chinese

We are glad to announce that the messages of XMLmind XML Editor v6 have 
been translated to Chinese.

Many thanks to Semel for doing this!

If you are interested in this translation, please use menu item 
"Options|Install Add-ons" to automatically download and install the 
corresponding add-on.

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nobili, philippe | 16 Jul 10:01 2014

Embedding XMLMind batch convertdoc/xxetool

Dear M. Shafie,


So far we are embedding the complete  XMLMind distribution in our development toolkits; it serves two purposes:


= The GUI application is used by developers to author Docbook documents

= The batch conversion program is used under the wood at compile time to generate the documentation


We would like to separate those two purposes and create a smaller embedded package for the batch conversion, just adding the Java classes scripts and addons needed to perform the conversion. The rationale is to get a much smaller package but also the upgrade XMLMind GUI to benefit from the latest goodies without changing the batch conversion procedures, since changes are very rare in this area.


Could you advise us on how to create this packaging; is there a smart way to do it ?

Many thanks for your help,

Best regards,






Philippe Nobili

Subsurface Imaging - Product Engineering

Tel: +33 16447 4090 | Mobile: +33 63756 6441



27 avenue Carnot

Massy, 91341 – France


Please consider the environment before printing.


This email and any accompanying attachments are confidential. If you received this email by mistake, please delete
it from your system. Any review, disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of the email by others is strictly prohibited.

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Hussein Shafie | 15 Jul 10:29 2014

Re: Schematron support for XMLMind

Fredrik C. wrote:
>  >  However note that XMLmind XML Editor *native*, fast, implementation of
>  > Schematron only supports rules written in XSLT 1.0, not in XSLT 2.0.
> When will you release a version that supports Schematron rules written
> in XSLT 2.0? For our application (editing GenICam XML-files) we are
> using advanced Schematron rules and have gotten a recommendation from a
> consultant who is working with GenICam to use oXygen XML as it supports
> this already. However as we are already using XMLMind for DocBook
> editing we would prefer to continue using XMLMind instead of switching
> vendor.

I'm sorry but the answer is no, implementing this feature is not 
planned. We'll implement it as soon as a major XML format for writing 
technical documentation will require it (which is currently not the case).

Anyway, XMLmind XML Editor is only useful for writing *prose* (DocBook, 
DITA, XHTML, TEI, S1000D, etc). It's not a programmer's XML editor which 
would be good at editing GenICam[*] files. Therefore, it's probably a 
good idea to follow the recommendation of your consultant.

[*] The GenICam™ standard

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Fabián Mandelbaum | 14 Jul 18:04 2014

XXE 5.9.0 Command To Remove All Elements Matching a Certain XPath Expression


I'm trying to write a macro command to remove all elements matching a given XPath expression using XXE 5.9.0.

This is the command definition in my customization file (0docbook5.xxe):

 <command name="db5.removeUnusedParts">

    <macro repetable="true" undoable="true" label="Remove Unused Parts">


            <command name="xpathSearch" parameter="//*[ <at> revisionflag='off']" />

            <command name="delete" />




I assign it to a button on the UI

<button toolTip="Remove Unused Parts"


        <command name="db5.removeUnusedParts" />


The button shows up and it is enabled when I select an element in the document. Clicking the button removes only the first matching node from the XPath node-set result.

So, a few questions:

1) How can I have the button always enabled as opposed to enabled only when selecting an element? The idea is to actually make this not a button, but a menu entry of the "DocBook" (XML) menu.

2) If xpathSearch returns a node-set, why isn't the delete command applied to all nodes in the node-set and it's only applied to the first matching node? How can I 'loop' through all nodes returned in the node-set applying the delete command on them? Will I have to forget about this macro command and write a custom Java command instead (Not that I do not know how to do it, I'm just trying to solve this with what XXE already has)?

All of the examples I've found on the documentation apply commands to a single node, not to a node-set. I've searched the docs too and found no "loop-like" construct to write commands (I'm pretty sure there's good reasons for that... but I need one :-))

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Fabián Mandelbaum
IS Engineer

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Hussein Shafie | 12 Jul 12:04 2014

Re: Support DocBook with "FreeBSD Document Style"

Semel wrote:
> I hope you can support DocBook with "FreeBSD Document Style " , It's simple and beautiful.

--> If you mean: use  FreeBSD Documentation Project's CSS when editing a 
DocBook document in XMLmind XML Editor, then the answer is: no because 
these styles are not adapted to authoring a DocBook document in XMLmind 
XML Editor.

--> If you mean: use  FreeBSD Documentation Project's CSS when 
generating HTML out of my DocBook document, then you can do it yourself 
in just 2 minutes.

Please proceed as follows:

[1] Open your DocBook v4 or v5 document.

[2] Select "Options|Customize Configuration|Customize Document 
Conversion Stylesheets"

[3] In the dialog box, select "Convert to multi-page HTML".
See attached customize_document_conversion_stylesheets.png

[4] Save the docbook.css file (comes from the FreeBSD Documentation 
Project with minor modifications due to FreeBSD use of custom XSL 
stylesheets) attached to this email to any location you want.

[5] In the "CSS stylesheet frame", click "Add".
See attached add_fdp_css.png

[6] When prompted, specify the location of the docbook.css file and give 
a description to this CSS file.

[7] Click OK to close the prompt.

After doing this, the "Customize Document Conversion Stylesheets" dialog 
box looks like attached after_adding_fdp_css.png.

[8] Click OK to close the "Customize Document Conversion Stylesheets" 
dialog box.

These settings are done once for all. From now, all the DocBook 
documents you'll convert to multi-page HTML will look like those created 
by the FreeBSD Documentation Project .

For example, please compare:

to XXE online help generated after applying the above procedure:

Attachment (docbook.css): text/css, 7642 bytes

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Hussein Shafie | 11 Jul 10:25 2014

Re: Schematron support for XMLMind

Fredrik C. wrote:
> My company already has a few XMLMind licenses used for editing DocBook
> documents. We have got a suggestion to use Oxygen XML as an editor for a
> new project as it supports Schematron. Does also XMLMind support
> Schematron?

Yes, unless you have an ancient --several years old-- version of XMLmind 
XML Editor. For example, DocBook 5 documents are validated against both 
a RELAX NG schema and a Schematron.

> Now we need to have an XML-editor for editing GenICam files which is
> XML-files with corresponding XSD Schemas and Schematron Schemas.

However note that XMLmind XML Editor *native*, fast, implementation of 
Schematron only supports rules written in XSLT 1.0, not in XSLT 2.0.

Therefore if the rules of the Schematron for GenICam uses are expressed 
in XSLT 1.0, then you cannot use XMLmind XML Editor, even if the editor 
supports Schematron.

> Can I use XMLMind to edit these documents and get help with structure
> and syntax using the above schemas.

No problem provided you write an ad-hoc XML *configuration* file which 
adds support for GenICam documents to XMLmind XML Editor.

See "Writing a configuration file for XXE":

> How do I specify which schema (XSD and Schematron) should belong to a
> specific XML-file?

The configuration may be used to specify this.

See configuration element "schema":

See configuration element "schematron":

--> If you want to specify the XSD to be used directly in the document, 
then use the standard method:

<foo xmlns=""

--> There is currently no way to  specify the Schematron to be used 
directly in the document.

The standard method should be the following one one, but it is currently 
not supported by XMLmind XML Editor for Schematron, only for RELAX NG 

<?xml-model href="foo.sch" type="application/schematron+xml"?>

Note that specifying which XSD and Schematron to use outside the 
document itself, by the means an a configuration, is cleaner and less 
error prone than specifying this in the document itself.

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Camille Bégnis | 9 Jul 12:25 2014

Arabic support


I know this is a long standing limitation, do you have any plan to introduce support for right to left writing in XXE?

Best regards,

Camille Bégnis
camille <at>
Tél: +33 (0)
5, rue de la Touloubre
13770 Venelles

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