maxwell | 16 Sep 23:29 2014

copy attribute command

We've been using XXE's 'insertNode' command with the parameter 
'sameElementAfter' to copy an element (it happens to be one that we 
added to the standard DocBook elements, although that probably doesn't 
matter).  It correctly copy/pastes the node and sub-nodes, but not text 
elements under that node.  However, it does not copy the attributes.  In 
particular, it doesn't copy the value of one attribute that we need.  I 
know the name of the attribute (it's always the same one); I just don't 
know what its value will be in any particular instance.

I thought there might also be a command that copies an attribute value, 
but I don't see any such command--only addAttribute and putAttribute.  
(I'm looking at the list of commands at

I'm sure if I were a Java programmer, I could write a Java command (I 
see the documentation for doing this), or maybe modify the code for the 
existing insertNode command.  Unfortunately I'm not...

Am I overlooking the command I want?  Something like copyAttribute, I 
would think; or maybe a parameter on the 'insertNode' command like 

    Mike Maxwell
    University of Maryland

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Hussein Shafie | 5 Sep 19:35 2014

Re: XMLmind XML Editor versus oXygen

Mary M. wrote:
> We are completely DITA based, so we want the editor to edit DITA files. We need to generate pdf and web help.

Mary M. wrote:
> I've used both [XMLmind XML Editor and oXygen] for a short while, and probably do find Oxygen more
intuitive. There are a bunch of new people though that will be using it for general documentation
> (they are not full time writers) who are far more used to doing things in Word. So although I would have a
slight preference for Oxygen right now (particularly
> the xml source view), I'm not wedded to either one.
> Is it possible for you to expand on your statement above or point to a comparison of the two from an editor
standpoint? We'd like to make a decision asap.

My final recommendations are found at the very end of this email.

1) XMLmind XML Editor has been designed from the ground up to be used 
with just the styled view and the node path bar. oXygen has been 
designed from the ground up to be used with the source view.

XMLmind XML Editor has been designed from the ground up to be used with 
just the styled view (screenshot: and the 
node path bar.

Of course, this is impossible to do if you don't take the time to learn 
the basics 
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Niels Grundtvig Nielsen | 5 Sep 11:15 2014

table output – just checking my observations

Hurrah! another manager buys the idea of single-sourcing, so I'm making a .pdf from a ditamap. After solving the page layout question – the online help doesn't explicitly mention you aren't allowed spaces between numbers and units, and does suggest you need single quotes round values – with a few iterations, I have one question to check: I suppose there's no way to say "keep row together" or "insert page break before table"?

Paged output is of course a different animal, and not the primary concern of any XML format :-}

The results are looking good already! so I can wait a while before trying to persuade the manager in question to try delivering WebHelp straight off …

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Hussein Shafie | 3 Sep 16:02 2014

Re: DITA relationship tables

Mary M. wrote:
> I’m wondering how the editor supports creating DITA relationship tables


> – I couldn’t find any documentation on it. Can you provide some steps or
> a simple example?

We provide no steps or examples because creating DITA relationship 
tables works like creating any other XML element, simply the DITA 
relationship tables look like tables:

In order to add a reltable:

1) Open or create a DITA map.

2) Select the last child of your map.

This is done by clicking on the last element (e.g. a topicref) and also 
possibly by clicking on the name of one of its ancestors in the node 
path bar (e.g. click word "backmatter" in the node path bar).

3) Select menu item "Edit|Insert After" (notice "Insert *After*") or 
press keyboard shortcut Ctrl-W.

4) A list of valid elements is displayed. Select "reltable" from this list.

There are special commands to add rows and columns to a reltable. 
Therefore a relrow can be added as follows:

1) Click inside a relcell; this typically selects a topicref contained 
inside it.
2) Click on word "relrow" in the node path bar to select the row;
3) Select menu item "Edit|Insert After" or press Ctrl-W.
4) A list of valid elements is displayed. Select "relrow" from this list.

A column is added by adding several relcells. A relcell can be added as 

1) Click inside a relcell; this typically selects a topicref contained 
inside it.
2) Click on word "relcell" in the node path bar to select the cell.
3) Select menu item "Edit|Insert After" or press Ctrl-W.
4) A list of valid elements is displayed. Select "relcell" from this list.

XMLmind XML Editor works always the same whatever the type of the 
document being edited, therefore if you learn the basics, you cannot be 

We currently have no demand to make the creation of DITA relationship 
tables in XMLmind XML Editor quicker and easier. Note that it would not 
take long for us or for a third-party consultant to customize XMLmind 
XML Editor in order to add editing commands specialized in reltables. 
That's why we'll probably add such reltable editing commands to a future 
version of XMLmind XML Editor (useful feature; quite simple to implement).

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Pierce Tyler | 28 Aug 22:15 2014

Webhelp bug on Safari


We got a bug report about our webhelp hitting an error in the Search field when running Safari on Mac (Mavericks). Have you had other reports of this?

The user writes:

"In the new, searchable, on-line help when selecting the SEARCH tab the Search Field doesn't open up beyond a single character (see attached image). If you switch to the INDEX tab and then switch back to the SEARCH tab THEN the Search Field opens up properly."

We were able to confirm the issue with the following details:

"Operating System: Mavericks v10.9.4
"Browser: Safari v7.0.5 (9537.77.4)
"The problem seems to manifest itself if you jump between the INDEX tab and the SEARCH tab.
"NOTE: It does not seem to be occurring within Windows 8.1 (Explorer v11.0.9600.16663)
"NOTE: It does not seem to be occurring within Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander (FireFox v30.0)

Here's a link to the full bug report in our bug tracker, if interested. I'm also attaching a screenshot, in case the screenshot file is not visible on our bug report:

Thanks for any insights you may have on this.

Best regards,

Pierce Tyler
VP Knowledge Management <at> xTuple
pierce <at>

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Hussein Shafie | 27 Aug 16:05 2014

Re: XMLmind UI translated to German. How?

Martin W. wrote:
> I have bought and installed XMLmind today (the EXE including the JAVA
> version from your website).
> I have changed the UI language to German or German (Switzerland) in the
> preferences.

This option is not needed if you use XMLmind XML Editor on a computer 
having a German locale.

This option (which has been requested by universities) is only useful 
when you want to use XMLmind XML Editor, say, in English, even if your 
computer has a German locale.

This option alone is not sufficient to have the UI of XMLmind XML Editor 
translated to the language of your choice. See below.

> Afterwards I have closed & restarted the XMLmind. The
> according line in is changed. See screenshot.
> But this has no effect. As you can see in the following screenshot, the
> UI is still in English.
> Can you give me a hint on how to change the UI language?
> For your information, I add the about-window of my computer.

Please use the "Options|Install Add-ons" menu item in order to download 
and install the following add-ons:

* German (Deutsch) translation

* German (Deutsch) dictionary (if you also need to write documents in 

Then restart XMLmind XML Editor as instructed.

However, the "German (Deutsch) translation" has not yet been updated for 
v6, therefore the "Install Add-ons" dialog box will not list this add-on.

Therefore, I'm really sorry but for now, there is no way to have XMLmind 
XML Editor v6 translated to German.

PS: If your corporate proxy prevents you from downloading add-ons from 
within XMLmind XML Editor using "Options|Install Add-ons", then please 
refer to this FAQ.

I cannot download and install any add-on using Options|Install Add-ons. 
Is there another way to download and install add-ons?

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Hussein Shafie | 25 Aug 09:25 2014

Re: XXE as a replacement for MS-Word

Semel wrote:
> I want to use XMLmind instead of MS-Word.

This may be a bad idea. If you are satisfied by MS-Word, we strongly 
recommend that you keep using it.

Please note that we have developed XMLmind XML Editor 10 years ago for 
our own use,  because after trying almost all possible methods (MS-Word, 
LaTex, nroff,  a kind of Wiki language called "Almost Plain Text", etc) 
to write technical documentation, we didn't find anything really 
satisfying (not LaTex) , reasonably priced (not Framemaker) and 
multi-platform (not XMetaL).

> So I need a better workflow when I operate XMLmind.

The features you want cannot be made part of the product because they 
are too specific.


1) Some of them are already implemented (provided that the document is 
associated to a configuration; this is the case for XHTML, DocBook, 
DITA). Simply may be you didn't notice them because these features are 
not implemented like they are in MS-Word.

Example: feature "change auto save Max. modifications to [5 - xxxxxx]"

See the 2 options below "Automatically save modified documents" in

Example: feature "add a reference list manager".

See "The Attribute Value dialog box" in

See " Link submenu" in

2) You can implement many of the  remaining features quite easily by 
using "Options|Customize Configuration" (no programming whatsoever).

Example: "Ctrl + Del = delete only the content of nodes (do not delete 

a) Record a macro command. See  "Record Macro" menu in

b) Bind "Ctrl + Del"  to last recorded macro. See "Add Keyboard 
Shortcut" in

3) All the remaining features may be implemented by extending XMLmind 
XML Editor in Java[tm].

Example: feature "add snippet toolbar".
See " Extending the GUI of XMLmind XML Editor" in

Of course, if you edit documents not associated to a *configuration* 
(this is the case for XHTML, DocBook, DITA), then this is not possible.

What is a configuration is explained here:

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Steve Litt | 24 Aug 02:57 2014

Frequent aborts on my Evaluation Edition XMLMind XML editor

Hi all,

I run my evaluation copy of xxe with the command:


from within the demo directory. Sometimes xxe aborts. By that I mean
its window just vanishes. I haven't been able to find any commonalities
about the times that it aborted, and the one time I saw an error
message on the terminal it was run from, I forgot to copy the
information. I've seen it abort when I was doing nothing with it and
was working on another window.

Is this a timeout feature of the evaluation edition, or is it an
actual problem?

If it's a problem, how do I attack this problem? I'm running Debian

slitt <at> mydesq2:~$ uname -a
Linux mydesq2 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.60-1+deb7u3 x86_64
GNU/Linux slitt <at> mydesq2:~$ cat /etc/issue
Debian GNU/Linux 7 \n \l

slitt <at> mydesq2:~$ head -n3 /proc/meminfo
MemTotal:       15638476 kB
MemFree:        13716880 kB
Buffers:          135700 kB
slitt <at> mydesq2:~$ head -n 9 /proc/cpuinfo
processor	: 0
vendor_id	: AuthenticAMD
cpu family	: 21
model		: 19
model name	: AMD A6-6400K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics   
stepping	: 1
microcode	: 0x6001119
cpu MHz		: 1800.000
cache size	: 1024 KB
slitt <at> mydesq2:~$



Steve Litt                *
Troubleshooting Training  *  Human Performance

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Steve Litt | 24 Aug 02:44 2014

How to change styles for various outputs?

Hi all,

I'm evaluating XMLMind (16 days left on my eval copy) to do my 8.5x11
PDF and print books, as well as my ePub books. I was attracted to
Docbook and XMLMind in order to deploy my books (about 50K to 125K
words each) to both PDF/Print and to ePub, from one source file. And
I've already done that with XMLMind.

What I haven't been able to do yet is change existing styles (maps from
purpose to appearance) and make new ones.

For instance, in both PDF and ePub, the only things I want to trigger a
new page are Part and Chapter. Right now both chapter and section
trigger a newpage in ePub, as well as some other elements. What I'd
like to do is find something equivalent to CSS in (x)html with which to
tell the converter that when it converts to ePub, pagefeed only Part
and Chapter, and perhaps make them bigger. For PDF, I might want other
things done with specific semantic parts via what I'm calling styles.

The other thing is, in the other book writing tools I've used,
WordPerfect, MSWord, LyX, and Sigil, I've always been able to define
new paragraph styles and character styles, and then apply them. For
instance, in every book, I have a style called "story" that I use when
somebody, maybe the narrator, is telling a story. I also have Tip,
Warning (I've used Warning in XMLMind but would like to change its
appearance), Danger, etc. How can I make and apply new styles with
XMLMind, and where can I find more info? I couldn't find it in the
tutorials or screencasts, or using Google.



Steve Litt                *
Troubleshooting Training  *  Human Performance

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Hussein Shafie | 19 Aug 18:12 2014

Re: cannot install the xml2rfc add-on

Avri D. wrote:
> While waiting for someone to update it, or getting up to speed
> myself, is it possible to still grab a copy of the 5.x version of
> xmlmind for Windows?  I did not see it on the site.

Sure. You'll find all the old versions of XMLmind XML Editor Evaluation 
Edition, along with compatible add-ons, in this folder:

You can browse the contents of this folder using your web browser.

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Camille Bégnis | 19 Aug 09:17 2014

DocBook 5.1 support


with DocBook 5.1 in the final leap of formal approval by OASIS, what are your plans for adding support for it into XXE?

Best regards,

Camille Bégnis
camille <at>
Tél: +33 (0)
5, rue de la Touloubre
13770 Venelles

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