Niels Grundtvig Nielsen | 31 Oct 14:42 2014

(no subject)

I think I may be missing something … I've re-read your e-mail about footers in WebHelp, and checked the link to the documentation, but it looks as though I have specified something incorrectly.

  • the source file concept_introduction.dita is in the same directory as footer.xhtml
  • the processing options I have chosen (see screenshot) include wh-user-footer, set to the value footer.html
  • the output log says "footer.html", invalid value for parameter "user-footer"

What do I need to do if I want to include the <body> (just a few words of plain text) of footer.xhtml in the <div id="wh-footer"/> as mentioned in the XXE documentation?


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Hussein Shafie | 28 Oct 10:31 2014

Re: Issues with XXE and Yosemite?

Bill C. wrote:
> I saw the possible workaround you pointed me to yesterday. I fear that
> reinstalling Java6 would break other applications I use which expect
> more recent versions of Java.
> Because the xml2rfc plugin has numerous issues, including not being
> ported to 6.0.0+, it looks like I need to abandon XXE.

We understand that very well. However in case you'll change your mind, 
the workaround is quite easy.

On Mac OS X Yosemite, your Apple Java 6  now being useless to *any* Java 
application, simply uninstall it. Doing this will force XXE to use 
whatever more recent version of Java is installed on your Mac.

We have made your support request a new FAQ. This FAQ describes in great 
details the two possible --tested-- workarounds for the issue you have 

XXE won't start after upgrading to Mac OS X Yosemite. Is there a workaround?

For example, it explains how to uninstall Apple Java 6.

By the way, starting from today, XMLmind XML Editor is officially 
supported on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

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Hussein Shafie | 27 Oct 16:20 2014

Re: Issues with XXE and Yosemite?

Bill C. wrote:
> Are there any issues with running XXE v.5.9.0 or earlier with MacOS X
> Yosemite?  I seem to recall XXE working (or at least loading) in the
> days before I upgraded, but now it doesn't appear to load at all.

I'm sorry, but XMLmind XML Editor is not yet officially supported on 
MacOS X Yosemite.

For now, the only thing we know for sure (because we have tested it) is 

xxe-eval-6_1_0.dmg (see



That is, the very recently released XMLmind XML Editor v6.1 (not v5.9) 
installs and runs OK on MacOS X Yosemite using the private Oracle Java™ 
1.8.0_25 runtime (not Apple Java™ 1.6.0_65) included in the .dmg 

We'll of course investigate the issue you have reported and may be we'll 
find a workaround for it for the next release of XMLmind XML Editor 
(v6.2, not before 2-3 months).

Possible workaround. Not tested by us

A person having the same problem as you:

claims that the problem is solved by installing:

> It appears there may be a Java related issues from the application
> failure "report":
> ...
> Dyld Error Message:
>    Symbol not found: _CGContextSetAllowsAcceleration
>    Referenced from:
> /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0_65-b14-462.jdk/Contents/Libraries/libawt.jnilib
>    Expected in:
> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/ApplicationServices

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Jeff Hooker | 24 Oct 21:44 2014

XMLmind 6.0 Paste From Word issue

Hello Hussein,


I’ve attached a sample problem file. The problem itself I can reproduce across number of files sharing the same author.


Use paste from word to drop the document into a Docbook Article. It will work reasonably well, considering the fact it it’s an offensively terrible document.


Next, delete the title called “Remove This” and then Paste From Word again. This time the first table will end up with two titles and the second table will have no title at all. If there were further tables in the document, all the table titles would be moved up by one, until they attempted to cross a boundary marked by a Title.




Attachment (sample.rtf): application/rtf, 1281 KiB

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Niels Grundtvig Nielsen | 23 Oct 15:53 2014

… and now the screenshot :-}

In case it doesn't survive gMail, the header-right definition is {{image(images/_wlBlue.png)}}

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Niels Grundtvig Nielsen | 23 Oct 15:48 2014

referencing graphics

Don't think I've run into this before … I'd like to include/reference a small logo in the header when outputting a .ditamap as .pdf.

the .ditamap is in T:\11_Xenturion\userManual\ug_DITA
the logo is in T:\11_Xenturion\userManual\ug_DITA\images

At some stage, I've managed to set up the parameters as in the screenshot, but when I create the .pdf I get an error message because XML Mind is looking for the logo in XMLMind_XML_Editor\bin\images

What do I need to do to point header-right to the correct directory?


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Hussein Shafie | 20 Oct 10:06 2014

Release of XMLmind XML Editor v6.1

XMLmind XML Editor Evaluation Edition v6.1 can be downloaded from

Professional Edition users, please upgrade using this form:

(The above form is usually accessed through

XMLmind XML Editor v6.1 (October 20, 2014)

* Many enhancements making XMLmind XML Editor more powerful
   and more comfortable to use.

* Some important bug fixes.

* New documentation. See below.

More information:

XMLmind XML Editor - Support of XPath 1.0

XMLmind XML Editor - How to adapt "Paste from Word" to your needs

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Hussein Shafie | 15 Oct 09:07 2014

Re: Upgrade XMLmind XML Editor Personal Edition

Didier L. wrote:
> I have the
>   * xxe-perso-4_8_0
> can do I have to pay for a full new license for this 6_0_0?

Yes. See

Note that XMLmind XML Editor Personal Edition v4.8 (xxe-perso-4_8_0) was 
free-to-use software. Personal Edition was discontinued after v5.3 (June 
21, 2012).

If you want to upgrade for free, you may want to download v5.3 Personal 
Edition (along with any of its add-ons) from this folder:

(Your web browser should allow you to visit this folder and download 
files from it.)

However, XMLmind XML Editor v5.3 probably will not work well (if not at 
all) using recent operating systems (e.g. Windows 8+, Mac OS X Mountain 
Lion+) and/or recent versions of the Java runtime (e.g. Java 1.7+).

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Jeff Hooker | 9 Oct 22:05 2014

XXE 6.0: Paste From Word

Hello Hussein,


I’m converting a large quantity of Word 2010 documents to Docbook XML using the Paste From Word feature in XXE 6.0.


The documents have been very tightly controlled in Word, so they are unusually clean and, for the most part, convert to XML extremely well. The only important exceptions are the code samples.


I’ve tried a number of approaches to styling the code samples in the Word document to  give XMLmind clues about what they are, but it still creates them as a series of simple para elements. If I must I will script a post-processing step to address this, but though I’d ask if there was some configurable way of communicating style information to the Paste From Word feature.




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Niels Grundtvig Nielsen | 8 Oct 10:57 2014

ditamap and navigation pane

Is there any trick for getting these two views of a library to move in synch? I thought at first of training myself to use one or the other, but I can't add topicrefs in the navigation pane (afaik) and don't get the useful colour-coding (task, concept, 'reserved for future development') in the ditamap.

I have no idea how much work it would require, but a new context-menu option "Highlight in map/navigation pane" might be a nice-to-have.


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Hussein Shafie | 6 Oct 09:20 2014

Re: TEI support in XMLmind XML Editor

Ralf S. wrote:
> I need to understand why xmlmind does not support TEI.

The reason is as simple as: we, XMLmind, have not undertaken the huge 
development effort needed to add an excellent support of TEI to XMLmind 
XML Editor.

We have started adding support for TEI several years ago and we gave up 
very quickly for the following reasons:

1) TEI is a very sophisticated document type, possibly having subsets 
and dialects, possibly having hundreds of elements.

2) At that time, we knew nothing at all about the TEI market and we 
tended to underestimate it.

3) The conversion of TEI to PDF did not work well with XSL-FO processors 
such as FOP, XEP or our own XFC.

If my memory serves me well, at that time, this conversion consisted in 
XSLT stylesheets generating XSL-FO ,tested only against PassiveTeX, an 
XSL-FO processor developed by Sebastian Ratz of the TEI consortium, 
written in TeX, generating TeX.

More info in

--> Fortunately, we now have academic partners who truly are TEI experts 
and who have worked very hard to implement TEI support as an advanced, 
open source, free-to-use, add-on.

We currently wait for these partners to officially release this XMLmind 
XML Editor add-on to the public.

See web page (French):

See screenshot of a TEI document (French) opened in XMLmind XML Editor:

> Could you indicate the technical reason for this?

There is no technical reason whatsoever which would prevent adding 
excellent support for TEI to XMLmind XML Editor.

> Is it that TEI specifications are not adopted yet?

If my memory serves me well, the TEI specification is a stable, 
well-documented, standard.

> Or has this a deeper technical background.

No, once again, there is no technical reason whatsoever which would 
prevent adding excellent support for TEI to XMLmind XML Editor.

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