Hussein Shafie | 20 May 12:21 2015

Re: DocBook 5.1 support? When?

Peter D. wrote:
> Also, do you know when XMLMind will support DocBook 5.1? I am interested in using the new topic and assembly
elements in DocBook 5.1.

Yes. We are currently working on it. XMLmind XML Editor v6.4 (planned 
for the end of this summer) should support DocBook 5.1 assembly and 
topics as extensively as it currently supports DITA 1.2 map and topics.

However please note that:

DocBook 5.1: The Definitive Guide, Version 1.4.14 for DocBook V5.1CR3
Chapter 6. DocBook Assemblies


II. DocBook Assembly Element Reference

need to be seriously updated in order to reflect the latest DocBook 5.1 
schema, to clarify certain features, to add examples, etc.

Therefore we expect our support for DocBook 5.1 to evolve in ways 
possibly incompatible with older versions in the releases which will 
follow XMLmind XML Editor v6.4.

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Hussein Shafie | 15 May 15:04 2015

Re: xxetool usage

Erik B. wrote:
> I'm trying this but am getting an unknown option error. Here is the full command:
> xxetool convert db5.toWebHelp
'/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/aphps-build/src/lib/doc/public/' -p
chunk.section.depth 1 -u '/var/www/vhosts/dev/html/aphps/doc/html/Framework'
> I've tried the -p option in other positions but doesn't seem to work?

Please refer to the documentation:

before sending us support requests (which anyway are limited to one new 
topic per week. See XMLmind XML Editor support policy:

This documentation clearly shows that it's (all on one line):

xxetool convert

-p chunk.section.depth 1



-u '/var/www/vhosts/dev/html/aphps/doc/html/Framework'

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Hussein Shafie | 15 May 11:41 2015

Re: Converting chapters and sections to WebHelp pages

Erik B. wrote:
> I have a question regarding WebHelp documentation.
> I have a structure as follows (it's docbook 5):
> Book
> - chapter 1
> -- section 1
> --- subsection 1.1
> --- subsection 1.2
> -- section 2
> --- subsection 2.1
> --- subsection 2.2
> In WebHelp each of these section is a link in the menu but is it possible for example when I click on section 1
to see on one page the whole content including subsection 1.1 and 1.2 ? Or for example to click on the chapter
1 link and see the whole chapter on the page?

I'm not sure that you can achieve exactly what you want. However you may 
probably get close to it.

There are XSLT stylesheet parameters which may be used to adjust the 
``chunk'' size of the HTML pages generated by the DocBook XSL Stylesheets.

There are other XSLT stylesheet parameters which may be used to specify 
the depth of the TOC generated by the DocBook XSL Stylesheets.

Please try parameters like:
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Boris Goldowsky | 14 May 20:31 2015

merging text nodes

In the Java API for XXE, is there an easy way to merge adjacent #text nodes after doing some DOM manipulations?  I have a Java command that removes some elements, leaving the parent with adjacent but separate #text nodes, which confuses the next step of what I am trying to do.

I notice that if I leave them and then start doing other editing, the nodes are at some point normalized to a single #text, but I’m not sure how to make that happen.


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Hussein Shafie | 14 May 20:41 2015

Re: WebHelp and HTTPS

Erik B. wrote:
> When running the XMLmind xxetool to generate WebHelp, I'm having an issue that the inclusion of jquery and
other js and css files is done with the http prefix rather than https which I need because my site is running
in SSL.

Yes that's right. What follows is an example of the head of an HTML page 
which is part of the WebHelp:

<meta content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" http-equiv="content-type" />

<title>9. Window menu</title>

<link href="webhelp.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

<meta content="DocBook XSL Stylesheets V1.78.1" name="generator" />

<link href="index.html" rel="home" title="XMLmind XML Editor - Online 
Help" />

<link href="menuBar.html" rel="up" title="Chapter 3. Menus" />
<link href="customizeConfigurationMenu.html" rel="prev" title="8.1. 
&quot;Customize Configuration&quot; menu" />
<link href="helpMenu.html" rel="next" title="10. Help menu" />

<script charset="UTF-8" src="_wh/snowball_en.min.js" 


rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

<link href="_wh/wh.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />


<script charset="UTF-8" src="_wh/wh.min.js" type="text/javascript"</script>
<script charset="UTF-8" src="_wh/search.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<link href="_wh/user/header_footer.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Relative URLs should not pose any problem. In my understanding, you want 
absolute URLs like:


rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

to become:


rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

> Is there a way to specify during the conversion that it should use HTTPS rather than HTTP?

Yes, you have complete control over the jQuery JavaScript and CSS files 
which are referenced in the WebHelp.

Please use the following XSLT stylesheet parameters to specify the 
location of these files:


(See also wh-local-jquery in case you prefer the jQuery runtime to be 
local to your HTTPS server.)

The "wh-" prefix is required in the context of the xxetool.

More information in:

XMLmind Web Help Compiler, Parameters

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nobili, philippe | 12 May 09:28 2015

User preferences when upgrading



Knowing that user’s preferences will have to be re-specified from scratch is sometimes a reason to delay XMLmind major upgrades in our organization (we can send e-mails to warn about that, but the information is often lost at the time the user launches the new application… L).


Would it be possible to recover whatever former user’s preferences still make sense with the new release, when upgrading XMLmind, instead of forcing the users to redo their customization sequence from start ?


Many thanks for your feedback,

Best regards,





Philippe Nobili

Subsurface Imaging - Product Engineering

Tel: +33 16447 4090 | Mobile: +33 63756 6441



27 avenue Carnot

Massy, 91341 – France


Please consider the environment before printing.


This email and any accompanying attachments are confidential. If you received this email by mistake, please delete
it from your system. Any review, disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of the email by others is strictly prohibited.

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small question about front matter fonts

I’ve checked Chapter 4. XSLT stylesheets parameters in the helps, and can’t see how to set the font for generated front matter (ToC, LoF, LoT) when converting a ditamap to .pdf


Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.



Niels Grundtvig Nielsen

Technical Author T&P

you know what you’re talking about – I can help you say it


Worldline SA/NV - Chaussee de Haecht 1442 Haachtsesteenweg
- 1130 Brussels - Belgium
RPM-RPR Bruxelles-Brussel - TVA-BTW BE 0418.547.872
Bankrekening-Compte Bancaire-Bank Account 310-0269424-44
BIC BBRUBEBB - IBAN BE55 3100 2694 2444

"The information contained in this e-mail and any attachment there to be confidential and may contain information which is protected by intellectual property rights.
This information is intended for the exclusive use of the recipient(s) named above.
This e-mail does not constitute any binding relationship or offer toward any of the addressees.
If you are not one of the addressees , one of their employees or a proxy holder entitled to hand over this message to the addressee(s), any use of the information contained herein (e.g. reproduction, divulgation, communication or distribution,...) is prohibited.
If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender and destroy it immediately after.
The integrity and security of this message cannot be guaranteed and it may be subject to data corruption, interception and unauthorized amendment, for which we accept no liability."

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Boris Goldowsky | 4 May 16:58 2015

typo in documentation

On this page:

It says “attributeNames” in two places that I believe should be “attributes”.  The example has it correctly.

I like the new feature of being able to hide rarely-used attributes, but find the UI not that great — I did not even notice the pulldown menu or connect it to this feature (it looks like a table-sorting indicator or the like).   Once found, it’s quite convenient.


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Hussein Shafie | 1 May 09:58 2015

Re: Don't find "Paste from Word"

Rochelle L. wrote:
> I need to convert MS Word documents to XML Dita format.

We have a brand new product which can be used to directly do that and 
which does not require you to learn XMLmind XML Editor:

XMLmind Word To XML

Current version 1.0beta01 is free to use. Note that version 1.0beta01 
just contains a command-line utility called w2x. We expect to release 
version 1.0beta02, featuring an easy to use graphical application called 
w2x-app, in at most a couple of weeks.

> I understood this is something that can be done using your product XML Mind.

Yes, XMLmind XML Editor has indeed an advanced "Paste from Word" facility.

> I downloaded XML Mind and although I found the instructions about how to
> paste from word on your website,  I cannot see the options *'Paste from
> Word'* in any menu.
> Can you help?

* "Paste from Word" is an item found in the "Paste As" submenu of the 
"Topic" menu. This means that you have to open a DITA topic (of any 
kind, but not a map) in order to see this "Topic" menu.

* "Paste from Word" is available only on Windows and on the Mac, not on 
Linux (because MS-Word does not run on Linux).

* "Paste from Word" is an add-on bundled with XMLmind XML Editor as of 
version 5.7. That is, you'll not find this add-on in older versions of 
the editor.

Please take the time to carefully re-read:
"How to import an entire MS-Word document as a DITA topic:", a tip found in

> Also, I have a couple of additional questions:
> Should I convert the MS Word document to .RTF format before pasting?

No. Suffice to copy part or all of any document opened in MS-Word 2003+.

> Should I remove TOC, List of Figures, and Index etc before pasting?

No. All this is done automatically. The automatic numbering of headings, 
if any, is removed too. The goal is to paste clean, ``pure'', DITA 
markup free from *any* text automatically generated by MS-Word.

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Boris Goldowsky | 30 Apr 21:37 2015

selecting last descendant node in a macro

I’m trying to make a configuration that allows for convenient building of “Cloze passages”, which are essentially fill-in-the-blanks exercises like this:

The quick ______ jumped over the ______ …

Or in XML:     <clozepassage><p>The quick <clozeword/> jumped over the <clozeword>…. </p></clozepassage>

I want to have a command button after the <clozepassage> that adds a <clozeword/> at the end (but inside the <p>), unless the last node is already a <clozeword/>.

I am just running into a little trouble since I need to select the last node that’s a descendant of <clozepassage>.  Not last child, which would be the <p>, but the text node that’s “…” in this example.   There might be more structure in the way – it could be multiple paragraphs, or a list with list items instead of a paragraph, for instance.   I don’t see how to do this with selectNode, or what alternative methods there might be?



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Hussein Shafie | 29 Apr 16:27 2015

Re: Using Profiles

Carlo Magnaghi wrote:
> I have a problem using profiles with the attached files:
> I select the <book> item and the the menu item DocBook->Conditional Processing->Select Profile.
> This seems seems to work correctly: Set Profiling Attributes actually displays the available
attributes in a dialog.
> Then I select a chapter and try to use Set Profiling Attributes.
> This seems not to work: the background of the chapter does not change and no attribute is added to the
<chapter> item.
> Should I do anything differently?

In your "vendors.profile" file, you have declared the following attributes:


The above attributes are not allowed by the DocBook 5 schema. Hence 
XMLmind XML Editor refuses to add them to any element as this would make 
this element invalid.

In DocBook 5, the only profiling attributes are:

arch audience condition conformance os revision revisionflag security 
userlevel vendor wordsize

These standard profiling attributes are precisely those which are listed 
by the comboboxes found in the styled view of a ".profiles" file.


Please search for "Common Effectivity Attributes", you'll find a 
description of each standard profiling attribute.

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