wkehowski | 28 May 08:34 2016

Re: frametitle in Tree


Thank you. I took your first suggestion and it works perfectly.

Walter Kehowski

---- Karl Koeller <karlkoeller <at> googlemail.com> wrote: 
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> > Hello,
> >
> > WinEdt Build: 20160526  (v. 10.1) - 64-bit. I am using Beamer and would like the frametitle to show up in
TOC. I only see (untitled). I've looked in the Options Interface and found \begin{frame} etc in both Tree
and Gather but have no idea what to do. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
> >
> > Walter kehowski
> >
> Hi Walter,
> WinEdt collect structures like
> \begin{frame}{title}
> but you're probably using
> \begin{frame}
> \frametitle{title}
> and this is not collected.
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wkehowski | 28 May 06:15 2016

frametitle in Tree


WinEdt Build: 20160526  (v. 10.1) - 64-bit. I am using Beamer and would like the frametitle to show up in TOC. I
only see (untitled). I've looked in the Options Interface and found \begin{frame} etc in both Tree and
Gather but have no idea what to do. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Walter kehowski

Juergen Gilg | 26 May 21:36 2016

Simple Macro with SEARCH and REPLACE

Dear List,

I am messing around with a quite simple macro, that for sure works as it should, however I need some special refinements.

I have hundreds of "\begin{problem*}" environments within one tex file and like to replace them the following way for further post-usage of the tex file:


SetReplaceStr('\ID*{JG} \begin{problem*}');


Now the refinements I liked to have are within "SetReplaceStr('\ID*{JG} \begin{problem*}');"

(1) \ID*{JG} should be setup as \ID*{JG+autoincrementcounter} cause every \ID* needs to be unique

(2)  \begin{problem*} should appear a line below \ID* within the tex file after replacing

Do you think this macro could be blown up a little, the way I tried to explain above?

Any help appreciated -- I am new to writing macros within WinEdt.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

-- -- Jürgen Gilg Austr. 59 70376 Stuttgart
W.F.E.Goldbaum | 25 May 17:26 2016

ContribManager new version....

Karl just maintained a new version of his ContribManager and uploaded it to WinEdt.org.
Works fine and you even can set the environment variable “TMP” to an arbitrary(?) directory.
Thanks do all heplers, especially to Karl!
Best regards,
Salvatore Vassallo | 23 May 15:22 2016

Error running ContribManager

Dear All

I've successfully installed the ContribManager under Winedt 10.1 but when I try to run the download macro I receive an error message "Error Writing to File C:\Users\....\Download.ini"

Has anyone a suggestion to solve this issue?

Thank  you in advance


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Università Cattolica investe nel talento, nella ricerca, nella solidarietà.
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W.F.E.Goldbaum | 23 May 11:43 2016

ContribManager Connection?


had to rebuild my Winedt10- and MiKTeX from scratch, caused by a crash and 
two defect backups :-((

Installed and registered the last versions (WinEdt 10.1 and actual 
ContribManager), but the ContribManager doesn't connect anymore. Only change 
I'm aware is a new username (but with admin rights too).

Where did I install a trap, or which dangerous bend did I miss?

Best regards,

Bokofu Gurebu | 22 May 05:13 2016

Printing the variables values in external files

Dear Everybody,

thank you for prevous answers.

I'm going to solve pretty routine problem in programming within WinEdt Macro Language,

but didn't find enough tools in macro manual.  Really hard to explane the problem clearly, so let me use the simplified example.

This MUI:

== MUI Test =========================

|                                                                          |

| Please input the Author name:                 |

|   ---------------------------------------                  |

|   |   Mark Twain                         |                 |

|  -----------------------------------------                |

| Please input the Book name:                    |

|   ------------------------------------------------      |

|   |    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  |     |

|  -------------------------------------------------     |

|                                          |   OK   |                |


must to replace in below TeX doc:

The faimous author, called $AuthorName, whrote a lot books, like $BookName.


The faimous author, called Mark Twain, whrote a lot books, like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer .

So, algorithmically the solve is:

  • Define this AuthorName and BookName variables.
  • Get it's values from MUI
  • Replace the variable name to it's value in Tex-file.

Really, don't know how to realise the 2-nd and 3-rd step.

Here is the code of the MUI that don't workig yet:


MUIReset('MUI Sample');

  MUIAdd(0,0,0,0, 'MyPanel','TPanel');
    MUIGet('MyPanel','client width',9);
    MUIGet('MyPanel','client height',8);
  MUIAdd(10,15,0,0, 'AuthorNameLabel','TLabel','MyPanel','Please input the Author name:');
  MUIAdd(10,35,%!9-20,0, 'AuthorNameInput','TEdit','MyPanel');
  MUIAdd(10,60,0,0, 'BookNameLabel','TLabel','MyPanel','Please input the Book name:');
  MUIAdd(10,80,%!9-20,0, 'BookNameInput','TEdit','MyPanel');
  MUIAdd(%!9-90,%!8-50,80,0, 'MyButton','TButton','MyPanel','OK');
    MUISet('MyButton','on click',!'MUIHide(1);');




Thank for your time

and have a nice day!


Gleb Bokov

Bokofu Gurebu | 21 May 03:12 2016

Simple MUI example

Dear everybody,

would you please to give an example of simple MUI like this:

=== MUI Sample ==========
|                                                |
|  Input the word:                  |
|                                                |
|  ----------------------------------|
|  |                                       |   |
|  ----------------------------------|
|                                                |
|                         |  OK  |          |

This macro is just complicated \textbf{text} and of cource is not comfortable to use in practice.
However, the example in user's guide is too complicated, and I need the simple example
from wich can start to develop own UI.

Thank you for your time which you spend to read this message
and have a nice day!


Karl Koeller | 20 May 21:57 2016

Update for SmarterQuotes packages

Dear WinEdt-ers,

An update for SmarterQuotes package is available.

Different languages support have been addressed.

Visit www.winedt.org/macros/latex/SmarterQuotes.html for more info and 

Users who have ContribManager installed can update SmarteQuotes simply 
checking for updates. If you report any error message, this means that 
you have the first release of SmarterQuotes installed. In this case, 
uninstall it and cleanup, then download it again and install it.



HKuerbiss | 16 May 15:21 2016

SmarterQuotes for Germans, too?

Is it possible to edit the macro files of the SmarterQuotes Package so 
that I can get the typical german signs, either in the 'babel' way as `" 
and '" or, even better for LuaLaTeX, the UTF-8 signs themselves?

Juergen Gilg | 15 May 22:06 2016

WinEdt10 with WIN10 and Acrobat Pro DC

Dear WinEdt list,

for whatever reason, I am using the workflow

latex --> dvips --> distiller15 --> pdf (Acrobat Pro DC)

for various reasons and won't change this workflow.

When I XeLaTeX a simple tex file and leave the produced pdf open within the Acrobat Pro DC application, this app closes when re-XeLaTeXing the tex file. That is superbe!

However when I am using my preferred workflow as described above, the Acrobat Pro DC app doesn't close at all, when re-LaTeXing the tex file once the produced pdf file stays open in Acrobat Pro DC.

Any hints or workarounds to also automatically close the Acrobat Pro DC the same way as with XeLaTeX?


-- Jürgen Gilg Austr. 59 70376 Stuttgart