Geoff | 22 Jan 21:21 2015

Texify to ps and pdf

I want to get TeXify and/or PDFTeXify to produce a ps and a pdf file. 
On my 1920x1200 monitor GSView shows the output much more clearly 
than Sumatra can show a pdf. So ps for viewing and pdf for final document.

So I chose ...Execution Modes -> TeX Options: Method dvi -> ps -> pdf
and ... Compile to ps

This almost is what I want - GSView gets updated but Sumatra also 
appears. I thought keeping it minimised might keep it out of sight 
but no luck :-) Can I get Sumatra to hide away or not start up?

Thanks for listening ...

Ulrike Fischer | 22 Jan 18:53 2015

Wrong icon of command prompt in the task bar


since installing dragon natural speaking on my rather new laptop
with windows 8.1 I have a curious problem with the icon of the
command prompt:

When I open a command prompt e.g. through the context menu of the
windows explorer I get the expected "black square" in the windows
task bar.

But when I open a command prompt in winedt through the Accessories
menu or with the short cut I get an icon from "dragon service" and
from the context menu I can activate a command prompt which shows
some explication about an application "dgnsvc.exe"

Why is winedt activating this command prompt and putting its command
prompt in this group? What can I do to avoid this?

The command I use to open the command prompt is

MACRO="Run('%$(|CMD|);','%!P',0,0,'%$(|UFTeX|); - TeX',1,1);"

(The variable UFTeX contains the currently active tex system. So
miktex and texlive have different command prompts.) 


Ulrike Fischer

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Gottwald - kreartiv | 16 Jan 18:45 2015

Not a question but information - eBook from tex files - how to

Since I’ve been searching for many years and only now found a working solution to create an eBook and a PDF file/book from the same source using WinEdt and TexLive I would like to share my experience with this forum.


Whoever had the same need should try it with this software and read the instruction on how to get this done under Windows.


Instructions for Windows:

Developer website:


I for sure have not tested every single latex command and configuration and how this translates to an ebook. I have use fontspec, graphic, bibliography, and placing images. Everything worked to my satisfaction. One click to create a PDF, another click to create an eBook.  So far the best solution I know of.


Michal has been extremely helpful to get this up and running.




Volker Gottwald


Gottwald - kreartiv | 13 Jan 09:44 2015

Creating a Menu Item to star a batch file

Hello supporters,


I use WinEdt Build: 20131031  (v. 8.1) - 64-bit.

To convert tex files to ebooks I use tex4ebook (does a good job).

I have a batch file to do this with this content:

texlua C:\MiKTeX\scripts\lua\make4ht\tex4ebook.lua %*

it’s called from the working directory with:

tex4ebook [filename.tex] (this is the filename that might be open in WinEdt)


Is there a way to add a an item  to the menu to start this batch file like simply starting Xelatex to create a PDF file?

And if so, how can I do this?


Thanks for any help and advice.


Volker Gottwald


Norbert Wermes | 4 Jan 12:48 2015

search string and collect

I am looking for a way to collect all character strings in a file and coy them to a new file.
For example: find all '\caption{....}' - strings in a file and copy them into a captions.tex file as

Thank you for advice,

p.s. I am still using winedt 7 (sorry)

David Schlenker | 26 Dec 21:39 2014

keyboard shortcut

Is there a way to create a keyboard shortcut for the PDFLaTeX compile function?

Thank you.
Dave Schlenker
Ulrike Fischer | 6 Dec 14:12 2014

Hiding /discarding some menu items in dependance of a macro value

I would like to hide (or better even completly discard) a menu item
if a certain variable has a certain value (e.g. 1).

From the help of winedt 9 (Macro Manual -> Macros within parameters)
I thought this here would work:

INVISIBLE= %[!"LetRegNum(0,1)"]%!0  
//1 should come from %$(|UFTeXLive12Status|);

But I get an error that an integer is expected. 

(The background is that I'm trying to keep my winedt configurations
on the pc and the laptop in sync. So all differences (pathes etc)
are stored in a ufconfig.edt and all other files are identical. But
on the laptop I don't have a texlive 2012 and so don't need the
shortcuts I have for it on my PC.)  


Ulrike Fischer

Ulrike Fischer | 4 Dec 12:32 2014

Execute a macro when the error-window is closed

I need to execute a small macro when closing the error window (the
one opened with ctrl+e) to reset a variable. Is there a suitable
event which I could use? 

(I tried to add the macro in MainMenu.ini after
FindError(1,1,0,-1,1);", but it is too early)


Ulrike Fischer

Raghu Naik | 3 Dec 21:59 2014

Does mathgreek macro interfere with the fastex macro?

It seems that mathgreek macros does not allow the fastex macro to function. And now, even after uninstalling the mathgreek macro, I cannot seem to be able to bring fastex macro back to life.

Has any one else seen this behavior?


wkehowski | 27 Nov 02:55 2014

ALt + right issue

DOH! This is what I get for posting too early in the morning!  The actual issue is

If I highlight text and press Alt + right then the rightmost character is deleted.

wkehowski | 26 Nov 15:39 2014

Alt + left issue

If I highlight text and then press the press Alt + left then the rightmost character is deleted. Build:
20140917  (v. 9.0) - 64-bit