nathalie | 6 Jul 13:48 2015

FasTeX v/s abbrv package


Can the FasTeX tool that is available at function like the abbrv package also available at but which has not been updated? I am simply looking for a replacement of the abbrv package which can be used to aid in writing long words say the word "unconsciously" by simply writing say a few letters "unco". FasTeX either seems to be an overkill or if I am not mistaken can only be used to write shortcut for LaTeX commands.

Thank you.

Žarko | 4 Jul 14:25 2015

in reverse search sumatra always open new WinEdt

today I observe, that at (first) reverse search Sumatra start new WinEdt (so I have on desktop opened two WinEdts). Before (few days ago) this was not a case ...

I didn't not change any setting in WinEdt. Only changes in my WinEdt/MikTeX installation is yesterday upgrade MikTeX to recent version (if this matter).

How to prevent this behavior at reverse search?

Regards,    Zarko
nathalie | 3 Jul 13:49 2015

abbrv package


There is the abbrv package at

that helps in using abbreviations to speed up the writing process. I see that the package has not been updated since V5.6 of WinEdt.

Is there a chance that it will work for WinEdt 9.1?

Thank you.

Yih-Dar Shieh | 2 Jul 22:13 2015

Put WinEdt console at bottom left and Error Panel (Compilation Report) at bottom right

Dear WinEdt Developers,

Normal, I just need WinEdt console. But when there is (are) error(s), I have to put "Find Error" button, and it shows a panel "PDFLaTex Compilation Report...".

At this time, the console panel is hide (??). Now in this "Compilation Report" panel, there are buttons  "Next error" and "Previous error".

When I press this button, I can spot the errors on this panel and on the document at the same (Thank you!).

But can we make this automatically. When I press "PDFLaTex" compile button, it will spot the error automatically.

(If no error, do not change the position of current cursor.)

And I like to have WinEdt console panel and Compilatioin Report panel side by side at the bottom.
I know, most of the time, their content are the same. But if there is error, the latter shows more information.

I have played the setting "Forms", but however I tried it, they can't be side by side at the bottom.
When I compile, the "Compilation Report" panel is replaced by "WinEdt console" and when I press "Find Error", it switchs to "Compilation Report" completely.

I wish my question(s) is clear.

Best Regards,

Karl Koeller | 24 Jun 17:58 2015

NEW - WinEdt contribution: RManager

Dear WinEdt-ers,

Gilbert Ritschard and I have implemented a new package for R users
named RManager, which has support for R interaction, Sweave and
knitr and will be the successor of R-Sweave.

R-Sweave is unmaintained from now on.

If you want to try RManager, you must have the latest WinEdt build
installed (20150625).

Also, for full functionality of the package, the following R
libraries must be installed in your R system:

  - knitr
  - patchDVI (at least version 1.9.1616)

If you want to try it and have R-Sweave installed, first uninstall
this one through the macro %b\Uninstall\R-Sweave\Uninstall.edt,
then install Rmanager through its Install.edt macro.

After the installation is complete, it is recommended to carefully
read the file Readme.txt that comes with the package for
recommended post-install actions.

What's new?

- RManager is able to retrieve the last installed version of R, and
choose the 64-bit version, if available. So, no more trouble to
find R executables.

- There is no more need to copy Sweave.sty to a folder searched by
TeX, since RManager is able to retrieve its path and add it
permanently to the TEXINPUTS environmental variable.

- Now you have the possibility of compiling your Rnw files with
Sweave or knitr and then pdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX them. All
compilers automatically patch the log and synctex files for
forward/inverse search between Rnw and pdf files and error log

Further improvements:

- You can create a new R or Rnw document through the 'New'
drop-down button in the toolbar.

- The command 'Compile' (F9 shortcut) executes the chain knitr ->
PDFLaTeX, and it can be changed to Sweave through the command
'Select Weave Method'.

- An 'Rscript' item is added in the Execution Modes dialog, in case
one wants to customize the execution of Sweave and knitr.

- Apart from Rnw files, you can knit Rhtml, Rmd and Rrst files. In
the first two cases, the resulting html file is shown after the

- A few commands are there to facilitate the insertion of R code,
e.g. 'Insert Chunk' inserts a new R chunk ready to be filled.

- Chunk labels are collected in the Tree interface for easier
document navigation.

Visit for more info
and download.

It is also recommended to carefully read the file Readme.txt
included in the package.

Best regards and enjoy RManager!

Gilbert and Karl

Per Ting | 22 Jun 19:03 2015

Learning in autocompletion

A wish list item: Autocompletion learns the commands that one frequently uses and pushes them to the top of the list.


Ulrike Fischer | 16 Jun 12:44 2015

How to add commands for Auto-Completation

I'm getting used to the autocompletation ;-).

What is the best way to add more commands? E.g. I would like to have
\ExplSyntaxOn and \ExplSyntaxOff in the list. 


Ulrike Fischer

Man Dyad | 16 Jun 10:22 2015

winedt 9.1 32bit runs multiple instances by default

When I open tex documents multiple instances of WinEdt 9.1(built 20150515 32bit) run on my computer with windows 7 (32bit).
Only a single instance of winedt used to be run before, and I prefer this way.

I checked winedt 9.1 64bit version also. It operates  as a single instance application as I desire.

Can I fix  my computer so that winedt 32bit version operates as a single instance application?
nathalie | 15 Jun 09:14 2015

Backup / auto saving directory


I am using WinEdt 9.1 and I have been trying to change the location of the backup and auto save directories from





Though files used to be saved earlier in the default locations in the %!b\_history folder (about every 15 minutes), now I do not see any files in my new location: %E:\WinEdtbackup on my hard drive. I have manually created the "WinEdtbackup" directory.

Grateful if you can help.

NETHead | 3 Jun 11:23 2015

Integration of ispell / hunspell possible?

Is it planned / would it be possible to integrate e.g. ipell or hunspell
into WinEdt (as an option beside the built-in spell checker / as an

Or modify the integrated spell checker to support hunspell dictionaries and

Or expand the macro programming syntax to cover also spell checking?

The integrated spell checker works flawlessly, but as it is with the german
language, it needs all possible cases of a word along with plural, singular,
and so on to be preset in the dictionaries.

This affects especially texts for which no exhaustive german dictionary
exists, as for instance technical ones.


Scott Guthery | 29 May 17:07 2015

Incrementing a Global Macro Variable

I'd like to run a macro script multiple times with each execution using a 
numeric value has been incremented by one vis-à-vis the previous running of 
the macro.  This might be useful, for example, for setting all the KEY 
values of entries in a bib file to different values.  A global variable 
seems to be the way to accomplish this but I don't see how to a) set a 
global variable to a numeric value or b) how to increment the global 
variable value assuming could I could set it to a numeric values.


Cheers, Scott