Ulrike Fischer | 6 Dec 14:12 2014

Hiding /discarding some menu items in dependance of a macro value

I would like to hide (or better even completly discard) a menu item
if a certain variable has a certain value (e.g. 1).

From the help of winedt 9 (Macro Manual -> Macros within parameters)
I thought this here would work:

INVISIBLE= %[!"LetRegNum(0,1)"]%!0  
//1 should come from %$(|UFTeXLive12Status|);

But I get an error that an integer is expected. 

(The background is that I'm trying to keep my winedt configurations
on the pc and the laptop in sync. So all differences (pathes etc)
are stored in a ufconfig.edt and all other files are identical. But
on the laptop I don't have a texlive 2012 and so don't need the
shortcuts I have for it on my PC.)  


Ulrike Fischer 

Ulrike Fischer | 4 Dec 12:32 2014

Execute a macro when the error-window is closed

I need to execute a small macro when closing the error window (the
one opened with ctrl+e) to reset a variable. Is there a suitable
event which I could use? 

(I tried to add the macro in MainMenu.ini after
FindError(1,1,0,-1,1);", but it is too early)


Ulrike Fischer 

Raghu Naik | 3 Dec 21:59 2014

Does mathgreek macro interfere with the fastex macro?

It seems that mathgreek macros does not allow the fastex macro to function. And now, even after uninstalling the mathgreek macro, I cannot seem to be able to bring fastex macro back to life.

Has any one else seen this behavior?


wkehowski | 27 Nov 02:55 2014

ALt + right issue

DOH! This is what I get for posting too early in the morning!  The actual issue is

If I highlight text and press Alt + right then the rightmost character is deleted.

wkehowski | 26 Nov 15:39 2014

Alt + left issue

If I highlight text and then press the press Alt + left then the rightmost character is deleted. Build:
20140917  (v. 9.0) - 64-bit

Gregor Weihs | 10 Nov 16:42 2014

Auto-detect semi-soft wrapping?

Hi everyone,

I have been using the semi-soft wrapping mode for a long time, because it 
really helps with LaTeX errors. I am aware of the line terminator issues in 
file-exchange problems it causes, but this is no problem for us.

What is a bigger problem is that it happens to me often that I open a file 
which has been saved semi-softly wrapped in another WinEdt project, where 
the mode is unknown. Then I start working happily until I realize that this 
is the wrong mode. Then I have to figure out whether there is a reasonable 
way to keep my edits and re-open the original file in the proper mode, or 
discard them, or whether it would be smarter to loose the wrapping and keep 
the complicated edits. 

I know I could give the files a header that indicate the mode to WinEdt, 
but I think this is sort of special. I suppose this could be done with a 
macro? Perhaps someone has already written such a macro?

Any help is appreciated!



Andrzej Trautman | 1 Nov 18:18 2014

small problem

I have the following small, but annoying problem.
  Since about a month, whenever I save (or compile) a file edited
  in WinEdt 9 (PC under Windows 8.1),
I get the following message:

Some characters were lost while converting from
Save to file anyway?

I do not see what was lost, I click OK and everything works,
but I would prefer not to have to go through this.
I shall be grateful for any suggestions.

Andrzej Trautman

Thomas | 24 Oct 18:18 2014

Automatically reset console

Hi all, 

So I have been using WinEdt now for really a long time and I really like it.
The only thing that really annoys me is the following:
When you compile your code, you have the console running at the bottom and
all is good. I usually use F9 to run pdfTextify. 

So when I change something that results in an error, the console stays
active. That means when I press F9 to compile again, I get the error
"Another Application is already running in WinEdt's Console. Terminate the
application or wait for the execution to finish." That means I have to
actively close the application (hit the X in the console) and compile again. 

Is there a way to tell WinEdt to just terminate whatever happens in the
console and start to compile again when I press F9. That would REALLY be nice!


Matt Cole | 20 Oct 17:12 2014

Coauthors that use Scientific Word

Hello all,

I have WinEdt 7.1-64 bit and Windows 8

I have a couple potentially related questions (that are hopefully not off topic for this board):

1. I have several co-authors that are insistent on using S.W. So far we have been able to get along (I need to have a couple files in my directory like tcilatex.tex and I generally comment out figures when they are working on the version). The one thing that I can't seem to fix but find incredibly annoying is that SW has a very narrow word-wrap mechanism using hard returns and sometimes % symbols at the end of the line. Is there someway WinEdt can easily "fix" this after I open a document that has been "infected" by SW?

2. Any other advice from people who have had to work with people using SW would also be appreciated.

3. My typical compiling method is to go a DVI and then later convert to a PDF. For some reason my figures look good in the DVI, but then are shifted down into the text when I convert to a PDF. I've found a work around and it seems to be fine if I go DVI->PS, then PS->PDF. This wasn't an issue in the past (even with people who use SW), so maybe I need to upgrade my WinEdt?

Thank you for any help!

Ulrike Fischer | 8 Oct 14:31 2014

Color document tabs or other methods to identify files better

I often have quite a lot files open and I often have to switch
between a smaller subset of these files and constantly hover with
the mouse over the tabs to find the damn file I need now ;-). 

So I'm looking for a way to improve the interface. 

- Is there a way to setup fast e.g. in the tree view or something
similar a small list of links to files so that I can access these
files better? 

- Or is there a way to color some document tabs, so that I can see
the relevant files faster?  

- Or is there a way to setup a "search" dialog with incremental
search which can be used to switch between files?

- Or has someone a better idea?


Ulrike Fischer 

Zulkifli Hidayat | 4 Oct 01:33 2014

Feature request

Dear Alex,

I am now using winedt 9 64 bit on windows 7. Since I am now using a wide monitor, I can set windedt and pdfviewer windows side-by-side. However, I find that some buttons of the (default) toolbar are hidden because the smaller width of the winedt window. The only way to go to the hidden buttons is only by widen the window again. Is it possible to have a button that show the icons once they are hidden?

Thank you.