Karl Koeller | 13 Apr 21:22 2015

NEW - WinEdt contribution: Themes

Dear WinEdt-ers,

Some users have asked for an easy way to change "theme" in WinEdt.

If you are one of those, try the new package Themes (only for v9).

This new package lets you change WinEdt "theme" by simply choosing
Options -> Theme.

The package, however, doesn't install any theme.
Themes have to be downloaded separately at winedt.org.

Visit http://www.winedt.org/Config/menus/Themes.php for more info and 

Of course, you all are welcome to submit your personal themes and I
will make them available at winedt.org.



Karl Koeller | 13 Apr 18:41 2015

UPDATE - Stata-support package

Hi everybody,

some news from winedt.org.

The Stata-support package v1.02 for WinEdt 9, 8, 7, has been uploaded.

Here is the changelog:

v1.02 (2015-April-15)

Feature: Stata-mode now restores the clipboard item you had on the
clipboard before sending syntax to Stata.

Bugfix: The default for rundo.exe is now to look for a window
called "Stata" (instead of a version specific Stata window in the
previous version). Same applies for the WinEdt window. The script
is hopefully more robust after software changes/updates.

Bugfix: There is this open bug in AutoIt that causes the CTRL key
to hang (remain pressed) after sending modifier keys (like CTRL)
with rundo.exe. Added some work-around code in rundo.au3 to fix
this issue.

Changed: Rundo.exe is now 64-bit binary, but the 32-bit binary is
also provided in case you are running a 32-bit machine.

Updated: All Stata versions should work, but after installation
the default version is now updated to version 13 (64-bit) located
in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Stata13\Stata-64.exe. In case you have
a different Stata version, you can set your own version in the
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Helmut Haberzettl | 6 Apr 08:07 2015

Naming template files


I just wrote a macro that loads a generic template file that needs to be 
modified depending on the location and nature of the current file. For 
the purposes intended, the  file needs to be saved in the location (%p) 
of the current file with a given, fixed name. The only way I was able to 
do this without having to manually type out the specific name upon 
saving was to load the template into the editor, save it at the specific 
location, automatically giving it the prescribed name, then modify it 
for my purposes and save it again. I could not figure out how to load 
the template into the editor and automatically giving it a specific name 
before modifying and saving it.

In the end, I got it working the way I wanted it, so it's not a really a 
big deal, but I thought one should be able to do something similar to 
what happens when one loads a template through the Document | New 
Document menu which loads the new  document as doc.ext, where "doc" 
needs to be adjusted upon saving. I was looking for a way to set the 
generic "doc" upon loading into a specific name, but I couldn't find one.

If there's a more straightforward way of doing this, I'd appreciate 
learning about this. [If not, perhaps a command like 
LoadDoc("template","name.ext"); that keeps the document in the editor 
memory as "name.ext" for modifying before saving it might be useful.]


PS: I use WinEdit 9.0, Build: 20140917  (v. 9.0) - 64-bit, with Windows 
7 Pro.
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Lemenn | 25 Mar 20:24 2015


Hello Alex !

I can't find a command to get the size of a file in
the macro manual.

It could be interesting to provide GetFileSize("file", <register>);
or GetFileFileSize("file", <which info>, <register>);
where <which info> is a flag to get the number of bytes, the line count
etc. in the manner of unix utility wc.

The point arises to avoid to automatically update the .log file :
if it is very large (which is quickly the case when TeX loops

Thanks in advance.


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Lemenn | 23 Mar 18:19 2015

TImage control / glyph


Presently, it is possible to decorate a form with a small
image using a TSpeedButton control, as show in the following
minimal example.

Now that WinEdt9 deals with variable size images, it would be nice
in a future release if a "TImage" control could display an image,
with a larger size than TSpeedButton / glyph allow. I think about
TImage, but it could be either a TPanel with a glyph field.

Another point about TSpeedButtons : the glyph is always
on the center of the button, making it difficult to use
with both a glyph and a caption. May be 'glyphalign=left/center/right'
could be provided...

And finally, I'm still not skilled in Delphi but it might be
easy (at first glance) to provide the 'default' and 'cancel'
properties for TSpeedButton...

Best regards.


// -----------------------------------------------------
MUISet('','position','1'); // Main Form Center

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Robert K | 22 Mar 21:18 2015

RE: WinEdt Themes

Thank you for the answer.
If I manage to implement solarize theme (good for sunny day) I will share with others.

Best Regards,

From: support <at> winedt.com
To: winedt+list <at> wsg.net
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2015 14:09:44 -0300
Subject: Re: [WinEdt] WinEdt Themes

<!-- .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P { padding:0px; } .ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage { font-size:12pt; font-family:Calibri; } -->
> Do you know if it's possible to implement one of the Sublime
> Themes: http://colorsublime.com/ I mean an easy and painless way
> because I'm pretty sure that editing many files I will finally get
> what I want. I started tweaking it but I gave up - it's tedious and
> cumbersome. If it's not possible does anybody plan (may be Alex in
> the foreseeable future) to write a plug-in?
The Sublimes Themes were written for a different application using
different tools. It would be possible to decipher the colors and
adapt / translate / steal them for WinEdt 9.
What it takes is assigning RGB values to about 100 named colors
that are used by WinEdt for highlighting and other editor Window
color properties. Yes, it is tedious, it requires some planning and
designing to come up with something that is consistent and
aesthetically pleasing and give it a "catchy name" like "Midnight
Blue" or "Northern Stars"... Making such a scheme would take
about 100 boring lines of color assignments like this:
  // Spelling: underline colors
  // Filter Sets (special characters)
After that it is trivial to apply (load) it for other users. It
takes equal (and probably larger) amount of work to prepare a
sublime theme and make it pass "npm dependencies" tests -- for
those that know what that is:-) Installing an existing theme
(prepared by somebody else) is, of course, easy.
What I am saying is: it is perfectly possible for WinEdt users to
prepare themes like this and share them with others on winedt.org.
Popular designs might even become available as alternatives in the
future defaults. However, I will not embark on this myself. Graphic
design is not one of my strong skills. Furthermore, I personally
don't feel passionate enough about alternative color schemes and
would probably not use them anyway. I'll leave this one as a
challenge to the community. It can be done and it can be made
friendly to share without my direct involvement.
Fair enough?
Best regards,
Robert K | 20 Mar 08:48 2015

WinEdt Themes

Dear Users,
Do you know if it's possible to implement one of the Sublime Themes: http://colorsublime.com/
I mean an easy and painless way because I'm pretty sure that editing many files I will finally get what I want. I started tweaking it but I gave up - it's tedious and cumbersome.
If it's not possible does anybody plan (may be Alex in the foreseeable future) to write a plug-in?

- Robert       

Winifred | 17 Mar 10:21 2015

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Kamil | 1 Mar 17:06 2015

Winedt as an active window after running PDFLaTeX


I use build 20140917 - 64-bit on W7. When I run PDFLaTeX, the output pdf
appears in Sumatra but the Sumatra window remains active. I have to switch
manually (Alt-Tab) to Winedt and that can be annoying (especially when
multiple runs are necessary). I tried to experiment with SetFocus(''); (I
found it in an old thread from 2006; it seems obsolete(?)) putting it into
PDFLaTeX.edt but no success. I would like a similar behavior for LaTeX when
previewing it as a dvi file in DVIout.

Any help appreciated,

Lemenn | 25 Feb 22:36 2015



I have a .chm file (made by myself) that contains information
about TeX primitives.

This .chm file has links to The TeX Book (pdf) using a trick described
here http://www.cybertext.com.au/tips_HTML_chm_external.htm

An object is inserted in the .html page :
<object id="Knuth_124" type="application/x-oleobject"
        width="1" height="1"
<param name="Command" value="ShortCut">
<param name="Item1" value=",&quot;CHMOpenPDF.exe&quot;,
<param name="Item2" value="273,0,0">

Then a link is made with:
           <a onclick=JavaScript:Knuth_124.Click()>...</a>

This will trigger:  "CHMOpenPDF.exe" "TeXBook.pdf" "page=124"
(CHMOpenPDF is a small utility i made that forces Adobe Reader to close
and reopens TeXBook.pdf at a given page...)

When I launch the .chm file from a windows explorer, the links work
fine, but when I use HTMLHelp they don't work, as if JavaScript was
disabled (I tested with Owner = 0|1  and with WinEdt started as
Administrator or not with no success).

WinExe("", *hh.exe "%C\texchm.chm"*, "%C", "", 100000,0); // Links work
HTMLHelp("%C\texchm.chm', 1, 4, "<keyword>");       // Links don't work

Nota :  In the first case the corresponding process is hh.exe and
         in the second case it is WinEdt.exe ( whether or not Owner =
                                                                1|0 ).

Also, when the process is hh.exe, a caracteristic sound from IExplore
can be heared (Klack !) when a page is loaded (just like i.e.)

Any clue about HTMLHelp with javascript ? Probably the browser used
to display the pages is not the same in each case ?

Thanks by advance.

Staer, Arsenio | 25 Feb 20:19 2015

Copy code from WinEdt to Word keeping the syntax coloring

Dear WinEdt experts,

I was wondering if it were possible to copy the latex code from WinEdt to Word or anywhere with the syntax coloring intact? Say, \section light blue in WinEdt and same color in the copied text in Word. That's for revisions with non-latex using coauthors, which number plenty in my field.

If not WinEdt, then any other editor?

Thank you in advance,

Arsenio Staer 

P.S. This was also posted on latex-community.org.