Artie Ziff | 1 May 07:39 2008

Re: balance braces

> Done. For HTML & XML that is.
> Check out the Experimental bundle.
That's great to know about. It does a minimum of the "balance"
functionality, IMHO. However, it appears to be some what finicky
regarding which side of the brace one's cursor is on. So it's clunky at
best. Though I am happy to learn about the single level of balance
feature that it offers. It will be useful for occasional use. A former
user of the "the app formerly known as the mac programmers first choice"
would expect a much more refined implementation.

For a more refined version, imagine expanding the first selection
wider... to the next larger scope of balanced braces by repeating the
keystroke, and again.

And then picture using your mouse to click once on any brace and the
respective block of code is selected to balance the brace that was
selected with the mouse. (up or down the document) [[ actually it's a
single mouse-down while a modifier key is pressed.]]

I think those features are useful when surfing through new code written
by someone else.   :)

I am presuming Allan would be needed for some of those aspects.
Though if the internal architecture of Textmate does not support this
feature, then that is understandable.

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Allan Odgaard | 1 May 12:02 2008

Re: Feature Idea: Selectable TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY

On 26 Apr 2008, at 04:54, Luke Daley wrote:

> I would like to be able to active a directory withtin the project to  
> be the TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY until deactivated or another directory  
> activated.
> Use case: With maven it's common to have a master project with lots  
> of modules, sometimes you want to target a command to a particular  
> sub module, not the master module which is the TM project.
> You could argue that the commands should be smart about using the  
> project drawer selection, but IMO this can be confusing when dealing  
> with multiple selections.

Well, explicitly setting a “designated project folder” will be an  
option in the future (seeing how TM moves to a file browser instead of  
a jailed project folder), but I think that commands should not rely on  
users to change this, to have the commands work on a subset.

IMO letting commands work with the variables like this, for “what to  
process”, makes the most sense:


I do feel that lack of an abstraction for “what to work on” has caused  
bundles to use varying heuristics for this, which is bad, but I am not  
sure it makes sense to introduce an abstraction with so few variables,  
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Allan Odgaard | 1 May 12:05 2008

Re: key binding question

On 29 Apr 2008, at 06:26, phil swenson wrote:

> [...]
> In most apps I've been able to get cmd-y and cmd-d to work by adding
> this to the
> ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict file
> " <at> y"        = ("selectLine:", "delete:");
> " <at> d"        = ("selectLine:", "copy:");

I am surprised you can bind to the ⌘-key from this dictionary.

The key event handling in Leopard did however change, so maybe this is  
now possible for NSTextView, but might still not be for TextMate.

Try instead to record these actions as macros or do a simpler binding  
to test that the key actually works.

Allan Odgaard | 1 May 12:06 2008


On 29 Apr 2008, at 10:46, Hans-Joerg Bibiko wrote:

> what is the best way to detect whether only DIALOG1 is available or  
> Up to now I would do this by checking whether the shell variable  
> DIALOG_1 is set. If yes I can use DIALOG2 features, if not I have to  
> use DIALOG1 syntax.

Just for the archive, we talked briefly about this on IRC, and there  
is no real good way, but testing for the presence of the DIALOG_1  
variable at least works for now.

Allan Odgaard | 1 May 12:10 2008

Re: Highlighting Found items

On 29 Apr 2008, at 21:13, (((Bonsai Studio))) - Giuseppe wrote:

>  <at> Allan,
> it would be nice to get in v2 the yellow animated Leopard  
> highlighting.
> Do you think it will be implemented?

I will quote my previous comment on giving specifics about feature  

     [...] I have taken note of the request, it might be
     added to a future version, I can’t really say for
     sure before I have actually implemented it _and
     shipped_ the version where it has been added

Allan Odgaard | 1 May 12:14 2008

Re: Re: sofwrap

On 30 Apr 2008, at 17:56, Laudun John wrote:

> On Apr 30, 2008, at 07:00, Jacob Rus wrote:
>> Whether this will be implemented any time soon, or ever, is an open  
>> question, but several months ago we had some good discussions on  
>> ##textmate about how to make the most incredible indented softwrap  
>> the world has ever seen.
> Is that conversation archived anywhere? I'd be curious to know what  
> people were attempting and what they were able to achieve.

I have these notes from Jacob:

Allan Odgaard | 1 May 12:15 2008

Re: Problem with finding libraries using ruby.

On 30 Apr 2008, at 19:19, John Hannah wrote:

> [...] I can run the scripts from the command line without issue.  
> However when I run the same script from with TextMate using command- 
> R I end up with an error [...]


Allan Odgaard | 1 May 12:20 2008

Re: Doc for Tcl mode

On 30 Apr 2008, at 17:37, Juan Falgueras wrote:

> the original command to get man doc from Tcl commands in Tcl mode  
> was broken (at least in my system -with Developer Tools installed)   
> I have simplify it to a simpler and working script borrow from the  
> Shell script mode one:

Is there any reason to actually keep this, instead of just removing it  
and relying on the command from the Shell Script bundle?

I can imagine for Tcl you’d want to provide the manual section, but  
doesn’t seem like your command does that.

Ciarán Walsh | 1 May 12:23 2008


On 29/04/2008, Hans-Joerg Bibiko <bibiko-WIzSxt/> wrote:

what is the best way to detect whether only DIALOG1 is available or DIALOG2?

I've been using ENV['DIALOG'] =~ /_2$/ 

But I do not know whether there will be a change in the near future?

Perhaps we could add a method to TextMate::UI, so we can just update the implementation if anything changes. 


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Allan Odgaard | 1 May 12:30 2008

Re: Lock files in project drawer

On 30 Apr 2008, at 18:13, Christian wrote:

> When I work with new projects I often orientate on old ones.  
> Therefore I include these old files in the project drawer within my  
> new project. Often I copy something from the old ones. To prevent  
> the old (original) files from being changed during that, is there  
> way to lock it or give only rights for reading to it?

You can make it non-writable from the shell or Finder, TextMate will  
respect that.