Re: [TeXmacs] files used in a talk about texmacs in spanish

Hi all,

I have relation with the people who made the second document. May be 
this document doesn't arrive to the users list (as many of mine for 
inexplicable reason), but I'm cross-posting it to devs and also to the 
original author of second doc.



Pablo Angulo wrote:
> Hello, Joris:
> I've corrected the problems with my file: I used pixels (px) instead of
> points (pt), so it looked good on my screen. The link is the same.
> I have no relation with the people who wrote the second document I
> mention. I just found it on their website and found it appropiate for
> self-study but not for a one-hour workshop. Should I try to contact them
> and ask them if they want to release the texmacs source file?
> Regards!
> Joris van der Hoeven escribió:
>> Hi Pablo,
>> I would be happy to mention the documents on our website,
>> modulo a few modifications: in the first document,
>> some of the material (the framed text and some images)
>> does not fit into the width of a paragraph. Please fix.
>> In the second document, their seems to be a problem with some of
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