Karl Hegbloom | 23 May 08:14 2016

[TeXmacs] Juris-M (zotero) integration pre-release is functioning and available.

I've been working on integration of the Juris-M / Zotero reference manager with TeXmacs. I have working code, and it's available for people to try it:


For now, you have to run it from a git clone, and it requires a patched copy of Juris-M, which can also be run from a git clone. I've submitted a pull request to them, and with any luck it will be accepted and at that point the standard installation will work. I just finished getting this working this evening, and have not heard anything from them yet.

What's left to do: I want to make it possible to enter the zcite tag by hand, with a hybrid command or a keyboard shortcut. That will mean making something magical happen when the tag is activated or something. I'm still learning how to make that sort of thing work. I will also be adding some prefs and more support for options like making a particular citation be in-text when the style puts them in footnotes.

What works: Everything on the menu: Add citation, edit citation, add bibliography, edit bibliography, refresh, and set document preferences. You can change citation styles by setting the preferences, and it will update the entire document then.

Karl M. Hegbloom

Z.WU | 22 May 13:23 2016

[TeXmacs] How To Set Up 1.5 Lines pace

Hi guys,

One quick question. How to set up 1.5b line space as the default style? I believe the default line space is 1b in texmacs.


Karl Hegbloom | 19 May 21:26 2016

[TeXmacs] I need help with scheme + style macros.

I'm working on a connector between TeXmacs and Zotero, using the OpenOffice connector wire protocol. It needs to be able to send the noteindex when it makes a new field. My style macros look at the CSL style type gotten by parsing the xml document preferences data that Zotero sends for storage inside the document,  and behave differently for an in-text citation style vs a note style citation format. For note styles,  it makes a footnote inside of the citation rendering macro. Behind the text of the citation it calls a set-binding to create a reference binding with it's key based on the field's ID string and value based on the footnote number.

The problem is that the scheme code that inserts it after picking a menu item that initiates the protocol communication exchange with Zotero can not get a valid reference binding until the typesetter had run to set it. There's a race,  and a need to give up control for the gui refresh to call the typesetter,  right?

What just occurred to me,  before I forget,  is that I can have it insert the zcite tree right when the button is pushed in the menu,  then leaving cursor-path there, send the message to Zotero that asks it to call back to manage insertion of the new citation field. The subroutine that sends it starts a delayed form in the GUI mainloop runq, which listens for an available return message over the same still open tcp port. Meanwhile, I will wait-call (synchronously) update-current-buffer, then return from the menu callback.

When Zotero calls back,  goes through its setup caps and finally asks my side to insert the new cite field tag,  it will already be there, and hopefully by now will have a valid reference binding holding the correct noteIndex to send back.

If that solution works I'll try to remember to acknowledge it here.

Karl.Hegbloom <at> gmail.com

Friedrich Laher | 15 May 16:03 2016

[TeXmacs] Page?-NO:heart-breaking

pagebreaking of  1.99.4
makes me cry

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jflievre | 15 May 09:20 2016

[TeXmacs] Problem with ALT key (Windows)


I'm a new user of TeXmacs (running 1.99.4 on Windows 10).
I've a problem with ALT key.
Pressing ALT key in math mode doesn't work so it is impossible to get
fraction, square roots, ... by this way.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards.


Karl Hegbloom | 13 May 19:58 2016

[TeXmacs] Build broken by change to iconv detection.

I could not get it to build because it's trying to find a libiconv, but iconv is part of glibc. I was able to build it after some monkeying around with replacing the iconv.m4 with the one in /usr/share/aclocal, adding lib-ld.m4, lib-link.m4, and lib-prefix.m4, changing the LC_ICONV to AC_ICONV in configure.in, and changing a few of the variables in the src/makefile.in, and then running autoconf to regenerate configure.

I must also still add -lz to src/makefile.in link_options variable.
Michael Shea | 29 Apr 21:16 2016

Re: [TeXmacs] No response after CMD-w to close window on TeXmacs 1.99.4 OS X

I am having a similar problem with version 1.99.3 on Windows. If I close the last buffer with "File-Close Document" I get a not responding message in the title bar and/or a "TexXmacs Qt Windows has stopped working" dialog box. 

On Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 10:22 AM, Z.WU <z-h.wu <at> foxmail.com> wrote:

It is not the first case. Actually, when I open TeXmacs the first time, and try to close the window, I notice the yes or no choice.  But this time it is really not that case, the Activity  Monitor also shows red line on TeXmacs with not responding.

------------------ Original ------------------
From:  "David G. Wonnacott";<davew <at> cs.haverford.edu>;
Send time: Friday, Apr 29, 2016 7:56 PM
Subject:  Re: [TeXmacs] No response after CMD-w to close window on TeXmacs 1.99.4 OS X

When I show students how to use TeXmacs, sometimes I find that they overlook a prompt at the bottom of the main window, e.g. a question about saving files before quitting. This can cause the symptoms you describe: TeXmacs won't do *anything* until you answer that question.

I think there is a way to set preferences to have TeXmacs ask such questions appear in a separate pop-up window.

Or, it could be a bug I've not seen.

-- Dave W (sent from my phone, so please excuse brevity, speak-o's, and swype-o's)

On April 29, 2016 4:23:24 AM EDT, "Z.WU" <z-h.wu <at> foxmail.com> wrote:
Hi, guys,

This is Steven. I have one question while using TeXmacs 1.99.4 OS X version. When I press CMD-w to close a file, the TeXmacs window turns to be dead (not responding). The only way is to force to quit.  I tried  to reinstall it, but still the same problem there. However, after downgrading to 1.99.1, this problem does not show up.

Any ideas?