Michael Shea | 27 Jun 23:11 2015

[TeXmacs] Color big operators with sub and super scripts in Display Math Mode

I wanted to point out what I consider an anomaly in how TeXmacs handles superscripts and subscripts in display mode, when you want to change the color of the big operator.  

Equations (1) and (3) is the output you get create the entire expression, then try to color the big operator only. While the big operators remain the size consistent with displayed equations, the scripts are being treated as if the equation is in inline (formula) mode. 

To get the desired output in (2) and (4),  I had to color the entire expression, then go back and select the superscript and subscripts individually and color them black. 

The source code shows how the result ends up nesting the color commands. 

Michael Snarski | 26 Jun 18:34 2015

[TeXmacs] Imported LaTeX alignment and citation

Hi all,

As I understand it, citations and references are not perfect in Texmacs. In order to avoid issues with collaborators, I've tried writing my document in Texmacs with \cite{ . } written into the text, then exporting to .tex and adding a simple bibliography in .tex code using \thebibliography. 

One disadvantage (besides the obvious lack of efficiency) is that one I import that once I save this new file in .tex, then remove the bibliography and import the .tex file (sans bibliography) back into texmacs, the alignment of the file is affected. There is a gray right-margin that gives an asymmetric presentation of the page. I've tried playing with various margin settings in Document -> Page -> Margins but to no avail. Suggestions?

Best regards,

Nicola Mingotti | 25 Jun 23:23 2015

[TeXmacs] How to get new documents in new windows by default?

Hi guys,

Is there a place I can set TeXmacs to open all
new documents in new windows by default?

For documents I mean also the "buffers" called by
clicking in the "Help" submenus. I would like these
things to be opened in different windows by default
so I can keep always an eye on the thing I'm actually writing.


Miguel de Benito Delgado | 25 Jun 23:06 2015

Re: [TeXmacs] TeXmacs Subversion

On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 11:02 PM, Michael Shea <msheakc <at> gmail.com> wrote:
I never heard of the texmacs --setup switch, as I don't ordinarily launch it from a command prompt. Can you tell me briefly what it does?

It rebuilds internal caches (fonts, styles) if there were any changes in their format or the original content. This is important when there are changes to the available symbols in fonts, when there are new style macros added to the core, etc. Just do it every time you update the source code from SVN.

Miguel de  Benito.
David Latreyte | 25 Jun 16:04 2015

[TeXmacs] Drawing a spiral

Hello everybody,

i’am wondering how i could draw a spiral with texmacs. Has anyone an idea ?

Thank you for your help.

David Latreyte
david.latreyte <at> gmail.com

Michael Snarski | 24 Jun 19:38 2015

[TeXmacs] [Texmacs] subscripts, superscripts and find


When I put a subscript on a superscript, or a superscript on a subscript, it does not display, even though it is saved in the .tex file. Is there any way to force them to display?

Also, is there any way to find and replace math characters? 

Best regards,

Alexandre Dezotti | 24 Jun 09:53 2015

Re: [TeXmacs] How to write (°C or °F) in TeXmacs?

I don't know. Apparently your keyboard works normally with other applications.

Other people might know better than me..


2015-06-23 12:57 GMT+02:00 Hemza KHERIBOT <hemza.dz <at> gmail.com>:
I'm too using Texmacs 1.99.2 on my Linux machine. I noticed that even accented letters like é, à, è. I never try to write french in Texmacs. Perhaps because of my OS local settings or what????

On 23 June 2015 at 08:35, Alexandre Dezotti <dezotti.alexandre <at> gmail.com> wrote:

I also have a french azerty, but I don't have this issue: Shift+) produce the expected symbol (even if the selected language is not french).
This is with Texmacs v. 1.99.2.


2015-06-23 10:26 GMT+02:00 Hemza KHERIBOT <hemza.dz <at> gmail.com>:
Is there an other way to write 60 °C other then using LaTeX commands:
The circle symbol exists on my keyboard (Azerty, french) but I can not print it in TeXmacs.

Nicola Mingotti | 24 Jun 03:01 2015

[TeXmacs] Do hyperlinks work ?

Hi guys,

I've a very simple question, maybe I'm missing something.
I'm trying to put hyperlinks (by Insert->Link->Hyperlink) in one of my documents but when I export to pdf, the links do not work.

I've tried to "click them" in xdf and Okular in Linux. And in Preview
of OSX, no differences, it does not work. I attach an example.

I'm using the stable release of TeXmacs in Linux Debian.

Nicola Mingotti

Attachment (tmp.pdf): application/pdf, 7047 bytes
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Michael Shea | 24 Jun 01:26 2015

[TeXmacs] Style Package Issue

I am wanting to write a few macros, so I am starting out the manual page Writing TeXmacs style files but I can't even get the first macro to work.

I created a mystyle.ts in %APPDATA%\texmacs\packages with the following macro.

I then create a new document, click on the "+" and select the mystyle package. Then I type in "\hi" and hit enter and this is all I get. 

Michael Shea | 23 Jun 22:59 2015

[TeXmacs] Howto: TeXmacs and Maxima on Windows

After going through quit a bit of trial and error, I finally got the Maxima plugin for TeXmacs working on Windows, and I did not even have to edit any of the scheme files. 

The linked file has the steps I used that worked on both a Windows 7 and a Windows 8 machine. Please feel free to forward the link to anyone in need of it. 

If you find any problems let me know. I plan to keep this file updated when new versions of Maxima and TeXmacs come out. 

Hemza KHERIBOT | 23 Jun 10:26 2015

[TeXmacs] How to write (°C or °F) in TeXmacs?

Is there an other way to write 60 °C other then using LaTeX commands:
The circle symbol exists on my keyboard (Azerty, french) but I can not print it in TeXmacs.