Simon | 23 Apr 14:57 2014

[TeXmacs] Centering the title in double-column mode


I'm trying to center the title while writing paragraphs in double-column 
mode. Is this supported by texmacs in any way?
I tried looking through the style sources but could not find anything 


Shivkumar Chandrasekaran | 18 Apr 19:37 2014

[TeXmacs] RCS

I prefer using RCS for version control, and it would be nice to be able 
to insert the string $Id$ into a texmacs file so that the version 
information can be embedded into the texmacs file by RCS.

What is the simplest way to ensure that the string $Id$ appears as is in 
the *.tm file?

Furthermore, once I check it into RCS via "ci *.tm", RCS will replace 
$Id$ with a more complicated string of the form $complicated-string$. It 
is essential that this change not break texmacs. My first attempt at 
sneaking in $Id$ into the *.tm file did not work, so I am turning to the 
gurus on this list for help.



Victor Porton | 18 Apr 16:31 2014

[TeXmacs] Inserting new columnt/rows into a table does not work!

I've created a "big table".

Then I tried to press Alt+Left, Alt+Right, Super+Left, Super+Right and nothing happens (new columns are
not inserted). What is wrong?

Debian Linux "jessie" with Gnome.

Note that I've checked that Alt+Left, Alt+Right, Super+Left, Super+Right are not assigned keyboard
shortcuts in Gnome.

Also it is a bug that there are no necessary buttons in the toolbar when editing a table.

Victor Porton -

Victor Porton | 12 Apr 00:32 2014

[TeXmacs] Extensible down and up arrow

Please introduce new kinds of markup:

* extensible down arrow
* extensible up arrow

Such arrow would be useful for drawing diagrams. (And yes, I really need this kind of diagrams.)

Victor Porton -

Victor Porton | 11 Apr 19:09 2014

[TeXmacs] Integrate TeXmacs with LibreOffice?

First: I realize that this my idea may be extremely hard to implement.

TeXmacs diagram drawing capabilities are severely limited. So now I consider LibreOffice Draw to draw a
diagram to be inserted into a TeXmacs document.

But in the diagram I need math formulas. Yes, LibreOffice has its own formula facilities, but: 1. it is not a
good as TeXmacs concerning formulas; 2. I need to duplicate the same formulas in both TeXmacs and
LibreOffice formats (they may also look differently because of different fonts, etc.)

It would be good if I could be able to insert TeXmacs objects (such as formulas) in a LibreOffice document.

Victor Porton -

Miguel de Benito Delgado | 26 Mar 16:06 2014

Re: [TeXmacs] texmacs table caption

I forgot to mention that it's probably better to modify the rendering
of standard tables than to add new macros. I did the former in my
recent commit to the SVN, but I suggested the latter in my first

I don't think it makes much sense to mix both styles (captions above
and below figures) in the same document, so the "proper" thing to do
would be to simply redefine render-small-figure and render-big-figure
in your style file.

Miguel de  Benito.

On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 9:49 PM, Rodolfo Jordao <jor.rodolfo <at>> wrote:
> Thanks for both answers! this helps a lot :)
> On Tue, 25 Mar 2014 20:46:31 -0000, Miguel de Benito Delgado
> <m.debenito.d <at>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   I just committed changes to the SVN which allow you to place
>> captions of tables and figures above them. If you can compile TeXmacs
>> from source, yuo just need to use the standard way to customize your
>> document using the little wrench icon in the focus bar. While having
>> the cursor inside a table or figure you'll see among the "standard
>> options" an item "Captions above".
(Continue reading)

Bill Page | 24 Mar 16:40 2014

[TeXmacs] Adding TeXmacs symbols to FriCAS math-mode input

The following patch is based on similar coding in mupad-input.scm  It
encodes all TeXmacs symbols as FriCAS identifiers by introducing
escapes in FriCAS symbol names in such a way
Rodolfo Jordao | 18 Mar 18:41 2014

[TeXmacs] texmacs table caption

Hello guys! I'm new to the texmacs and wanted to say congratulations for  
software!  It is a nasty piece of work :), just started to use some days
ago. Along the compliments i have a few practical questions.

First, how do set the caption above the table floating object? i tried to
modify the macro but my current knowledge of the inner language workings  
quite limited... could someone help me out in this?

Second, is it hard to create a own type of title page? understand this as
the amount of hack needed.

Lastly, how do i change the bibliography layout? I need to make it into a  
style referencing (the package cite-author-year already took care of the  
in-text problems!)

As a veteran of Latex (Not expert! just some years of experience) i must  
that the basics that anyone would need are perfectly cooked up. The main
drawback that i found so far that may keep me from switching permanently
 from Latex/Lyx is the lack of complete documentation if one wants to "dive
in", the user manual does not have all that may be needed.