marc lalaude-labayle | 1 Feb 18:04 2015

[TeXmacs] new style

Hi to all,

i'd like to modify the book style into a thesis style with the following constraints: the font should be 12pt for the whole document except for the citation for which it should be 11pt. The exercises and problems should be 12pt too.

Where do i have to modify these options in the book style in order to get this new style ?

Thx for your help.

Nicola Mingotti | 30 Jan 17:48 2015

[TeXmacs] How to hilight a word/sentence?


Is there a way i can hilight a sentence in TeXmacs?
In yellow, as the classic paper higlighter does, or with other colors as well.

thank you in advance for your help


Michael Kovarik | 23 Jan 22:25 2015

[TeXmacs] [TeXMacs] Multiple columns for pages

I know that paragraphs support multiple columns via Format -> Paragraphs -> Number of Columns. However, pressing return in this environment does not create a new paragraph in the multcolumn environment. Instead it seems to create a new column. Is this feature intended? How would I make entire pages multicolumn?


Peeter Tinits | 19 Jan 17:15 2015

[TeXmacs] Using R plugin with Texmacs on Windows

Dear list members,

Among other plugins, Texmacs allows one to interface to R, due to excellent work
by some community members: see here

I am wondering if anyone can comment on the possibilities of using the feature on windows.

The thread linked above offered the chance to use a Linux virtualbox, and offered that perhaps
the 'pipes' in windows do not allow you to link to R. 

I have tried using the latest version on Windows 7 for it, but it only offers Python and Scheme
under the interactive sessions, and does not find it on calling R.

Is there any way I could activate it? 

Does anyone have ideas on how and whether it could be possible to use the interface on Windows (without resorting to a Virtual machine).

(Of course I could always convert to Linux, but perhaps there is a way?)

Many thanks!

Friedrich Laher | 18 Jan 18:54 2015

Re: [TeXmacs] Fwd: menus lost

Am 17.01.2015 um 22:53 schrieb Kurt Pagani:
Hello Friederich Am 17.01.2015 um 22:10 schrieb Friedrich Laher:
-------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht -------- Betreff: [TeXmacs] menus lost Datum: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 21:39:53 +0100 Von: Friedrich Laher <fritz.laher <at>> Antwort an: Friedrich Laher <fritz.laher <at>> An: texmacs-users <texmacs-users <at>> I unfortunately clicked in "View" ( geman: "Ansicht") somthing that removed all buttons/menus, and trying "texmacs -S" only did me get how can I get back to "normal" ? ok, found it myself: deleete, in homedirectory, the directory .TeXmacs
That's a bit harsh. The scheme command "(toggle-visible-header)" for instance controls the visibility of the header. One may want to insert it to my-init-buffer.scm like: (kbd-map ;; ... ;; toggle header ("t h ." (toggle-visible-header)) ;; fit to screen ("f t s ." (fit-to-screen)) ("f t s w ." (fit-to-screen-width)) ;; zoom +- ("z + ." (zoom-in (sqrt (sqrt 2.0)))) ("z - ." (zoom-out (sqrt (sqrt 2.0)))) ("C-n" (zoom-in (sqrt (sqrt 2.0)))) ("C-m" (zoom-out (sqrt (sqrt 2.0)))) ) Each time you write "th." the header is shown or disappears (you may take other character/key combinations, however, note the blanks. Possibly there are other methods I'm not aware of. -- Kurt
Thanks Kurt! - but where should that my-initbuffer.scm be placed ?
And I expect,
(kbd-map ;; ... ;; toggle header ("t h ." (toggle-visible-header)) ) will be sufficient? - and I think, such drastic changes of settings should last only until the file is closed and undoing them not depend on my-initbuffer.scm . Fritz

Peeter Tinits | 19 Jan 15:37 2015

Re: [TeXmacs] background on images is light blue?

Dear Miguel and Alexandre,

Thanks for your help, I updated my texmacs to the latest now, but on trying the same .tm file I sent to the list, I got "Error: Failed in end PDF"
and when I tried adding any .eps file to the .tm I got an {Error|Bad image|null box} instead. I checked the preferences so that both pdf and ps
are set to use "native export scripts" and tested the image converter with both .svg and .eps settings (do we actually have to change it depending
on the images included).

Maybe there are some settings I can still use, - 
I am on Windows 7 (I can give more details), but I wouldn't think that this would cause the issue.

No rush with this, but I'm not sure how to solve this problem,

Many thanks for your help again (I was hoping the new version would be effortless :) )



On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 11:19 AM, Miguel de Benito Delgado <m.debenito.d <at>> wrote:

On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 12:57 AM, Peeter Tinits <peeter.tinits <at>> wrote:
I'll try if a newer version might help. 

Likely. Starting with 1.99.1 PDF export is done with an internal renderer, instead of relying on conversion through external tools. This fixed some issues (though introduced a few new ones). If you update, be sure to check the preferences to select the internal pdf renderer and test.

Miguel de  Benito.

Simon | 23 Apr 14:57 2014

[TeXmacs] Centering the title in double-column mode


I'm trying to center the title while writing paragraphs in double-column 
mode. Is this supported by texmacs in any way?
I tried looking through the style sources but could not find anything 


François Poulain | 22 Apr 13:06 2014

Re: [TeXmacs] RCS


Le Fri, 18 Apr 2014 10:37:56 -0700,
Shivkumar Chandrasekaran <shiv <at>> a écrit :

> I prefer using RCS for version control, and it would be nice to be
> able to insert the string $Id$ into a texmacs file so that the
> version information can be embedded into the texmacs file by RCS.
> What is the simplest way to ensure that the string $Id$ appears as is
> in the *.tm file?
> Furthermore, once I check it into RCS via "ci *.tm", RCS will replace 
> $Id$ with a more complicated string of the form $complicated-string$.
> It is essential that this change not break texmacs. My first attempt
> at sneaking in $Id$ into the *.tm file did not work, so I am turning
> to the gurus on this list for help.

For testing purpose, I think you should add it in the "initial" section
of .tm files. This could gives:



  Test RCS.


By the way, you will have no guarantee that your Id string is conserved
as-is. Linefeeds and other stuff can occurs. Also, the Id string should
not deface the TeXmacs document. To ensure this, verify that the
brackets < > are properly escaped via \<less\> and \<gtr\>.



François Poulain <fpoulain <at>>

François Poulain | 22 Apr 10:33 2014

Re: [TeXmacs] Inserting new columnt/rows into a table does not work!


Le Fri, 18 Apr 2014 17:31:12 +0300,
Victor Porton <porton <at>> a écrit :

> I've created a "big table".

"big table" are not tabulars. They are only a floating captioned
environment, like in LaTeX.

I will change the UI to automatically insert tabulars in big/small



François Poulain <fpoulain <at>>

Javier Arántegui | 22 Apr 10:13 2014

Re: [TeXmacs] Integrate TeXmacs with LibreOffice?


I’m quite old school here and xfig is my choice for these kind of drawings. It let you write LaTeX formulas
and TeXmacs render the them correctly when imports the .fig files.


El 14/04/2014, a las 10:33, François Poulain <fpoulain <at>> escribió:

> Le Mon, 14 Apr 2014 08:38:53 +0200 (CEST),
> "Jerzy Wrobel" <wrobel <at>> a écrit :
>> Try IPE (, it uses (pdf)LaTeX natively.
>> You can export your Texmacs text (formula) as latex source,
>> and put it there.
> You can also use Inkscape. You can copy TeXmacs stuff into Inkscape
> document, and reedit it via TeXmacs when needed.
> By the way, Inkscape it not the perfect tool for diagrams. Dia is
> more appropriate imho.
> François
> -- 
> François Poulain <fpoulain <at>>

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Miguel de Benito Delgado | 26 Mar 16:06 2014

Re: [TeXmacs] texmacs table caption

I forgot to mention that it's probably better to modify the rendering
of standard tables than to add new macros. I did the former in my
recent commit to the SVN, but I suggested the latter in my first

I don't think it makes much sense to mix both styles (captions above
and below figures) in the same document, so the "proper" thing to do
would be to simply redefine render-small-figure and render-big-figure
in your style file.

Miguel de  Benito.

On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 9:49 PM, Rodolfo Jordao <jor.rodolfo <at>> wrote:
> Thanks for both answers! this helps a lot :)
> On Tue, 25 Mar 2014 20:46:31 -0000, Miguel de Benito Delgado
> <m.debenito.d <at>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   I just committed changes to the SVN which allow you to place
>> captions of tables and figures above them. If you can compile TeXmacs
>> from source, yuo just need to use the standard way to customize your
>> document using the little wrench icon in the focus bar. While having
>> the cursor inside a table or figure you'll see among the "standard
>> options" an item "Captions above".
>> Or you can wait for the soon-to-come next release. ;)
>> Best,
>> --
>> Miguel de  Benito.
>> On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 10:05 AM, Miguel de Benito Delgado
>> <m.debenito.d <at>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> welcome to the list Rodolfo.
>>> On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 6:41 PM, Rodolfo Jordao <jor.rodolfo <at>>
>>> wrote:
>>>> First, how do set the caption above the table floating object? i tried
>>>> to
>>>> modify the macro but my current knowledge of the inner language workings
>>>> are
>>>> quite limited... could someone help me out in this?
>>> I recommend you start with Tools->Edit macros... You can filter the
>>> macros on the left pane and look at how macros related to the one you
>>> are interested in are defined. This is how I found out that I needed
>>> to copy "render-small-figure", just inverting the rows in the table. I
>>> looked for small-table, then saw that it used render-small-figure
>>> (select "source" at the bottom left of the dialog.
>>> This is the result:
>>> <assign|render-small-figure-rev|<macro|type|name|fig|cap|<tabular*|<tformat|<cwith|1|-1|1|-1|cell-lsep|0spc>|<cwith|1|-1|1|-1|cell-rsep|0spc>|<cwith|2|2|1|1|cell-height|0.5fn>|<twith|table-valign|B>|<cwith|3|3|1|1|cell-hyphen|t>|<twith|table-width|1par>|<twith|table-hmode|min>|<cwith|1|1|1|1|cell-lsep|0spc>|<cwith|1|1|1|1|cell-rsep|0spc>|<cwith|1|1|1|1|cell-hyphen|t>|<cwith|3|3|1|1|cell-lsep|0spc>|<cwith|3|3|1|1|cell-rsep|0spc>|<table|<row|<\cell>
>>> <small|<\surround|<figure-name|<arg|name><figure-sep>><list-caption|<arg|type>|<arg|cap>>|>
>>>     <arg|cap>
>>>   </surround>>
>>> </cell>>|<row|<cell|>>|<\row>
>>>   <resize|<arg|fig>|<minus|1l|2fn>||<plus|1r|2fn>|>
>>> </row>>>>>>
>>> It looks awful, yes. Just copy the text and inside TeXmacs go to
>>> Edit->Paste from->TeXmacs. Something will be copied but you won't see
>>> it: just hit backspace to "deactivate" the macro and see its contents.
>>> You will have to deactivate the inner macros as well to see their
>>> contents.
>>> Now all you need to do is create a new small-table macro which uses this
>>> one:
>>> <assign|small-table-rev|<macro|body|caption|<compound|next-table><render-small-figure-rev|table|<compound|table-text>
>>> <compound|the-table>|<arg|body>|<arg|caption>>>>
>>> Again, copy the code and "Edit->Paste from->TeXmacs" into a document.
>>> You'll want to add these two to your own style file in
>>> ~/.TeXmacs/packages, so you can use it in every document without
>>> having to create a preamble or pasting the macros directly in the text
>>> as we did.
>>>> Second, is it hard to create a own type of title page? understand this
>>>> as
>>>> the amount of hack needed.
>>> Nope, it shouldn't be hard. Search for "title" in the documentation.
>>> You can also look at some style file and look at how it's done (you
>>> can search in code with Shift+F1). It can be a bit confusing at the
>>> beginning but it pays off ;)
>>>> Lastly, how do i change the bibliography layout? I need to make it into
>>>> a
>>>> harvard
>>>> style referencing (the package cite-author-year already took care of the
>>>> in-text problems!)
>>> This is quite more complicated. Either you write a scheme file copying
>>> what is done for the "tm-*" styles, or you use external (ru)bibtex. I
>>> have no experience with the latter, though.
>>> It'd be great to have CSL support but someone has to write it...
>>>> As a veteran of Latex (Not expert! just some years of experience) i must
>>>> say
>>>> that the basics that anyone would need are perfectly cooked up. The main
>>>> drawback that i found so far that may keep me from switching permanently
>>>> from Latex/Lyx is the lack of complete documentation if one wants to
>>>> "dive
>>>> in", the user manual does not have all that may be needed.
>>> This is true and in the spirit of many open source projects you'll
>>> have to see how things are done (in the style files, in the scheme
>>> code) to do your own stuff. It can be frustrating at times. However,
>>> the manual contains a wealth of information which is just not so easy
>>> to find / browse. Be sure to search thoroughly and / or ask here.
>>> Good luck!
>>> PS: on second thought I might add this -rev macros (and the rest for
>>> figures, unnumbered environments, etc.) to the code base. They are
>>> handy and common enough to be offered as standard variants of the
>>> standard ones. Stay tuned...
>>> --
>>> Miguel de  Benito.
> --
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