Guy Jollivet | 10 Feb 08:23 2016

[TeXmacs] Unscribe.

can you unscribe me of the hotline news.
Best regards.
Adrian S. | 9 Feb 21:25 2016

[TeXmacs] Voting to use TeXmacs in Rollapp

I just found Rollapp, and voted to have texmacs in it:

This would be helpful to have a texmacs viewer online for free.  It
would also give an option to run TeXmacs in the cloud.

Rollapp allows for free to work as a viewer, and for a fee allows to
save in a cloud service.

Hope this helps someone.

pdiazs | 8 Feb 16:41 2016

[TeXmacs] special characters


I would like to use $ for units and % for percentages inside formulas

Any guess


Nicolas Ratier | 4 Feb 17:20 2016

[TeXmacs] Compiling TeXmacs under openSUSE


To compile TeXmacs under openSUSE:
Change guile18 for guile1 in the file configure
it should now be (lines 4670:4672)
   guile1-config link > /dev/null || {
./configure and make are now OK


$ diff -r TeXmacs-1.99.4-src-old/ TeXmacs-1.99.4-src
diff -r TeXmacs-1.99.4-src-old/configure TeXmacs-1.99.4-src/configure
<   GUILE_BIN="guile18"
<   GUILE_CONFIG="guile18-config"
<   guile18-config link > /dev/null || {
 >   GUILE_BIN="guile1"
 >   GUILE_CONFIG="guile1-config"
 >   guile1-config link > /dev/null || {

pdiazs | 3 Feb 09:58 2016

[TeXmacs] Modifiers and keyboard


I cannot use meta modifiers in my keyboard, i am trying to modify keys
following the instructions but the procedure described in the manual for
adapting keyboard is probably outdated.

When i go to edit-preferences-keyboard dont see how to redefine key functions

Just find remote control, cirillic, spacebar text, spacebar math, automatic
quotes and automatic brackets.

Any guess?


pdiazs | 3 Feb 09:50 2016

[TeXmacs] How to use macro arguments


Once a macro is defined i would like to know ho call the arguments of the mcro
from the body of the macro

I am using texmacs under windows and i have some problems with modifiers.

lets create a script called "callmacro"


i introduce a and b just as characters without any special addition, so the
problem may reside on an omission  at the moment of the definition |a|b| ,  or
at the moment of invoking it a*b. Any guess?


Marduk Bolaños | 2 Feb 22:01 2016

[TeXmacs] Hide Maxima session from exported LaTeX file

Dear all,

I have a document with several Maxima sessions and I would
like to omit them in the exported LaTeX file.

I tried inserting the Maxima session in the body of the
"specific" tag without success. I also tried copy and paste in
the document source view, but it did not work.

Please help.

Bonus points if you also tell me how to override the default
style to set <specific|screen as default for all Maxima

Thanks in advance.


Marduk Bolaños | 1 Feb 09:31 2016

[TeXmacs] Export to LaTeX produces empty file

Dear all,

I just found out that exporting a document to LaTeX, when the
document contains a Maxima session, produces an empty file.

Actually, I do not want to export the Maxima session. I would
like to know whether it is possible to use the "specific" tag
for this purpose. What is the preferred way do do it?

I am using TeXmacs 1.99.2 in Arch Linux.

Best regards,

Michael Shea | 5 Feb 04:19 2016

Re: [TeXmacs] My Modified eqnarray* Environment

I read Leslie Lamport's article. It is very interesting and she makes great points. It is available at This is a 2010 update of her original paper on the subject found at  

Although Lamport's papers are I think important and will warrant further study, for my purposes right now I just want a 4th column in an eqnarry environment that has left justified text (that does not start out in math mode). I currently tutor math students and use TeXmacs for solving examples. I want to be able to include some justification for steps in that 4th column. 

Kark K suggested that I "...put a 'document' structure inside that last column...". I am not sure how to do that. The only way I know to reference the last column is with <cwith|1|-1|4|4|var|val> but var must be from the Table Layout list and I do not see a var there that would allow me to have a <document> tag auto inserted into each new 4th column. 

On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 11:36 AM, Karl Hegbloom <karl.hegbloom <at>> wrote:

Leslie Lamport the author of LaTeX wrote an article about using a structured style to use for writing proofs. I can't remember the name of the article or how to find it off hand and I don't have time to look it up. What I remember though is that when I used it I found it really did help with readability of my mathematical proof. I've also used the similar modification to the equation array in TeXmacs. I knew even less about it than I do now and I still don't know how to solve the problem you're presenting. I did about the same thing you're doing there.

I can't do the experiment and figure it out for you because I'm too busy. I would start with trying to put a 'document' structure inside that last column then play with the table and cell settings in case it needs to wrap for long lines. Start with reading the source to included macros, perhaps the float environments like table and figure or example,  proof,  etc have it.

For writing proofs in the style that Leslie Lamport advocates in the article I mentioned I think we would need sort of a list style. Each proof step list item's number needs to be accessible via a label for referencing from inside the notes field. But the label is optional,  and must be filled in by the user because it's not needed for every step and to make it line number independent in case of insertions or rearrangement during editing.

I want outline editing functions and keybindings, to move nested enumerated lists around. For a proof writing list environment the same keys would occasionally be useful.

On Tue, Jan 19, 2016, 19:51 Michael Shea <msheakc <at>> wrote:
I made the following modification to the eqnarray* environment to add a 4th column. The purpose to to add a justification or notes columns so as to provide a justification for steps in a solutions process. 

It works pretty good, but I would like to have the 4th column to default to text mode,  so I don't have to mouse to the "T" in the toolbar or do a '\text' command. Any ideas?

Simon | 23 Apr 14:57 2014

[TeXmacs] Centering the title in double-column mode


I'm trying to center the title while writing paragraphs in double-column 
mode. Is this supported by texmacs in any way?
I tried looking through the style sources but could not find anything 


François Poulain | 22 Apr 13:06 2014

Re: [TeXmacs] RCS


Le Fri, 18 Apr 2014 10:37:56 -0700,
Shivkumar Chandrasekaran <shiv <at>> a écrit :

> I prefer using RCS for version control, and it would be nice to be
> able to insert the string $Id$ into a texmacs file so that the
> version information can be embedded into the texmacs file by RCS.
> What is the simplest way to ensure that the string $Id$ appears as is
> in the *.tm file?
> Furthermore, once I check it into RCS via "ci *.tm", RCS will replace 
> $Id$ with a more complicated string of the form $complicated-string$.
> It is essential that this change not break texmacs. My first attempt
> at sneaking in $Id$ into the *.tm file did not work, so I am turning
> to the gurus on this list for help.

For testing purpose, I think you should add it in the "initial" section
of .tm files. This could gives:



  Test RCS.


By the way, you will have no guarantee that your Id string is conserved
as-is. Linefeeds and other stuff can occurs. Also, the Id string should
not deface the TeXmacs document. To ensure this, verify that the
brackets < > are properly escaped via \<less\> and \<gtr\>.



François Poulain <fpoulain <at>>