Shivkumar Chandrasekaran | 18 Apr 19:37 2014

[TeXmacs] RCS

I prefer using RCS for version control, and it would be nice to be able 
to insert the string $Id$ into a texmacs file so that the version 
information can be embedded into the texmacs file by RCS.

What is the simplest way to ensure that the string $Id$ appears as is in 
the *.tm file?

Furthermore, once I check it into RCS via "ci *.tm", RCS will replace 
$Id$ with a more complicated string of the form $complicated-string$. It 
is essential that this change not break texmacs. My first attempt at 
sneaking in $Id$ into the *.tm file did not work, so I am turning to the 
gurus on this list for help.



Victor Porton | 18 Apr 16:31 2014

[TeXmacs] Inserting new columnt/rows into a table does not work!

I've created a "big table".

Then I tried to press Alt+Left, Alt+Right, Super+Left, Super+Right and nothing happens (new columns are
not inserted). What is wrong?

Debian Linux "jessie" with Gnome.

Note that I've checked that Alt+Left, Alt+Right, Super+Left, Super+Right are not assigned keyboard
shortcuts in Gnome.

Also it is a bug that there are no necessary buttons in the toolbar when editing a table.

Victor Porton -

Victor Porton | 12 Apr 00:32 2014

[TeXmacs] Extensible down and up arrow

Please introduce new kinds of markup:

* extensible down arrow
* extensible up arrow

Such arrow would be useful for drawing diagrams. (And yes, I really need this kind of diagrams.)

Victor Porton -

Victor Porton | 11 Apr 19:09 2014

[TeXmacs] Integrate TeXmacs with LibreOffice?

First: I realize that this my idea may be extremely hard to implement.

TeXmacs diagram drawing capabilities are severely limited. So now I consider LibreOffice Draw to draw a
diagram to be inserted into a TeXmacs document.

But in the diagram I need math formulas. Yes, LibreOffice has its own formula facilities, but: 1. it is not a
good as TeXmacs concerning formulas; 2. I need to duplicate the same formulas in both TeXmacs and
LibreOffice formats (they may also look differently because of different fonts, etc.)

It would be good if I could be able to insert TeXmacs objects (such as formulas) in a LibreOffice document.

Victor Porton -

Joris van der Hoeven | 8 Apr 16:47 2014

[TeXmacs] New binary versions under Linux

Hi all,

Denis Raux has managed to create static binaries for the Qt version of TeXmacs under Linux.
His packages can be used instead of standard packages provided by various Linux distributions
in the case that users want the most recent version or if the TeXmacs package is
not well supported in their favourite distribution.  It would be nice if 
as many volunteers under Linux as possible could try the new packages.
The first (A) link is for old Linux distributions, whereas you should
use the second (B) one for more recent versions of Linux.

Installation is similar as for the classical binary distributions.

Best wishes, --Joris

Miguel de Benito Delgado | 26 Mar 16:06 2014

Re: [TeXmacs] texmacs table caption

I forgot to mention that it's probably better to modify the rendering
of standard tables than to add new macros. I did the former in my
recent commit to the SVN, but I suggested the latter in my first

I don't think it makes much sense to mix both styles (captions above
and below figures) in the same document, so the "proper" thing to do
would be to simply redefine render-small-figure and render-big-figure
in your style file.

Miguel de  Benito.

On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 9:49 PM, Rodolfo Jordao <jor.rodolfo <at>> wrote:
> Thanks for both answers! this helps a lot :)
> On Tue, 25 Mar 2014 20:46:31 -0000, Miguel de Benito Delgado
> <m.debenito.d <at>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   I just committed changes to the SVN which allow you to place
>> captions of tables and figures above them. If you can compile TeXmacs
>> from source, yuo just need to use the standard way to customize your
>> document using the little wrench icon in the focus bar. While having
>> the cursor inside a table or figure you'll see among the "standard
>> options" an item "Captions above".
(Continue reading)

Bill Page | 24 Mar 16:40 2014

[TeXmacs] Adding TeXmacs symbols to FriCAS math-mode input

The following patch is based on similar coding in mupad-input.scm  It
encodes all TeXmacs symbols as FriCAS identifiers by introducing
escapes in FriCAS symbol names in such a way
Rodolfo Jordao | 18 Mar 18:41 2014

[TeXmacs] texmacs table caption

Hello guys! I'm new to the texmacs and wanted to say congratulations for  
software!  It is a nasty piece of work :), just started to use some days
ago. Along the compliments i have a few practical questions.

First, how do set the caption above the table floating object? i tried to
modify the macro but my current knowledge of the inner language workings  
quite limited... could someone help me out in this?

Second, is it hard to create a own type of title page? understand this as
the amount of hack needed.

Lastly, how do i change the bibliography layout? I need to make it into a  
style referencing (the package cite-author-year already took care of the  
in-text problems!)

As a veteran of Latex (Not expert! just some years of experience) i must  
that the basics that anyone would need are perfectly cooked up. The main
drawback that i found so far that may keep me from switching permanently
 from Latex/Lyx is the lack of complete documentation if one wants to "dive
in", the user manual does not have all that may be needed.