Adrian S. | 24 Mar 17:19 2015

[TeXmacs] Using TeXmacs for teaching in a High School.

Hello everyone.

I am currently teaching a course in a High School and there are
certain things that some online softwere does that I think TeXmacs can
do better.  Most of my colleages use either Windows or a Mac, and all
of my students have either a cellphone with either android or iOs.

One of the things that people request a lot is a software that does a
step by step solution to a problem.

Using TeXmacs numeric spreadsheets and Maxima, I can do the step by
step solutions for some problems; but I face the following problem:

*I do not know how to have the TeXmacs plugin for Maxima display
explicitly the multiplication.  It outputs "2 3"; but what I want my
students to see is $2 \cdot 3$ or 2*3

Most colleagues do a quite long procedure to have some math exported
to image so that they can later put it in on line quiz activities like
Kahoot or Socrative.

This is already an easy option in TeXmacs, but

*I have not been able to export selection to image or copy to image in
Windows.  Has anybody succeeded in having exporting to image in
Windows? Does it work in a Mac?

 I have installed image magick and Gostscript, but I am not sure if I
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Ben shimol Yehuda | 24 Mar 08:48 2015

[TeXmacs] TexMacs on a MAC OS X

I’m new to TeXMacs - a wonderful tool, really. After years of LaTeX and LyX it is really refreshing
However I encounter several problems
1. Multiple crashes - so many times so it becomes almost impossible to work with. Heavy imported images -
crash, triple mouse clisk - crash, etc.
2. Hangs (lovelocks???)- sometimes TeXMacs consumes 100% cpu for no apparent reason. Checking  the disk
activity point only on CPU activity (no I/O is involved)
3. Fonts - I cannot print when TeXMacs font are used.
I’m using the latest stable build. 
I wonder if I could get some help on these issues


Michael Shea | 22 Mar 18:14 2015

[TeXmacs] Overbrace

In the document am interested in the overbrace shown.  I am curious how I type that in. I can copy and past from to another document and edit the pieces, but when I manually try to input something like 
<< wide|x+y+z|<wide-overbrace> >>

TexMacs does not seem to recognize the "wide-overbrace" piece. 

Michael Shea | 22 Mar 16:36 2015

[TeXmacs] TexMacs on Windows 8.1 - Cygwin vs Native

I was wondering what the advantages to running TeXMacs under Cygwin might be

Nicola Mingotti | 22 Mar 02:43 2015

[TeXmacs] Problems in the mailling list


I would like to signal you that the search and
advenced search in
do not work well. They sistematicall crash
when I try to write a multi word query.

There are also other little things that do not work
well, i tried to mail the administrators at:
texmacs-users-request <at>
but I got as reply this error:
"User unknown in virtual alias table"

So i post here because i think it is important
to be able to search the mailling list in order to
avoid asking the same questions over and over.

So, here are some other little nuances:

-) When i go to the page my passowrd is remembered
but not my login name. This is a bit annoying.

-) When the search works, it seems to me it is limited
by default to a depth of one month. ... To search more
deeply one has to go to advanced search a perform
a not so natural selection in a pull-down-menu.
=> I suggest to change this and search by default at
least with 3-4 years depth so that it will more probable
to find to find some results.

Nicola Mingotti | 22 Mar 02:31 2015

[TeXmacs] How to exclude a section from the Index ?

Hi guys,

question of the day, as title says, how can
i exclude one or more sections from the automatic
index ?


Nicola Mingotti | 19 Mar 22:21 2015

[TeXmacs] How to remove a column from a table ?

Hy guys,

I've really this embarassing problem, i can't find the way
to remove a row/column from a table.

If i hilight a colum and them i do Right-click -> Delete
all the table get deleted.

How do you do?

David Latreyte | 19 Mar 21:59 2015

[TeXmacs] Mathematical symbol \Join


i would like to know how to do the binary symbol \Join with TeXmacs. I’ve looked for it in the menus without success.

Thanks a lot.
David Latreyte
david.latreyte <at>

Hemza KHERIBOT | 18 Mar 11:21 2015

[TeXmacs] Vertical text in tables and graphics

I want to write vertical text in some cells of a table, is that possible in texmacs 1.99.2? and how to achieve this goal?

Also, I drew a figure using "insert a picture -> Draw image", I tried to rotate some text vertically to align it to a vertical axe but that did not work.
Any hints how to write vertical text in TeXmacs?

Thank you
-- Hemza
Nicola Mingotti | 16 Mar 01:41 2015

[TeXmacs] Strange behaviour with Insert->Image (pdf v.s. png)

Hi guys,

I would like to signal a strange behaviour of Texmacs that happens
when i'm inserting images in a document.
(using Texmacs stable on Debian stable)

So, if I insert a "pdf" image I can see it well in the
Texmacs window but, on the other side every time
i scroll over the image the editor get stuck in computations
and eats 100% cpu for a bounch of seconds (4 to 10 sec).

So I changed all images to "png", now Texmacs works
a lot better and it does not hang in computations when
i scroll over images or in loading the document but,
on the other side, the preview (what i see in Texmacs)
is a very low quality image.

If I export to pdf i get good quality images in both cases,
pdf or png.

Finally I made a test, I had only one pdf image remaining,
the editor was getting stuck scrolling around it. I changed it to "png"
and all worked as described above, much better performace
but lower quality of the image preview.
The pdf was about 150KB the equivalent png about 50KB.

By the way, i think i saw this in a message already but,
"repetetita juvant", including an image as "pdf" the top part of it
is cutted out.


David Latreyte | 15 Mar 23:20 2015

[TeXmacs] Compiling TeXmacs under OS X Yosemite


i would like to know if a list of what to do for compiling TeXmacs under OS X Yosemite exists.

I tried the recipe found on the web site (all dependencies installed with Mac Ports) but the result is :

> ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64
> clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
> make[1]: *** [Objects/texmacs-shared.bin] Error 1
> make: *** [TEXMACS] Error 2

I’m not used to do such thing so, a more precise recipe would be very helpful.

Thank you.
David Latreyte
david.latreyte <at>