Vincent Douce | 30 Sep 09:54 2014

[TeXmacs] behaviour on multicolumns documents

hi all
i often work with landscape-2 columns documents
- when i am in the middle of a line of the right column, and i ove the cursor towards the left, when it arrives at the left side of this line, the cursor jumps… to the right side of a line of the left column
that seems non logical to me, because, the text is to be read first on left column, and then onright column : if you read youd should not jump your eyes from one column to the other at each line. When you are reading the end of the bottom line of the left column, then only you jump to the upper line of the right column.
So, the behaviour of the cursor does not follow the normal behaviour of the person who is reading
is there a means to change that ?
- if i have writen only, say, 6 lines, the « normal » behaviour on a text editor would be, in y opinion, to fill 6 lines in the left column : only when the left column is filled, then the text goes on on the right column. Instead of that, texmacs always try to balance the two columns. So if i have written only 6 lines, texmacs will dispatch 3 lines on the left column, and 3 lines on the right column.
is there a means to change this ?
Alexandre Dezotti | 29 Sep 10:54 2014

[TeXmacs] Presentation, statements

Dear all,

I have some questions, I don't if I have to do a separate mail for
each or if I can ask them here. Those are the following:

Is there a recommended way to do presentation/beamer with Texmacs?
I don't understand how to make a new slide while my document appears
to have only one long slide. I try to look on the _web_ but could not
find documentation for this.

Is there a version for plural theorems/examples/etc. ? How do I do my
own versions of theorems?

Best regards,

Michael Shea | 29 Sep 05:26 2014

[TeXmacs] Permanently setting an environment variable

I want to permanently set math-condensed := true for any document style I work with. How do I do that?
Michael Shea | 29 Sep 05:24 2014

[TeXmacs] Text of GmailTex

I just want to see if formula's entered with GmailTex will appear ok in the mailing list emails.

Here is a formula using Rich Math Mode

Here is a formula using Simple Math Mode


Nicolas Hasbun | 21 Sep 08:53 2014

[TeXmacs] Windows Port and Alternate Keys


Im having issues with Alt+F, Alt+S kind of shortcuts under Win7 x64. Im 
looking into reporting it but I want to be sure that its a Texmacs 
problem and not just me.

Anyone here can test it?


Victor Porton | 20 Sep 21:56 2014

[TeXmacs] "american" package

In my article among the packages I use, it appeared the package "american".

I can't find this package. What is it? Can it be removed?

Victor Porton -

Miguel de Benito Delgado | 17 Sep 11:11 2014

Re: [TeXmacs] When to expect the next release?


  no idea about the next release.

On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 7:19 PM, Victor Porton <porton <at>> wrote:
By the way, I suggest you to make a TeXmacs blog. Even if you will write seldom, a tiny blog is better than nothing.

I agree. But nobody wants to write it, not to speak of setting it up...
Weird, I can't find my bugs at - where have they gone?

Probably fixed:
Miguel de Benito Delgado | 29 Sep 17:15 2014

Re: [TeXmacs] Texmacs + Win7 x64 + Aspell +Spanish


On Tue, Sep 9, 2014 at 2:45 AM, Nicolas Hasbun <nhasbun <at>> wrote:
My issue now is that aspell on texmacs is only working for english but my native language is Spanish. My document and software is on Spanish and I obv downloaded the setup file of Aspell for Spanish and I dont know how to say to texmacs/aspell to use Spanish other than indicate texmacs that my document is on spanish.

I don't understand. If you tell TeXmacs that your document is in Spanish, correction works? Then, what's the problem?

If you want to specify certain subsections as being in a specific language use the tag <language> (Insert->Language). I expect aspell will be called with the right parameters for those text fragments.

Miguel de  Benito.
Michael Shea | 19 Sep 00:44 2014

Re: [TeXmacs] Screen Freeze on Windows 7

I have deleted everything I can find. I uninstalled and searched my drive for any instances of "texmacs". I cleared out all registry keys with "texmacs". I started the program from the command line with the --delete-cache, --delete-doc-cache and --delete-file-cache options. Nothing seems to help, but I know I am not deleting everything, because when I reinstall, do all those deletions etc and start the program, the default file name that comes up is "Noname [7]" not "Noname [1]", so I have to be missing something. 

On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 12:28 PM, Miguel de Benito Delgado <m.debenito.d <at>> wrote:
Have you tried removing your preference files, cache, etc.? This should be located in your user directory somewhere (don’t know where in Windows, I think this has been recently discussed here)

The side tools are disabled in the code. It was a bug that one could select them in the View menu (and then see nothing more than an empty toolbar)
Miguel de Benito Delgado.

On 1 August, 2014 at 19:02:50, Michael Shea (msheakc <at> wrote:

I originally had 1.99.1 installed. It had been working for some time. To try to fix the problem, I deleted and reinstalled 1.99.2. Same issue. 

I failed to mention in my first post the the program will no shut down either. I click the x and nothing happens. I have to close it using task manager. 

On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 12:40 AM, Miguel de Benito Delgado <m.debenito.d <at>> wrote:

That's weird... Which installer did you use?

Am 30.07.2014 01:17 schrieb "Michael Shea" <msheakc <at>>:

I have TeXMacs on two computer and one is a Windows 7 laptop. 
When I launch it on the laptop, I get screen that just has Noname in the title bar, and Side Tools open up on the right (see attached screen shot). The right-click menu on Side Tools appear to work and I make sure Main Toolbar etc are checked, but the tools do not show up. 

Simon | 23 Apr 14:57 2014

[TeXmacs] Centering the title in double-column mode


I'm trying to center the title while writing paragraphs in double-column 
mode. Is this supported by texmacs in any way?
I tried looking through the style sources but could not find anything 


François Poulain | 22 Apr 13:06 2014

Re: [TeXmacs] RCS


Le Fri, 18 Apr 2014 10:37:56 -0700,
Shivkumar Chandrasekaran <shiv <at>> a écrit :

> I prefer using RCS for version control, and it would be nice to be
> able to insert the string $Id$ into a texmacs file so that the
> version information can be embedded into the texmacs file by RCS.
> What is the simplest way to ensure that the string $Id$ appears as is
> in the *.tm file?
> Furthermore, once I check it into RCS via "ci *.tm", RCS will replace 
> $Id$ with a more complicated string of the form $complicated-string$.
> It is essential that this change not break texmacs. My first attempt
> at sneaking in $Id$ into the *.tm file did not work, so I am turning
> to the gurus on this list for help.

For testing purpose, I think you should add it in the "initial" section
of .tm files. This could gives:



  Test RCS.


By the way, you will have no guarantee that your Id string is conserved
as-is. Linefeeds and other stuff can occurs. Also, the Id string should
not deface the TeXmacs document. To ensure this, verify that the
brackets < > are properly escaped via \<less\> and \<gtr\>.



François Poulain <fpoulain <at>>