Lwam Berhane | 3 Feb 14:17 2011

[Serna] hand over parameters

Hi guys!
Is it possible to hand over parameters in serna during rendering?
I integrate FOP in Serna 4.3 and configure the dbk4.* to dbk5. And in 
serna 4.3 has no possibility to render in pdf, right?

Best regards, Lwam

Gruß Lwam Berhane

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Lwam Berhane | 31 Jan 11:49 2011

[Serna] timesheet; pdf

Hi everybody!

I am working with serna a few months ago.

How does the timesheet-thing works?

And why is in serna 4.3 no option to convert into pdf only converting 
xml into html?


Gruß Lwam Berhane

punkt.de GmbH               TYPO3-Internet-Dienstleistungen-Beratung
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Jakob Fix | 11 Dec 16:56 2008

[Serna] superscript/subscript


does Serna 3.8 support the <fo:inline vertical-align="super">
property?  It doesn't seem to work for me.  If not, is there another
method to generate this effect?

thanks in advance,

Bob Beims | 20 Nov 17:39 2008

[Serna] Default font in Serna 4 (RC 2)


We've run across an interesting problem at my company. For Windows
installations, Serna style sheets for the WYSIWYG window use Helvetica as the
default font. Of course, Helvetica is not a standard font on Windows systems, so
somewhere in the system (haven't figured out where) a substitution is carried
out (probably to Arial).

That's all fine and good if a user doesn't have a Helvetica font package
installed. But in our case, many users have an old, non-unicode, Helvetica
package installed. Because of this, characters such as Greek symbols aren't
displayed properly, nor do all of the glyphs show up in the Insert Symbol...
dialog box.

Would anyone have a huge problem if Syntext were to update the default Serna
style sheets to specify Arial as the default font (at least for Windows
installs)? On all recent versions of Windows, an OpenType (unicode) Arial
package is included in the base installation.


Johan Groth | 10 Nov 23:06 2008

[Serna] Want to upgrade from serna2 to serna4

But the site wants me to input serial number and password. Well, I 
assume the serial number is the serial number in serna.lic but password? 
I bought serna2 two and a half years ago so I have forgotten the 
password. How do I retrieve/recover it?


Bob Beims | 3 Sep 15:32 2008

[Serna] Bug - Serna 4.1b on Mac OS X

I just installed 4.1b under Mac OS X 10.5.4 on an Intel-based MacBook, and
encountered one serious problem:  I can't resize the main window by
click-dragging the lower left corner. There's no "grab handle" (although the
window can be maximized with the green button in the upper right).


Hedley Finger | 21 Aug 01:51 2008

Intelligent editor support for DITA specialisations

One of the advantages of DITA that was loudly proclaimed is that 
specialised topic files from one creator can be sent to another user and 
inserted into a document /without the specialised DTD being made 
available to that user/.  The DITA OT will then produce some sort of 
readable (if badly formatted) output based on the parent element 
identified in the  <at> class attribute.

But it appears that none of the DITA-out-of-the-box editors which I have 
support specialisation in the absence of the specialisation DTD but barf 
in various interesting ways.  Serna alone appears to make some attempt 
to support specialised elements.

I have made a tiny tweak to <fig> to specialise it with a <credit> 
element based on <p>, and an <anchor> element based on <p>.  This are 
subclassed in the approved manner, e.g. class=" topic/p topic/credit".  
It seems to me that a DITA editor on opening an unknown specialisation 
should be able to look at the inheritance tree in  <at> class and temporarily 
rename the element to the nearest known ancestor.  And, on save, it 
should write out the XML with the original element name restored from 
the leaf value in  <at> class.

As DITA is not a true object model and subclasses are merely renaming of 
ancestor elements for better semantic cueing, this does not appear to be 
a very difficult problem to solve.  Anything would be better than the 
endless bleatings of Xalan error messages!

I am basing my remarks on experience with Syntext Serna, <oXygen/>, 
XMLmind XML Editor (XXE), and FrameMaker v 8 with DITA-FMx 1.0.  Perhaps 
XMetaL, Arbortext Author, and other editors already support this kind of 
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Nadezhda Sidorova | 14 Aug 13:07 2008

Re: [Serna] Configure Serna to use XEP processor


> My problem more related to Serna rather than DITA OT because I am able 
> to produce PDF2 output, if I am using stand-alone tool.

Which stand-alone tool do you use to generate PDF2 output?

>  I am facing problem while crating PDF2 output with Serna. Could you 
> please guide me how to generate a PDF2 (PDF generated using XEP 
> processor) output with Serna? 

It seems to be a problem with your modified 'dita2pdf_xep.bat' script. 
Please send it to us. We'll try to sort out the problem.

Thank you.
Nadia Sidorova.

> On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 9:27 PM, Nadezhda Sidorova <sidnv@... 
> <mailto:sidnv@...>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>         I have syntext serna 3.8 installed on my system. I am trying
>         to use XEP to publish PDF but unable to do so. Can anyone help me?
>         Steps that I have performed so far are:
>         1)       Installed Serna 3.8
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Nadezhda Sidorova | 14 Aug 13:06 2008

Re: [Serna] Serna 4.0b comment 1


> Sorry, I couldn't retest it because my license for beta version has 
> expired.

You may work with Serna-4 using your purchased license (serial is 
874803805). It hasn't been expired yet.

> Regarding your steps, I was not randomly dragging and dropping 
> documents and editing them. After opening and closing few initial 
> documents (as described) I dropped two documents, then edited the 
> first one, saved, and then was continuously editing the second one for 
> a few hours. Then I tasked away to another application leaving Serna 
> for an hour or two in the background, and then started closing other 
> applications, and at the same time without activating Serna suddenly 
> pressed Save button on the task bar.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to reproduce the issue again.
We are working Serna-4 out hard now and we are planing to issue 
Serna-4.1b soon. As soon as it releases, can you please retest this crash.

> I was hoping that instead of trying to reproduce the crash you have a 
> way to log the crashlog from the application, to be able to find out 
> which function crashed and where. As you know random crashes depend on 
> many parameters and aren't easy to reproduce.

We use such mechanism for Serna-3.X. But this functionality hasn't 
existed for Serna-4 yet. We are working it out.
That's way I asked you about step-by-step description of reproducing the 
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cherdn | 12 Aug 18:09 2008

[Serna] Re: Thank You for Evaluating Syntext Serna, Do You Need Any Guidance?

Hello Michel,

> I do have a question: I'm desperately looking for a way to change the 
> header and footertexts of the pdf file I generate through Serna. I'd 
> also like to be able to add our company logo to the header.

Your use-case is connected not with Serna but with DITA OT, which Serna 
uses for publishing to PDF or HTML.
You may find all the documentation about it here:

If you want to change header and footer of the generated pdf file, you
have to change DITA OT's xsl files.

I've prepared a small sample for you - how to work with xsl files:

         <!-- header -->
         <fo:static-content flow-name="xsl-region-before" font-size="9pt" 
           <fo:block linefeed-treatment="ignore" text-align-last="justify">
             <fo:inline text-align="start">

<!-- here's some text which appear in header-->

               <xsl:text>New header content</xsl:text>


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Michel | 6 Aug 09:35 2008

[Serna] PDF Generation Help


I'm new to DITA and serna. I've downloaded a trial version and created a small 
dita test document from which I wanted to generate a pdf. All of this worked 
wonderfully, however I want to add my own header and footer to the generated 
pdf and cannot find out how to achieve this. I've looked in many forums, faqs 
and tutorials, but without avail. Maybe someone on this list can give me hint, 
how I can achieve this. Thanks!