Philippe Lhoste | 1 Mar 10:33 2002


Hello Deepak T.

Welcome among us.
First, one remark on the mailing list (ML) policy: you have sent a message
about SciTE to the ML about Scintilla, the source editor component that is a
sub-part of SciTE. Although some proposed changes have to be performed on
Scintilla level...
These different MLs (scintilla-interest <at> and
scite-interest <at> are confusing at first :-)
And second remark, perhaps try to make more explicit subjects, like "SciTE
improvement suggestions", because most messages here are about SciTE (or
Scintilla) ;-)

> Hello, SciTE is the best programmers editor I have found so far.

I agree totally! The best part is that if there is something wrong or
missing, you can add it (more or less, I don't think Neil will approve a different
setting format, for example).

> Although It
> has comprehensive features, There are a few additions which I would like
> implement but I want to know if someone else is working on it already :
> saving bookmarks to a file
> remove fold margin if file does'nt support folding
> favorite files menu

Seems useful and non intrusive, and probably not bloating, so seems OK.
(From the point of view of another user.)
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Philippe Lhoste | 13 Mar 11:56 2002

Re: XML, HTML auto close tag

Scott Kirkwood wrote:
> I've added a feature to my version of SciTE which automatically closes the

Then the message should be in SciTE-Interest too :-)

> last open XML or HTML tag whenever you press the slash (/) key. For
> example, if you type "<p align='left'><b>bold</" the routine will fill in
> with "b>" for you. If you then type "</" it'll fill in the "p>" for you as
> well.

It is useful but has some gotchas.

Some time ago, I started to write specificiations of some shortcuts I would
like to have while typing HTML. I never wrote the corresponding code, because
partly because it targeted a specific kind of file; partly because I felt it
may belong to macros, even as there is still no official integrated
scripting language; and partly because of lack of time.

Excerpt of this (unfinished) document:
Shift+Enter: inserts <br> and a carriage return.
Ctrl+Enter: inserts a carriage return, <p></p> and let the cursor between
the two tags.
Ctrl+Space: inserts &nbsp;
F8 (for example), performs various tasks depending on the context (selected
text or not, etc.).
Among tasks to do:
- Convert high-Ascii characters (and < > &) to entities and back. Very
useful for foreign languages :-) Either switch inside the selection, or convert
the character just before the caret (ie. type è+F8 then get &egrave;). The list
of entities to convert must be given in an external file, so everybody can
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Scott Kirkwood | 14 Mar 02:12 2002

RE: XML, HTML auto close tag

I've looked at XML-Spy and what Visual Studio.NET does and it's much more
like how you said.
When you press the '>' it'll fill in the </tagname> part for you and put
your cursor between the > and < characters.
With XML-Spy I've found it rather annoying since it's what I want maybe half
of the time.  On the other hand I seem to be editing XML more than creating
If I have the time this week I'd like to program your suggestion for the >
as well. I'd also like to fix up my code so that it works for multi-line
The other suggestions I thing could be added to the abbreviations file by
augmenting the abbreviations to allow for key combinations, not a bad idea I

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> Scott Kirkwood wrote:
> > I've added a feature to my version of SciTE which automatically
> closes the
> Then the message should be in SciTE-Interest too :-)
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Scott Kirkwood | 14 Mar 03:34 2002

XML, HTML auto close tag

The code now works even if the tag spans several lines.
Added PHP and ASP and took out CPP as lex languages.
I haven't had time implement any of the other suggestions.


diff C:\Scott\wscite\scite\src\SciTEBase.cxx
< 			} else if (HandleXml(ch)) { // Scott Added
< 				// Handled in the routine
< }
< /**
<  * This routine will auto complete XML or HTML tags that are still open by
closing them
<  *  <at> parm ch The characer we are dealing with, currently only works with
the '/' character
<  *  <at> return True if handled, false otherwise
<  *  <at> author Scott Kirkwood
<  */
< boolean SciTEBase::HandleXml(char ch) {
< 	// We're looking for this char
< 	// Quit quickly if not found
< 	if (ch != '/') {
< 		return false;
< 	}
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Neil Hodgson | 14 Mar 13:03 2002

Scintilla and SciTE 1.45 release candidates

   Release candidate code for Scintilla and SciTE 1.45 is available from CVS
and from

   This code does not contain features contributed during the past week.

   If no new problems are reported with this code it will be released in
about 12 hours.


mirk | 5 Mar 13:15 2002

scite API files

Hello, Neil Hodgson.

Excuse me, but under Scite no c# API files.


respectfully yours, Serg Knayzev
                          mailto:mirk <at>