Philippe Lhoste | 6 Feb 17:09 2002

Voting on FreshMeat

I just discovered that FreshMeat is now rating applications by user votes.

So, if you are registered on FreshMeat (or willing to do it, it is free), I
suggest you vote for Scintilla and SciTE.
I gave 9/10 on both: not perfect yet, but the best I can find :-)



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Philippe Lhoste | 7 Feb 18:39 2002

Re: [scite] Re: caret.policy.xjumps not working anymore?

> Andy Sy:
> > > Under Scite 1.41 and 1.43 (didn't try 1.42), I find
> > > that setting caret.policy.xjumps=1 no longer prevents the
> > > text display area from jumping around when editing a
> > > line that's longer than the display area.
> >
> > Display area stays put when you highlight and delete stuff
> > via the mouse, but not when you click somewhere to move the
> > cursor and then start typing something in.
> Not an option I use but trying 1.39 seems to work the same as 1.43 to me
> which is not how I assumed it worked. There is one jump and then it acts
> like xjumps not set. The code in EnsureCaretVisible appears unchanged
> for a comment change and a change that should only be active when wrapping
> is on. IIRC, this feature was done by Philippe. Any comments, Philippe?
> Neil

I took a look. Indeed, when approaching the right margin, for example, the
display jumps, then move only by little steps. I believe it should move by
little step from the start.

When rereading the SciTE doc. and the Scintilla code, I found out that some
caret.policy settings are not used in horizontal moves. It wasn't clear from
the doc.
I rewrote the text, trying to be more clear/explicit.
Please, feel free to change it as fitting, rewrite it is real English, or
restore actual meaning :-)

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Neil Hodgson | 21 Feb 08:32 2002

Updated test version

   Several updates made today to Scintilla and SciTE, including better
floating point literals (for example with 1.2e-5 and 0x12e-5) for Python,
improvements to Matlab lexing, handling of wheel mouse page-at-a-time mode
on Windows, and disabling of Compile, Build and Run menu commands in SciTE
if they have nothing to do.

   Committed to CVS and available, along with other changes mentioned
recently (such as properties file lexer and HTML lexer) from


Philippe Lhoste | 1 Mar 10:33 2002


Hello Deepak T.

Welcome among us.
First, one remark on the mailing list (ML) policy: you have sent a message
about SciTE to the ML about Scintilla, the source editor component that is a
sub-part of SciTE. Although some proposed changes have to be performed on
Scintilla level...
These different MLs (scintilla-interest <at> and
scite-interest <at> are confusing at first :-)
And second remark, perhaps try to make more explicit subjects, like "SciTE
improvement suggestions", because most messages here are about SciTE (or
Scintilla) ;-)

> Hello, SciTE is the best programmers editor I have found so far.

I agree totally! The best part is that if there is something wrong or
missing, you can add it (more or less, I don't think Neil will approve a different
setting format, for example).

> Although It
> has comprehensive features, There are a few additions which I would like
> implement but I want to know if someone else is working on it already :
> saving bookmarks to a file
> remove fold margin if file does'nt support folding
> favorite files menu

Seems useful and non intrusive, and probably not bloating, so seems OK.
(From the point of view of another user.)
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