Jozef M. | 25 Jan 12:25 2012

QT4 pdf editor version for windows available

Hello everybody,

just a short notice.

There is a new section (Windows pdf editor gui) at 
with a windows installer available.
*nix version will (hopefully) follow shortly.

PDFedit team

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Michal Hocko | 11 May 17:14 2010

PDFedit 0.4.5 has been released

Hello everybody,
I am pleased to announce another PDFedit release. This one is (like
usual) a bug fix release. 

It fixes one potential regression caused by xpdf code base refactoring. 
It also fixes long term bug where PDFedit could creat an invalid PDF if a
new object has been added under certain conditions.
We have also fixed an issue when some characters changed unexpectedly in 
some documents (e.g. created by OpenOffice) after any change has been
done to the page.

We strongly encourage everybody to update to this version.


PDFedit team

Michal Hocko | 13 Apr 09:25 2010

New release

Hello everybody,
I am pleased to announce that we have (after long pause) released
another bugfix release of PDFEdit. We strongly recommend updating
(especially if you are working with untrusted documents) as this release
contains several bug fixes and security fixes.

The biggest highlights:
	- Low-level changes
		- thanks to Ron Kaminsky we now have a way how to write
		  raw objects to the file if somebody needs this
		- PDF trailer can be edited now - e.g. document author
	- Security fixes
		- xpdf codebase updated to 3.02pl4 which addresses
		  several security issues: CVE-2009-1188/CVE-2009-3603,
		  CVE-2009-3604, CVE-2009-3606, CVE-2009-3608, 
	- pdfedit-core-dev
		- API cleaned up
		- config/pdfedit-core-dev.m4 configure macro added which
		  can be used by 3rd party applications for proper
		  library detection

Check the Changelog for complete list of changes.

Michal Hocko

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Michal Hocko | 21 Jul 19:00 2009

PDFedit 0.4.3 has been released

Hi all,
I am pleased to announced new PDFedit (this time with version 0.4.3)
release which is (like previous) bug-fix mostly oriented with some minor
	- xpdf code base has been updated to the upstream 3.02pl3
	  version which fixes several serious remote security issues
	  (CVE-2009-0146, CVE-2009-0147, CVE-2009-0166, CVE-2009-0799,
	   CVE-2009-0800, CVE-2009-1179, CVE-2009-1180, CVE-2009-1181, 
	   CVE-2009-1182, CVE-2009-1183) which affect also PDFedit.
	- new Flattener tool implemented which flattens a multi-revision
	  document into one single-revision document
	- Revisions has been changed to provide stable numbering -
	  meaning that revisions keep their numbers after new revision
	  is created.
	- as usual bugfixes reported in bugzilla (15 and cleanup some
	  old rotting ones)

Now we are planning to stabilize API for pdfedit-core-dev subpackage so
that it can be useable as soon as possible for small one-shot tools.
Besides that we are working on porting parts of application to Windows
platform (without cygwin in the path).
Last, but not least, is big port of GUI to QT4 which should help with
many usability/bug issues.

We strongly encourage to update as soon as possible. You can download,
as usual, at

Best regads
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Michal Hocko | 15 Dec 14:51 2008

PDFedit 0.4.2 released

I am happy to announce that PDFedit 0.4.2 was released today.
This is not killer feature release and mostly covers bug fixes (~27 bug
fixes). Nevertheless it comes also with some new features. Namely
* new translations (French, Traditional Chinese, German)
* possibility to build only core functionality as static libraries. We
  encourage distributors to create separate package pdfedit-core-dev
  (see README for more information) to enable 3rd party code to use our
  PDF modification API.
* better build system (see README)
	- parallel make according available processors
	- better compatibility with some 64b distributions
	- we have dropped dependency on boost-iostreams
	- modified released or CVS differ in version for better bug
* changed streams are encoded with FlateDecode compression algorithm
  (modified documents are smaller)

And some other changes - see Changelog.

We hope that this release will be handy.

Best regards and don't hasitate to ask if something is not clear on our
pdfedit-support mailing list.

Michal Hocko

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Michal Hocko | 9 Sep 17:40 2008

[ANNOUNCE] pdfedit-core-dev package ready in the CVS

Hi everybody,
I have just commited all the infrastructure needed for pdfedit-core-dev
package into our CVS.
What does it mean?
PDFedit source now comes with possibility of installation which can
contain only header files and libraries so that 3rd party applications
can build their functionality on this external package. 
All you need to do is configure with --enable-pdfedit-core-dev parameter
and type use standard make && make install procedure.

This also enables packagers to prepare separate package (called e.g.
pdfedit-core-dev) which would do these steps for you and you can simple
depend on external package rather than do everything by hand. 
(packagers will probably want to prevent GUI from being compiled for
devel package, so they should use 
./configure --disable-gui --enable-pdfedit-core-dev WHATEVE_RPREFIX_YOU_USE)

I would be very happy, if packagers registered on this list could try
the current CVS sources and give me feedback so that we can fix some
problems before we do next release (please reply to the devel mailing

Thanks and best regards

Michal Hocko

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Michal Hocko | 24 Feb 21:12 2008

Corrected release 0.4.1


After messy friday release, we have finally released corrected tarball.
Problem was caused by our release script which excluded src/kernel/Makefile
from distribution tarball (because we used to have qmake project file in
src/kernel and Makefile was generated). Also one small bug in
src/gui/ file has been fixed (./configure && make install
could lead to binary not being installed).

Hopefully this one will be ok. Once again, sorry for that.
And motto:
Never ever try to do anything important on Friday ;)

Michal Hocko

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Michal Hocko | 22 Feb 14:37 2008

New release 0.4.0

We, PDFedit team, are glad to inform you, that new release has just been
thrown to the public. It is rather long time since last 0.3.2 release,
but hopefully this one addresses: 
	- compilation/installation issues - we have introduced new more
	  unified and compact makefiles infrastructure. No more several
	  stages configuration (xpdf subtree issues), configure script
	  respects some more standard parameters for installation
	  targets, boost, cppunit and other dependencies are checked
	  better and many more (see README file for complete
	  information). We hope that packagers will have easier lives
	  and don't need any hacks or workarounds anymore.
	- many bug fixes (see Changelog) some of them security related. 
	- last 3.02 xpdf code base imported to the tree. This bring
	  some new features like anti-aliasing for vectored graphics,
	  support for PDF 1.6, 1.7 specification, security fixes and
	  many others (see src/xpdf/CHANGES for complete changelog).
	- Tango icon theme added (thans to Tiziano Mattei).
	- kernel, xpdf, utils and tests are now ported and compileable
	  in MS Window (vc2005 project for Visual Studio is available)
	- and last but not least a lots of internal changes and cleanups

We are looking forward to your feedback and reports in our bugtracer if
something goes wrong.

Michal Hocko

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Michal Hocko | 21 Jan 16:03 2008

[ANNOUNCE] New makefile infrastructure update

I have released 4.2 version of unified makefiles patch set which
is now available in CVS for testing. It contains fixes for problems
reported by Varun and Martin and --with-qmake-dir parameter
was replaced by --with-qmake which can be used for explicit
qmake binary location definition.

Tested platforms/architectures:
Debian (lenny) 32b
Fedora core 5
OpenSuse 10.3 32b
Gentoo 32b, 64b
FreeBSD 6.2

Please update this list with OK or fail results.

See first announce email for more information how to get sources
and how to test.
Michal Hocko

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Pdfedit-news mailing list
Michal Hocko | 16 Jan 16:37 2008

[ANNOUNCE] New makefile infrastructure

I would like to announce that unified makefiles development branch was
merged to the upstream today. 
Main target of this branch is to simplify makefile structure and tight
it better to the configuration process.
This will be included also in upcoming next release.

I would like to ask you for help with testing. README file contains all
details about configure options. However if you need some assistance,
feel free to ask via pdfedit-devel@... (if you are not
list member write me before and I can allow your email address).

I have already tried:
* Debian (lenny/sid) 32b	OK
* OpenSuse 10.3 32b		OK
* Gentoo 64b			OK

I would especially like to see some feedback from packagers and their
feeling about these changes. All comments are welcome. Thx in advance

Quick list of new features:
- xpdf configuration was merged with the main configuration
- new Makefile.flags file which contains common logic for compilation
  (all makefiles from subdirectories include this file and provide only
  subdirectory specific stuff)
- no hacks for freetype2 detection
- type1 font libraries detection
- checks for CPPUNIT, boost libraries and docbook
- possibility to configure-out whole gui (only xpdf, kernel libraries
  are created - for future pdfedit-devel package purposes) --disable-gui
- qmake detection directly in configure
- --enable-kernel-tests option for configure
        - creates also kernel tests
- --enable-debug-info option added for configure
        - this is checked only if we have --enable-relase and want to
          have binaries also with debug information
- --enable-qt3 option added for configure
        - use Qt4 for --disable-qt3
- --enable-doxygen-doc added for configure
        - generates doxygen documentation only if required (turned off by
        - checks for doxygen binary if turned on
- --enable-advanced-doc added for configure
        - generates design documentation (turned off by default)
        - checks docbook
- --with-root-dir added for configure
        - sets root directory where to install
- --enable-stack-protector added for configure
        - enables -fstack-protector compiler option (turned off by
- includes in kernel, utils and xpdf consolidated so they include with
  specified subtree (e.g. #include "cpage.h" -> #include "kernel/cpage.h".
  This enables to move header files without code change (only -I
  compiler parameter has to be changed). This is preparation for future
  devel package with libraries and exported header files.
- online help for gui is generated during distribution tarball creation
  and it is extracted from doc/Makefile path.
- (un)installation targets don't depend directly on gui and they are
  configured in ./configure script

Best regards

Michal Hocko

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Martin Petricek | 13 Sep 00:38 2007

Tango Icon theme

Today, I have added Tango icon theme created by Tiziano Mattei for 
The first version of the new theme is now in CVS. As it looks nicer than 
the current default hicolor icon theme, I suggest it will become the 
default theme in new PDFedit versions. 

The icon theme can be switched in Tools -> Options -> Look and Feel -> 
Icon theme. (pdfedit needs to be restarted for new icon theme to take 

Suggestions and/or critics (or bug reports :) of new icon theme are 

Martin Petricek   GPG/PGP Public key:
Fingerprint 6AA8 FFCE C061 1CB2 55F0  A1F3 3AA9 EB4F BD50 C1B8
| WWW:                     |

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