Joor Loohuis | 26 Apr 11:42 2011

mailing list migration


The domain will be moving to a new home. Most of the services
will remain available without interuption, but it will take a little
while for the mailing lists to be restored. The archives will remain
available, but new posts will not be possible from April 27, 2011.

We expect to restore the list to full operation in a few weeks, but in
the mean time pressing matters may be posted to the alternative lists
that are available at Sourceforge


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Boris Deshev | 22 Apr 14:22 2011

problems with nedit 5.6 with 64bit ubuntu 10.04

Hi guys,
I have a 64bit ubuntu 10.04/gnome installed on my laptop and am using nedit
5.6 but it's causing me so much headache that i'm about to give up on using
The most annoying problem is the clipboard. After a while it just stop
working with
"NEdit warning:
XmClipboardInquireLength() failed: clipboard locked."
I know there are many people with this problem, but the solutions i could
find in the discussions doesn't work. I am using gnome and don't
have Klipper installed. And the solution to close all the nedit windows and
start again is just rubbish. I always need at least a few editors open and i
cannot close them all and start again every minute or so.
On top of that pretty much all the time when i use some keyboard shortcut
the nedit window becomes inactive and I have to click on it, to continue
typing. Or when i press C^s i cannot write in the dialog box that opens.
I removed the 5.6 and got the 5.5 binary, but that just disappeared every
time i press C^o. Which is unacceptable, to say the least. So it pissed me
off well before I could check whether the clipboard will work.
On my desktop I have centos5 with nedit 5.5 and it has never caused me such
troubles. I don't know whether it is the ubuntu or the nedit but it's
driving me crazy.

On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 2:26 PM, Joor Loohuis <joor@...>wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'd like to find out if anybody is able and willing to adopt the hosting
> of The reason for this is that my company, which has been
> doing the hosting for the last years, is shifting its focus away from
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Joor Loohuis | 22 Apr 11:51 2011

Re: hosting wanted for

On 16-02-11 23:28, Emmanuel Florac wrote:
> Le Wed, 16 Feb 2011 14:32:50 +0100 vous écriviez:
>> Sorry for not responding earlier. Emmanuel, thanks, this is great.
> I was wondering, isn't there any dynamic stuff lost in the process? The
> pages are php, but obviously wget only got the rendered html.
>> I've communicated on and off list with some people on how to host the
>> existing NEdit resources, preferably preserving search engine
>> indexing. My suggestion is the following:
>> * Add the existing static mail archives in a subdirectory of the
>> mirror that Emmanuel has set up, and point to the
>> mirror. Emmanuel, do you have room for another 350MB of static HTML
>> in your mirror?
> Yes, I've put it there precisely because there's a lot of room. We can
> even host downloadable files and else.

Excellent. I've generated an archive
(warning: 243M) which contains all relevant data, including a dump of
the Niki database, from which the wiki can be restored or converted to
Trac or another format.

Out of necessity I will be taking the server offline next week, most
likely on Thursday April 28. The site archive will be available for
download until then, and by direct request to me afther that.

As for the mailing lists, if anyone can provide mailman hosting in the
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Wendell P | 13 Apr 20:28 2011

Customizing the look on Linux

How to take 15 years off NEdit's looks

This technote makes some helpful suggestions for .Xresource settings to
improve the look of the interface, but there should be a warning that
things work differently on Linux.

First, .Xresource settings related to colors and fonts in the text frame
will have no effect, because they are overridden by the NEdit config
settings. So, you have to set those things from within NEdit.

Second, there seem to be many differences between Motif and LessTif. Not
every resource listed in nedit.c works with LessTif, and some things
work that aren't listed. Here is a set of things I've discovered through
trial and error using the Debian version, along with some suggested
initial settings.

nedit*shadowThickness: 1
nedit*textFrame.shadowThickness: 0
nedit*menuBar.shadowThickness: 0
nedit*XmToggleButton.indicatorSize: 14
nedit*background: #DEDBD6
nedit*foreground: #000000
nedit*XmFileSelectionBox.fileFilterStyle: FILTER_HIDDEN_FILES

These parameters control most of the things you would want to adjust. A
source of further things to try is the X Resources chapter of the NEdit
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Wayne.Lydecker | 23 Mar 20:56 2011

saving key stroke history

Is there a way to save (and restore) key stroke history?  Our file servers
were relocated, which forced me to reboot.  I frequently use the Ctrl-Z and
Shft-Ctrl-Z for numerous reasons, like to easily restore a file to its
original state (and back).  After rebooting, I lost all of that history.
Is there a macro out there that can do this?


-- Wayne.

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Preventing the same file from being opened more than once


Is there a way please, to set NEdit up so that if you try to open up the
same file twice the user will receive a warning or it will prevent them
from doing so.
I'm thinking of a scenario where NEdit opens after clicking on a block
in a diagram.  The user may click this block, opening the editor twice
without realising so.  I understand that the second copy is marked as
such, but my users do not feel this goes far enough.

Many thanks


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Isaac Raway | 21 Mar 04:19 2011

Shorter filenames in open dialog?

I realize that the Motif file section dialog for File > Open is meant to be
replaced at some point... but is there a way to get it to behave more in a
more sane fashion in the meantime? I've really been enjoying using nedit so
far and this is the only thing that has been a pain, all this constant
horizontal scrolling is driving me a bit batty. ;)

It would be ideal if the dialog could be made to simply show the name of
Directories and Files in each list instead of the full path to these
objects. Anyone know more about Motif and have a method to hack the dialog
to do this?

I nedit built from source (I am running X11, dwm, nedit, and a bunch of
other "lightweight" stuff under Mac OS X), so a source patch to fix this
would be fine if there is no such configuration option anywhere.


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Helmut Jarausch | 24 Feb 11:30 2011

file input/output hook ?


does anybody know if there hooks in NEdit which are run whenever NEdit 
opens or closes a file?

I'd like to use such hook to invoke recode transforming from/to utf-8 
to/from latin1.

Thanks for a hint,

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Jeremy | 17 Feb 09:56 2011

Re: What could be missing?

On 2/17/11, Emmanuel Florac <eflorac@...> wrote:

> You should try running mkfontdir and mkfontscale in your various fonts
> directory, for a start.

That's the very first thing I did when I installed the Luxi Mono fonts
(which are the ones selected in NEdit):

# fc-cache
# mkfontscale
# mkfontdir

from the directory in which the fonts were found. The fonts properly
showed in the fonts.scale and fonts.dir files in that directory.

I have repeated that procedure (for all fonts installed) now, just in
case. But it didn't change a yota in NEdit current behavior on the

On 2/16/11, Jeremy <claws.wielder@...> wrote:
> On 2/16/11, Emmanuel Florac <eflorac@...> wrote:
>> Does the output of these fonts look the same in xfontsel ?
> I don't have xfontsel in either installation. The fonts (I'm using Luxi
> Mono)
> look great in the working installation and terrible (microscopic in size
> and partly black, partly red) in the non-working one.
> Upon starting NEdit within an xterm, I get the error message:
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eric.bouyoux | 17 Feb 09:45 2011

How to add text on multiple lines (without using the Replace menu).


Somebody I work with is using nedit. His preferred text editor is
Ultraedit but we don’t have it installed at work.
He would like to do the following (I explained him how to do it with
regular expression and the Replace menu, but it can be interesting anyway)

He needs to replace :


Into :

<added text>Line1
<added text>Line2
<added text>Line3

Doing it this way :

Select all first characters of each line by column (with Ctrl + Left
Then enter the text to add once. This text is automatically inserted in
real time on all lines.

Is there a way to do that THIS WAY with Nedit ?

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Jeremy | 16 Feb 18:10 2011

What could be missing?

NEdit works perfectly well within my full installation of Slackware,
on my main PC.
I also have a trimmed down install of the same Slackware version,
which I use on an old laptop. The problem is, NEdit is malfunctioning
on the latter, obviously because of something missing there, showing a
text size so ridiculously small that is illegible, and also the menus'
text is disruptured/misplaced with buttons that are not reachable at
the location where they seem to be on the screen.
It is not a font selection problem, as the fonts NEdit is using on the
main installation are also available on the minimalist one and those
fonts are listed the same way in both under Preferences -> Default
Settings -> Text Fonts.
My question is, what missing component could be possibly causing this?
Once I know, the fix will be simply copying that component from the
main PC to the laptop.

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