Chris Allegretta | 15 Apr 09:53 2010

GNU nano 2.2.4

is released

2010.04.15 - GNU nano 2.2.4 is nobody's fool.  First and foremost,
		this relase includes some security fixes due to
		an assessment of nano's vulnerability to symlink attacks
		on open files.  The CVEs fixed with this release are
		CVE-2010-1160 and CVE-2010-1161.  Also included are fixes
		for various crash modes when using the spell checker
		on new files in multibuffer mode (surely you've used
		that combination recently? No?) as well as a fixing
		the 'file was modified' message when saving to a 
		new filename (since how would nano know?).  And
		the list would not be complete without our 
		third-times-the-charm fixes to page up/down due to
		the soft wrapping code.  The lone new feature 
		included is a new syntax higlighting definition for 
		cmake-related files.  Please do consider upgrading to
		this release if still using the 2.0 series since
		fixes for that version are still forthcoming.

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Chris Allegretta

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Chris Allegretta | 25 Apr 09:09 2010

Re: nano

Hi Salvatore.  Please see the -F or --multibuffer option for nano).
Or you can turn this option it on and off on the fly by using Meta-F.
Then opening files with ^R will cause them to be put into a new
buffer.  You can switch between buffers with Meta-, and Meta-.

On Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 4:37 AM, Salvatore Barone
<salvator.barone <at>> wrote:
> Hi, I' m Salvatore Barone, a young IT student from Naples, Italy. I always
> use nano for edit source-code. Sometimes I feel the need of opening another
> file from an all ready running instance of nano.
> Thank for your time and sorry for my poor English
> Salvatore Barone.