Anthony Campbell | 22 May 13:31 2015

lyx cannot find beamer.cls and other files

I am using lyx 2.1.3 on Freebsd.

I want to edit some beamer files but lyx complains that it cannot find
beamer.cls, amssymb.sty, hyperref.sty, pqf.sty, xcolor.sty, xxcolor.sty.

In fact, all these are on the system. I've tried reconfiguring lyx,
deleting HOME/.lyx, and reinstalling lyx, but the problem persists. Is
there any way to make lyx find the files?



Anthony Campbell

Gordon Cooper | 22 May 06:34 2015


Greetings to all,

The ulem.sty  filename  appears several times in the lyx-users archive
with most  requests reporting that the file was absent.  It happened to
  me today when a conversion to pdf stalled because ulem was missing.

All the dependency files were present and the problem difficult to find,
so I eventually re-installed everything that might be related. That 
fixed it.

I would be grateful if someone could advise just which package contains
ulem.sty so that if it happens again there'll be a quicker repair.


Eugenio Raliuga | 22 May 04:59 2015

LyX does not accept diffrent classes of documents

Dear Sires
I use Lyx since 2009, and the next problem is new to me:

If I open a new document the class of document is "KOMA- script book" and LyX does not accept to chsnge to any other class of document, say "article" or "KOMA-script article". The buttons "OK" and "Apply" turn on inactive.

I have installed the files with the default document classes in LyX
started LyX from a terminal, via "lyx -dbg all  
I reinstalled LyX with Synaptic (My OS is Ubuntu 15.04)

The problem remains.

Maybe is something plain, I don't know.

Anyone could give me a hint or better a way to solve this problem?

Tank you for your attention.
Kai David Olsen | 21 May 16:46 2015

Using German and CJK

Hello LyX-Team,
I hope this question is not too basic. I am writing a longer paper in german which uses many cjk characters and sentences. If i use german and utf8 as the document language I will get loads of errors etc. But if I switch to chinese language and utf8-encoding everything seems to work well, even umlauts.
My question is: Does this affect the quality of the hyphenation etc.?
I used some test examples and it broke in some cases the justification.


Uwe Stöhr | 21 May 02:45 2015

Re: Lyx Adobe Reader popup 'always on top' on Windows

Am 19.03.2015 um 12:24 schrieb Ben Lowe:

> I am a Lyx user on Windows 7 64 bit using Lyx 2.0.7. Whenever I view
> PDF I find that Adobe Reader defaults to always being on top. This can
> be an issue as it means if I would like it to compile the PDF in the
> background, I constantly have to dismiss the PDF window as it pops up
> several times depending on what stage of the compile it is in. This
> seems to occur for both pdflatex and luatex.

This is now fixed. To test replace the file pdfview.exe on your PC wit 
this one:

Does it fix the problem for you?

regards Uwe

Uwe Stöhr | 21 May 02:41 2015

Solution for the PDF viewing problems with Acrobat DC and request for testing

Dear LyXers,

as you might have noticed, it is not possible to view and update the 
view of PDF files with LyX 2.1.3 if you use Acrobat Reader DC as viewer 
for PDF files.

The solution it to replace the file pdfview.exe on your PC (in the same 
folder as the lyx.exe) with this one:

Viewing and also updating the view is then done via LyX's view button 
(the update button won't do anything visible).

Please test and report back if it works for you.
If it doesn't work, please write what version of Acrobat you are using 
and what Windows. Please also write the name of the Acrobat program 
window when a PDF is opened (e.g. "Hello.pdf - Adobe Acrobat DC Pro").

many thanks and regards

Richard Heck | 20 May 22:48 2015

Re: Lyx does not recompile after a change in a child document

On 05/20/2015 04:29 PM, Gilles Moyse wrote:
> Thanks Richard for your answer. It is not a specific document, and it 
> used to work well. Here are also some details I should have included 
> in my first email :
> I am using Lyx v2.1.3 on Windows 7. I have tried to recompile the 
> child document on its own, and it works correctly, so the whole 
> compilation is launched and the output is updated. However, even after 
> doing this, changing the document and hitting "Update Master Document" 
> does not update anything.

That part isn't a surprise. If you've compiled the child recently, then 
(I think) LyX will realize this, though I'm not sure.

For some reason, LyX is either not checking this particular document, or 
else the check we do is failing for some reason.


PS Please keep discussion on the list, since others will have 
contributions to make.

Gilles Moyse | 20 May 16:09 2015

Lyx does not recompile after a change in a child document

Dear all,

I am currently writing my thesis and have found a strange problem which started occurring right now. I have a master document and several child docs for each chapter. When I change something in one of them and hit "Update Master Document", the whole doc is recompiled and updated in the viewer (Sumatra in this case).
But with one of the child document, nothing happens when I change something and ask for recompilation.

I am unfortunately not able to provide a MWE since I cannot reproduce it with a simpler doc. I was wondering if a similar issue was known?

Thanks in advance,

Victor Porton | 19 May 21:52 2015

Creating a new description environment

I need to create a new environment which could work exactly as Description with one change: It should use another LaTeX environment (not "description"), when exporting.

Can it be done?

-- -- Victor Porton -
Michael Berger | 19 May 06:19 2015

footnotes in glosses

Is there a way to use footnotes in glosses?

Michael Berger

Michael Berger, Dipl. Ing.
Im Borngrund 7a
D-35606 Solms
idest <at>
Fon: +49 6442 706509
Fax: 032121247536

Wolfgang Engelmann | 16 May 17:07 2015

Re: Fwd: note/commentary/greyed out note SOLVED

Sorry, forgot the file.
I am sending a (not quite so) minimal eymaple which shows the problem.
The first note is before the main matters. You can not choose the note type.
The second note is after the main matter. It was copied from the main 
matter to this place. You can not choose the note type.
I inserted a note in this note: I can choose now (only inside the note, 
mind you) a commentary note.
I can also copy this commentary and insert it (under Modelle). It stays 
as a commentary and I can choose other types.

I left the preample the way it was before, since it might give you hints 
for what went wrong


Am 16.05.2015 um 15:10 schrieb Jürgen Spitzmüller:
> 2015-05-16 14:56 GMT+02:00 Wolfgang Engelmann:
>> Its me again: Not quite solved:
>> If I copy the various notes from the front matter part into the main
>> matter part, the change into another note type is still blocked. I have to
>> move the whole bunch to another place to get it working.
>> My guess is, that it 'remembered' the situation from the front matter.
> This is unlikely. Are you sure the layout of the paragraph is the correct
> one (and not some titling layout)?
>> My question is, whether there are reasons to prevent the choosing of the
>> note types in the front matter; if not, it might be better to allow it
>> there.
> Some note types trigger LaTeX errors in title.
> Jürgen
>> Wolfgang

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