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The 'insert row' facility in Lyx tables, would it not help if any number of rows could be inserted at a time (as done, say, for Libre Office tables), intead of having to add one at a time?

Or am I missing something? FN

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jeremy adler | 22 Nov 07:32 2014

Re:jeremy adler n


jeremy adler
John Kane | 22 Nov 17:30 2014

APA 6 document class & longtable problem

John Kane
Kingston ON Canada
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Renato Pontefice | 20 Nov 15:57 2014

how to unsubscribe

I would unsubscribe from the list (at this moment, I can't use Lyx)

How can I obtain that? I'm unable to find the way


Hanna Hennig | 20 Nov 13:02 2014



ich schreibe mit Lyx meine Masterarbeit und möchte gerne für die Abbildungen bzw. Tabellen, die im
Anhang vorkommen je ein neues Verzeichnis machen.
Hat jemand eine Idee und kann mir weiter helfen?


I would like to have a separate Table of Figures and Tables for the appendix.
Any thoughts or tips?


Anders Host-Madsen | 18 Nov 19:28 2014

(Math) preview does not work in Yosemite

After upgrading to Yosemite, math and figure preview do not work. Kind of.

On my iMac I upgraded to the latest versions of MacTeX and LyX, and that solved the problem. But on my MacBook, even after upgrading both MacTeX and LyX, preview STILL does not work, neither for equations nor pdf figures. Anything I can do?

(As an aside, I have been unable to post through gmane. My posts are simply ignored by gmane).
Anders Host-Madsen | 18 Nov 19:12 2014

No math preview in Yosemite

After updating to Yosemite, math preview does not work.

I have two computers.

iMac: updating to latest version of MacTeX and LyX solved problem.
MacBook Air: updating did NOT solve the problem.

I don't know how to solve the problem then.

Bruce Momjian | 17 Nov 21:44 2014

Conditionally including another LyX document

I know I can use Insert/File/Child Document to insert a LyX document
into an existing LyX document.  Is there any way to _conditionally_
include the document based on a TeX define, e.g.:

	\ifx \employer \include{/presentations/employer/head_bumper} \fi

but if you put this in a TeX red block, it doesn't work as \include must
be processed by LyX.

I would like to do this so I can define a TeX variable in my LaTeX
preamble and have it control the addition of slides.


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Murat Yildizoglu-BX4 | 17 Nov 12:23 2014

Yosemite blues again?

I am under Yosemite and MacTeX 2014 now.
I meet a bizarre problem again: when I try to add a reference to an article, the box for the reference list contained in the bib file is empty.
I have checked that the bib file in the bibliography box at the end of the document is available to LyX (I have even added it again from scratch). I have also tried the Rescan button, no avail.
The bib file lives in ~/Library/texmf/bibtex/bib, which is the path indicated by MacTeX 2014 FAQ, and the files has been happily living there for many years :-)

Do you have any idea why this not working anymore?

Best regards,

Prof. Murat Yildizoglu

Université de Bordeaux
Avenue Léon Duguit
33608 Pessac cedex

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Mail: yildi-at-u-bordeaux4.fr
Web: yildizoglu.info

Mark Bravington | 17 Nov 04:37 2014

new documents always have change-tracking on

Lyx 2.1.2 on Windows 7: When I do File/New document, it opens up with
change-tracking switched on, so that I start typing and then have to undo it
and turn off change-tracking and start again. Not life-threatening, but
annoying... and I can't find where to control this behaviour.

If it's not just me, then

 Tools/Preferences/Look&Feel/Document handling

could be a good place for a checkbox to turn this off/on for new documents.


kevinea | 15 Nov 19:22 2014

Re: "Could not remove temporary directory..."

I have the same issue. Lyx 2.1, Windows 8.1, Adobe Reader.

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