Michael Berger | 25 Jul 10:04 2016



I am getting file names of the form shown above after upgrading to LyX 

What exactly is the purpose and may I safely remove these?

Thanks and regards,


Abhinav Narayanan | 25 Jul 08:46 2016

Lyx-Pdf problem


I have been using Lyx for some years now. Recently, I installed Lyx 2.2 along with Miktex 2.9 on a new computer (Windows 8). However, when I try to compile a simple document I get this message (see attached). I never had any problems with Lyx in so many years. I have tried reinstalling a fresh version which didn't solve the problem. 

Any help will be much appreciated. 

Abhinav Narayanan

Abhinav Narayanan
Attachment (Error_Abhinav.docx): application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 146 KiB
Michael Berger | 24 Jul 11:35 2016

change color of citation


in a KOMA Script document I am using biblatex and  jura.bib style.

The citations in the PDF text have the color lightgreen (or so) which is 
too pallid.

Is there a way to change this color, say to a darker green ?

Cheers and thanks,


Hal Kierstead | 23 Jul 18:06 2016

How do I bind a key combination to insert additional theorem text?

How do I bind a key combination to insert additional theorem text? I am using 2.2.0.


Dr Dave Forrester | 21 Jul 03:10 2016

Problem with PDF Preview

Dear Lyx Experts,

Thanks very much in advance for your help.

I recently updated Lyx only to find out that I should have updated MacTex first. I downloaded the latest MacTex and then found that the Preview Button was greyed out. From the Lyx Users Archive, I found out how to access in the Preferences, File Handling > File Formats; I selected Latex (pdflatex) in the Format drop down box and then found that the option of pdflatex was not available in either of the drop down boxes for 'With TeX Fonts' and 'With non-tex Fonts'. I saved this page with the result that the Preview button became operable, but when I click on it, all I get is a tab in Safari with MathHTML, and not the beautiful PDF output that you usually get opened up in Preview miraculously before your eyes, as has happened so many times before.

Would greatly appreciate your assistance, as you do need the beautiful Preview output to send to the publishers.

Best wishes,

David Forrester
(ANU Ph.D. Alumnus)
Scott Kostyshak | 20 Jul 08:33 2016

feedback on middle-clicking tab behavior

Dear LyX users,

I'm implementing a very small feature and before I proceed further I
would like to get a little feedback. I have two questions that are
relevant if you have more than one document open in LyX, using tabs.

1a. What do you *expect* to happen if you middle-click on a tab?
1b. What do you think *should* happen?

2a. What do you *expect* to happen if you middle-click on the space to the
right of the tabs? I'm referring to the blank space where if you had
more tabs it would take that space up.
2b. What do you think *should* happen?

Note that "nothing" is a perfectly acceptable answer. The "expect"
question is more about whether you're familiar with how things happen in
other applications that use tabs; the "should" question is more about
your opinion on what you would like to happen.

Usman Ashraf | 19 Jul 18:34 2016

Title page


I have a query in regards to the default title page in report class which only gives you an option to add title,
author and date. However, I would also like to add supervisor, logo etc. How do I go about doing this?


Usman Ashraf | 19 Jul 18:33 2016

Question regarding Title Page in report class


I have a query in regards to the default title page in report class which only gives you an option to add title,
author and date. However, I would also like to add supervisor, logo etc. How do I go about doing this?


Daniel Roma | 19 Jul 16:03 2016

Math Panel?

i'm using LyX 2.2.0,how insert pi, phi (pi), theta, and sigma in formulas?
thank you

Swami Atmarupananda | 19 Jul 13:18 2016

KOMAscript book workaround?

I'm redoing through lyx a book whose 1st edition I wrote in latex. All has worked excellently well -- much quicker than the original latex -- except one problem. I'm using KOMA scrbook, which forces a blank page after the title page. (The first edition used memoir which doesn't have the problem.) But I need to put publication info on the backside (verso) of the title page, and can't figure out how to override the forced blank page. (Other forced blank pages after part and chapter headings are not an issue.)

I see provision for the environments "uppertitleback" and "lowertitleback" under scrbook, which promise to do most of what I want (maybe all), but I can't get them to work. The manual says that the matter within the environment must be put before the \maketitle command. I'm not sure where LyX puts that command, but in latex it comes just after the titlepage information (title, author, date, publisher) is entered. So I put the matter with environment just after \frontmatter (i.e. immediately above the titlepage matter), but it still appears on the next righthand (recto) page after the titlepage; and I also tried putting it in the middle of the titlepage matter, and at the end, but it still comes on the next recto page. Same with matter in the lowertitleback environment. I've tried it by typing in the matter in lyx and selecting the environment from the dropdown menu, and I've tried it by entering latex code. Same thing.

So, to state it simply, I want to put a page-worth of material on the backside of the title page, where scrbook forces a blank page. Anything that works is fine -- the simpler the better. The one workaround mentioned above may not be sufficient even if I could get it to work, which I can't, because uppertitleback and lowertitleback seem to be designed for a single paragraph each, and I have several worth of publication data.

Using LyX 2.1.4 under Ubuntu 16.04.

Many thanks for any help.
CarLaTeX | 19 Jul 13:10 2016

Does anybody know how to use \tikzexternalize, storing the files in a user's dir and not in a LyX temp dir?

I'm working in Windows 10 with MiKTeX distibution.
If I write in my preamble:
all works well, but the externalized files are stored in a LyX temp dir, hence I loose them when I close LyX.
If I write:
\tikzexternalize[prefix={"C:/Users/MyName MySurname/Documents/LaTeX/Figures/"}]
I get the error:
! I can't write on file `"C:/Users/MyName MySurname/Documents/LaTeX/Figures/MyDoc-figure0.md5"'.
I've also posted a question on TEX SE, but till without answer:
Could anyone help me?
Thank you!