Patrick Dupre | 1 Oct 01:18 2014

Wrapped figure


I am not satisfied by the placement of wrapped figures:
Probably, because in one part of the document there is too many
figures compared to the text, there is some large spaces kept blank
on the side of the wrapped figures.

Is there any tip that I could use?
Actually, latex should just move the pictures a bit farther where there
are no more figures if it is the issue.

I use outer placement and allow floating, one column.
If I change for left or right of inner, the figure remains on the left side.

The setting is typically 45% of the pagewidth.

Thank for your help.

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Renato Pontefice | 30 Sep 10:21 2014

Package frenchb.ldf Error: frenchb requires babel v.3.9i.

on my pc:
- win xp
- lyx 2.1.1
when I try to obtain a preview (pushing the first button on teh left), I obtzin the error in subject and no pdf file.

What do I have to do?
I think I have to install new version of babel. How can I obtain that?


Alberto Escrig Vidal | 29 Sep 08:18 2014

Hyperref color links

When this option is selected, LyX automatically adds:




before babel is loaded.


If a multilingual Italian/Spanish document is involved (Spanish being the main language), this causes the document to fail to compile (with an updated MiKTeX distribution), such as the following minimal example:












The problem is easily solved in LaTeX by loading color after babel is loaded. In LyX there is also a workaround: providing colorlinks=true as an additional hyperref option, which is not very elegant, because the LaTeX translate will look like:




Is it possible to influence LyX to load color after babel being loaded?








Daniel CLEMENT | 27 Sep 10:27 2014

Matching math font with TG Pagella


I like to use the TexGyre Pagella font in many documents, better that
Palatino which lacks ligatures.

However, Palatino triggers a nice matching font for maths, and I was
never able to get it with TG Pagella, at least under LyX 2.0.6.

Now that I've installed LyX 2.1.1, I wondered if perhaps it was easier
to achieve, but I can't find how to do it in the new fonts settings
dialog box.

Do I have to add a package or something in the preamble?

TIA - best regards, 


abhiram lohit | 27 Sep 04:48 2014

Devanagari characters input distortion


I recently installed Lyx 2.1.1 and set it up to type Devanagari. I use a Sanskrit QWERTY keyboard to directly type Sanskrit characters into the Lyx file.

I get the correct PDF output file, however the UI display of the vowels symbols and conjuncts is not correct. There are weird spaces with circles that have the symbols and these overlap with the next syllable and display is very jumbled. This makes it very hard to locate errors and edit the text. Can you please suggest a solution?

I don't know if this is a bug in Lyx?


Richard Heck | 27 Sep 00:11 2014

[ANNOUNCE] LyX 2.1.2 Is Released

Public release of LyX version 2.1.2

We are proud to announce the release of LyX 2.1.2.  This is the second
maintenance release in the 2.1.x series.

LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based
on the structure of your documents and not simply their appearance. It is
released under a Free and Open Source Software license.

You can download LyX 2.1.1 from

LyX 2.1.2 is the result of on-going efforts to make our stable version
even more reliable and stable. We have fixed a number of bugs and made
a number of improvements. These are detailed below. We strongly encourage
all LyX users to upgrade to this version.

The most important fix here is that we believe we have resolved the problem
that led several users to experience seemingly random crashes with 2.1.0,
sometimes resulting in dataloss. (This was bug 9049.) These crashes 
happened when the user attempted to save a file containing a table, 
usually a
fairly complex table. A seemingly unrelated bug report concerning a 
crash when
trying to save a default template (bug 9236) led to the solution. That 
bug has
also been fixed.

Do report your bugs, then! It really does help make LyX better, often in 
you might not expect.

So, if you think you have found a bug in LyX 2.1.2, open a bug report at If you're not sure whether it
really is a bug, you can e-mail the LyX developers' mailing list (lyx-devel
<at> and ask.

If you have trouble using LyX or have a question, consult the
documentation that comes with LyX and the LyX wiki, which lives at If you can't find the answer there, e-mail the LyX
users' list (lyx-users <at>

We hope you enjoy using LyX 2.1.2.

The LyX team.

What's new

** Updates:


- Detect some additional postscript and pdf viewers when they are on the
   system PATH (AcroRd32, SumatraPDF, gsview and qpdfview).


- Update docs explaining how to activate reverse search in qpdfview.

- New French translations of the beamer examples.


- On Cygwin, use getent instead of grepping /etc/passwd for determining
   the user's home directory when launching LyX through the gui wrapper.

** Bug fixes:


- Fix crash when saving certain documents with tables (bug 9049).

- Fix crash when saving default template (bug 9236).

- Do not sort advanced listings settings, since their insertion order is
   relevant (bug 5203).

- Fix import of latex documents with scaled fonts.


- Fix warning "Missing \use_indices" when converting from 1.6.x format
   or older.

- Fix several conversion problems of beamer box arguments when the
   arguments use multiple ERTs (part of bug 9208, bug 9225, bug 9144).

- Fix conversion of beamer overlay arguments when the module
   "beamer-resenumerate" is used (part of bug 9208).


- Do not forget last words of paragraphs in completion possibilities.

- Select word on double click even when at boundary (bug 9159).

- Fix listings inset parameter validation when font size is selected
   (bug 8144).

- Fix listings validator with regard to aboveskip and belowskip (bug 7373).

- Fix reverse search in insets (figures, tables, branches, etc.) (bug 9151).

- Fix on-screen display of images whose type is not known to LyX (bug 9146).

- Fix the -geometry command line argument for Windows.


- Improve thread-safety.

- Fix potential bug spotted by cppcheck.

- Fix problems arising when converting floating point values to the
   corresponding string representation (bugs 9190 and 9193).


- Fix compatibility issue with 64-bit cygwin.

Wolfgang Engelmann | 26 Sep 15:34 2014

how to restrict cited authors to 3 in the Bibliography

I use spbasic (Springer Publ) as the bibstyle
(Koma script book)
and get the citations in the text right (Author1, X et al)
However, in the references all Coauthors are cited. How can I resrict it 
to 3?
I tried to find an answer in the net, adding
\usepackage{natbib} to the preamble did not help.
Anybody who could help with a pointer?


Sergey | 26 Sep 09:54 2014

LyX 2.1.1 Cyrillic in ERT not possible


In LyX version 2.1.1 it is not possible to write text in Cyrillic in ERT
boxes. The program prevents to write any character if the keyboard is
switched to Macedonian (Cyrillic letters).
In previous versions I used this possibility to enter figure captions.
However, old .lyx files with such text in ERT are correctly compiled.

Do you have any suggestions how to enable this?

renato | 25 Sep 22:11 2014

letterhead with Koma2 or letter

please, help me to set letterhead. I tried koma2 and letter class. I read the 
same document (in different site) googling around. But I'm in the same 
How can I put Image on the top left and the bottom of the page? 



Hugo Hinterberger | 25 Sep 18:44 2014

using refstyle for <Reference> on Page <Page> references


I would like to use the "<Reference> on Page <Page>" cross-referencing  
format from refstyle in LyX.
I set the "Use refstyle (not prettyref) for cross-rferences" option in the  
Document settings, but LyX uses the \vref{LabelPrefix:Label} command for  
the references.

I tried to work around LyX with this:

This should essentially replace the \vref{LabelPrefix:Label} command LyX  
inserts/outputs with \LabelPrefixref[vref]{Label} which would be the  
refstyle command to get the "<Reference> on Page <Page>" cross-referencing  

Could someone who has more experience in TeX/LaTeX please point out what I  
did wrong.

Kind regards,
Attachment (mwe.lyx): application/octet-stream, 8 KiB
Renato Pontefice | 25 Sep 12:06 2014

lyx on the "cloud"

I would use Lyx everywhere. Instead of Libre/Open Office. But To do that, I need a service, that let me use it everywhere. i.e., if I write a Lyx doc on my pc, the I go to an office, that do no has Lyx (but for sure, it has a internet connection), I would/coul use it, without my pc.

Is there a cloud service that do that?