Michael Berger | 7 Feb 14:50 2016

using special characters (non-greek) in glosses

Hi all,
this may be of interest to those writing linguistic papers with glosses 
and facing problems related to the subject.

I had to add the character Ø in a gloss which is found in
Insert > Special Character > Symbols > Latin-1 Supplement.

Knowing that this is cannot be done in verbatim text (and everything 
else did not work either) I inserted that character as a last desperate 
resort in normal text and then copied it into the gloss.

To my own surprise it worked.

Michael Berger


Change tracking + fancy headers + changed section = error

It appears that if you are generating PDFs with fancy headers on, and change tracking, that changing the
last section of a page (the one that ends up in the fancy header) is not allowed. 
See attached minimal example file, poking the 'View PDF (pdflatex)' button should generate the error.

The error is "Package xcolor Error: Undefined color 'LYXADDED'."

1. Can someone verify that this is still a problem in the newest version of LyX? (my distro is still using lyx
1.6.10 & texlive-2007-60)
1a. if it seems to be working, please state lyx and *tex version, so I know when I should see relief from this
error. [I have worked around it by just 'accepting' the changed section, but it is always confusing when I
hit it.]
2. If it is still an existing problem, could someone with a www.lyx.org/trac/wiki/BugTrackerHome login
please enter an appropriate ticket? 


Even when this disclaimer is not here:
I am not a contracting officer. I do not have authority to make or modify the terms of any contract.
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Neal Becker | 4 Feb 16:31 2016

anyone use synctex?

I tried configuring converters
lyx (LuaTeX) -> pdf (LuaTeX) convert to
lualatex --synctex=1

But didn't seem to work for export->pdf(luatex).

I suspect maybe the synctex.gz file was written to a cache directory, and 
not exported to the correct (source) directory?

How would I fix this? 

하헌진 | 4 Feb 07:32 2016

Re: About my error in Lyx



Long time no answer. Sorry.

My computer system is 64 bit Window 7 OS


My problem is described in here:



In here, the writer’s problem is solved, but not in mine.

What should I have to do?


Reconfigure failed.

Massage: The system reconfiguration has failed. Default textclass is used but LyX may not be able to work properly. Please reconfigure again if needed.


In my opinion, the LyX doesn’t catch the Mitex with configuration error. And, I was trying to figure it out with compiling python, but I failed.


Still need some help.






> Hi lyx manager.



> Im a starter of Lyx and I have a problem.



> when I use an article,


> I got a following message:



> he selected document class (Article) requires external files that are not

> available. The document class can still be used, but the document cannot be

> compiled until the following prerequisites are installed: article.cls



> And I cannot reconfigure.



That is the problem. In this stage lyx is collecting some info from your system.

Therefore we have to find a solution for this first.


Can you send us the messages you get if configuring?


> Can you help me out?


> My texworks(Miktex) works properly.



> Your help would give me a big pleasure.



> Thank you.


> HeonJin




고르넬 벤고

Paul Smith | 3 Feb 13:29 2016

Breaking the same LaTeX command in several contiguous lines

Dear All,

Is it possible to break into different continuous lines a same LaTeX
command in ERT? Please, see the attached example, with which I get

Thanks in advance,

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Simon, Klaus | 2 Feb 19:53 2016

tabu package

I wonder if LyX perhaps does not support the tabu package?
Neal Becker | 2 Feb 19:49 2016

trouble submitting IEEE conference article

I'm submitting to IEEE VTC 2016 spring.  Article (written with LyX) is 
accepted (yay).  

says they only accept .dvi, and graphics in .eps, and they want to make the 
pdf.  I'm shocked, this is ancient obsolete tech.

So I tried to follow this route, and uploaded a dvi and all graphics 
converted to eps, using pdftops -> pdf2epsi.  No doubt this will hurt the 

But conversion fails, I receive an email just saying
The DVI source file you uploaded as a submission to the File Submission site 
failed to produce a postscript file.  

If I try locally, I get:
dvipdf ascma-paper.dvi ascma-paper.junk.pdf
kpathsea:make_tex: Invalid fontname `"file:lmroman17-regular:script=latn;
+trep;+tlig;"', contains '"'
dvips: Font "file:lmroman17-regular:script=latn;+trep;+tlig;" not found; 
using cmr10
dvips: Design size mismatch in font "file:lmroman17-regular:script=latn;
dvips: ! invalid char 8211 from font "file:lmroman17-regular:script=latn;

Any ideas here?  I'm emailing them to see what can be done, but maybe you 
guys have suggestions?

Anthony Campbell | 1 Feb 17:33 2016

Unexplained file corruption makes it uneditable

I'm using 2.1.4 on OpenBSD.

While editing a large file (book) I've twice had it suddenly corrupted
which made it impossible to edit. Doing anything, such as inserting a
space or deleting a letter, causes the whole para to be struck through
(horizontal lines through the text) and the text changes colour. There is
also a vertical line on the right.

Oddly I can still make PDFs when this happens but it is no longer
possible to change anything in the file. I don't know what I did
preceding the change but it's happened twice. I spent many hours trying
to fix it but in the end gave up and replaced the file with a slightly
older one from offline backup. So far this is OK.

Any ideas about what could cause this? I tried reinstalling lyx but the
problem didn't go away.


Anthony Campbell			http://www.acampbell.uk

Anthony Campbell | 1 Feb 16:51 2016

My posts don't arrive

I receive the posts to this list but when I post myself it doesn't
appear, nor do I get a bounce. Is there still a problem with the list?

Anthony Campbell			http://www.acampbell.uk

Robert Susmilch | 31 Jan 05:50 2016

Math Instant Preview Failing due to Fontspec

Dear List,

I am attempting to track down lack of instant preview for math equations. It 
seemed to be a random event between different files not working. I chalked it 
up to random incompatibilities between all the various classes and preambles, 
etc. However, even a new document doesn’t seem to work with a basic equation. 
I have looked into the tmp directory, and found that the previews are not 
generated because:

! Fatal fontspec error: "cannot-use-pdftex"
! The fontspec package requires either XeTeX or LuaTeX to function.
! You must change your typesetting engine to, e.g., "xelatex" or "lualatex"
! instead of plain "latex" or "pdflatex".
! See the fontspec documentation for further information.
! For immediate help type H <return>.

I have changed my graphics driver under Document settings to XeTeX, but no 
dice. I also changed my default engine to pdflatex, but I wouldn’t be able to 
compile my document then.
I am using KOMA-Script and fontspec. All the equations render if I preview the 
ENTIRE document, but not the instant preview. Is there a setting I’m missing? 
Is this not possible unless everything is vanilla pdflatex? I can manually 
load the TeX file into Texmaker, compile under LuaLaTeX, and a nice preview 
pdf comes up.



Robert Susmilch
The "gobbledygook" in this email is due to this email having been "signed" 
with PGP for security.
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Paul Smith | 30 Jan 12:58 2016

Importing lyx files into a lyx file with a command line

Dear All,

I am trying to import the file y.lyx (attached) into the file x.lyx
(also attached) with the following command:

lyx x.lyx -batch -i lyx y.lyx

Unfortunately, y.lyx is not imported into x.lyx. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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Attachment (y.lyx): application/x-lyx, 2354 bytes