Patrick Dupre | 25 Nov 12:11 2014

issue with colon


I have 2 machines very similar, both runing the same version of the OS and
of lyx (2.1.2).
In one case, the colons generated is the pdf file are as follow:
"foo: "
and the other one
"foo : "

How can I manage this behavior?

Thank for your help.

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aparsloe | 24 Nov 02:47 2014


I've written a LaTeX package called "calculyx" which numerically 
evaluates mathematical expressions in LyX "before one's eyes" using 
instant preview.  It is written in the expl3 language of LaTeX3 but is 
used just like any other LaTeX package. There is a link at to a zipped archive currently in a 
Dropbox folder, and a screenshot (.png format) of a one-page LaTeX 
document and the resulting pdf with a few example calculations at 
The LaTeX may look complicated, but using LyX, all that is as ever 
hidden. One simply enters expressions in the LyX math editor as usual.

Calculyx requires the three LaTeX3 bundles l3kernel,  l3packages and 
l3experimental. Because a main routine uses a  command that was 
introduced to l3kernel on 18 July 2014, the version of l3kernel must be 
later than this. The calculational engine for calculyx is the floating 
point module l3fp in l3kernel.

I have tried to ensure as much as possible that calculyx reads 
expressions as mathematicians write them. For instance it will "digest" 
\sin 3x - 3\sin x + 4\sin^{3} x (for a specified value of x, say \pi/6) 
without parentheses around the arguments and with the superscript in the 
"wrong" but familiar place. It will "digest" the common arithmetic 
operators, plus variants like \times and \div, the familiar 
trigonometric and hyperbolic functions and their inverses, the 
exponential and natural logarithm, fractions (\frac, \tfrac), square 
root and \surd, factorials ( using !), binomial coefficients (\binom, 
\tbinom), \gcd, sums and products (\sum, \prod) including "infinite" 
sums and products, limits (\lim), derivatives (1st and 2nd order), 
including Cartesian 2-d and 3-d Laplacians, and definite integrals in 
one variable. Results are generally presented in the form: expression = 
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Ernesto Posse | 24 Nov 00:19 2014

On screen math fonts

Hi. I recently upgraded my LyX install to on Mac OS X Mavericks, and I noticed that the on-screen character for \otimes is now rendered incorrectly as an A with umlaut, although the PDF output is correct. I haven't noticed this with any other symbols so far. Is this a bug, or some configuration issue?


Ernesto Posse

Julio Rojas | 23 Nov 16:43 2014

Open File problem

Dear LyXers,

My wife has LyX 2.1.1 under OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks). When she tries to open a file, LyX pops a new LyX document up, which is immediately closed. No Open File dialog is shown. The same happens with New From Template. Is there a way to diagnose (and fix) this problem? Is it related to the Yosemite problems arising left and right? I wouldn't like to upgrade to Yosemite and thus to, unless it would be totally unavoidably, as remote user support is not my strong feature, and she would be left in dire straits.

Thanks in advance. Regards,
Julio Rojas
jcredberry <at>

Insert row... lyx

The 'insert row' facility in Lyx tables, would it not help if any number of rows could be inserted at a time (as done, say, for Libre Office tables), intead of having to add one at a time?

Or am I missing something? FN

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jeremy adler | 22 Nov 07:32 2014

Re:jeremy adler n

jeremy adler
John Kane | 22 Nov 17:30 2014

APA 6 document class & longtable problem

John Kane
Kingston ON Canada
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Renato Pontefice | 20 Nov 15:57 2014

how to unsubscribe

I would unsubscribe from the list (at this moment, I can't use Lyx)

How can I obtain that? I'm unable to find the way


Hanna Hennig | 20 Nov 13:02 2014



ich schreibe mit Lyx meine Masterarbeit und möchte gerne für die Abbildungen bzw. Tabellen, die im
Anhang vorkommen je ein neues Verzeichnis machen.
Hat jemand eine Idee und kann mir weiter helfen?


I would like to have a separate Table of Figures and Tables for the appendix.
Any thoughts or tips?


Anders Host-Madsen | 18 Nov 19:28 2014

(Math) preview does not work in Yosemite

After upgrading to Yosemite, math and figure preview do not work. Kind of.

On my iMac I upgraded to the latest versions of MacTeX and LyX, and that solved the problem. But on my MacBook, even after upgrading both MacTeX and LyX, preview STILL does not work, neither for equations nor pdf figures. Anything I can do?

(As an aside, I have been unable to post through gmane. My posts are simply ignored by gmane).
Anders Host-Madsen | 18 Nov 19:12 2014

No math preview in Yosemite

After updating to Yosemite, math preview does not work.

I have two computers.

iMac: updating to latest version of MacTeX and LyX solved problem.
MacBook Air: updating did NOT solve the problem.

I don't know how to solve the problem then.