Steve Hnizdur | 17 Dec 13:13 2014

Koma and setbibpreamble


I'm trying to include a long preamble to a bibliography using 
\setbibpreamble and Koma document class. Attached is a MWE.

If the preamble is long and causes a page break then page formatting is 
corrupt and the first bib entry is lost see attached pdf. Is there a way 
round this?

Many thanks


Steve Hnizdur
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Wolfgang Engelmann | 15 Dec 08:11 2014

chemmacros in lyx

Has anybody used chemmacros in lyx and could provide a minimal example, e.g. for D_2O and the necessary usepackage entrances in the preamble?

\usepackage{chemmacros} there and \chD2O in the text gives this error message:
! Undefined control sequence.

l.1408 ... lithium ions \citep{Engelmann1976}.



The control sequence at the end of the top line

of your error message was never \def'ed. If you have

misspelled it (e.g., `\hobx'), type `I' and the correct

spelling (e.g., `I\hbox'). Otherwise just continue,

and I'll forget about whatever was undefined.

p.s. would it be difficult to include chemmacros in lyx without using ERT?
p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }
Gleb Egorov | 13 Dec 05:27 2014

HELP: PDF View not working correctly.

I've found what was causing the issue. I set the paragraph settings to 1.5 line spacing manually by selecting all the text, right clicking and choosing "Paragraph Settings...". This caused the text to disappear. How may I change the line spacing to 1.5 without losing any of my text?


Gleb Egorov | 13 Dec 03:22 2014

HELP: PDF View not working correctly.

Hi Jürgen;

See the attached file, as requested. I looked at the code using the Source Pane, and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. When I try to compile and view the PDF, the paragraph before equation 1 doesn't show up. Paragraph after equation 1 gets copied in place of paragraph 18. Also pretty much none of the paragraphs after and including section 3.1 don't display, while the equations appear. 

Thank you,
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Will Parsons | 13 Dec 02:07 2014

indicating keyboard keys

I'm writing a user manual for a program that I've written in which I
want to describe keyboard key usage.  What I've been doing is using
square brackets, e.g. "[Enter]" to designate the keys, but would
ideally like to use something like having the word "Enter" in a box
(or something similar).  I realize that this is something that is
probably not directly supported by LyX itself, but maybe some ERT
magic can make happen?



Gleb Egorov | 12 Dec 05:19 2014

HELP: PDF View not working correctly.

I'm new at LyX, and not familiar with LaTeX.

My problem is: when I try to view my work in PDF, the resulting PDF is missing text. It simply ignores a number of typed paragraphs. No idea why this is occurring.​



Uwe Ade | 11 Dec 17:28 2014

Table of content with dots and shrink distance between entrys


for a book i use coma-script-buch.

 My table of contens look like

top1      1
top2      4
top3      12

I want a table of contents that look like

top2…. .. 4
top3. …..12

I this possible ?How does this work?

Second question. Is it possible to shrink the distance between the items in the table of content. 


Hal Kierstead | 10 Dec 15:29 2014


I would like to make a simple table---two columns, the first 2 cm wide and the second 13 cm wide. I seem to be
able to do this, and it looks correct in LyX, but when I preview it the short column takes up most of the page. 
Am I doing something wrong?  I am running Yosemite.

Wolfgang Engelmann | 9 Dec 09:34 2014


Julio Rojas | 8 Dec 15:32 2014

SIGSEGV Error in Mavericks

Dear all,

While closing Lyx in Mavericks the following error appeared:

¡Señal SIGSEGV capturada!

Lo sentimos, has encontrado un fallo en LyX, ojalá no hayas perdido datos.

Por favor, lee las instrucciones sobre informe de fallos en 'Ayuda>Introducción' y envíanoslo, si es necesario. ¡Gracias!


2014-12-08 11:29:51.974 lyx[4296:507] modalSession has been exited prematurely - check for a reentrant call to endModalSession:

lyx(4296,0x7fff768b7310) malloc: *** error for object 0x10380d738: pointer being freed was not allocated

*** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug

Abort trap: 6

Any idea?

Julio Rojas
jcredberry <at>
Uwe Ade | 7 Dec 19:51 2014

Book with Documentclasse koma-script book


I´am trying to write a book with the Documentclass koma-script book. after my first experiences and
googles searches i have some questions

For the content-table i want use the standard-headlines with numbers, wich are automatically appears in
the table of  content. There are also Headlines without numbers. They didn´t appear in the table of
content. I wished to configure some of this headlines without numbers to appear in the table of content. Is
this possible

In mein Text there are a lot of counted lines. Than theres text and other counted lines, that schould follow
up the first one. With automatic numberbullets this will not work. Is it possible to set the start-point
bei the later number lines?


1. lll
2. lll
3. lll


4. llll
5 .lll

and so on….

Thanks for the support...