Wolfgang Engelmann | 28 Mar 10:04 2015


If I send a mail to the Lyx User Group, each time I am getting immediately afterward this:

-------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht -------- Datum: Von:
Sat, 28 Mar 2015 09:46:01 +0100
Wolfgang Engelmann <engelmann <at> uni-tuebingen.de>

mail <at> lithasa.ru
Упсэу. Хъыбар уэдгъэщIэжынщ.

Am I the only one, and how can I avoid it?
Wolfgang Engelmann | 28 Mar 09:11 2015

lyx latex export aux file

I try to reduce the bib file, which I created with jabref, to the cited 
references (the bib file contains many more). For this purpose I want to 
select the aux file. This file I get by exporting from lyx to normal 
latex. However, I get an error message saying that names of figures such as
might pose problems in producing the dvi file.
I guess it complains about the underline sign. Do I have to rename all 
these figures, or can I ignore it or is there a work around?

Patrick Dupre | 27 Mar 12:03 2015

Too many math alphabets used in version normal (latex)


This is a latex issue (not lyx)!

The following example generated a compilation error:
Too many math alphabets used in version normal

It looks like that the 3 packages:

create conflicts!

Any idea?

$\mathbf A_2$
$\rm A_2$

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fmsalter@virginmedia.com | 25 Mar 19:49 2015

graphical float placements

     Using distribution openSUSE 13.2 but not the rpm's for tex and 
lyx.  TexLive 2014 installed and lyx 2.1.2 compiled locally..

     I am writing a document of about 50 pages with many pages of 
mathematics using koma-script report.  I keep experiencing erratic 
behaviour with the placement of graphical floats. The graphics are png 

     At times some greying out of options for the placement and sizing 
of the plots occurs and at other times there are no problems at all.   
Also apparently an acceptable setting of alternatives are ignored!   I 
have not been able to observe any common factors in what I have done.

     At other times the floats are located within the text as intended.  
Then for no apparent reason they all appear at the end of the document.  
Having accepted that I should continue preparation and leave the float 
problem to be resolved later, I continued work and left the floats 
alone. In adding more text, some before and some after the first float 
location in the lyx document, all the floats suddenly reappeared at 
their intended positions.

     Has anyone experienced anything similar.  I feel I should add a bug 
report but have no idea what to describe!

Frank Salter

Wierdl Máté | 24 Mar 00:47 2015


Dear Lyx Users,

This is your mailing list adminm Máté from Memphis, TN. It seems, whenever you post to the lyx-users list, you get a spam message from a sender mail <at> lithasa.ru.  At this point, I have no idea what the offending user's address is because nothing similar to this appears in the subscribers' list.  My only advice is that in your mail client, you block this sender mail <at> lithasa.ru.

I'll investigate more.


Wierdl Máté | 24 Mar 00:32 2015

test from admin, pls ignore

Scott Kostyshak | 23 Mar 17:57 2015

"Disable editing" / "read only" menu option?

Dear LyX users,

What are your thoughts on having an option in the menu called
something like "Disable editing" or "Read only", which would make it
so you could not edit the current document?

The idea would be that sometimes you just want to read a .lyx file
without being able to edit it.

The disadvantage is adding another option to an already cluttered
menu. This feature can always be activated on the command buffer (alt
+ x) with buffer-toggle-read-only.

Note that this is http://www.lyx.org/trac/ticket/6692.



mirko.addante | 23 Mar 10:17 2015

mirko.addante <at> libero.it


3/23/2015 9:17:09 AM
Sam Lewis | 23 Mar 07:04 2015

Your Bibliography Environment -- 1 min poll

Dear all,

LyX supports a range of different bibliography environments. Some of them are very mature and well
integrated others are relatively new.

This is to find out what LyX users mainly use. Please completed this quick poll (two questions) and I will
post the results here in about two weeks.


Many thanks!

Best wishes,

Patrick Dupre | 22 Mar 18:09 2015

beamerposter A0


I do have the document class beamerposter available, but not the 
A0 option?
Is it normal?
How can I set it?


 Patrick DUPRÉ                                 | | email: pdupre <at> gmx.com
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Hifza Siddiq | 22 Mar 07:51 2015

Urgent help needed; writing my thesis and no document class available


I have been writing my thesis for a while with lyx and i must be done by tomorrow and lyx is not functioning properly. i ran the packaging manager and wanted to install a new package when all of a sudden miktex error appeared and since then all document classes are lost and so are the packages installed earlier (jurabib etc.). I reallly need help now. I have re-installed lyx many times now (newest version 2.1.3 answell as the older versions) but nothing works out.

Please I need real help :(

Best regards,