Liviu Andronic | 23 Apr 22:56 2014

Re: Bug with .dia figure Preview in Lyx 2.1.0(Trusty Tahr)

Dear Chan,
Please direct such inquiries to lyx-users (cc'ed), as you're much
likelier to get a useful answer. I'm not sure what could be wrong with
the preview of teh .dia figures, but if you believe that this could be
a bug feel free to submit a report at our bugtracker ( ).


On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 7:53 PM, zyzhen88 <zyzhen88 <at>> wrote:
> Hi Liviu,
> I have installed Lyx 2.1 on my Trusty Tahr recently. Everything works
> properly until one day I inserted a .dia figure directly. The text in
> the float preview window is not displayed in the correct position. All
> the text in the same line will always be displayed at the same position
> which means one character is over another character. However, the figure
> in the generated pdflatex file is shown correctly again.
> I guess it might be the problem of the DIA->EPS converter but not 100%
> sure. Contact me if u need more information related to the bug such as
> the screen capture or anything else. It will be my great honor to
> contribute to the project.
> best regards, Chan
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Patrick Dupre | 23 Apr 18:45 2014



Could somebody tell me how to extend the cell size of computer item?
Typical, now, the second cell has a limited horizontal extension. When
the text to put inside exceeds the maximum size. a new line is created while
there is still plenty of room on the right side (ie in the other cells).


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Neal Becker | 22 Apr 21:14 2014

resize equation output

I have the misfortune to be commanded to produce ppt.  So I took one of my 
equations, in lyx.  I chose beamer so I get something that'll look good on a 
slide.  I put 

so crop will work.

When exported export/pdf(crop), it looks OK, but it's too small.  I import to M$ 
PPT by opening in acroread and copy file to clipboard.

So I need something that'll resize the pdf (or convince lyx/beamer to output 
something bigger in the first place).

I tried the latter without success.

Putting in preamble

didn't seem help.

Finally, I found this magic incantation:

gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sPAPERSIZE=a5 -dFIXEDMEDIA -dPDFFitPage -
dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -o eq1_2.pdf eq1.pdf

Then run through

Finally, not a bad result (oh, did you want that centered on the slide?)

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John Kane | 22 Apr 19:50 2014

Problems with custom modules after upgrade to 2.1.0

/* Layout-provided Styles */ div.standard { margin-bottom: 2ex; }
Attachment (Custom.moudules.lyx): application/x-lyx, 3323 bytes
Rudi Gaelzer | 22 Apr 13:40 2014

Dashed lines in array/matrix environment.

The embedded objects manual teaches us that by using the arydshln package one can create tables with horizontal/vertical dashed lines.

However, I want to do the same in the math environment.  I need to represent matrices in block-diagonal notation and the use of dashed lines is one way to distinguish the different parent matrices.

In math mode I can create horizontal dashes within a pmatrix inserting \hdashline before the first element of a given line in order to put the dash over it.  However, for the vertical dashes, I had to resort to ERT:
(within the ERT):
a                 & b \\
\hdashline c & d
Notice the "{c:c}" that puts the vert dash between the columns.

It works but it's not wysiwyg... is there no other way to do this within LyX?
Rudi Gaelzer
Institute of Physics
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Registered linux user # 153741
Påvel Nicklasson | 21 Apr 10:50 2014

Possible error in packages in the LyX Ubuntu ppa

I use the LyX devel release ppa ( in (K)ubuntu 14.04. LyX wants to upgrade to LyX 2.1 but I recieve this error message during the installation process:

trying to overwrite '/usr/share/applications/lyx.desktop', which is also in package lyx-common 2.1.0-1~trusty~ppa2

The installation is interrupted and LyX not installed. I have tried to clean apt and purge the files before installation but the problem remains. Is there a package error in the new files or am I doing something wrong?

I can try to get more information from the terminal and the apt command if needed, I just have to teach it speak English first.
Wono Setya Budhi | 21 Apr 09:20 2014

Adding solution

Dear all

May I ask a question about adding solution envi in the theorem style
for Lyx. In Lyx I'm using AMS (Book) and I have tried several inc file
to add it but Im not succed.
Thank you




Wono Setya Budhi
Kelompok Analisis dan Geometri
Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, ITB
Jonas J. | 20 Apr 20:21 2014

limes, integrals,... i miss the input fields index variables

When i create something like a limes integral series,... i have no input fields available to enter any index variable. i use the standard formel editor in Lyx. What do i do wrong? Thank you!
Wolfgang Engelmann | 19 Apr 11:16 2014

Re: umlaute in Lilypond Lyx file

Am 18.04.2014 21:48, schrieb stefano franchi:
On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 11:41 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann < engelmann <at>> wrote:
Am 16.04.2014 16:32, schrieb stefano franchi: Hi Wolfgang,
I'm appending below the lyx file and pdf file that came out of it. I installed texgyre bonum, BTW, and the pdf file seems correct. More comments: I did, what you suggested, except, that I took the fonts from my
texlive/2013/archive. I unpacked them in /usr/share/fonts/myfonts by unxz libertine.tar.xz which gives libertine.tar tar xvf libertine.tar gives the unpacked pack
Did you move the fonts to a system-wide directory (e.g. /usr/share/fonts)? Did as root fc-cache,
did additionally as root and as user texhash. That should not be bnecessary but it does no harm
Started from terminal lyx
which gave we <at> Wolfgang:~$ Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf", line 14: reading configurations from ~/.fonts.conf is deprecated. Don't know whether this can be neglected. It should be harmless
In my lilypond lyx file I checked 'use Non Tex fonts'
I now find (good!) in the drop down selection of fonts Libertine, but listed as Linux Libertine and quite a number of them: Linux Libertine Display O Linux Libertine Display T Linux Libertine Initials O Linux Libertine Initials T Linux Libertine Mon O Linux Libertine Mon O (yes, twice!) Linux Libertine O Linux Libertine T Linux Libertine O is what you want.
I have chosen Linux Libertine O (what are the differences?)
and get after pdflatex outputting my file this: ! Package fontenc Error: Encoding file `eu2enc.def' not found. (fontenc) You might have misspelt the name of the encoding. See the fontenc package documentation for explanation. Type H <return> for immediate help. ... l.99 \ProcessOptions* Necessary code for this encoding was not loaded. Thus calling the encoding later on will produce further error messages. ! LaTeX Error: Encoding scheme `EU2' unknown. See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation. Type H <return> for immediate help. ... l.100 \fontencoding\encodingdefault \selectfont Your command was ignored. Type I <command> <return> to replace it with another command, or <return> to continue without it. ) ! LaTeX Error: File `xunicode.sty' not found. Type X to quit or <RETURN> to proceed, or enter new name. (Default extension: sty) Enter file name: ! Emergency stop. <read *>
It seems to me you are not use the utf8 encoding (which you should, with Xetex). Try compiling the file I sent you and let me know what happens.
Actually, I just checked, and it seems that UTF8 encoding is automatically selected when you choose XeTeX as a backend. So my diagnosis was wrong. I would try this to try to determine if the error comes from LyX or from your LaTeX installation. Could you send me the tex file that the LyX command File>>Export Latex(XeTeX) produces? I'll compare it with what I get here and try to find out if there is a LyX-related difference. Cheers, Stefano

Thanks, Stefano, here is a short lyx file and the Latex (Xetex) output. This is the Error message in the lyx log: p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

! Package fontenc Error: Encoding file `eu2enc.def' not found

! LaTeX Error: Encoding scheme `EU2' unknown!

LaTeX Error: File `xunicode.sty' not found..

and this is the output of the terminal, from which I run lyx (unfortunately in German): we <at> Wolfgang:~$ Running: lilypond-book --safe --pdf --latex-program=lualatex --lily-output-dir=ly-pdf "SakuraTexGyreBonumStefanoShort.lytex" lilypond-book (GNU LilyPond) 2.16.2 SakuraTexGyreBonumStefanoShort.lytex lesen... »lualatex« für Datei »/tmp/tmpgoClVa.tex« aufrufen, um Standardseiteneinstellungen zu ermitteln. lilypond-book: Warnung: Kann Standardeinstellungen nicht automatisch bestimmen: Zerlegen... Auszüge werden geschrieben... Verarbeiten... lilypond wird ausgeführt... »« wird verarbeitet Analysieren... »SakuraTexGyreBonumStefanoShort.lytex« wird verarbeitet Analysieren... Interpretation der Musik...[8][16][16] Vorverarbeitung der grafischen Elemente... Zeilenumbrüche werden berechnet... Systeme erstellen... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b.eps« ausgeben... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b.pdf«... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-1.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-2.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-3.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-4.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-5.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-6.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-7.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-8.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-9.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-10.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-11.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-12.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-13.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-14.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-15.eps« ausgeben... Layout nach »54/lily-c145af9b-16.eps« ausgeben... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-1.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-2.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-3.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-4.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-5.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-6.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-7.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-8.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-9.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-10.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-11.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-12.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-13.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-14.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-15.pdf«... Konvertierung nach »54/lily-c145af9b-16.pdf«... 54/lily-c145af9b-systems.texi wird geschrieben... 54/lily-c145af9b-systems.tex wird geschrieben... 54/lily-c145af9b-systems.count wird geschrieben... Kompilation erfolgreich beendet Dateien verbinden... /tmp/lyx_tmpdir.MT1955/lyx_tmpbuf0/SakuraTexGyreBonumStefanoShort.tex kompilieren... »/tmp/lyx_tmpdir.MT1955/lyx_tmpbuf0/SakuraTexGyreBonumStefanoShort.tex« wird geschrieben... Running: dvilualatex "SakuraTexGyreBonumStefanoShort.tex" > /dev/null This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.76.0-2013070111 (rev 4627) restricted \write18 enabled. (./SakuraTexGyreBonumStefanoShort.tex LaTeX2e <2011/06/27> Babel <3.9f> and hyphenation patterns for 7 languages loaded. support/Systemcall.cpp (273): Systemcall: 'dvilualatex "SakuraTexGyreBonumStefanoShort.tex"' finished with exit code 1

kete | 18 Apr 21:25 2014

APA article document class DEB package

This may be a question for Debian or Debian derivative Lyx users. Can 
any of you tell me how to make the article APA or article APA6 document 
classes available in my document settings?

Anders Host-Madsen | 18 Apr 18:16 2014

BiBTeX and LyX 2.1.0rc1

I would like to weigh in on this (not sure if this is the
right place). I really hope it would be possible to compile
in spite of bibtex errors. I have hundreds of
LyX files, and none of them compile any more.
Let's say I collaborate with a colleague (who uses
LaTeX). The colleague gives me a BiBTeX
file. I use a few references from there. But
the file has problems with other entries.
Now I have to go in and correct my colleagues
numerous (non-important) errors just
to get these few reference. 

One idea of LyX is that it's a front-end
to LaTeX. But now suddenly, things that
compile fine in LaTeX (many BibTeX errors
are non-essential) no longer works in
LyX. That makes it difficult to
collaborate with people who use LaTeX
(I certainly try to "sell" LyX to my colleagues,
but many are too used to pure LaTeX).