Jean-Marc Lasgouttes | 2 Sep 11:58 2014

Re: #9241: cmake lists are missing from the distribution

Le 26/08/2014 14:00, Kornel Benko a écrit :
> Would be good to compare with output of cmake's
> 	# make package_source
> with autotools
> 	# make dist
> I've done it, this are the relevant differences:
> # diff <sorted cmake files list> <sorted autotools files list>
> There are some files *not* belonging (but included) to autotools.dist.
> They are created while the configure script from autotools was running.
> Like:
> 	aclocal.m4
> 	boost/
> 	...

THese files are generated by autoconf and automake. They belong to the 
dist since, contrary to cmake, autotolls do not require any special 
program on the user side.

> Others are missing in autotools.dist, like
> 	boost/libs/signals/CMakeLists.txt
> 	boost/libs/signals/signals.vcproj
> 	...
> MANY DIFFERENCES ... I fear, that is not done in few minutes.

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Rainer | 2 Sep 09:15 2014

Fwd: [GSoC Mentors] After GSoC ... Semester of Code!

Maybe something for LyX to participate?



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Scott Wilson <scott.bradley.wilson <at>>
Date: 29 August 2014 13:35
Subject: [GSoC Mentors] After GSoC ... Semester of Code!
To: Google Summer of Code Mentors List
<google-summer-of-code-mentors-list <at>>

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that Semester of Code is now open for
registration. This is a programme that gets students involved in open
source projects for course credit or as a contribution to their final
year or masters projects. Its inspired by GSoC (hence the name), but
is organised by a small consortium of companies and organisations
based in the EU.

If you didn't get any takers for some of the ideas you put up for GSoC
this year, or didn't have enough slots, this could be a good
opportunity to give it another shot. Or you may have come up with more
work that would suit a student project.

There are more details on how you get involved as a project here:
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Stephan Witt | 31 Aug 12:49 2014

PATCH: InsetMathXArrow uninitialized variable read

I've attached a possible fix for 
src/mathed/InsetMathXArrow.cpp:157:11: Variable 'arrow' is used uninitialized whenever 'if'
condition is false

It's not my play ground. But I don't like to see these warnings for ever.

Does anyone of the more involved developers has a comment or should I commit this change?


Attachment (InsetMathXArrow.patch): application/octet-stream, 1026 bytes
Kornel Benko | 30 Aug 16:14 2014

Re: #9241: cmake lists are missing from the distribution

Am Donnerstag, 21. August 2014 um 09:03:16, schrieb LyX Ticket Tracker <trac <at>>
> #9241: cmake lists are missing from the distribution
> --------------------+-------------------------
>  Reporter:  kuba    |       Owner:  lasgouttes
>      Type:  defect  |      Status:  new
>  Priority:  normal  |   Milestone:  2.1.x
> Component:  build   |     Version:  2.1.1
>  Severity:  normal  |  Resolution:
>  Keywords:          |
> --------------------+-------------------------
> Changes (by skostysh):
>  * cc: kornel (added)
> Comment:
>  Is CMake officially supported yet? Either way, we might want to add a note
>  to INSTALL.cmake.

This patch should add missing cmake files. There are also some files which I thought
are missing in autoconf dist too.

OK to commit to trunk?

Attachment ( text/x-patch, 8 KiB
Richard Heck | 28 Aug 17:32 2014

Re: LyX 2.1.0 on Mac incorrectly saves a file

On 08/28/2014 04:47 AM, Will Furnass wrote:
> I encountered what appears to be a similar problem to bug #9049 over
> the weekend where copying a table with some multi-column cells from a
> UTF-8 encoded file in one instance of LyX to another instance of LyX
> caused file corruption when the file pasted into was then saved (LyX
> crashes when writing the part of the file corresponding to the table).

Yes, this is exactly what we think causes #9049.

> This happened when using LyX and the table in this LyX file:
> Tried and thankfully failed to reproduce the problem today using the
> tip of the master branch so it looks like commit 54c2ab2 has fixed my
> problem!

Excellent. Thanks for letting us know.


Jean-Pierre Chrétien | 26 Aug 09:08 2014

Underlined letter shortcuts management


While translating the Beamer manual in French, I get a lot of new shortcut
conflicts due to the dynamical menus feature. The new menu items clash with
shortcuts which have been valid with a "common" use of LyX.

I see that a lot of underlined letter shortcuts coexist with "top level
shortcuts". Would it be safe to simply remove all these redundant letter
shortcuts, to free new letters. This could be done in the English po file as
well, in order to remove mismatches when using

BTW, where are the top level shortcuts defined ?



Maria Gouskova | 25 Aug 22:40 2014

Changing key bindings in the GUI

Hi all,

I want to check whether this is a bug or I'm just missing something. I
am using a custom bindings file that calls two other files. The file
looks like this:

\bind_file aqua.bind
\bind_file mac.bind

\bind     "C-y"    "layout Numbered Examples (consecutive)"
\bind    "C-~S-a"    "layout Subexample"
\bind    "C-/"    "inset-vspace-bigskip"


These three custom key bindings work without a problem. The problem is
with the daughter bindings files, and I tried to change it through the
GUI but to no avail.

One of the key bindings in the mac.bind file in the folder
defines the depth-decrement key binding as:

\bind "M-C-Right"                    "depth-increment"

But this does not show up when I look in the LyX: Preferences editing
shortcuts. There, depth-decrement is not shown to have any key
bindings associated with it, and when I clicked on 'modify', the cell
for entering the key binding is grayed out. I thought it was a key
combination conflict between the aqua and mac bindings files, but I
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Richard Heck | 25 Aug 17:05 2014

Warnings due to x***arrow commit

CXX InsetMathXArrow.o

../../src/mathed/InsetMathXArrow.cpp: In member function 'virtual void lyx::InsetMathXArrow::mathmlize(lyx::MathStream&) const':

../../src/mathed/InsetMathXArrow.cpp:116:8: warning: 'arrow' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]

<< arrow << cell(1) << cell(0)


../../src/mathed/InsetMathXArrow.cpp: In member function 'virtual void lyx::InsetMathXArrow::htmlize(lyx::HtmlStream&) const':

../../src/mathed/InsetMathXArrow.cpp:157:43: warning: 'arrow' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]

<< MTag("span", "class='xabottom'") << arrow << ETag("span")

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }
Stephan Witt | 25 Aug 15:53 2014

QUESTION: How to enable Qt5 for LyX master

Since Qt5 the Qt developers decided to not define the Q_WS_ macros anymore.
The reasoning is to disable all platform specific code and force the Qt users
like us to review all code guarded by Q_WS_ macros. This means all code in LyX
inside these ifdef's is not compiled and executed anymore with Qt5.

My question now is: should we simply replace all Q_WS_ macros with the 
corresponding Q_OS_ macro for all platforms or should this be done for every
platform in separate steps?

The first patch does this for all platforms - in case someone wants to test it too.
The second one is for Mac OS X only. I'll plan to commit the second one if I don't
get enough encouraging feedback for the first one.

With one of them applied I'm able to use LyX with Qt5.3.1 on a Mac 10.8.6.


Attachment (2014-08-25-Qt5-all-platforms.patch): application/octet-stream, 21 KiB
Attachment (2014-08-25-Qt5-mac-platform.patch): application/octet-stream, 12 KiB
Richard Heck | 25 Aug 03:02 2014

Re: Getting rid of a bad habit

On 08/24/2014 04:28 PM, Scott Kostyshak wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 12:50 PM, Richard Heck <rgheck <at>> wrote:
>> On 08/24/2014 04:28 AM, Kornel Benko wrote:
>>> Am Sonntag, 24. August 2014 um 00:29:34, schrieb Scott Kostyshak
>>> <skostysh <at>>
>>>> In LyX I sometimes accidentally press return before doing ctrl+shift+m
>>>> for a display equation. The output in LyX is just the same as it is if
>>>> I do not press return. But the spacing in LaTeX is different. Would it
>>>> be a reasonable feature request for us to provide a visual indication
>>>> of the hidden line break?
>>>> Attached is an example. If you put the cursor at the end of "abc" and
>>>> press "delete", it will remove what I'm referring to as the bad line
>>>> break.
>>> What about
>>>          Tools -> Preferences... -> Mark end of paragraphs
>>> ?
> Good point, I didn't even think about that.
>> This particular case seems special to me. Showing ALL ends of paragraphs is
>> overkill. It
>> seems to me that we ought to display some extra space here, since that is
>> how the output will
>> look.
> Makes sense to me.

You have an interest in figuring out how to do that?


Christian Ridderström | 24 Aug 19:46 2014

FTP server now setup for the LyX server


A long time ago (2012) I tried setting up an FTP server but couldn't get it to work in a fashion I felt was secure enough. But now during my vacation I've had time to try again in peace and quiet. And it seems I've got it working.

The FTP server is VSFTP ( and the username is as follows

Regarding the password, it's to be discussed how/when/to whom we should give it out. Personally I'm ok with the approach of allowing e.g. regular user's (from the lists) access once they ask for the password.

The 'lyxftp' user is a "virtual user" on the FTP server daemon, not a real user no the server. It should be the only user account able to log in to the FTP. Only the "uploads/"-folder of the wiki should be accessible via the FTP.

There is (unfortunately) no restrictions on allowed file types nor sizes. However, we still have a script on the wiki site that sends and e-mail to the doc-list when the set of uploaded files change. Further, the FTP server is at the moment not started automaticaly at reboot.  

What I'd like now is the following:
- Discussion/consensus on when/how we give out the password
- Some volunteers to help me check that it works as expected
  (e-mail me and I'll respond with the password)


Note regarding the FTP configuration:
I will also ask on the users' and developers' list if there's anyone experienced in VSFTP that could "audit" the FTP configuration, as I'm a novice at this and I want it secure.

Christian Ridderström,     +46-70 687 39 44