Alex Vergara Gil | 16 Apr 20:13 2014

about sourceForge

dear developers
I will only mention this fact so you can decide if you agree or not

Since January 2010, SourceForge has complied with US law to deny site access from 5 countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria).

This action is totally absurd – not mentioning to that Notepad++ project is far from a part of US property (like all the hosted FOSS projects in SF), the fact that a FOSS hoster rejects the access from some population is not only a discrimination action but also a violation of fundamental FOSS principle.

We refuse to apply US government’s vision, so that’s our first move: the new site under domain name NOTEPAD-PLUS-PLUS.ORG is hosted by in a neutral territory (France).


Now replace Notepad++ with LyX or any other FOSS and you will get my point.


Alex Vergara

Resident in Cuba

Prannoy Pilligundla | 16 Apr 19:29 2014

Non Uniform behavior with command line export

Hi Everyone,

I was trying to convert some LyX files via command line and came across a non uniform behavior

In the lyx man page,this is the text under options part

-e [--export] fmt
             where fmt is the export format of choice (latex, pdflatex, luala‐
             tex, xelatex, xhtml, text, lyx, ps, pdf,  ...).   Note  that  the
             order of -e and -x switches matters.

xelatex and lualtex are stated here but lyx -e xelatex foo.lyx  and lyx -e lualatex foo.lyx don't work but instead lyx -e xetex foo.lyx and lyx -e luatex foo.lyx are the ones which work.

But in case of pdflatex lyx -e pdflatex foo.lyx works but lyx -e pdftex foo.lyx doesn't.

I feel we need to either modify the man page according to the present behavior or make a change in the script to have a uniform behavior. 

Thanks and Regards
Min Ding@ANU | 16 Apr 07:40 2014

Question about project organzation


I have some questions about our project organzation and structure.

  • Do we have project team leader?
  • Who make decisions in the project?
  • How to decide whether a patch have been used or not?
Kind regards,

Min Ding@ANU | 16 Apr 02:48 2014

Get start

Richard Heck | 15 Apr 01:16 2014


On 04/14/2014 04:34 PM, LyX Ticket Tracker wrote:
> #7944: Assertion  sel_len > 0 violated when doing an advanced replace with table
> cells selected
> --------------------+-------------------------------------
>   Reporter:  gmatht  |       Owner:  tommaso
>       Type:  defect  |      Status:  fixedinmasterandstable
>   Priority:  normal  |   Milestone:  2.1.1
> Component:  search  |     Version:  2.0.2
>   Severity:  normal  |  Resolution:
>   Keywords:          |
> --------------------+-------------------------------------
> Changes (by vfr):
>   * keywords:  fixedintrunk =>
>   * status:  fixedinstable => fixedinmasterandstable

Could we maybe do "fixedinboth", or something like that? This is very long.


Uwe Stöhr | 15 Apr 01:04 2014

Re: request for decisions for the release of LyX 2.1 - private mail

Am 11.04.2014 08:46, schrieb Vincent van Ravesteijn:

At first sorry for CCing that to the devel list, but I am again close to explode and need to come to 
an end.

> Please.. try to work with us, do not always stick to and repeat your
> own insights and don't always give us the impression that you think
> we're against each other.

We are not all against each others. I never wrote or meant that. It is incredible what you read out 
of my mails.

> Why don't you understand we don't _want_ a formal voting system,

(Please note that You is not We.) I also don't like formalism as I clearly stated. But if I am 
blamed to violate rules, well then we need a system how these rules are set. Every club has a system 
how to set up the club statues. This avoids many discussions and that is why almost all communities 
have statutes.

> because we are here just for fun. We all respect each other's
> opinions, but certain people's opinion have more impact than other's
> because of history, technical knowledge, track records, whatever...

Is that really your understanding of a democratic community? If so then we cannot work together in 
future. Everybody has one voice and one opinion. It is absolutely undemocratic to say that someone's 
opinion counts more. That reminds me of "Animal Farm" where some animals are more equal than others.

> That's just a natural balance and we are happy with that. Don't be so
> childish to complain about that over and over again.

I am childish because I have a different opinion? Thanks for the flowers. I only complained once 
because of Jürgen's post. I never said that I really want that we elect an executive board or 
something similar. Please re-read my posts before stating things that I did not say.

To quiet the further development maybe it is better to retire from active development. I will reply 
to some posts on the list why I wrote what and to point out again what I think we should do. I am 
not happy how decisions are currently made. That doesn't mean that I sabotage anything. Nevertheless 
you accuse me for that now three times. I don't like to spent more spare time to a project where I 
am not allowed to say my opinion. I did not insult anybody personally I only tried to explain what I 
want. We obviously don't have the same goals, OK, but please stop blaming me for each and every bit 
I do, every opinion I have etc. I just can't stand that anymore. You said we are here for fun. I 
have no fun anymore. Please don't write my any more private mails, we can discuss everything on the 
list and you can simply ignore me in future if you like.


Vincent van Ravesteijn | 14 Apr 22:41 2014

Trac: fixedinmaster, fixedinstable

Hi all,

I've implement the fixedinmaster and fixedinstable states in trac.

The following ticket workflow is now possible:

new -> fixedinmaster -> fixedinmasterandstable -> closed
new -> fixedinstable -> fixedinmasterandstable -> closed
new -> fixedinmaster -> closed
new -> fixedinstable -> closed

I've changed bug #7944 accordingly:

Also, the roadmap has been adapted. Now, all bugs that have a fixedin* 
status, are marked as fixed, and the percentage for the milestone is 
computed taking this into account.

Next steps are:
- update all other bugs that now have fixedintrunk and/or fixedinbranch 
- remove the fixedintrunk, fixedinbranch keywords,
- update the BugTrackerHome page.

Any comments before I proceed ?


Richard Heck | 14 Apr 20:00 2014

Tarballs for 2.0.8 Are on FTP

The tarballs for LyX 2.0.8 can be found at:

Please prepare binaries. I aim to release when 2.1.0 goes out.


Vincent van Ravesteijn | 14 Apr 19:47 2014

Tarballs for LyX 2.1.0 are on FTP

Hi all,

The tarballs for LyX 2.1.0 can be found at

As usual I'll wait for the packagers to provide the binaries before 
announcing the release.


Richard Heck | 13 Apr 19:58 2014

Branch Closed

The 2.0.x branch is also closed now, in preparation for 2.0.8.


Vincent van Ravesteijn | 13 Apr 19:55 2014

Master closed for final release of LyX 2.1.0

In preparation of the final release, please do not commit to master.