Guillaume Munch | 14 Oct 05:12 2015

[patches] the last ones before 2.2

Dear list,

This is a series of patches that bring various improvements to the
cursor<->row correspondence tracking (TexRow). It is now extended to
arbitrary nestings of math, and to tables and subcaptions.

Jean-Marc, no improvement to error reporting and reverse search yet,
sorry :) I had to postpone that, but it would be very simple now to
extend this patch with e.g. accurate error reporting inside arbitrary
nestings of math (as accurate as Latex's line number reporting actually
would let us be).

I submit it on the list to get your agreement on several fundamental
changes which I kept, as you will see, as little intrusive as possible.

The sensitive changes (i.e. where I have been careful to make the
simplest changes so as to not affect latex output) are indicated with *.

#1: Add math cell positions to TexRow. It mainly consists in new code
that generalises the old one, and it is not output-related. (But this is
where I had the most fun.)

*#2: Add a unique id to math insets. I also print this information in
the DEVEL_VERSION in the status bar similarly to what is done currently
for paragraphs. It is interesting that while the paragraph id is usually
below 10000, this new math inset id immediately goes into the millions
on opening an actual LyX document and it increases very quickly (which I
suspect is due to updateMacros()).

*#3: Splitting otexstream into otexrowstream and otexstream.
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Uwe Stöhr | 14 Oct 01:05 2015

new LyX 2.1.4 Win installer for FTP

Hi Richard,

due to bug I released a new installer:

Could you please put it on

The bug is not our fault but the users of course expect that a basic 
thing like the spell checker works.

thanks and regards

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