Scott Kostyshak | 21 Dec 18:15 2014

Anyone using the Qt dev branch?

I've come across a bug when using LyX compiled against Qt's dev branch
(which is what will become version 5.5). I have no idea if the bug is
on the Qt side, or if a LyX bug somehow was surfaced; or if the
behavior is specific to something specific to my setup. I would thus
like to see if someone else can reproduce it. It is 100% reproducible
for me.

If someone is using Qt's dev branch, I will make a minimal example.


maboiteapourriel | 14 Dec 05:54 2014

FW:maboiteapourriel <at> d

maboiteapourriel <at>

aparsloe | 13 Dec 23:54 2014

Is the extra file saving still functioning ...

... and is it still necessary? I'm referring to the file saving 
introduced with LyX 2.1.1 to cope with the "tabular" bug which hadn't 
been diagnosed at that stage.

I use PSTricks in an ERT inset in LyX. The View other formats and Update 
other formats buttons provide a convenient way of updating a drawing, 
which inevitably involves a succession of iterations as elements of the 
the diagram are nudged into position. However, it seems to me now, with 
LyX 2.1.2, that there is a noticeable lag between clicking the View or 
Update button and the execution of the command, which I don't recall in 
the past.

Is there a file save before the updating? And is it necessary now? Or 
could it optionally be turned off (for instance, by virtuous types who 
specify a back-up directory)? With an iterative process like working on 
a drawing, the performance lag becomes irritating.


Jürgen Spitzmüller | 7 Dec 11:06 2014

Flex prefix strip-off bug (?)

In InsetLayout const & DocumentClass::insetLayout(), the following code is 
supposed to strip off layout prefixes (i.e., Flex::Foo -> Foo) from the string n 
in order to find a layout by name:

	size_t i = n.find(':');
	if (i == string::npos)
	n = n.substr(0, i);

However, this results in n being the prefix! IMHO, this should read:

	size_t i = n.find(':');
	if (i == string::npos)
	n = token(n, ':', 1);

I found this problem while hunting a bug in a feature I am working on 
(ObsoletedBy for InsetLayouts). For me, this is obvious, but since this code 
is there for quite some time, I'd rather ask before I change this.

Am I wrong?


K | 3 Dec 07:15 2014

Drag and drop math

I would strongly appreciate if the feature "select 
drag and drop within a document" (Right now its select cut and paste) in the is implemented. I totally share the reasons mentioned in the FeaturePoll1. Working with math is a LOT easier if you can just move things around. I am currently using SW, which is full of bugs and problems that I devoted time to sort just because it has this feature (besides some little details that make the formula manipulations easier). I want to use Lyx for obvious reasons, but I really miss the drag and drop feature of SW because I can work with the formulas within the program so easily that I am not worry about thinking the final version of the equations somewhere else before trying to type them.

Thank you very much
Keyur | 3 Dec 05:47 2014

New to Community 😄


I am Keyur from India. I am new to to Lyx community. I wanted to get started with lyx development. Can anyone
help me with this?


Peter Cappello | 3 Dec 02:44 2014

Feature: More | Less

More or Less

Use case

I am writing an open source text on discrete mathematics. As in all writing, the author tries to be cognizant of prospective readers. In this case, ability level of readers may vary widely; the text is not intended for a particular university.  Ideally, it should serve Stanford students as well as community college students. Diversity of mathematical maturity level should be reflected in the structure of the book: Students should have access to as detailed an explanation of a concept, result, or proof as they need. No more, no less.


Since this amount of explanation varies among prospective students, every high-level explanation can be accompanied by a <more> button, which, when clicked, dynamically includes more explanatory details of the concept, result, or proof.  The dynamically included explanation is indented.

The <more> button is a toggle: After being clicked, it becomes a <less> button, which, when clicked, hides the extra explanation.  

Such <more | less> buttons can be nested, supporting many levels of mathematical maturity.

Export Implementation issues

As far as I know, dvi and pdf documents do not support this sort of dynamic behavior. However, HTML, at least in principle, can support such behavior.

For document formats that do not support dynamic behavior, all explanation levels are included statically. For HTML, there could be a tag, such as <more> . . . </more> and some corresponding Javascript to support dynamic expansion/contraction.

How does this sound?

-Pete Cappello
Gim | 2 Dec 16:40 2014

Pasting TeX code in Lyx ERT inset looses layout


When I paste TeX code from a text editor in an ERT inset in a LyX document,
the text layout from the text editor is lost, and I have to enter the
newlines and the tabulations manually in order to have the original layout
back in the ERT inset.

Do you experience the same issue? Do you have a solution?

I am using Lyx v2.1.2 (16 sep 2014) on a Debian OS.

Thanks in advance.

NB : I first asked this question on Tex StackExchange, cf:

corey.yanofsky | 28 Nov 21:08 2014

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Kornel Benko | 24 Nov 14:23 2014

Using instant preview for math formulas

Sometimes one needs to have some input in preamble to be able
to preview. As it is now, the preamble is not used.

It would be nice to have some marker in the preamble text indicating
that following code is needed for instant preview too.