Paweł Doligalski | 22 Aug 11:47 2014

LyX 2.1.0 on Mac incorrectly saves a file


I encountered the following bug. While working on a document "temp notes.lyx", LyX froze. I closed LyX and opened again, but then I couldn't open the file anymore. It turns out that the file was saved in an incorrect way: a few hundred bottom lines were missing, includng my content and latex code. I enclose the incorrectly saved file (temp notes bugged.lyx) as well as the original file I recovered (temp notes original.lyx). As far as I can tell, the original file shows well how the file looked like just before the crash.

I was using LyX 2.1.0. on Mac OS 10.9.4. Let me know if I can give you any more information about my configuration.

Since I was using obsolete version of LyX, it's possible that the bug has already been corrected. However, I couldn't find bugs reported for LyX 2.1.0 on your bug report website, so I was not able to check that.


Attachment (temp notes bugged.lyx): application/octet-stream, 308 KiB
Attachment (temp notes original.lyx): application/octet-stream, 352 KiB
Jacob Shapiro | 21 Aug 23:45 2014

Search & Replace in Math Mode

It would be nice to have a search & replace within math mode. 
It could work document wide or only in currently focused math-box. 

It would allow you to search and replace via latex commands, 
for instance, search ^{2} and replace with _{2}. 

Maybe the search box itself could have a math-editor so that you don't 
have to enter latex. 

Can be nice if suddenly in the middle of a calculation you decide you want 
to go with another convention for notation. 

So far the way I do this is by editing the lyx source file with vim, 

so it cannot be _too_ hard.. 

I guess the main hurdle would be the extra GUI box.

Prannoy Pilligundla | 20 Aug 15:11 2014

Re: [LyX GSoC/odt2lyx] Updated Tests-Report.lyx and completed documenting which is the main script for ODT to LyX conversion

On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 12:00 AM, Scott Kostyshak <skostysh <at>> wrote:

 The actual problem is because of the difference in ODT syntax that tex4ht uses and that the latest versions of Libre Office or Open Office uses. Suppose we just open the ODT generated by tex4ht, make a slight change and save it there are large number of differences in all the xml files before and after saving. So I guess it becomes difficult for us to take an example file in these kind of cases and compare them. And as our main aim was semanticity, even verifying semanticity becomes very difficult to verify keeping in mind all these constraints. 

Did you mean to email this to me and not the list? We try to keep things on the list as much as possible.

Oh Sorry, just realized that I just mailed you and not the list. I wanted to reply to all but maybe I clicked on reply by mistake. Again, I am sorry, will be careful from next time on.

I think we're talking about different kinds of tests. The kind I have in mind are the following: suppose you make a change to the ODT export. How can you be sure that that change doesn't break anything? One way to address this is to have tests. You would not need to open Libre Office or in fact even have it installed. The tests would just check that nothing changed in the other exports (it would do this just like tex2lyx by comparing a saved exported file to the new exported file and checking that they're identical). Of course, it might be expected that the tests change. In this case, you would want to check the new exported files manually and then save the new files as the files to compare to. Does that make sense? It shouldn't take much time to implement (although I know that even a little time can be hard to find and prioritize). You just run ODT export on a .lyx file, say test1.lyx, then save that .odt, Then suppose you change ODT export. You would have a script that exports test1.lyx to test1.odt and then compare test1.odt to to see if they are identical. If they are not identical, then manual inspection would be needed to see if the differences are legitimate. If they are, rename test1.odt to (overwriting) and explain the changes in the commit message.

Does that make sense?

Thanks, now I understood what you meant. Ya, I guess this should not take much time to implement. I didn't do this sort of testing in LyX to ODT as I was not touching any of tex4ht's post-processors. I was only configuring some new styles and fixing issues with some old ones, so we can say all were kind of independent changes which don't effect each other(provided mk4ht doesn't raise any error while running). Whenever I write a wrong XML syntax, the generated ODT doesn't have a content.xml at all, so I used this as feedback manytimes. But recently, when I tried converting a real life lyx doc, then the resultant ODT file turned out to be corrupt. I was not able to find out why the file was corrupt and I am still wondering on how to fix these kind of issues.
Jacob Shapiro | 20 Aug 12:26 2014

QT5.3 IOS Port

Following my recent success to compile the latest LyX with QT5.2.1, I am 
wondering how impractical it would be to port LyX to iOS using QT's built-in 

In particular, is this support only for new applications, or can you take a pre-
existing source (such as LyX) and use the framework as is?

How about Android?

Scott Kostyshak | 20 Aug 03:01 2014

Re: Add Sumatra PDF reader to configure before Adobe Reader?

On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 7:40 AM, Scott Kostyshak <skostysh <at>> wrote:
> On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 6:56 AM, Enrico Forestieri <forenr <at>> wrote:
>> On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 10:03:56PM -0400, Scott Kostyshak wrote:
>>> On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 7:40 PM, Enrico Forestieri <forenr <at>> wrote:
>>> > That said, SumatraPDF is far superior to Adobe Reader when used as
>>> > a viewer for documents produced by LaTeX, because a document gets
>>> > autoreloaded on change and forward/reverse search is supported.
>>> I didn't know this either. I thought it was just more simple and humble.
>> I don't think it is so simple and humble. It has all you need for
>> previewing a document and, if you need doing something fancy that
>> it does not support, there is a menu option for opening the pdf
>> in Adobe Reader.
> Great.
>>> In this case, and I'm not convinced myself that we should do this, but
>>> I would be interested in your thoughts:
>>> What about bundling SumatraPDF (only in the Bundle installer) and
>>> optionally installing it?
>> There is nothing to install. The stand-alone version is simply an
>> executable that you can drop everywhere in your PATH and you are done.
>> I think that in this case it doesn't even write in the registry and
>> the preferences are stored in a text file placed alongside the exe.
> Indeed I checked and it does not write to registry.
>>> The stand-alone is 2.7 MB so this would
>>> increase the bundle size from 200 MB to 203MB. Apparently we already
>>> bundle eLyXer and JabRef.
>>> This way, forward/reverse search would work out of the box and we
>>> would have fewer "why does LyX crash when I view a PDF?" questions.
>> It would suffice placing the executable in a directory under the LyX
>> directory tree that is already in the PATH prefix. If LyX is installed
>> in the Windows programs folder, every time a user changes preferences,
>> due to a sort of virtualization, the preferences file gets written
>> somewhere else but it would always appear at that same location.
>> In this way, different users can see different preferences by reading
>> the (seemingly) same file. It seems that they have write permissions
>> to the program folder, but it is really not so.
>> An initial preferences file containing the InverseSearchCmdLine could
>> be provided and a corresponding batch file placed alongside the exe.
>> For example, given the following setting in the SumatraPDF prefs:
>> InverseSearchCmdLine = lyxeditorwin %f %l
>> the batch file would be the following one:
>> $ cat lyxeditorwin.bat
>>  <at> echo off
>> setlocal
>> set file=%1
>> set row=%2
>> echo LYXCMD:revdvi:server-goto-file-row:%file% %row%> \\.\pipe\
>> type \\.\pipe\lyxpipe.out > nul
>> and it would require setting the correct lyxpipe in lyxrc.dist:
>> \serverpipe "\\.\pipe\lyxpipe"
> Excellent, thank you for the details.
>>> Enrico, can you confirm that SumatraPDF is the correct name of the
>>> binary to search for in configure?
>> Yes, it is.
> OK then I committed the patch at e716f1ef in the meantime.
> I'm CC'ing Uwe and Vincent to see if they have any opinions on bundling Sumatra.

Another user's problem was solved by using Sumatra. I have not heard
back from Vincent or Uwe. I think they are both really busy. Does
anyone else have an opinion on this?

I would personally like to see this in 2.2, but I don't have access to
Windows so I would not be able to help develop or test. Would it be
possible to test this through Peter's Windows installers or are those
only for Cygwin (in Cygwin can you access native Windows programs?)?

I'm CC'ing Peter also to see if he's interested in this discussion.


Richard Heck | 19 Aug 16:06 2014

Documentation, Etc, String Freeze for 2.1.2

Please prepare translations for the release of LyX 2.1.2. I would like to do the release in early September, so try to get things to me by 1 September. If you need a bit longer, please let me know asap.

Richard Heck
Branch Maintainer

Vinod | 18 Aug 21:18 2014

IEEEeqnarray module


I have am using IEEEtran class for an article. 
I have lots of equations to enter, so I was looking for a 
short cut similar to Insert>Math>Display Formula, 
but that will give the IEEEeqnarray environment.

I read in the documentation that I can create a custom layout to do this. 
I found examples of how to do this for text layouts (e.g. making text bold, etc) 
but not for creating and using math environments. 

Ideally, I would be able to select a menu option 
(e.g. from the Styles menu) and the IEEEeqnarray 
comes up. Here I can enter the equations. 
In the backend, the code created would be something like:

a&=&b+c \\ 
&=&d+e+f+g+h + i + j + k \nonumber\\ 
&& +\> l + m + n + o \\

Could someone please help me out? 

I am using LyX 2.1.0.


Prannoy Pilligundla | 18 Aug 17:16 2014

[GSoC 2014]Roundtrip Conversion from LyX to ODT

Hi Everyone,

My GSoC project has come to an end and I updated the wiki with all the details of the project. You can view it here

In the wiki, Progress Section states about all the issues that have been fixed. I have also written a Future Work section which outlines all the work that needs to done and the remaining issues that need to be fixed. In the GSoC repo branch named prannoy is the one which is up to date. LyX to ODT testing is can be done inside the tests directory and ODT to LyX testing can be done inside the odt2lyx directory.

For integrating both the scripts(lyx2odt and odt2lyx), I edited and created a new file format named ODT(Roundtrip) and added an Export option to it. I also added Import ODT option and added these scripts into the scripts directory. I was doing all this in main LyX repo I had cloned. I can't push this directly to any of the GSoC repos I have been working on as none of them have the source code of LyX. How do I go about this?

Looking forward for your views and suggestions

Thanks and Regards
Prannoy Pilligundla

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes | 16 Aug 22:07 2014

Fwd: #9241: cmake lists are missing from the distribution

I cannot connect to trac. Can somebody check this out?


De : LyX Ticket Tracker <trac <at>>
Envoyé: 15 août 2014 18:12:32 UTC+02:00
À : kuba <at>, lasgouttes <at>
Objet : #9241: cmake lists are missing from the distribution

#9241: cmake lists are missing from the distribution
Reporter: kuba | Owner: lasgouttes
Type: defect | Status: new
Priority: normal | Milestone: 2.1.x
Component: build | Version: 2.1.1
Severity: normal | Keywords:
CMakeLists.txt are missing from the distribution archive's root folder,
necessitating a git checkout just to build using cmake :(

Ticket URL: <>
The LyX Project <>
LyX -- The Document Processor

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Kornel Benko | 15 Aug 17:35 2014

Compilation error (trunk)

[ 97%] Building CXX object src/tests/CMakeFiles/check_layout.dir/check_layout.cpp.o
cd /usr/BUILD/BuildLyxGit/src/tests && /usr/bin/c++   -DBOOST_SIGNALS_NO_DEPRECATION_WARNING=1
-Wall -Wunused-parameter --std=gnu++11 -fno-strict-aliasing  -Wall -Wunused-parameter
--std=gnu++11 -fno-strict-aliasing -O0 -g3 -D_DEBUG -I/usr/BUILD/BuildLyxGit
-I/usr/src/lyx/lyx-git/src -I/usr/include/enchant -I/usr/src/lyx/lyx-git/boost
-I/usr/BUILD/BuildLyxGit/src -I/usr/include/qt4 -I/usr/include/qt4/Qt
-I/usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/default -I/usr/include/qt4/QtCore -I/usr/include/qt4/QtGui
-I/usr/include/qt4/Qt3Support -I/usr/include/qt4/QtDesigner -I/usr/include/qt4/QtNetwork
-I/usr/include/qt4/QtOpenGL -I/usr/include/qt4/QtSql -I/usr/include/qt4/QtXml
-I/usr/include/qt4/QtSvg -I/usr/include/qt4/QtUiTools -I/usr/include/qt4/QtTest
-I/usr/src/lyx/lyx-git/src/support/tests    -DBOOST_USER_CONFIG="<config.h>" -o
CMakeFiles/check_layout.dir/check_layout.cpp.o -c /usr/src/lyx/lyx-git/src/tests/check_layout.cpp
In file included from /usr/src/lyx/lyx-git/src/tests/check_layout.cpp:6:0:
/usr/src/lyx/lyx-git/src/tests/../LayoutFile.h: In function ‘bool test_Layout(const string&,
const string&)’:
/usr/src/lyx/lyx-git/src/tests/../LayoutFile.h:130:2: error:
‘lyx::LayoutFileList::LayoutFileList()’ is private
/usr/src/lyx/lyx-git/src/tests/check_layout.cpp:50:17: error: within this context
make[2]: *** [src/tests/CMakeFiles/check_layout.dir/check_layout.cpp.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/BUILD/BuildLyxGit'
make[1]: *** [src/tests/CMakeFiles/check_layout.dir/all] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/BUILD/BuildLyxGit'

Richard Heck | 15 Aug 16:51 2014

Release Preparations for 2.1.3

Now that we seem just maybe to have solved the mystery crash, it is time 
to release 2.1.3. I intend to freeze strings asap. Since it is about to 
be the weekend, I'll wait until Monday to do this. So le tme know by 
then if there is anything you need to do beforehand.