Guillaume Munch | 24 Jul 02:18 2016

[patch] Specify the target format for local layout conversion

Dear list

Here are two patches that I would like to include in master.

* The first one adds a flag [-t FORMAT] to lib/scripts/
to specify a target format for conversion. I took some code from
lyx2lyx and I would be happy if somebody can confirm that the
python2-specific code is appropriate as I do not understand much
of this issue.

* The second patch adds a new constant LYXFILE_LAYOUT_FORMAT in
src/TextClass.cpp. This constant determines the target format
when one clicks "Convert" in the Local Layout pane.

This is some groundwork for a branch "lyx unstable" that I have, that is
based on master but that reads and writes the 2.2 format. This allows me
to set LYXFILE_LAYOUT_FORMAT = 60 (the 2.2 layout format), so that it
does not create files that cannot be read by 2.2. But, both patches
are meaningful for master.

In the attached patches for master, the old behaviour is preserved
because of the definition LYXFILE_LAYOUT_FORMAT = LAYOUT_FORMAT.

Andrew Parsloe | 23 Jul 10:45 2016

The lack of multi-paraagraph environments in LyX

At present in LyX there is no environment that can embrace paragraph 
environments. Insets can, but they clog up and become unusable once the 
included text reaches a certain size. What I would like to have 
available is something like \begin_body ... \end_body only smaller, 
encompassing only part of the document, yet far more than an inset can 
handle comfortably.

What prompts this is a (first version of a) module and converter I've 
written that enable export to dtx format for use with the doc.sty 
package and docstrip.tex utility. I want to extend this to the LaTeX3 
versions, l3doc.cls and l3docstrip.tex, but whereas doc/docstrip use 
switches like %<*documentation> and %</documentation> to mark the start 
and end of parts of the document, in LaTeX3 this is done with 
environments: "Use \begin{documentation}...\end{documentation} around 
the documentation, and \begin{implementation}...\end{implementation} 
around the implementation". In LyX "documentation" and "implementation" 
would correspond exactly to the kind of environment mentioned, 
containing standard and other paragraphs, section headings, and insets.

In the meantime I will probably tinker a solution. Inserting an appendix 
containing the implementation code and its discussion is one 
possibility, child documents are another, but really there is a gap in 
LyX's capabilities here.


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Andrew Parsloe | 23 Jul 05:18 2016

LabelFont in arguments of insets

I downloaded and installed Uwe's windows 2.2.1 installer (which, I 
gather, may not be exactly the official 2.2.1).

I can confirm that the assertion is no longer there that arose when 
using color in the LabelFont specification for an argument in a flex 
inset, which is good, but (at least with this version of LyX on windows 
7) the color specification has no effect. Richard noticed that Series 
bold in the spec. also triggered an assertion. That no longer does so, 
and the bold *is* displayed, so it is only color for which there seems 
to be a problem.

I've attached the same MWE as last time (with Series bold added to the 
LabelFont spec.).


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Attachment (MWE.lyx): application/x-lyx, 3228 bytes
racoon | 22 Jul 12:42 2016

Ticket #6570

On Ticket #6570,

The culprit here seems to be in


static bool doInsertInset(Cursor & cur, Text * text,
	FuncRequest const & cmd, bool edit, bool pastesel)

	bool gotsel = false;
	if (cur.selection()) {
		cutSelection(cur, false, pastesel);
		gotsel = true;
	text->insertInset(cur, inset);


Maybe there are similar passages elsewhere that need to be fixed.

Removing `cutSelection(cur, false, pastesel);` seems to solve the 
problem about overwritten clipboards. But then the current clipboard is 
inserted into the inset and the current selection is not removed.

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CarLaTeX | 22 Jul 08:00 2016

How to use \tikzexternalize storing the files in a user's dir and not in a LyX temp dir?

I'm working with LyX 2.2.0, Windows 10 and MiKTeX 2.9 distibution.

If I write in my preamble:
all works well, but the externalized files are stored in a LyX temp dir, hence I loose them when I close LyX (you use \tikzexternalize also to save time, if you loose the figures, time is not saved).

If I write:
\tikzexternalize[prefix={"C:/Users/MyName MySurname/Documents/LaTeX/Figures/"}]
I get the error:
! I can't write on file `"C:/Users/MyName MySurname/Documents/LaTeX/Figures/MyDoc-figure0.md5"'.

I've already written to lyx-users, but without success.
I've also posted a question on TEX SE, they told me the solution is to set MIKTEX_ALLOWUNSAFEOUTPUTFILES=1 but this is dangerous:

Is there an alternative?
Thank you!

Scott Kostyshak | 22 Jul 00:19 2016

Instant previews only repainted if window active or mouse over

This is a minor issue and I'm not even sure how it's supposed to be,
but instant previews are not painted (what I mean specifically is that
after instant previews are generated, their previews are not shown in
LyX) unless the LyX window is active or the mouse is over the LyX

I've never realized this before and just realized it now when doing a
side-by-side comparison of LyX versions while testing JMarc's recent

My guess is that it has been like this forever, and it makes sense
because usually it doesn't make sense to repaint in LyX unless the LyX
winddow is active (otherwise what would even cause the need to repaint)?

The reason why I found this mildly annoying is that I thought the LyX
preview was just taking a really long time to generate.

To reproduce, enable instant preview for math, open the LyX math manual
on the right side of the screen and a separate window (e.g. terminal) on
the left side. Then scroll to a part where there is math. Zoom out and
immediately click on the other window (the one that is not LyX, e.g.
terminal). The new preview does not show in LyX until you move your
mouse back over the LyX window.

Again, very minor and not sure if worth fixing.

L. Han | 21 Jul 22:00 2016

\Omega is not displayed correctly

After update to 2.2.0, \Omega is not displayed correctly in Lyx. It looks like a bold \neg now. Hope it will be fixed soon. Thanks!
Richard Heck | 21 Jul 20:51 2016

LyX 2.2.1 Tarballs

Source tarballs for LyX 2.2.1 have been uploaded to Please prepare binaries.


Jean-Marc Lasgouttes | 21 Jul 16:32 2016

Ticket #10304 : Instant Preview: Too much horizontal space

I need some comments on the following  ticket:
Producing a patch would not be difficult, but I wonder whether there are 
reasons for this extra spacing that I could have missed.

The situation is that there is a TEXT_TO_INSETOFFSET gap around the 
inset (4 pixels on the 4 sides), plus an extra pixel on the left. I am 
not sure why this is required actually. I guess that the intent is to 
have a preview which has a size approaching the inner text if this text 
is normal text.

The one pixel on the left is the same for all previewed insets, and has 
probable been copied from the math inset (it is present in IPA inset 
too). I guess the intent is to help setting cursor just in front of the 
inset, but it cannot work since the cursor will always go inside it 
anyway. Or it is to display the blinking cursor before the inset and not 
inside it. That makes sense.

I am not sure though that the extra 8 pixels makes sense, and I would be 
willing to remove them. I have reservations too about the extra spacing 
above and below the inset, but removing it would require similar changes 
in Text insets, which is much more work.

I'd be interested to have input at this point.


Michael Berger | 19 Jul 12:50 2016

using older Lyx documents after upgrading

Hi all, this is to share my experience with other users and asking for help from the developers. ;-)

I have quite a number of LyX documents made in Mageia5 using LyX 2.1; TexLive 2013; classicthesis-LyX-v4.1, most of them with the module 'Linguistics' loaded and using different bibliography styles.

After upgrading to LyX 2.2.0; TexLive2016; classicthesis-LyX-v4.2 and loading those older documents I found the following when trying to export to PDF:

  • Beamer presentations > OK
  • All types of Koma-Script documents >> basically OK with some minor adjustments, inter alia regarding the bibliography style, e.g. oscola
  • classicthesis-LyX-v4.2_biblatex_biber and classicthesis-LyX-v4.2_biblatex_bibtex8 >> do compile all example files as well as their original 'ClassicThesis.lyx' template without any problem.
  • but trying to compile any of my classicthesis-LyX-v4.1 documents I get either an endless loop or heaps of errors - there are so many different errors that I eventually gave up trying to fix them

I also started copying parts of my old documents into a new one but even text that I considered not very special produced errors.

Authoring everything entirely new seems to be the only way as far as I see now. Well is that it?

Any explanation, clue, advice etc. is highly appreciated.

Cheers and thanks,


Scott Kostyshak | 19 Jul 09:56 2016

alt+x does not give focus to minibuffer if it is open

if I open the minibuffer, then click into the work area, and then
execute alt+x, I expect the focus to switch to the mini-buffer (just as
it does if the mini-buffer is not open). Is that a correct expectation?

A similar case is the outline. If the outline is open, ctrl+alt+o still
shifts focus to it, as I would expect.

Is this a missing feature or did I misunderstand something?