Kornel Benko | 6 Feb 13:32 2016

tests in master: ja/splash.lyx not compilable

Errors because of 'unknown' language 'english'.

Resetting the language also for the English text in splash.lyx makes it compilable again for me.
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Jean-Pierre Chrétien | 4 Feb 15:53 2016

Replacement of "long table" by "multi-pages table" in the manuals


The term "longtable" was recently replaced by "multi-page table" in the 
EnbeddedObjects and UserGuide manuals.

However, the Inset name


has not yet been replaced by


in stdinsets.inc, and it is referred to as that in the UI.

I corrected the message in po.fr so it's OK for the French version of the 
manuals, but it remains incoherent in the original English documentation and 

In addition, as it is an inset, the string "LongTableNoNumber" appears in source 
code files InsetFloat.cpp, InsetTabular.cpp, InsetCaption.cpp,
Text3.cpp; in test files test-insets-basic.lyx.lyx and test-insets.lyx.lyx;
in lyx2lyx script lyx_2_1.py; in layout file stdinsets.inc; in 
EmbeddedObjects.lyx and the three translated versions of this file.

Please find attached a patch which replaces LongTableNoNumber by 
MultiTableNoNumber in all these file;

I hope that it will be possible to apply the patch before beta. I may have 
missed some other things to change as changing an inset name seems to force a 
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Jean-Pierre Chrétien | 3 Feb 15:51 2016

Compilation of the UserGuide with XeTeX fails


I never use XeTeX, but as a check I tried to compile the UserGuide in French, 
without changing anything in the default settings of the document.

I got first 33 warnings from the indexing program, which apparently requires 
each indexed term having diacritics to have a non-accented companion, even when 
this is not necessary because the diacritics are far from the beginning of the 

Finally compilation failed on the § character in the sentence :
Almost everything is allowed in Verbatim:"%&$§#~'`\}][{|

The English version fails as well at the same location. In addition, the log 
file does not exist and thus cannot be viewed.

Is this known ? I found nothing on track. Does it deserve a ticket, or is it a 
misuse of XeTeX from my side?



Jean-Pierre Chrétien | 3 Feb 15:32 2016

Last change in splash.lyx


A note was recently added to splash.lyx to draw attention to the fact that 
TeXLive does not install language packages by default (Linux users only).
The note gives as example the texlive-lang-german package.

I think that it could also point out the texlive-lang-all packages which avoids 
any concern about documents with foreign languages like some of the manuals and 

Attached is a patch with a proposal.


Attachment (splash.patch): text/x-patch, 904 bytes
Jean-Marc Lasgouttes | 3 Feb 12:41 2016

[PATCHES] Tabular in collapsable inset improvements

Here is a series of patches that came from frustration with bug #9955. 
The main idea was to have different mouse cursor when clicking would 
select a tabular row/column. This would make the feature much more 

0001: the infrastructure. I need to add a parameter BufferView to 

0002: implement clickable for InsetTabular. This is enough to make the 
magic happen. The only strange thing is that for column selection there 
is no margin above/below the tabular. I have used a margin inside the 
tabuar (6 pixels), but this may prove annoying. Testing will tell.

000[345]: when implementing 0001 I discovered that many display-related 
mutable variables in InsetCollapsable were not bv dependent, which is 
definitely bad (think split views). These patches fix that. I think this 
fixes #9756 and probably some other split-view bugs.

This patches are not for 2.2.0 (unless people ask for it). I think 
0001+0002 can be safely backported to 2.2.x though; I am less sure about 
the other part, which requires testing, but it is not terribly risky IMO.

Comments welcome, as always.

Attachment (0003-whitespace-only.patch): text/x-patch, 3621 bytes
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Jean-Marc Lasgouttes | 2 Feb 09:05 2016

Re: clang doesn't like -std=c++11 for Objective C files

Le 01/02/2016 20:13, pdv a écrit :
> On 01/02/16 15:49, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
>> What version of Mac OS X is that? I had to add -std=c++11 to CPPFLAGS
>> because the clang preprocessor needs it to select the proper libc++
>> stuff. Without it some autoconf tests would fail.
> This is with OS X 10.11, but I experienced the same problem before I
> upgraded.

Please keep the discussion on the list, I am not the best OS X 
specialist here...


Scott Kostyshak | 1 Feb 20:49 2016

Proposal for releasing beta quickly

Dear all,

We are close to releasing beta but a little stuck. We currently have an
important discussion going on involving what to do when a new version of
a LaTeX class for one of our templates is released. I hope that we will
arrive at a situation that everyone accepts so we can put this in the
Development.lyx manual and have a policy going forward. I'm actually
glad we are forced to have this discussion because it comes up a lot so
let's get our opinions out there, make a decision (and vote if
necessary), and go on.

I propose that we resolve the situation in master as soon as possible by
reverting the commit that is under discussion. If we do decide that the
commit is correct (following the above ongoing discussion), then I think
we can make an exception and allow the commit after the beta release. So
there should be no concern that the commit won't be allowed for the
reason of not being in beta1.

I think the proposal is better than waiting for the layout discussion to

So in summary, I think we should revert, release beta, have beta being
tested while we figure out updating the layouts, and then go forward
from there.

Any thoughts?

Bryan Brown | 30 Jan 22:29 2016

Lyx 2.2 Alpha


I have been using Lyx on the Mac for more than a year.  I am currently using 2.1.4.  I have recently moved to
HiDPI(Retina) with El Capitan.  I would like to give Lys 2.2 a try if possible.

Bill Brown

pdv | 30 Jan 09:55 2016

clang doesn't like -std=c++11 for Objective C files


Build under OS X fails with:

   CXX      userinfo.o
   CXX      unicode.o
   OBJC     AppleSpeller.o
error: invalid argument '-std=c++11' not allowed with 'C/ObjC'

I moved the '-std=c++11' from the CPPFLAGS to the CXXFLAGS and defined 

(patch included)


Patrick De Visschere
diff --git a/config/lyxinclude.m4 b/config/lyxinclude.m4
index 81e91ca..5d7b666 100644
--- a/config/lyxinclude.m4
+++ b/config/lyxinclude.m4
 <at>  <at>  -366,8 +366,8  <at>  <at>  if test x$GXX = xyes; then
         dnl presumably all clang versions support c++11.
 	dnl the deprecated-register warning is very annoying with Qt4.x right now.
-        AM_CPPFLAGS="$AM_CPPFLAGS -std=c++11"
-        AM_CXXFLAGS="$AM_CXXFLAGS -Wno-deprecated-register";;
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Uwe Stöhr | 29 Jan 01:30 2016

[patch] fix bug box changing via context menu (bug 8712)

Attached is a patch to fix bug http://www.lyx.org/trac/ticket/8712.

The problem was that if there is no inner box and one executes to remove 
the outer box (frame) the result is an empty box (no inner AND no outer 
box). But in this case a makebox must be used. This is already handled 
in the box dialog. The bug is that it is not yet handled if the box 
changing commands are executed via the context menu.

regards Uwe
diff --git
"a/C:\\Users\\Usti\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\TortoiseGit\\InsDE52.tmp\\InsetBox-78ce4ed-left.cpp" "b/D:\\LyXGit\\Master\\src\\insets\\InsetBox.cpp"
index fd926f4..0be6fb7 100644
--- "a/C:\\Users\\Usti\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\TortoiseGit\\InsDE52.tmp\\InsetBox-78ce4ed-left.cpp"
+++ "b/D:\\LyXGit\\Master\\src\\insets\\InsetBox.cpp"
 <at>  <at>  -264,9 +264,21  <at>  <at>  void InsetBox::doDispatch(Cursor & cur, FuncRequest & cmd)
-		if (change_type)
+		if (change_type) {
 			params_.type = cmd.getArg(1);
-		else // if (for_box)
+			// set a makebox if there is no inner box but Frameless was exectued
+			// otherwise the result would be a non existent box (no inner AND outer box)
+			// (this was LyX bug 8712)
+			if (params_.type == "Frameless" && !params_.inner_box) {
+				params_.use_makebox = true;
+				params_.inner_box = true;
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Uwe Stöhr | 28 Jan 00:26 2016

Re: Final round: Request to update docs for LyX 2.2.0

Am 27.01.2016 um 09:29 schrieb Koji Yokota:

> I browsed the Windows installer for 2.2 alpha a little bit and found the
> pane titled "Choose Users" is not translated yet.

Hi Koji,

I cannot find this. Could you please send me a screenshot?

You find the translations for the installer in this Git folder:


There is one untranslated message. it would be nice if you could 
translate it. Please note that you must use the encoding "Shift_JIS" to 
edit the file japanese.nsh.
(The required encodings are listed in the file Encodings.txt.)

many thanks and best regards