Pedro Albuquerque | 28 Jun 10:11 2015

[Geany-Users] Fatal error on startup


I'm getting this error:

"Geany tried to access the Unix Domain socket of another instance running as another user.
This is a fatal error and Geany will now quit."

I'm the only user with only one session started and I don't have any other instance of Geany running!

This happened suddenly. I already purged Geany and build again from scratch, but the result is the same.

What is wrong here, please?


PS: using i386 with Ubuntu 14.04.02 LT
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Péter | 19 May 18:39 2015

[Geany-Users] Message window at right

It I set  Message window / Position: Right
then there will be a big empty grey area on the screen (below the "Messages" label, a wide column).
Is it always present?
It would be great if it was eliminable.
PC Haycock | 13 May 14:03 2015

[Geany-Users] setsend_selection_unsafe=true gone from config file

Hi all

I'm using the geany text editor to run scripts on a linux server. I had it setup so that I could send text to the terminal using keyboard shortcuts. To get it to work I had to edit the geany config file so that setsend_selection_unsafe=true. That way I don't have to press enter in the terminal window every time I send a line of code. The shortcuts however no longer work properly and that particular line of code is gone from the geany config file. I'm not sure how to fix the problem. 

Many thanks for your help. 

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Cebo | 3 May 13:06 2015

[Geany-Users] Go lang code navigation and browsing


I've been using Geany for my python coding.

Now I started doing some things with Google's Go.
Sofar I got everything to work OK except for the code navigaton in the 
left panel.

If I understand it right that's done by using tag files but whatever I 
try, it doesn't seem to work.

My OS is Linux Mint 17 (Ubuntu 14.04) and Geany is version 1.23.

It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction.

samurov.vitali | 3 May 00:01 2015

[Geany-Users] Error line highlight, asm-like compiler?


an assembler-like compiler produces such error:
...mkl2mkp-0.30.exe -i timelapse_ctrl.mkl
MKP file  timelapse_ctrl.mkl
timelapse_ctrl.mkl: 64: Error E011 The value of symbolic reference is not defined: SPLASH_
First page:  0
Length (pages):  2

But Geany catches just a status:

...\mkl2mkp-0.30.exe -i "timelapse_ctrl.mkl"
 (in directory: C:\Temp)
Compilation failed.

Is it possible to do something?


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bkpsusmitaa | 2 May 16:49 2015

Re: [Geany-Users] I want to run a c program on Prisoner's Dilemma in Geany but can't

Dear members,
I installed freeglut3 in my Debian-knoppix system.

When I use gcc compiler, I write a code like this:
 gcc abc.c -l glut
 gcc abc.c -l glut -o test
as the case may be. The program compiles okay.

But I use geany for easier tracking. Unfortunately, geany's build code
is bit ambiguous. It is:
gcc -Wall -c "%f" for compile
gcc -Wall -o "%e" "%f" for build

How do I pass the glut lib in geany?
Ognjen Krkac | 27 Apr 15:50 2015

[Geany-Users] Mark All in Split Window does not work


  I've noticed that when I click on word in Split Window, and when I press Ctrl+Shift+M, I do not get marked all words as the one selected.

  Am I doing something wrong?

  Thank you in advance.

  Best regards,
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Péter | 8 Apr 13:46 2015

[Geany-Users] Syntax highlight, C-like

Is there only 2 groups of keywords? In C-like files.

(filetypes.Xxx.conf, tag_parser=C, lexer_filetype=C, [keywords], primary, secondary)


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Rajendra Prasad | 2 Apr 06:50 2015

[Geany-Users] Help: python output console closing immedialtly


    I am using geany 1.24 with python 2.7 on windows7.
Problem: When i execute the python program immediately after installation, It running good with out any problem. But if I execute after closing the Geany at least once, it first opens the windows command window, then asks permission to execute python. Then the program executes and two windows will be opened. One of it will close so fast that I can not read anything from it. the second window shows the message press enter to continue...........

    When I have added, raw_input() at the end of the program, the first window stood still on successful execution of the program only, but not in the other instances.

   I tried in interne to find solution. But I am not able to trace what has to be done.

Thank you.
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Thomas Martitz | 29 Mar 00:23 2015

[Geany-Users] My non-C plugin roadmap


I was asked to share a bit about my roadmap regarding plugins. I'll try 
to give you a better idea with this post.

My ultimate goal is to implement a clean and maintainable way to support 
non-C plugins, preferably using existing widely used techniques. I 
concluded that libpeas[1] in conjunction with gobject-introspection can 
provide the base for this. Since Geany is not at all prepared for this I 
have several infrastructure which I do want to get merged into Geany. 
When Geany core is sufficiently setup for this, the non-C plugin 
enablement can happen outside the core, as a plugin, to stabilize there.

So, here's the set of infrastructure changes for the core. Please let me 
stress that all of this will happen in backward-compatible manner, no 
existing plugins break as part of this.

- linkage-cleanup (PR#429) - This changes the way plugins access Geany 
API functions. Instead of exporting a pointer to a struct of structs of 
API function pointers, now the APIs are exported directly. This work 
also includes an effort to stop exporting all function (we do this 
currently as a workaround to allow gtkbuilder to work), so *only* API 
function are exported and plugins cannot call internal function anymore. 
This change is also required to allow gobject-introspection to find 
geany functions at runtime (through g_module_symbol()) in the future.
- new API functions for registering keybindings (PR#376). The current 
API functions do not allow context information to be stored and passed 
to the key handler function. This makes it very hard for non-C plugins 
to use these function. So what's  needed are key handlers that get the 
necessary context information. This allows interprepted language plugins 
to register keybindings.
- A new plugin loader mechanism (a thread about this is already running 
on the devel list): Similarly to the keybindings, the plugin_* functions 
implemented by plugins do not carry any context information, making it 
hard for non-C plugins to implement them properly. Therefore a new 
loader mechaism is needed so that the context information can be passed. 
The loader works such that an API function is called to register a 
function pointer table. This is crucial to possibly support plugins that 
register other plugins (so called pluxies) which is simply not possible 
with the current mechaism. The current loader is kept for backwards 
compatibility (but will not receive new features).
- New API functions to allow plugins to act as proxy plugins (pluxies). 
These pluxies can then implement whatever is needed to execute code in 
the in the actual plugin, like invoking an interpreter or firing up a 
java vm. The pluxies call the new loader's API function on behalf of the 
actual plugin. The API function to implement the pluxies is a simple 
geany_register_pluxy() that, much like the normal plugin loader, that 
pluxies use to pass a function pointer table which implements the 
necessary hooks (probe(), load() and unload())

Once this is in place in the core, my roadmap contains the following 
items, which are implemented (at least initially) in a plugin, so no 
further changes to the cure should be necessary.
- Modify geanypy to use the new pluxy APIs. This will finally enable 
geanypy to show the python plugins in the normal PM dialog and support 
- Create a new pluxy that supports libpeas-based plugins (codename: 
peasy). Peasy will use libpeas to load plugins and their metadata.
- Part of the peasy work is also work on creating vala and 
gobject-introspection bindings for Geany's API functions, so that we can 
support python, javascript and lua out of the box.

This is my roadmap so far. It changed quite a bit since I started this 
non-C-plugins effort a year ago, but I hope it will be good for 
everyone. Please share your opinions on this or ask questions.

Best regards.
James Brierley | 19 Mar 17:26 2015

[Geany-Users] Lisp improvements

Hi all.

Geany has been as good to me over the past year or two of Lisping as it 
was with anything involving curly braces, but I would be interested in 
writing/contributing code to improve the support for tagging and 

Unless I’m doing something horribly wrong, Common Lisp is not supported 
by the symbol list out of the box the way that Python or C files are. 
So, I take it I would need to write a parser of the type under 
tagmanager/ctags in git — there isn’t one for Common Lisp at present. Is 
this correct? Syntax highlighting for Lisps (for what syntax there is) 
works fine but I would like to work on making the symbol list functional 
as well.

Take care,



James Brierley

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