Péter | 3 Mar 18:36 2015

[Geany-Users] Matching brace, colon inside

Geany does not find some rather obvious brace pairs. I edited my .bashrc file. Its recognized filetype is
"Config file" 
(I do not know, why.)

For testing, paste this text into an empty file, and issue a "Set Filetype"/Miscellaneous/"Config file" command.

The matching pair sometimes is found, sometimes isn't:

aa {}     good
aa []     good
aa ()     good
aa {:}    bad
aa [:]    bad
aa (:)    bad
  {:}      good
  [:]      good
  (:)      good
{:}       bad
[:]       good
(:)       bad



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Richard Mindorff | 13 Feb 20:34 2015

[Geany-Users] debugging while interacting with program

When using the komodo ide for php I could interact with my program, putting
in data and using checkboxes and other HTML controls while debugging the
code in the IDE.
I would like to do the same thing for a C project. Geany uses GTK+ which has
controls. Can I interact in some terminal  while debugging in the geany ide?
Can I use other libraries like allegro to get controls that I can interact with?
Jiří Techet | 30 Jan 17:18 2015

[Geany-Users] The future of the GeanyPrj plugin


me again :-). With other Geany developers we have been discussing the future of the GeanyPrj plugin. The problem is the original developer behind it has abandoned the project so it is unmaintained now. There are several things we could do:

1. Nothing - i.e. keep it in the plugins repository unmaintained.

2. Somebody volunteers to maintain it (anyone?).

3. The plugin will be removed from the geany-plugins repository.

I would like to discuss the option (3) - while I haven't used the plugin myself much, I think the main reason people were using it was you could see multiple projects in the sidebar (and have them indexed). This is however possible with my ProjectOrganizer plugin now (see the announcement) so the question is whether there is any other use for the plugin. Otherwise I believe ProjectOrganizer offers many more features and displays the project files better so at least from my point of view (which may be biased), I think ProjectOrganizer is more or less a superset of GeanyPrj. (One exception is that with ProjectOrganizer you have to create projects explicitly while with GeanyPrj there's just kind of implicit project specification by pointing it to the directory where you keep projects).

So my preferred choice is (3) but if someone still finds the plugin useful and uses it, we can keep the plugin in the repository.


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Jim Dodgen | 30 Jan 17:12 2015

[Geany-Users] Replace on pop up menu

Is there anyway to add entries to the popup menu (the menu the comes up when I right click the mouse) currently it has search and it would be nice if it had replace.

Jim Dodgen

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Jiří Techet | 30 Jan 16:59 2015

[Geany-Users] [ANN] GProject plugin renamed to ProjectOrganizer + new features


while announcing things, there are also some changes in the plugins I develop. First of all the GProject plugin has been renamed to ProjectOrganizer to make the plugin's name more descriptive. In addition, there are some new features in the plugin, most notably:

* It is possible to add additional directories to the sidebar (which are also indexed). This should address the problem of many users who need to access multiple projects at the same time. Even though one project is still primary for build commands, the additional directories are accessible from the sidebar and indexed so goto tag definition/declaration across the directories. One can also use this feature to add e.g. /usr/include (or probably just its subset) and have access to all the system symbols.

* The speed of indexing has been improved greatly (actually the slow part that has been improved is tag sorting and the way Geany handles updates of the tag array). This part was mostly done in Geany itself so if you are using the GeanyPrj plugin, you should get the same benefits. The parsing speed is about 100 files/s for normal HDD (just because of slow random access time) and thousands of files per second for SSD disks. Once the project is loaded, all the file opens, closes, updates should be instant no matter what the size of the project is.

If you want to try the updated plugin, just compile Geany together with the plugins project from sources on Linux or get the Windows nightlies Enrico has prepared here:



I have also created a new GeanyCtags plugin - it uses ctags to parse a project once and again offers goto tag definition/declaration similarly to ProjectOrganizer. It is meant to be used for really huge projects where the parsing speed of PorjectOrganizer is too slow to perform on every project load. 

Basically if you are using an SSD disk, you won't need this plugin (parsing the linux kernel with 30000 files takes something like 20s) but may be useful with rotational HDDs (it takes over 5 minutes for the linux kernel to parse).


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Jiří Techet | 30 Jan 16:07 2015

[Geany-Users] [ANN] Geany for OS X

Hi everyone,

in the last couple of weeks I've been playing with Geany on OS X and got it to the state where Geany is fully functional, integrated with OS X and have a self-contained app bundle so Geany can be distributed without any additional external dependencies. Apart from the few limitations listed below I'm not aware of any problems.

This is where I would find it very useful if the brave souls among you who are not scared of running unknown binaries from the Internet and who use OS X could try out the binaries I uploaded here:

Any feedback is welcome.

* Integrated menubar
* Opening files from Finder using Open With
* Opening files using drag and drop to Geany icon
* Double-click on project file in Finder opens the project
* Retina font rendering
* All basic plugins (without extra dependencies) and themes included by default

* The VTE terminal is missing (VTE doesn't work, seems to be a problem in VTE itself)
* Scrolling the editor window is somewhat slow using the mouse

* OS X 10.7 or higher (I have tested just with Yosemite)
* x64 processor

I will try to get all the necessary patches into Geany mainline (some are already being reviewed, some - the integration ones - I haven't published yet) and will make a github project with the app bundle creation instructions + all the necessary config files, themes, icons, etc. I also plan to provide OS X binaries for all the future Geany releases.


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Ongun Arısev | 17 Jan 22:04 2015

[Geany-Users] Syntax support for Lisp, Scheme files


Is there any plugin or configuration file out there that expands Geany's abilities of syntax coloring, comment toggling into Lisp, Scheme or other languages? Where can I find and install them on Ubuntu 14.04.1 64-bit?

Thanks in advance,

Ongun Arısev
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Jonas Thiel | 11 Jan 13:01 2015

[Geany-Users] Homebrew Geany

Dear all,
today I recognized, that Geany can not longer downloaded via Homebrew on OS X. After I entered "brew install geany" in Terminal these lines occur:
Error: No available formula for geany
Searching formulae...
Searching taps...
Did I miss any changes?
I thank you all in advance and wish a quiet Sunday.
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Chris Simon | 6 Jan 04:24 2015

Re: [Geany-Users] Can Geany be configured (plugin?) to only Complete Words from a given file?

Colomban, Thanks for the link. That's _almost exactly_ what I wanted.

I tested using PHP file type. The only problem is I'm getting suggestions from the entire PHP tag space.
I see this is default Geany behavior.

Can I make up my own filetype?
Or is the best I can do just pick something that doesn't clash with the programming languages I am using, and with the auto-loading tags?

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Simon Langley | 4 Jan 17:06 2015

[Geany-Users] Configuring build commands

I want to make Geany use my preferred build commands.  I can do it with 
a new project by using Build/Set build commands but then have to do it 
again for each project.  Reading the manual I thought that all I needed 
to do was make a copy of the filetypes file and modify it.  So, I copied 
/usr/share/geany/filetypes.cpp to .config/geany/filedef/filetypes.cpp  
and modified [build_settings] and [build_menu]

# %f will be replaced by the complete filename
# %e will be replaced by the filename without extension
# (use only one of it at one time)
# compiler=builder compile source=%f
#linker=g++ -Wall -o "%e" "%f"

FT_00_CM=b compile source=%f

NF_01_CM=b build

NF_02_CM=b clean

NF_03_CM=b rebuild

I created a new geany project, tried adding/creating  .cpp but the build 
commands remain at their default settings.     What am I doing wrong?


Simon Langley
Thierry Granier | 4 Jan 16:15 2015

[Geany-Users] geany anf django

can i use Geany for my Django's projects (in a virtualenv, or not) ??