Ongun Arısev | 17 Jan 22:04 2015

[Geany-Users] Syntax support for Lisp, Scheme files


Is there any plugin or configuration file out there that expands Geany's abilities of syntax coloring, comment toggling into Lisp, Scheme or other languages? Where can I find and install them on Ubuntu 14.04.1 64-bit?

Thanks in advance,

Ongun Arısev
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Jonas Thiel | 11 Jan 13:01 2015

[Geany-Users] Homebrew Geany

Dear all,
today I recognized, that Geany can not longer downloaded via Homebrew on OS X. After I entered "brew install geany" in Terminal these lines occur:
Error: No available formula for geany
Searching formulae...
Searching taps...
Did I miss any changes?
I thank you all in advance and wish a quiet Sunday.
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Chris Simon | 6 Jan 04:24 2015

Re: [Geany-Users] Can Geany be configured (plugin?) to only Complete Words from a given file?

Colomban, Thanks for the link. That's _almost exactly_ what I wanted.

I tested using PHP file type. The only problem is I'm getting suggestions from the entire PHP tag space.
I see this is default Geany behavior.

Can I make up my own filetype?
Or is the best I can do just pick something that doesn't clash with the programming languages I am using, and with the auto-loading tags?

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Simon Langley | 4 Jan 17:06 2015

[Geany-Users] Configuring build commands

I want to make Geany use my preferred build commands.  I can do it with 
a new project by using Build/Set build commands but then have to do it 
again for each project.  Reading the manual I thought that all I needed 
to do was make a copy of the filetypes file and modify it.  So, I copied 
/usr/share/geany/filetypes.cpp to .config/geany/filedef/filetypes.cpp  
and modified [build_settings] and [build_menu]

# %f will be replaced by the complete filename
# %e will be replaced by the filename without extension
# (use only one of it at one time)
# compiler=builder compile source=%f
#linker=g++ -Wall -o "%e" "%f"

FT_00_CM=b compile source=%f

NF_01_CM=b build

NF_02_CM=b clean

NF_03_CM=b rebuild

I created a new geany project, tried adding/creating  .cpp but the build 
commands remain at their default settings.     What am I doing wrong?


Simon Langley
Thierry Granier | 4 Jan 16:15 2015

[Geany-Users] geany anf django

can i use Geany for my Django's projects (in a virtualenv, or not) ??


Thierry Granier | 3 Jan 19:11 2015

[Geany-Users] geany with python3.4


can i use geany with python3.4? and how?

Many thanks

T Granier
Thiery Granier | 3 Jan 18:04 2015

[Geany-Users] support python3.4


i'd like to know whether geany supports python3.4

how to install it if it supports 3.4?
Many thanks

T. Granier
Chris Simon | 2 Jan 19:20 2015

[Geany-Users] Can Geany be configured (plugin?) to only Complete Words from a given file?

Geany has many features to help the programmer. Among these are autocompletion and definition popup features. These same tools are tantelizingly close to being useful for another strict syntax problem for writing/using a Closed Vocabulary.

Right now, Geany will present a popup list of options using the autocomplete scheme Complete Word, but only once that vocabulary is already present within the file. Even if the complete "for all words in a document" option is off, Geany doesn't look elsewhere for a list of predetermined words. It's the user experience equivalent of a non-closed vocabulary--anything goes.

It's possible to define autocomplete Snippets; however, these are only useful when what you're expanding is longer than the keyword. And, to get the benefit of Snippet substitution, you need to know the exact keyword--no hints.

Can anything be done with plugins to change how Geany searches for words under the Complete Word process?

I don't see it's possible within the application currently. Unless there's something I've missed, which is completely possible. I've not used Geany for programming yet (kinda used to vim). I have been using it as a default text editor when in Xwindows, because it's really fast and has some nice features.

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Chris Simon                                                                                                516-669-0171
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Users@... | 23 Dec 17:42 2014

[Geany-Users] Jump to start/end of visual line


There is one thing that has botheres me about Geany for quite some time:

How can I make Geany jump to the start/end of a VISUAL line?

Lets say I have a very long line of text. I'll enable the visual line break feature, so I can still see the
entire text on the screen, though make it break into multiple visual lines. Now, I'd like to hit [Home] or
[End] to jump to the beginning/end of the CURRENT visual line. However, Geany will make the cursor jump to
the start/end of the actual line (not the visible one).

Is there anything I can to about that, in terms of configuration?

Kind regards
Jesse Palser | 8 Dec 21:46 2014

[Geany-Users] Tell Geany To Launch HTML Files In Mozilla Firefox on Xubuntu 14.04?

Tell Geany To Launch HTML Files In Mozilla Firefox on Xubuntu 14.04?


Running Xubuntu 14.04 L.T.S. 64Bit fully updated.
Running Geany version 1.23.1 from Ubuntu Software Store.

When I "execute" an HTML file, Geany opens the HTML file in Google Chrome?
How can I tell Geany to execute and open HTML files in Mozilla Firefox?

I know it is Build/Set Build Commands/Execute commands,
but I have no idea what to type there to open HTML files using Mozilla 

Thanks in advance!

Francois Tonneau | 6 Dec 14:08 2014

[Geany-Users] R programming


If there are people on the list who want to use Geany for R
programming on GNU/Linux, then I would greatly appreciate their
feedback on the attached files:

- filetypes.r, a configuration file for R with menu commands for
sourcing, pasting, scripting
- geany_tags.R, an R script that generates a Geany tag file for the R language
- base.r.tags, an example of tag file produced by geany_tags.R

- howto.pdf, a set of notes to help you configure Geany for the R language.

The idea is to have R programming with syntax highlighting and code
navigation, function autocompletion and calltips, ability to source
files and send lines of code to R, and R help by right-clicking.

Thanks in advance,
Francois Tonneau
Attachment (filetypes.r): application/octet-stream, 786 bytes
Attachment (geany_tags.R): application/octet-stream, 5195 bytes
Attachment (base.r.tags): application/octet-stream, 276 KiB
Attachment (howto.pdf): application/pdf, 133 KiB
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