[Bug 372658] Conglomerate crash when I attempt to read a DocBook file.

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------- Comment #6 from Francois Poulain  2007-02-11 16:48 UTC -------
Hello, I have done another backtrace, I post it here (I don't know why, but he
is very verbose, so I had to cut it in 2 parts), but before, I give you the
execution in bash :

$ conglomerate 
Entity: line 8: parser error : Attribute xml:lang redefined
                <description xml:lang="en_CA" xml:lang="en">This is a document
type associated

** (conglomerate:19263): WARNING **: Problem parsing xds file: readme.xds.

Resolve: pubID -//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.3//EN sysID
-1228609344 Parsing catalog file:///etc/xml/catalog
file:///etc/xml/catalog added to file hash
file:///etc/xml/docbook not found in file hash
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Geert Stappers | 11 Feb 18:25 2007

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Geert Stappers