Adam Sjøgren | 8 Jan 20:26 2015

Re: gwene got borken?

rh_ writes:

> [Quoted text removed due to X-No-Archive]

It is part of the RSS-feed. Some creators of RSS-feeds neglect to use
different ids, thus fooling reasonable folks (or software) into thinking
they are identical.

If you share a couple of URLs, maybe the problem can be pinpointed, and
you can tell the RSS generators.

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Michał Górny | 1 Jan 10:35 2015

NNTP certificate expired


My NNTP client is repeatedly complaining that the gmane's NNTP server
certificate expired a month ago. Any chance to get a renewed one?


Best regards,
Michał Górny
Gmane-discuss mailing list
Gmane-discuss <at>
John Geoffrey | 28 Dec 23:39 2014

This group doesn't seem to work anymore. Even if it worked before the 
mailing list lately had to chang its provider, and now the one connected 
to this group won't work anymore.
John Geoffrey | 28 Dec 23:07 2014

Deletion of group

Would there be a way to delete The group did not 
work out as I wanted and I can't transfer messages between the mailing 
list and the group.
Phil Goetz | 27 Dec 23:44 2014

cygwin64 has no LISP package

cygwin64 has no package for any version of LISP. I install cygwin largely to 
use LISP, and have to keep both cygwin32 and cygwin64 installations just for 

Some of the available packages use LISP, so there must be a LISP in there 
somewhere. Is there a way to use that hidden lisp interpreter, or any plans 
to make a clisp package for cygwin64?
pb2004 | 24 Dec 21:34 2014
Picon has last msg from 2007 year. Something 
went wrong when list was migrated to present address[1]. Compare with list 
archive at
List needs correction. Thanks.



Matt Lundin | 23 Dec 15:49 2014 not updating

The feed for has not updated since September.
This is because the group points at a non-existent feed url:

Trying to access this url results in a 503 error.

The correct url is:

However, when I try to create a new gwene group with that url, I get the
following message:

"A feed with this internal ID ( is already
subscribed as"

If someone could change the feed to point to the correct url, I would
greatly appreciate it!

As an aside, I have been running into such cases increasingly on gwene.
I.e., the url of a feed will change, the feed will break, but because of
the internal id (which I assume corresponds to the link tag of the rss
feed?), it is impossible to create a new group with the correct url.

Harry Putnam | 19 Dec 04:16 2014

About downloading en-masse (but smallish)

I thought I had posted this question here already but do not see it on
the group... probably another victim of every increasing `senior

So, cutting to the chase:

I want to download several thousand messages, not necessarily all at
once but something along this line.

I want to get a huge backlog of msg headers in a group then single out
all the posts of certain authors.

In most cases it might be 4000 posts or less in 1 group.

I really don't want to get blocked again as I have sometime back doing
this same sort of thing.

Also, not really sure how to go about this while putting the least
possible strain on the servers.

I mean, I'm not sure of the steps required in gnus to do this.

Any coaching that will help me keep from getting blocked and give me
an edge on saving strain on servers would be very welcome..

I'd hazard a guess that overall amount of messages downloaded might be
on the order of 6000-8000.

Any suggestions?
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Matěj Cepl | 12 Dec 18:46 2014

gmane.comp.python.rdflib.devel has moved long long time ago


we have 
archived only to year 2007 (and is 
spam from later). Since then they are using Google Groups on I will try to find 
the archives of the group (yeah, export from Google Groups ... 
:(, so I hope somebody will have it on their own computer).

Meanwhile, would it be possible to revive mirroring of the group 
on gmane, please?

Thank you,

francois | 12 Dec 15:33 2014

RSS feeds not updated


It seems to me that most of RSS feeds are not updated since around 2014-11-18.
I am sure that at least
should list more recent messages than those from last month..

Richard Llom | 11 Dec 12:37 2014

(re-) Validate?

Why is it necessary to validate the email-adress for each (new) group 

I mean they are all hosted on gmane, so once you validated your email 
towards gmane this should be validate for all groups, no?


I do not mean subscriptions, but that thing were you have to answer that 
email to the gmane-authorizer.