Srinivasan S | 5 Jun 09:07 2015

alsa jack plugin

Dear Gmane community,

Am trying to use alsa jack plugin

I have few queries w.r.t alsa jack plugin, could you please help in routing it to the respective link where I can post my queries w.r.t audio alsa jack plugin

Srinivasan S
Gmane-discuss mailing list
Gmane-discuss <at>
Matěj Cepl | 1 Jun 07:58 2015
Picon is now on different domain

Univeristy of Dortmund is now Technische Universität Dortmund 
and their admins decoded to scrap the old domain (for some 
systems!). So, now is now on 
leafnode-list <at> instead of the current 
leafnode-list <at> 

So, s/uni-/tu-/ should be enough.

Thank you,

Matěj Cepl

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Gilles | 15 May 15:27 2015

Can any mailing list be added to Gmane?


There's a mailing list I read that is still not accessible from the
web, and has no archives. 

Switching to digest mode doesn't help much, since replying is hell. 

So I'm investigating the options to somehow connect it to a web and an
NNTP servers such as Gmane.

I'd like to know… 
1. How to check if the mailing list can be connected to Gmane
2. How to proceed 
3. Is it free? 

Thank you.
Steinar Bang | 14 May 08:40 2015
Picon not receiving calls...?

I spam-marked an article in gmane.emacs.orgmode and exited the group,
and emacs got stuck trying to report it, until it eventually timed out: 

 Registering 1 specific articles as spam using backend spam-use-gmane
 Reporting article 97525 to
 open-network-stream: make client process failed: connection timed out, :name, URL ping, :buffer, 
*temp*, :host,, :service, 80, :nowait, nil
 Exiting summary buffer and applying spam rules

I tried three times, all with the same result.
Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 27 Apr 21:44 2015

TLS on Gmane

I signed up with a couple weeks ago for free certificates
for and, and that went so smoothly that I
wanted to do the same for Gmane.

However, Gmane uses so many sub-domains that I wanted a wildcard
certificate, and that required that I be... more identified... which
cost money.  And required them sending me a registered mail with codes
and stuff.  But that's now done, and I've now got the certificate.

So over the next few days I'll probably be installing that certificate
for the news server and the SMTP servers, so that things will get more
authenticated.  They're currently running encrypted, but with a
self-signed certificate.  If you're using certificate pinning on, you're likely to be warned about a new certificate, but
don't be too alarmed.

I'm also going to add TLS to the web server, but I haven't decided yet
whether to go full https everywhere, or just offer https as an
alternative.  Opinions?


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Leonardo Brondani Schenkel | 26 Apr 11:29 2015
Picon stopped updating

The last message in GMANE is from 2015-01-23. However, the list goes on as
you can see here:
Tiago Vasconcelos | 17 Apr 11:03 2015

Is my IP address blacklisted?

When I access via NNTP from, I'm prompted 
for credentials.

But if I access from a different IP, I'm not prompted for credentials.

Is blacklisted? And if so, why?

Renato Fabbri | 12 Apr 18:19 2015

gmane for research

Dear Gmaners,

Does gmane developers and community have any thoughts
about research done with gmane data?

I have been developing some technologies involving social
data, such as OWL ontologies and RDF data translations:

and literature:
*) Stability in human interaction networks: primitive typology of vertex, prominence of measures and activity statistics:
*) A connective differentiation of textual production in interaction networks:
*) Versinus: a visualization method for graphs in evolution:
*) Ensaio sobre o Auto-Aproveitamento: um relato de investidas naturais na participação social:
*) Psychophysics of musical elements in the discrete-time representation of sound:
*) Vivace: A Collaborative Live Coding Language:
*) What are you and I? [anthropological physics fundamentals]:
*) Social Participation Ontology: community documentation, enhancements and use examples:

Some of the most interesting results are exemplified using Gmane data (first and second articles above): the stability of the social structures and the differentiation of textual production of participants as connectivity changes.

I am moving forward with research, and it seems the right time to seek
Gmane community feedback. I am available to help as we find appropriate.

Some questions that have direct impact on which data and phenomena that I should focus to (maybe) contribute with knowledge and technology:

*) Is using Gmane list data for research understood as lawful by community?
*) Is there any ethic issue pointed by community about using Gmane list data for research?
*) Is the development of technology for using Gmane data for research encouraged? (such as
*) Is it ok if someone converts Gmane data to RDF and publishes it on
*) Is there any way to download a bundled .zip file with all the messages from a list? (when needed, I am downloading message by message by RSS)

For a number of reasons, Gmane data is of my preference for research of some phenomena. Thanks for it and any thoughts on this message.

Best regards and cheers,

GNU/Linux User #479299
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Stephen Kelly | 8 Apr 22:08 2015

web links to threads do not work

I can browse messages on

but if I click on the link beside 'subject' so that I can create a link to a 
thread, eg

it does not work, and seems to time out.

Is this already known?


Steinar Bang | 3 Apr 09:03 2015
Picon off list?

The newest articles in are from January

The newest articles on the backing google group, are from April 2, 2015:!forum/ops4j

Have the gmane group become unsubscribed?
Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 2 Apr 13:10 2015

Further Legal Developments

This time it's Italian:


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