Nadia Scott | 27 Jun 05:14 2014

Please remove me from denial list

I am sorry that I switched newsreaders  ( the old one was suddenly
segfaulting ) and I accidently set it to download all messages ( body and
headers )  from 


My IP is

I noticed later I could not get in and got error 480.  I then noticed that
my IP was on the denial list.

I have used gmane for a while and this is an honest mistake.

Please remove ; I promise to be more careful :)

Nadia Scott

npatscott at gmail dot com
Matt Lundin | 25 Jun 04:26 2014

Gmane search via nov.php does not work

Gmane search does not currently work from gnus (e.g., nnir or nnweb).
Both of these interfaces use the following url:

nnir, for instance, constructs queries as follows.:

If I attempt to access that url (browser, wget, etc.) or even a simpler
url, such as, I get the
following message:

"No CGI parameters specified"

Ed Avis | 24 Jun 08:49 2014

Funky escaping of at character in subject in web interface

Please see <>

The subject of the thread contains an 'at' character.  When hitting followup
this gets oddly escaped into lt; at gt;.

Ideally the at character should be left alone, but if it is escaped, that
needs to be done just once and not double-escaped so that the HTML entity
names end up in the subject.


Ed Avis <eda <at>>
Matthew Woehlke | 23 Jun 18:41 2014 blocked from gmane

It seems one of my coworkers tripped gmane's automatic blocking
mechanism (downloading from LKML no less, which I mention from seeing
the recent thread that apparently that group has seriously high
traffic). I've talked to him about it and sent mail to Lars last Monday,
but haven't heard back; trying gmane.discuss also in case that gets
better readership.

Can someone (Lars?) please unblock us ( or or I'd really like my gmane back!



lorenz | 12 Jun 09:32 2014

Seems I fell into the excessive downloader trap

Hi all,

yesterday I set up gmane.comp.cad.kicad.user in my newsreader.

After downloading the available messages (around 17300), successive attemps 
to get new headers fail with "480 Read access denied".

And looking at, there actually my ip 
( is listed as block as of yesterday (20140611).

Can someone please unblock this ip?

Any advice for the future, how to handle subscribing to a high volumn 
newsgroup without being block?


Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 9 Jun 12:46 2014

Re: Splitting nntp?

asjo <at> (Adam Sj√łgren) writes:

>> The .discuss approach is cleaner because you're not mixing read-only and
>> read-write content in the same group.
> Instead you are doubling the number of groups, and the net result is a
> mix anyway, because you would crosspost the .discuss articles into the
> original group, or?

I was leaning towards doing a split because it would give people a
choice between reading content-only groups and content-with-comments
groups.  Some blogs have low-quality comments, and others have very
high-quality comments...


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Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 9 Jun 12:43 2014

Re: Is the blocking of excessive downloaders working?

Steinar Bang <sb <at>> writes:

> Not this particular one... this one is one he has abandoned... even the
> web pages are gone (or at least the links to them are.

Hey, I never abandon any projects...  I'll get to it...  one of these



(domestic pets only, the antidote for overdose, milk.)
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Chris Hills | 5 Jun 19:15 2014

Listing groups with created date


I am happy with my newsreader for the most part, but one thing it is not
good at is showing me new groups. Is there a list anywhere of all the
groups on gmane with a column for created date? The only alternative I
can see is to go through every group and fetch the first message header
from each.