Axel Dahmen | 17 Nov 14:58 2014

Message sent, but not listed in GMane - why?

I have this problem:

Whenever I post a message to "" 
(public-webapps <at>, my message seems to get posted to the mailing list 
(well, I do receive replies in my e-mail inbox, that's my hint) but my 
message is not getting listed on GMane.

So my newsreader won't echo my message nor does it show any reply to my 
messages, because GMane simply doesn't provide the corresponding thread.

Looking at I 
can't find my message, too. Nor can I find any replies there. The last 
message listed there is dated Nov. 3rd, but my message was posted Nov. 12th!

What's going wrong? How can I have this issue fixed?

Any help is appreciated. 
William Stevenson | 17 Nov 03:45 2014

Denied removal


It seems I have tripped the denial trigger, I actually don't know what 
caused this. I hadn't used my client (gnus) in a while and when I entered 
a group it was downloading eternally, still no idea what is wrong yet, but 
I will attempt to debug on smaller groups.

My ip is (, it 
would be super-cool if you could remove me from the blocked list.

RP McMurphy | 14 Nov 05:19 2014

Message taking many days to appear on the list

When I send a message to the group (at
sqlite-users <at> the messages take from many hours to many days to appear. I currently have two
message posted there from a few days ago but they have yet to show up. Some previous messages I sent did
eventually appear but they took a long time also.

Perhaps the pipes in there have a blockage?

Matt Lundin | 9 Nov 03:31 2014

Group on gwene not updating

The group has not been updated since July 2013,
even though the blog and feed have been updated many times since then
(e.g., there is a post as recently as October 30, 2014).

Checking the X-Feed header, I notice that the group is based on the
following url:

This link still works just fine (though it does redirect to https).
Moreover, the feed validates:

Christopher Culver | 21 Oct 20:36 2014

Gwene rejects Atom feed URL (HTTPS issue?)

I tried signing this feed up at Gwene only to be told that it was not a
valid feed:

Perhaps this might be an HTTPS issue. When I change the https:// to
http:// in my browser, Lonely Planet's website insists on forwarding me
to https:// anyway. Does Gwene choke on HTTPS?
Matěj Cepl | 21 Oct 07:13 2014

What's wrong with gmane.comp.python.rope ?

It is a Google Groups group 
(!topic/rope-dev/), and nothing 
changed there, but it doesn't get messsages now. Any idea, 
what's wrong?

Jean-Baptiste Denis | 20 Oct 11:22 2014

musicpd mailing list change


it looks like the musicpd devel mailing list is not updating since a few months.

The posting address is still the same, but there has been a migration from
sourceforge to another server :

Is this possible to update it ?

Thanks !

Lars Brinkhoff | 14 Oct 12:42 2014


Please delete  Thanks!

(The feed stopped working a few days ago, and I suspect the feed URL
needs to be updated.)
JLuc | 12 Oct 20:21 2014

Search broken ?

Searching sometimes leads to errors and no answers :

Warning: virtual() [function.virtual]: Unable to include 
'/cgi-bin/omega.cgi?query=forum&author=&group=spip&sort=relevance&DEFAULTOP=and&query=' -
request execution failed in 
/home/xapian/html/index.php on line 102
JLuc | 12 Oct 20:18 2014

Archived-at ?

It looks like the "Archived-at" header has disapeared of the newsmails ?

Lorenz | 10 Oct 18:15 2014

blocked IPs

Hello Lars,

could you please have a look at IPs reported as block in the last months?

Mine ( is blocked now since 2014-06-11.