francois | 12 Dec 15:33 2014

RSS feeds not updated


It seems to me that most of RSS feeds are not updated since around 2014-11-18.
I am sure that at least
should list more recent messages than those from last month..

Richard Llom | 11 Dec 12:37 2014

(re-) Validate?

Why is it necessary to validate the email-adress for each (new) group 

I mean they are all hosted on gmane, so once you validated your email 
towards gmane this should be validate for all groups, no?


I do not mean subscriptions, but that thing were you have to answer that 
email to the gmane-authorizer.
Adam Sjøgren | 11 Dec 12:28 2014

Re: Can these 3 groups be re-enabled gmane.comp.lib.fltk.{devel, bugs, general}

rh_ writes:

> [Quoted text removed due to X-No-Archive]

If you tell us the new email-addresses of the lists, yes.

  Best regards,



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Rubin Abdi | 3 Dec 23:06 2014

RSS feed for noisebridge.announce has stopped

Hi there. Hope I'm posting this to the right spot. Some friends of
Noisebridge use your services to spit out an RSS feed for our announce

We've also setup something to update our Twitter, Facebook, and G+ pages
with updates from that feed.

Sadly it looks like the feed stopped updated sometime after the 16th of
last month...

Our list archives can be found here...

Any thing we could do to help make the RSS feed start updating again?


rubin <at>

Gmane-discuss mailing list
Gmane-discuss <at>
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Gergely Risko | 1 Dec 16:42 2014


This group has stopped updating:

The last article that shows up in my Gnus is from
Tue, 25 Nov 2014 02:01:56 +0100

Any ideas on how to fix this or what could be the issue?

Lars Brinkhoff | 25 Nov 10:33 2014

"Not a valid feed"

Bring out the Urqells!

I can't sign up this feed:

Curl works.  I tested this command:

curl ''

XML::FeedPP->new works.  I tested this script:

use XML::FeedPP;
my $url = "";
my $feed = XML::FeedPP->new($url);
print $feed->to_string();

Anything else I can do?  I really miss my feed a loooooot!  (See all
those 'o's?!?)
Steinar Bang | 23 Nov 17:14 2014

Password required on NNTP to, have I been blocked?

Hm... suddely required a username/password combination
from me (and when I gave it the one I have, let me in).

Does this mean I have been blocked?
Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 21 Nov 23:28 2014

Catching up

I've been neglecting my Gmanely duties for a while -- I haven't handled
mail to Gmane since, er, March.  So there are 680 messages in the
"please delete me"/"Gmane is down"/"How do you install R on FreeBSD"

I'm dedicating this night to watching TV series, drinking Urquell and
going through this list.

Wish me luck!


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Ulrich Mueller | 19 Nov 15:46 2014

gmane.linux.gentoo.licenses missing articles in summary

Something seems inconsistent with that group. I can access e.g. the
following article posted today:

However, following the link in the article's Subject
will report "No such article".

Neither does the article show up in the summary of the group: