Arkadiusz Drabczyk | 22 Nov 20:13 2015

help-bash not receiving messages

Is there something wrong with help-bash known here as  Today I sent two identical messages to
this list via gmane but none has made it to the list.  I am subscribed
to help-bash.  I replied to an authorization e-mail from as


Arkadiusz Drabczyk <arkadiusz <at>>
Josef Frank | 20 Nov 12:38 2015

NNTP through different port than 119?

Would it be possible to provide NNTP access also through a different port
than 119, preferably port 80 (maybe through different hostname, like the
guys at eternal-september did:

Background: After change of firewall supplier requests to port 119 get
filtered out currently (to 563 as well; this will likely last for some weeks
until person in charge is available again to open up respective channels,
ports 80 and 443 were open by default).

Best wishes
Mark Geisert | 19 Nov 11:11 2015

"Followup" on web interface is broken

Others have posted about this issue.  In my case it's affecting 
gmane.os.cygwin so it may well be happening with many/all groups.  After 
clicking "Followup" in the frames-based reader the following appears in my 
Chrome browser address bar...

...and the text "No such file" appears as the only page content.
Ed Avis | 18 Nov 18:01 2015

'No such file' on followup

Thanks for getting the Gmane web interface up and running again.
However, the problem mentioned in
of 'no such file' appearing on followup is still there.  I would follow up
in that thread, but...


Ed Avis <eda <at>>
Oliver Graute | 18 Nov 09:08 2015

Can't load the gmane Website


since Monday I can't load the Website "" correctly. 
Errors are "No such Prefix " or "Couldn't contact ciao:8010 
The web interface is down for maintenance."

Best regards,

Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 6 Nov 17:08 2015

Gmane mailing lists moved

I moved gmane-test, gmane-announce and gmane-discuss to a new host.  I
copied over the subscription lists, so there shouldn't be much of a


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Johan | 5 Nov 23:54 2015

Action followup

When I use the web interface to either:

Action / followup

Or click on the reply button

I get "No such file"

I looked in the FAQ, didn't find anything relevant.

What am I doing wrong?
era | 2 Nov 13:25 2015

Gmane web interface not updating; sick?

I am  basically unable to use  the "traditional" Gmane web  interface. I
can  see  the subject  listing  in  the upper  pane,  but  the links  to do not seem to  work, or only work erratically. Direct
links to do  not seem  to work, or  are very  slow to
open, and/or only open with an error message, ultimately.

Somewhat  relatedly,  takes  a very  long time,  but
eventually does show the message I wanted to look at ... sometimes.

I see  this on  my OSX  laptop, in both  Firefox and  Safari, but  I can
repeat the same problems with curl on  Linux, so it appears that this is
definitely a server-side issue, and not related to CSS or JavaScript.

vnix$ time curl  | less

real 1m48.405s
user 0m0.012s
sys 0m0.000s

The output is a HTML template but no message. This particular example is
a spam message, so  that may be a factor here;  but the previous message
2070820 is not spam (I think) and has similar symptoms.

If this were my real .signature, it would suck much less.  Well, perhaps not.
Christoph Groth | 28 Oct 18:19 2015

Message visible in gmane, but does not appear in gmane list archive


The message [1] has been sent simultanously to the two mailing lists [2]
and [3].  While it is visible over NNTP in both groups, the gmane web
interface only shows it for [3].  It can be, however, found also in [2]
when searching for "1.1" for example.

Is this a bug in gmane?


James Sumners | 15 Oct 01:56 2015

ISSUE: gmane.linux.drivers.hostap sending to wrong address

The gmane.linux.drivers.hostap group is sending to the wrong email 
address. It is sending to "hostap <at>" when it should be sending 
to "hostap <at>".
Matthieu Rakotojaona | 29 Sep 21:48 2015

Out of date RSS feeds in Gwene


I've been using Gwene for some time now and realized that gwene.antirez
(linked to isn't updated (last post was 3 days
ago yet gwene.antirez says it was in 2012)

Is there something to do to update feeds that are not updated ?
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