Jeff King | 29 May 20:50 2014

web interface missing some posts?

The gmane.comp.version-control.git group is exhibiting some weird
behavior. According to the web interface, there were no messages posted
on the 21st-23 of this month (and only two on the 20th). Yet there were
many messages posted to the list then, and connecting to the NNTP
interface shows that gmane did receive these messages.

Here's an example.

The message with id <20140521102524.GA30301 <at>>,
posted May 21, can be accessed via NNTP at The permalink
found in the header lets me access it from the web:

But searching for it by message-id at: <at>

does not turn up a hit. Nor can I find it in the web interface at:


Both of those interfaces show no messages at all for a few days (the
20th-24th), contrary to what is available by NNTP.

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Joseph Mingrone | 28 May 20:30 2014

Re: Search down

Olly Betts <olly <at>> writes:
> Currently the search is down (returns "403 Forbidden").

I'm seeing

Contacting host:
nnheader-parse-nov: Invalid search bound (wrong side of point)

when I try to search Gmane groups from within Gnus with

Is this a Gmane issue or did I screw something up on my side?


Zube | 28 May 02:39 2014

rss not updating again

gmane.discuss rss last post is May 19.

Same for xfs and nfs.  :(

Jason Riedy | 27 May 14:47 2014

Web interface lagging?

It is just me, or is the web interface lagging substantially?
There are posts here (gmane.discuss) not appearing, posts in
julia-users not appearing, etc.
Richard Llom | 25 May 13:36 2014

Scilab Users out of sync

the scilab users list (users <at>, is not up to
date. There are no new posts on Gmane since December 2013 (but there are on 
the ML).

Please check it, Thanks.
leboucher christophe | 19 May 10:28 2014

Access denied


I am new to news, news reader and news servers. Unintentionally, I selected multiple groups to fetch articles from and it seems to have reached authorized limit. Sorry for noising. My apologize.

Would you please unblock domain name to which I belong: ""?                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Gmane-discuss mailing list
Gmane-discuss <at>
Matěj Cepl | 19 May 08:09 2014
Picon moved

When I posted to via Gmane, 
I’ve got a message

    This list is no longer in use (and you are not 
    a subscriber!)

    It has moved to gstreamer-devel <at> .


It would be probably nice to resubscribe the group.

Thank you,

Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 11 May 13:02 2014

Non-progress report

I still haven't swapped in the new SSDs.  There's no real reason for
this except me sucking.

The old RAID is overflowing, though, so I've had to start deleting some
older messages from a couple of huge groups.  These are on the mirror
disk, so they'll reappear once the RAID switcharoo is done.


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Dominic Surano | 5 May 22:26 2014

Gmane RSS Feeds Not Updating

None of my Gmane RSS feeds have updated since March. I'm certain it's not my 
newsreader because when I manually inspect the XML of the feeds, they don't 
include the updated entried. I tried emailing Lars twice but received no 
response. I believe it may be related to the downtime on March 29th:

There are a few other posts over the last month that mention this as well. Has 
anyone else encountered this issue?

Bjørn Mork | 6 May 09:10 2014

No updates to any gmane group since Sun, 04 May 2014 ~23:00 UTC?


gmane.linux.kernel has become completely silent, so I know something
must be wrong :-)

But it seems that most (all?) other groups are failing too? Have only
checked a few, but none of them seems to get any updates at the moment.
This includes other normally noisy lists like e.g.
gmane.comp.emulators.qemu, which is hosted by another list server so
it's not just a problem related to

You fix?  I've kind of got used to this excellent service.

david | 6 May 14:40 2014 not accepting connections

Is down?

My mail server has been trying to deliver mail to since yesterday but hasn't
been able to connect.

I'm not seeing my IP on the denied list at