thufir | 22 Dec 11:09 2013

no authorization

This group:

says that posting is allowed, and I'm subscribed to the underlying mailing 
list.  Posts through pan to gmane for this list silently fail.  I never 
receive an authorization notice nor fail message.

I've searched all through my e-mail for notices from gmane, nothing.

Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 14 Dec 16:56 2013

weaverd segfaulted

I woke up yesterday thinking "huh, weaverd must have been running
without a hitch for more than a year now.  Not bad for such a strange
beast written in C".  So naturally, it had segfaulted the day before.

I haven't yet quite determine what's doing it, but it's quite
reproducible.  If it adds another message to the largest group
gmane.linux.ubuntu.bugs.general (which has 4036683 articles -- a
tantalisingly almost round number) it scribbles over lots of data and
weaverd dies.

So I've just disabled adding new articles to that group and started it
up again.  It should be current within a few hours.


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Yasushi SHOJI | 9 Dec 11:43 2013

Access Denied: (20131126)

Hi there,

It seems like I've messed up.  I accidentally hit 'sync all' key on a
group and let my news reader fetch for a whole night.  I apologize.

Would you kindly unblock the following address from the blacklist? (20131126)

BTW, is downloading from one group with 20k message qualified to be
"really-excessive-download"?  I'm sure I wasn't accessing multiple


karnath | 9 Dec 07:39 2013

Is gwene feeds adding functioning?


It seems that lately I'm unable to add any feeds via
page: it claims that feed is added, but it is not appearing in gwene ,
even according to .

Christoph Groth | 26 Nov 11:38 2013

messages do not appear on Gmane (but do appear in Gmane's RSS feed!)


A few recent postings on, have not yet
appeared on Gmane even after one day (They DO appear in Gmane's RSS feed
for that list!).  I've just checked that gcskd-kwant-discuss <at>
is still subscribed.  The messages in question can be seen in the
archive of the mailing list at (The most
recent thread, Subject: Possible system)

I'm the administrator of this list.  Is it possible to disable email
address encryption for it?  What can I do to request this?

Many thanks for running Gmane,
Anonymous Remailer (austria | 23 Nov 15:50 2013

the "List-Post:" header is clobbered by gmane, sometimes

The "List-Post:" header used to be a reliable way to get the posting
address for a list.  Now some lists show an (apparently unusuable)
header that looks like:

  List-Post: <mailto:listname@...>

I think this is a new bug, because those (apparently unusable)
addresses are popping up on lists that previously had a correct

Does that address work for those who subscribe through gmane?  If so,
it's pointless because gmane subscribers are going to use nntp to post
anyway, no?

Why not add a separate header while preserving the original,
considering it creates an extreme inconvenience for those who use
gmane strictly for reading while posting directly.
Steinar Bang | 22 Nov 15:02 2013

Problems entering gmane groups with git gnus

Recently I've gotten error messages like this, when trying to enter gmane
groups with more than a few unread articles:
 Opening nntp server on
 gnutls.c: [0] (Emacs) fatal error: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated. [2 times]
 apply: Server closed connection

I can sometimes enter the group a few more articles at a time, ie. when
positioned over the group in the Group buffer:
 C-u 10 RET
 C-u 20 RET

Presumably it then caches the NOV data locally and only asks for a few
more articles, and then it manages to complete before the connection is
closed...? But this is just a guess.

I don't know if this is a Gnus issue or if it is a Gmane issue. I'm
using git gnus (on windows 7 and emacs 24) last updated on august 30,
and I will try updating Gnus (but I won't do the update until after the
Rusty Russell | 7 Nov 02:03 2013

Archiving an unsubscribable but public list?

Hi all,

   I'm chair of the OASIS virtio committee, and people really like gmane. 
Our main list is public (archived by markmail already) but only ctte members
can subscribe (weird, I know).  I'm happy to hack up a .forward to gmane, if
that could be made to work.

Sorry for the hassle,
Leandro Lucarella | 4 Nov 16:55 2013

Archives for gmane.comp.version-control.git.git-hub doesn't appear

Hi, I added this mailing list not very long ago (maybe a month), and
even when the activity is shown in the home page, when you go to see the
archives (either the frames or blog interface), it says there is nothing
to see. Any ideas of what could be going on?



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Sandeep Bhosale | 18 Oct 11:17 2013

Issues accessing RC Codes

Hi all,

I have my framework defined in STAF/STAX. I am using the STAF/STAX to run
the fitness test cases in parallel. In the fitness test case I am using the
SEND message method to send the test case result back to STAF. And depending
on RC I am marking the test case PASS/FAIL in QC and changing he defect
status in ETRACK. 

Here I have written below functions. Here I am able to run the test cases on
remote machine. I have used process element to run test cases on remote
machine. But the issue is when the test case is PASS/FAIL i am getting the
RC two times. One is if the test case is launched on remote machine then I
am getting RC code as 0 and second is from my test case I am sending the
message PASS/FAIL. Now the issue is when the test case is failed I am
getting the RC code is 0(coz the test case is launched successfully.) and
then 1 (From the the test case result where  I have used to send the Fail
message to the STAF).

Here I want the RC code which is returned from my test case(PASS/FAIL). How
can I suppress the process element RC code and get the actual test case
code. My functions are written as below (Fitnesse is my function name)

  <if expr="TestComponent == 'Fitnesse'">
            <!--pname2 = '"SecurityTemplates?suite"'-->
              jarName = 'C:\\\Fitnesse\\fitnesse-standalone.jar'
              cmd = 'java'
              param1 = ' -jar '
              pname1 = " -c "
(Continue reading)

Jonathan McCrohan | 10 Oct 00:57 2013



The ILUG server has recently died, and as a result, the mailing list has moved
from Mailman to Google Groups.

Although the mailing list address (ilug <at> remains the same, Mailman
subscribers were not automatically resubscribed to the Google Groups mailing

Is it possible to update gmane.user-groups.linux.ilug.general to point to the
new mailing list?