era eriksson | 29 Jul 06:59 2015

Please remove from blacklist

(This is the third time I attempt to post this, now via NNTP rather than
the web interface.  There seems to be a problem with the web interface,
too.  I'll post separately if this goes through.)

I seem to have tripped the blacklisting threshold.  Could you please
remove from the blacklist?  Thanks.

I have a regular nightly job which has worked fine for many years.  I
have been slowly adding groups to it; the current count is 104.

The day before yesterday, I ran a manual job with a custom configuration
file, which ended up attempting to fetch all articles from a large group
before I cancelled it.  Subsequently, fetching the 1,000 latest articles
from the half-dozen groups I selected for that job worked fine, but now,
as of a couple of nights back, I get "480 Read access denied" when
trying to enter a group, and "Authorization required" in the slrnpull
log file.

Indeed, the block page shows a block notice
for this IP address.  Going back over statistics, I see two connections
per night (one to expire, the other to fetch) in the top-25 for many
days, but never really in the top tier.

(I have previously offered to compensate Gmane for the bandwidth via a
sponsorship arrangement with my employer, but Lars was not interested at
the time.  Perhaps this should be discussed again?)

The nightly job is now back to its regular configuration file.  My
apologies for the clumsy manual job I did.

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Octoploid | 30 Jun 16:18 2015

Please change gmane.comp.lib.glibc.bugs mail address to glibc-bugs <at>


gmane.comp.lib.glibc.bugs only contains spam and is subscribed to
the now obsolete mail address bug-glibc <at>

The correct currently active address is glibc-bugs <at>
Please update.

Thanks in advance.
era | 25 Jun 09:13 2015

Tekishub recruiting spam

This recruiting entity has been spamming a couple of groups with Java job 
openings even though the jobs typically do not have anything with the 
group's discussion topic to do, other than both being computer-related (or 
on a good day Java-related). is a 
moderator stepping in to remind people about the group's charter but the 
spam continued unabated.  (The oldest spam I found in this group was from 
last October.)

They seem to rotate senders, possibly even for innocent reasons, but that 
makes it hard to block them from individual mailing lists. is what I used to hunt down these and 
report them as spam.  (It doesn't catch all of them, because "tekishub" is 
not included in all messages.)  Going forward, perhaps it would be useful 
to implement a filter of some sort -- the messages are fairly formulaic, 
and should not be hard to detect (though of course if they do this in bad 
faith, they will quickly modify the template to evade detection). has attracted a lot of other recruiter spam 
as well -- I guess the group name is unfortunate (perhaps enough to kill 
the group -- I see no recent activity).


If this were my real .signature, it would suck less.  Well, perhaps not.
Duncan | 22 Jun 17:29 2015

gmane.comp.file-systems.btrfs needs unstuck

gmane.comp.file-systems.btrfs needs unstuck.

The last message I got on the news interface was Friday (19th).  I double-
checked the web interface and it seems to have the same last-message, so 
it doesn't appear to be a problem with my news client.

But the official web archive archive (as linked from gmane)... <at>

... has articles up thru today, Monday (22nd).

FWIW, the last article is part of a thread cross-posted to 
gmane.comp.file-systems.fstests.  The archived-at header gives the fstests 
link, but filling in the btrfs link by hand works:

This 45977 is also the xover highwater, that being how I originally 
confirmed it as the last message on gmane.

It's not all groups/lists, however, as the others seem to be still 
getting messages.


Duncan - List replies preferred.   No HTML msgs.
"Every nonfree program has a lord, a master --
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Ed Avis | 22 Jun 16:17 2015


Hi, the ack-users mailing list is at!forum/ack-users

The Gmane group hasn't
picked up any articles for a few years and may need resubscribing.

It should also be marked as non-public, I think, since the group rejects
messages from those who are not members.


Ed Avis <eda <at>>
Alvaro del Castillo | 19 Jun 17:37 2015

Xapian search results in XML/JSON format?

Hi guys,

I would like to process the search results from Xapian in order to add Gmane 
as a data source for our scout [0] platform. 

Is it possible to get the results in XML/JSON format so we don't need to do 
HTML scrapping?

Right now we support github, stackoverflow, gmane and reddit.

A prototype working is at:

All the platform is Open Source.

Thanks you very much

Anonymous | 17 Jun 22:55 2015

gnus error: Invalid read syntax: ". in wrong context"

Suddenly I can no longer read using
gnus.  It has been working for years, but now emacs fails with:

  Retrieving newsgroup:
  Fetching headers for
  byte-code: Invalid read syntax: ". in wrong context"

It could be a gnus problem, or a corrupt gmane archive.  Anyone else
having problems with that group?

The historical posts for this group are useless, so theoretically I
could just destroy the group and resubscribe, but then gnus would
automatically try to redownload the whole thing.  Maybe I can mitigate
Popa Adrian Marius | 8 Jun 09:59 2015

Xapian indexer stopped ?

If i do a search for firebird related articles i see that newest article is 
from 26-05-2014

There are many more articles published on the list from that time
Emanuel Berg | 8 Jun 00:48 2015

"generic" groups, and the gnu.emacs.gnus etc., again


Gmane is a superior tool: stunning, a wonder to behold
actually (and I'm not just saying that :)) - getting
to the user and devel list of every single piece of
software you'd ever suddenly wanted to explore, and
all this instantly so.

While that works great, what about the groups that are
wider in scope (but still specialized), e.g.:


Any plans to incorporate those? Now I get them from

If they were under the Gmane umbrella perhaps that
would attract more/better traffic, as well!


I have several groups that I actually do
believe is in Gmane, e.g.:
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Shahrukh | 5 Jun 15:19 2015

Gmane indexes are inconsistent/missing articles

This is for an existing group (i.e., not one recently imported and hence
needing rethreading, for example).

Easiest to demonstrate with an example. I noticed a post I had made to the
Tango-L list did not show up on the archive (but posts before and
after did), so on further investigation I found the following:

1. The post WAS received and stored by gmane on 31 May 2015 at this location:
The tile is:
   ADMIN: Full Tango-A archives now available!

2. In the blog view at:
this article does NOT show up at all, although a response to it with subject:
   Re: ADMIN: Full Tango-A archives now available!
DOES show up!

3. In the threads view at: the entire thread
is missing (neither the original article nor the follow-up is present). But
there *is* a thread for it at:
which happens to be different list (tango-a) since the message was
cross-posted to both lists.

I don't know if this is related to the cross-posting, but although the
article itself appears on both the tango-a and tango-l groups:
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Srinivasan S | 5 Jun 09:07 2015

alsa jack plugin

Dear Gmane community,

Am trying to use alsa jack plugin

I have few queries w.r.t alsa jack plugin, could you please help in routing it to the respective link where I can post my queries w.r.t audio alsa jack plugin

Srinivasan S
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