Skip Montanaro | 27 Jan 17:07 2016

Read-only list with ready-made archives?

I'm trying to find a new home for the archives of a now defunct list. It was 
originally supported by a custom archiver, which made it invisible to search 
engine crawlers (it supported its own search page). At some point in the not-
to-distant past (2010? 2011?) the list was replaced with a Google Group, but 
the archives were never moved.

Now the original maintainer is going to shut down the old list's archives, and 
I'm trying to find a new home for the archives. I looked at Google Groups, but 
was unable to figure out the programmatic authentication scheme. The guy doing 
the shutting down suggested Gmane might be another option (don't know why I 
didn't think of that myself.)

So... If I was to collect the archives of this defunct list into a series of 
Unix mbox files (say, one per month over the roughly ten-year run of the list), 
is there a way to create a read-only list on Gmane pre-populated with those 
messages? Read-only is key, as I don't want to have to manage unwanted posts to 
the list, just put the archives somewhere that search engine crawlers can find 


Skip Montanaro
bishnu | 21 Jan 15:47 2016

issue with table-omit-initial-header


How can i achieve <fo:table rx:table-omit-initial-header="true">
 functionality of renderx in apache fop.
As i do not want to use renderx functionality.

Andreas Hilboll | 28 Dec 23:48 2015

#gmane.linux.distributions.tails.announce not updating


I noticed that #gmane.linux.distributions.tails.announce not updating, which 
points to amnesia-news <at>, doesn't get updated since last summer.

Any help would be appreciated.

Gioele Barabucci | 23 Dec 13:25 2015

No updates since 2011 for gmane.editors.oxygen.user?


the gmane archive of the mailing list for the oXygen XML editor [1] is
stuck at 2011.

The mailing list is still active as it can be seen in the official
archives [2] and in the mirror at [3]. It looks like
the address did not change, nor the mailing list software or the URLs.

Maybe the gmane mirror got somehow deactivated? Could it be reactivated?


[3] <at>

Gioele Barabucci <gioele <at>>
Nigel Jones | 21 Dec 13:04 2015


I submitted a request for this group a week or two back which has now 
been actioned - Thanks :-)

Since the nifi lists also had "user" and "commits" (like many apache 
lists) this time I just added a request in the comments that they be 
added to, though I don't see them yet

Do I need to re-submit individual requests for these 2 other groups?

Many thanks
Gioele Barabucci | 5 Dec 18:21 2015

Truncated patch attachment on gmane


the patch attached to
<> is truncated on

You can see the patch in its entirety at
< <at>>.

I wonder if this just a single glitch or a more widespread problem.


Gioele Barabucci
era | 26 Nov 07:05 2015

The future of Gmane


With the repeated hardware and configuration breakage over the last
few months, and the even longer than usual hiatus periods between your
visits here, it is beginning to fell like Gmane is somehow not in the
right hands.

Quite frankly, I cannot shake off the feeling that Gmane is headed for
destruction the way things are now.  That would be a pity, because I
think it's a magnificent resource.  Some parts of the functionality is
duplicated elsewhere, but as a whole, it is a system of considerable
utility and brilliance.  There is a community of volunteers -- yes, a
small one, but still -- who would be happy to take over some of the
burden of maintenance if you could only spend a bit of time to support
us properly.

Not sure where to go with this.  I'll just mention for the record that
I managed to get my employer to commit to paying for the bandwidth I
use (disguised as a "monthly donation", only to have the offer turned
down by you.  I don't know -- I'm thinking if we could get paid
support for some of the routine stuff with that money, that would help
you focus on the things which matter to you.

Would you be open for discussing changes in the Gmane ownership or
administration arrangements?  What are your plans for the site and for
your personal involvement, and your intentions for the governance of
the existing infrastructure?

No matter where Gmane is going, you have put in an enormous amount of
work, ideas, and dedication -- thanks for taking it this far!  But
(Continue reading)

era | 26 Nov 06:58 2015

Bug tracker for Gmane?

Lars, as you have been relatively active on Github recently, how would
you feel about using the Github issue tracker for Gmane problems?

Since you are hard to reach, and there are some problems only you can
fix, it would at least help create an illusion that somebody still
cares about keeping Gmane up and running; and hopefully would also
reduce the amount of "me too" and "lost the ball" issues here in


If this were my real .signature, it would suck less.  Well, maybe not.
Arkadiusz Drabczyk | 22 Nov 20:13 2015

help-bash not receiving messages

Is there something wrong with help-bash known here as  Today I sent two identical messages to
this list via gmane but none has made it to the list.  I am subscribed
to help-bash.  I replied to an authorization e-mail from as


Arkadiusz Drabczyk <arkadiusz <at>>
Josef Frank | 20 Nov 12:38 2015

NNTP through different port than 119?

Would it be possible to provide NNTP access also through a different port
than 119, preferably port 80 (maybe through different hostname, like the
guys at eternal-september did:

Background: After change of firewall supplier requests to port 119 get
filtered out currently (to 563 as well; this will likely last for some weeks
until person in charge is available again to open up respective channels,
ports 80 and 443 were open by default).

Best wishes
Mark Geisert | 19 Nov 11:11 2015

"Followup" on web interface is broken

Others have posted about this issue.  In my case it's affecting 
gmane.os.cygwin so it may well be happening with many/all groups.  After 
clicking "Followup" in the frames-based reader the following appears in my 
Chrome browser address bar...

...and the text "No such file" appears as the only page content.