Olly Betts | 22 Feb 23:25 2014

"weft didn't produce an output."

This seems to be happening on a few articles recently, all of which
seem to be older ones (or perhaps I've just been looking at older
articles more).

For example:


It's not just confined to this group though, it's just I was looking
there when I thought I really should report this.

Looking in the NFS mounted spool for these two on plane, they look OK.
Appending /raw works too.

Lars Ingebrigtsen | 22 Feb 11:23 2014

Progress on the new SSDs for the Gmane spool

On dar blogz:



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Gist User | 21 Feb 22:52 2014

Issue with pgp signed mails?

I just posted the following message:


The body of the message ("this is a test...") appears duplicated on the
web interface. However in the raw message:


this duplication doesn't exist. The message also looks fine in
gnus. What could be the reason of the duplicated text in the first url?


Key fingerprint = 8499 1410 7A57 1083 CB45  C073 212E 4A7A 664E 1D03
Gmane-discuss mailing list
Gmane-discuss <at> hawk.netfonds.no
Vikas Bhargava | 14 Feb 05:41 2014

Removal from Denied List


By mistake I setup slrn news readerto download all articles on
gmane.linux.redhat.fedora.devel mailing list.

Unfortunately, this caused me to be put on the denied list.

I would be very grateful if you could remove my IP
pool-72-82-158-226.cmdnnj.fios.verizon.net ( from the list.

I apologize for the mistake.

Thank you,

Vikas Bhargava
Leonardo Brondani Schenkel | 13 Feb 08:12 2014

Remove block: cph1.tradeshift.com (20140212)


I used Thunderbird to connect to news.gmane.org via NNTP but by mistake 
I left the check box that limits fetching a maximum of 500 messages 
unchecked; when I opened a list with a lot of messages this caused an 
instant block of my IP.

Could you kindly remove the following IP from the block list? 
cph1.tradeshift.com (

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you,
// Leonardo.
Stephen Kelly | 11 Feb 17:08 2014

Messages to boost devel not getting through


When I attempt to post to 


through the web interface, the message does not get to the mailing list. I 
get a message from gmane verifying that I exist. There is a similar case for 


However, the boost list does not use google groups, afaics.

Any comment?


Keshav Kini | 5 Feb 18:31 2014

thread.gmane.org UI issue


I seem to recall the thread view looking a bit different than it does
now.  In particular, currently, clicking a message subject in the top
frame just loads the corresponding page from article.gmane.org in the
lower frame.  Is this behavior intentional?  Didn't we use to see a
special "message body" view in that frame, which didn't contain stuff
like the sidebar and the sideways GMANE logo, and perhaps did contain
stuff like an actions drop-down box which is now gone?

Also I would like to point out that with the current state of affairs
the user can actually start recursing into the layout -- load something
on thread.gmane.org, click "Reading" in the sidebar inside the message
frame, select gmane.announce, click "using frames and threads", and now
you have the thread.gmane.org interface inside the message pane inside a
larger version of the thread.gmane.org interface.  This is obviously bad
from a UI perspective.

Aleksey Abramov | 4 Feb 19:54 2014

480 Read access denied


I'm not sure how got denied, but could someone remove broadband-95-84-129-
236.nationalcablenetworks.ru (20140129) from http://gmane.org/denied.php
Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 8 Jan 14:34 2014

deer is dying

The machine that hosts comments.gmane.org (etc) is very wobbly indeed.
It's spontaneously rebooting a few times now, so I'm going to replace it
with a new server.


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Steinar Bang | 24 Dec 08:15 2013

gmane.org front page text

Here's the text currently on http://gmane.org :

Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to ciao:8010 (Connection timed out) in
/home/httpd/gmane/php/lib.php on line 18
 Couldn't contact ciao:8010 
The web interface is down for maintenance.

I'm guessing Lars has left for Christmas vacation...?