Fredrik Jonson | 2 Apr 09:36 2015

gmane.culture.people.interesting-people not subscribed anymore?


The group gmane.culture.people.interesting-people hasn't received a list
message since 2007, has gmane perhaps been unsubscribed?

The list seems alive and well:


Fredrik Jonson
Steinar Bang | 30 Mar 12:20 2015

Problems on the front page

On the front page right now, this text is shown:

Warning: require(/home/httpd/data/total.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream:
Permission denied in /home/httpd/gmane/html/index.php on line 5

Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/httpd/data/total.php'
(include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /home/httpd/gmane/html/index.php on line 5
thufir | 24 Mar 03:34 2015

jitsi versus sip communicator

Is this group "not valid"?

the old mailing list is

does jitsi not want their mailing list archived on gmane?

-Thufir | 22 Mar 15:49 2015

Made in Italy

Che cos'è?

Il calore che arreda

Immagina di vivere in un ambiente confortevole e pulito, dove la forma degli oggetti è in armonia con lo spazio ed il calore ti avvolge senza inquinare l’ambiente. Nasce BioRed, il pannello in vetro a radiazione infrarossa alimentato elettricamente, dalle forme eleganti e superfici a specchio.

Se hai un impianto fotovoltaico ELIMINI la bolletta del gas, con un impianto tradizionale hai un risparmio del 30%. Inoltre, installando gli opportuni sistemi di controllo, è possibile gestire elettronicamente i pannelli, ottimizzando il comfort ed i consumi del locale.

Economico all’acquisto
Con BioRed “Pannelli Radianti a Raggi Infrarossi” si risparmia fino al 50% rispetto ai sistemi di riscaldamento tradizionali. Sono assemblati con i migliori componenti ottenendo un riscaldatore a infrarossi con                                durata illimitata.


Facile da installare
I BioRed “Pannelli Radianti a Raggi Infrarossi” non richiedono tubazioni, una presa di corrente è sufficiente. L’installazione avviene con viti alla parete, soffitto o con con l’ausilio di BioStand mobile “supporti da                                  pavimento” opzionali.  



Comodo da usare
In combinazione con termostato ambiente opzionale, BioRed “Pannelli Radianti a Raggi Infrarossi” fornisce il calore ideale in base alle vostre esigenze. Anche in una stanza singola si possono generare diverse zone                            di comfort termico.


Economia di esercizio
BioRed “Pannelli Radianti a Raggi Infrarossi” permette di convertire il 100% dell’energia consumata in un piacevole calore. Riscaldano rapidamente e con precisione–senza costi di assistenza e manutenzione.  


Essenziale per un clima interno confortevole e caldo 
BioRed “Pannelli Radianti a Raggi Infrarossi” genera aria priva di polvere e batteri, impedendo la sgradevole sensazione di aria secca creata dal riscaldamento a convezione. Le pareti riscaldate rimangono                            prive di muffe e il pannello opera in modo completamente silenzioso.


BioRed “Pannelli Radianti a Raggi Infrarossi” rispetta l’ambiente. Il pannello radiante ad infrarossi BioRed in combinazione con sistemi di energie alternative “vedi fotovoltaico” sono un contributo ideale per     proteggere le risorse e l’ambiente. 



Se non vuole più ricevere questa newsletter può cancellarsi cliccando qui


IdeaBio srl Tel.: 0733.962164 | Fax: 1782725187 | Email: info <at>

Gmane-discuss mailing list
Gmane-discuss <at>
Thufir | 9 Mar 17:51 2015


pardon, I can't recall, did I ask to to subscribe users <at> ?

I just don't recall.

Raphael Kubo da Costa | 4 Mar 23:49 2015

gmane.comp.lib.qt.announce has changed address

gmane.comp.lib.qt.announce currently points to
announce <at>, and the latest archived post is from

The list is currently at announce <at>
SciFi | 2 Mar 12:27 2015

Seems gmane.comp.encryption.openssl.cvs is missing posts for several weeks.


I've noticed that gmane.comp.encryption.openssl.cvs is missing posts for several weeks.
It might need to orient to their new address and/or be resubscribed.


I have contacted their main person for the list and received an 'ok':
> Anyone is free to archive and host the public openssl mailing lists.  
> If gmane needs approval or coordination, have them contact rsalz <at>

I hope the new feed can be repo'd in to get a good completion overall, please?

The other gmane.comp.encryption.openssl.* groups seem to be already changed and continue to be fine.

Thank you muchly.

Duncan | 21 Feb 22:38 2015

gmane.linux.gentoo.* lists address change

I just got the following email bounce, to a message sent to a gentoo list 
via gmane.  Please change the posting address accordingly:


A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

  gentoo-portage-dev <at>
    SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<gentoo-portage-
dev <at>>:
    host []: 554 5.7.1 <gentoo-portage-
dev <at>>:
    Recipient address rejected: 550 The Gentoo Mailing Lists are no 
longer reachable via  <at> addresses. Please resend your message to 
<list-address> <at>


That one was for the gentoo-portage-dev list 
(gmane.linux.gentoo.portage.devel), and I got another (for a different 
message) for the gentoo-dev list (gmane.linux.gentoo.devel), so I guess 
they all need changed.

TIA. =:^)


Duncan - List replies preferred.   No HTML msgs.
"Every nonfree program has a lord, a master --
and if you use the program, he is your master."  Richard Stallman
era | 19 Feb 07:00 2015

Spam false positives, SpamAssassin too eager?

I don't often come across spam false positives, but last night, there was a
bunch of them.

Looks like there are two independent SpamAssassin problems -- one which
pretty much prevents any discussions involving refinancing, and another
which triggered on a weirdo IP address.

I have marked these as unspam but am following up here as well as it is
unusual to see many false positives in a row.
  From:    "brett lentz wakko666 <at>
[18xx]" <18xx <at>>
  Subject: Re: 1862 refinancing query
<CALTMC5raD-zm6Es8KJbUTbOnGJBNHZ1WT8faC-e6_vzPHjSw0g <at>>
 <CAMXZ7PSRnnOmgyBQFd32ws094KPe-eiBztBmysG0rogEkhhr=A <at>>
  X-Spam-Report: 5.4 points;
   *  2.7 FB_RE_FI BODY: Looks like refi.
   *  2.7 FRT_REFINANCE1 BODY: ReplaceTags: Refinance (1)
   *  0.0 HTML_MESSAGE BODY: HTML included in message
  From:    "PnSWork <at> [18xx]"
<18xx <at>>
  Subject: Re: 1862 refinancing query
<CAMXZ7PQSozYkv7Q50qM=CrvpKF0VdoTc=nyVJs-8TTuqJks+Ww <at>>
  X-Spam-Report: 5.4 points;
   *  2.7 FB_RE_FI BODY: Looks like refi.
   *  2.7 FRT_REFINANCE1 BODY: ReplaceTags: Refinance (1)
   *  0.0 HTML_MESSAGE BODY: HTML included in message

(Some really ugly HTML/CSS bleeding through there, so looks somewhat like
spam, yes.)
  From:    Klaus Ethgen <Klaus+lkml <at>>
  Subject: Re: [KERNEL] Re: [KERNEL] Regression bug in drm/i915, Wrong
   assumption in commit e11aa36  breaks suspend on at least lenovo x61
  Newsgroups: gmane.linux.kernel,gmane.spam.detected
  References: <1424276692.27236.1.camel <at>>
  X-Spam-Report: 5.4 points;
   *  3.2 RCVD_ILLEGAL_IP Received: contains illegal IP address
   *  2.2 FAKE_REPLY_C FAKE_REPLY_C triggers on
reserved IP addresses in the Received: headers. triggers when there
is Re: but no References: but that is clearly not the case here.

I'm guessing the SpamAssassin header parser somehow got out of whack here.
Matěj Cepl | 2 Feb 07:00 2015

broken search?*&sort=relevance&DEFAULTOP=and&query=

ends with 

Warning: virtual() [function.virtual]: Unable to include

- request execution failed in /home/xapian/html/index.php on 
line 102


Yuri D'Elia | 27 Jan 15:18 2015

A mailing-list service for gmane

Hi everyone,

I'm an avid fan of gmane.

More often than not, I stumble on a random mailing list service that
breaks gmane in a way or another.

Whenever I'm discussing with a group of people about setting up a list,
I sometimes have the ability to suggest a free service. All I really
care in the end is that it works correctly with gmane, so I'm asking:

Is there a "recommended" list of free mailing list services that works
correctly with gmane that I could suggest, that doesn't require an
associated "project" like sourceforge?

I know google groups works more or less OK, but their web interface is
horrid to say the least, and I had several issues with their
undebuggable spam handling marking regular subscribers as junk.

But why don't we cut the middle man entirely?
Couldn't gmane itself host the list, *requiring* a valid group name as
part of the registration process?

I was really thinking of setting up such a free service myself, using an
existing minimalist list manager such as a patched mlmmj and ensuring
the list also gets a group name in the hierarchy.

Nothing fancy really, since gmane has basically everything else already.
I could even start the service myself if there was enough interest.