Buddy Butterfly | 4 Aug 18:40 2014

Upate of email domain for group news://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.voip.jitsi.devel


obviously Jitsi changed its mailing list address from
dev <at> jitsi.java.net to dev <at> jitsi.org. So I am not able to
post anymore to the group. Could this be changed?

Thanks and cheers,
krzysztof.zelechowski | 27 Jul 22:15 2014

request execution failed in /home/xapian/html/index.php on line 113

happens when you search for an empty string in any group: <URL: 
http://search.gmane.org/?query=&group=gmane.discuss > 
Greg Minshall | 16 Jul 05:46 2014

blocked (sorry!)

hi.  i find my IP address ( to feature highly on the list
of blocked IP addresses.

herewith a request to be unblocked.

and, also, a request to see if anyone knows how to achieve what i was
trying to achieve (which partially was motivated by wanting to *off*
load news.gmane.org! :).

first, "usage" background: i run gnus in emacs for 20-30 groups.  i tend
to keep everything "unread", and, really, use it to answer questions as
they pop up during work.  i.e., i'll go to gnus, say "g" (to update the
information on groups), enter some appropriate group, and search the
headers for some key word/phrase.  then, i'll "Q" out of gnus, so the
state of the group remains unchanged (it discards information about read
messages, etc.).  i could do this from the web, but really prefer the
emacs/gnus interface for navigating.

but, i noticed (or, "it appeared that", given the startup time) that
every time i entered a group, all the headers were being downloaded from
gmane.  so, i enabled the agent, messed around with it, probably tried
to download every message ever generated in gmane.emacs.orgmode (and
that, probably, several times, sigh), and was blocked.

here's what i'm looking for: somehow configure gnus to download *only*
the headers (so, if i understand, it will build its
gmane/group/path.overview file, which is a "NOV" file), but never
*automatically* download any article.  however, when i press "enter" to
actually *read* an article, download it, and enter the article *also*
into the cache.  so, in the future, that article will be served up
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Alan Schmitt | 11 Jul 13:07 2014

"Not a valid feed"


As I'm converting my feeds to use with gwene, I'm seeing several errors
that tell me "Not a valid feed" when trying to add it.

Here are two such feeds:
- https://www.schneier.com/blog/atom.xml (the one currently registered
for this site has not been updated since late may it seems)
- http://gaslampgames.com/feed/

Are they problematic?




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