Julien Cubizolles | 20 Apr 09:12 2016

nntp server out of sync with web interface for gmane.emacs.emms.user

A post I made on gmane.emacs.emms.user yesterday still hasn't showed up
when I access gmane through nntp even though it's at

The post is "Sample configuration for mpd+emms" by Julien Cubizolles.
Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 9 Apr 15:46 2016

Firewall work

I'm reinstalling some firewalls in front of (among other things) the
Gmane network today, so expect some outages.


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Saša Janiška | 1 Apr 12:05 2016

moderated mailing lists and banning users


before subscribing one mailing list available at Googlegroups, their
admin are interested in two things:

a) how it goes with Gmane subscription of the Googlegroup which has
policy to moderate first posts of newcomers?

b) is it possible to prevent posting (via Gmane) of user which is banned
from the mailing list?



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Gmane-discuss <at> hawk.netfonds.no
Arindam Bhattacharyya | 29 Mar 15:09 2016

LinAlgError in numpy but not in scipy

Dear sir/madam,

In a python code I was updating my covariance matrix as follows

Covariance_matrix = (1-ff) * covariance_matrix + ff * (p * p.T)

p is present data vector (normalized with updated mean & variance)

ff is forgetting factor

[mean & variance are being updated using

mean = (1-ff) * mean + ff * y
variance = (1-ff) * variance + ff * (y-mean)^2

where y is the present input value]

From the updated covariance matrix using the numpy function 'numpy.linalg.eigh'  eigenvalues and eigenvectors were obtained.

If only some criteria is matched then only those updated mean, variance & covariance matrix will be used for next iteration.

I was checking the results for different forgetting factors (0.001 to 0.01). But when it was 0.008 to 0.009 (not before or after the interval for that data) the following error message I was getting

"  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/numpy/linalg/linalg.py", line 1246, in eigh
    w, vt = gufunc(a, signature=signature, extobj=extobj)

  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/numpy/linalg/linalg.py", line 96, in _raise_linalgerror_eigenvalues_nonconvergence
    raise LinAlgError("Eigenvalues did not converge"

But the same code when run using scipy.linalg.eigh there was no error.
I want to inform you regarding this issue.

And also I want to know what different approach has been taken by scipy so that the problem does not appear there.

If you need any extra information kindly let me know.

I am working on :
scipy version '0.15.0'
numpy version '1.10.4'
Python version '2.7.6'
Linux ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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John Geoffrey | 10 Mar 00:49 2016


Hmm. I am wondering. This channel seems to be mostly for discussions 
about gmane itself. Would it make sense to make a separate talk channel 
for gmane users?
Might be a stupid idea.
Bo Berglund | 5 Mar 12:20 2016

Wrong target for posting to gmane.comp.hardware.gps.gpsd.user

I tried to post to the ng gmane.comp.hardware.gps.gpsd.user and after
gmane authentication I received an email delivery error message.
Inside it stated:

"This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es)

  gpsd-users <at> lists.berlios.de
    Unrouteable address"

That is not to be unexpected given that the domain berlios.de seems to
have been closed.
The list itself is now hosted instead on a different server as can be
seen here:

I have checked and every single recent message on the gmane ng is
actually coming from nonguru.org.

Please change the posting address from the above nonworking address to
the correct one:

gpsd-users <at> nongnu.org

Then it will be possible to post to that list from GMANE.


Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden
britt | 29 Feb 16:19 2016

A feed with this internal id error

biorxiv.org is a scientific pre-print server for the biological
sciences. It has several topic related feeds. One of these, the genomic
one, has already been added to gwene.org. Because of this when I try to
add a different one, such as,
I get the "internal id error". I don't really understand this error to
know what I should ask the owners of these lists to change. Would
someone please educate/inform me? Thank you.
Ashay Maheshwari | 22 Feb 13:13 2016

How to set up gmane

Hello Friends,

This is really a silly question, but reading a documentation , I cant even 
get how to set up GMANE.

By the way, I have a email group and I want to archive that email group and 
make it searchable.

With all the content I read, I am left helpless.

Can someone help m set up a GMANE machine(server/client).

Please its urgent and waiting for a repose.

Ashay Maheshwari
Ed Avis | 16 Feb 15:33 2016

Tweak to <at> antispam disguise

Gmane replaces the at sign with <at>.  In programming language discussions
this can get awkward.  Could the replacement be tweaked to only match
the regular expression

    [A-Za-z0-9_-.]+ <at> [A-Za-z0-9_-.]+

and replace in that only?  Then email addresses would be escaped but most
computer programs would escape unmangled.

(Although there are regexps for matching a full RFC822 address, that is not
necessary in this case.)


Ed Avis <eda <at> waniasset.com>
Torsten Bronger | 30 Jan 17:33 2016

What does denied=admin mean?


I'M cunfused about a group that stopped getting new messages after
January 5th.  Then, I looked into the Gmane configuration and saw
the "denied=admin".  What does this line mean?  And, if this is the
cause for the disruption, why did it happen on January 5th, which
was 8 months after this line had been added?



Torsten Bronger    Jabber ID: torsten.bronger <at> jabber.rwth-aachen.de
Mihai Moldovan | 29 Jan 16:26 2016

gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.scm et al do not update, original archives out of date or missing

Dear Gmane Admins

I request your help with a few problems.

Please (re)subscribe the following lists:
  - gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.scm
  - gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.i18n
  - gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.tags

For these, I cannot see Gmane or Gmane's mail-archive.com in the membership list.

Further, the "Original List Archive" links of some lists still point to the old,
now unavailable berlios URL. Please change the URL to
http://lists.x2go.org/pipermail/$LIST_NAME for these lists:
  - gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.announce
  - gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.devel
  - gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.i18n
  - gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.scm
  - gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.tags
  - gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.user

Additionally, other lists are missing the "Original List Archive" link
completely. Please add http://lists.x2go.org/pipermail/$LIST_NAME to these lists:
  - gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.project

Sadly, I have found no way to do this myself (short off creating subscription
requests - but I do not want the system to somehow duplicate the list archives
on Gmane.)

Best regards,


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