era | 13 Jan 08:48 2015

Spam false positives on the rise

I have seen a significant rise in false positives in gmane.spam.detected in
the groups I follow.  In particular, g.culture.language.basque.eibartarrak
gets a lot of false positives.

I have submitted unspam requests for the ones I have spotted (lately) but I
can compile a list if it helps debugging.

Here's a brief list just from last night:

Coupled with the reports of missed spam in another recent thread, I think
there may be a problem with the Gmane spam filter.


If this were my real .signature, it would suck less.  Well, perhaps not.
Camaleón | 12 Jan 19:13 2015

Too much spam?


Since recently I've noted too much spam getting through some groups and 
more specifically "gmane.linux.debian.user.spanish". Here are some 

Anyone else noticed the same in other groups?



Matěj Cepl | 12 Jan 09:28 2015

Change of address of gmane.comp.editors.vim.outliner

Please, resubscribe gmane.comp.editors.vim.outliner to its new 
address vimoutliner <at>

Thank you,

Jim K | 9 Jan 19:15 2015

comp.compilers.llvm.devel RSS has stopped

It only goes to 17th November, although the other kinds of viewing are up to 
rh_ | 8 Jan 19:02 2015

gwene got borken?

I made an attempt to add a rss feed to gwene and gwene replied thus:

"A feed with this internal ID ( ) is already subscribed as"

I tried two different rss urls and got that same message.

I will try to verify the rss feeds to see if they are valid. They
should be fine.

Also what is an internal ID? Is that the "Group name" or the
"Feed url"? Or a hash of the two?
Michał Górny | 1 Jan 10:35 2015

NNTP certificate expired


My NNTP client is repeatedly complaining that the gmane's NNTP server
certificate expired a month ago. Any chance to get a renewed one?


Best regards,
Michał Górny
Gmane-discuss mailing list
Gmane-discuss <at>
John Geoffrey | 28 Dec 23:39 2014

This group doesn't seem to work anymore. Even if it worked before the 
mailing list lately had to chang its provider, and now the one connected 
to this group won't work anymore.
John Geoffrey | 28 Dec 23:07 2014

Deletion of group

Would there be a way to delete The group did not 
work out as I wanted and I can't transfer messages between the mailing 
list and the group.
Phil Goetz | 27 Dec 23:44 2014

cygwin64 has no LISP package

cygwin64 has no package for any version of LISP. I install cygwin largely to 
use LISP, and have to keep both cygwin32 and cygwin64 installations just for 

Some of the available packages use LISP, so there must be a LISP in there 
somewhere. Is there a way to use that hidden lisp interpreter, or any plans 
to make a clisp package for cygwin64?
pb2004 | 24 Dec 21:34 2014
Picon has last msg from 2007 year. Something 
went wrong when list was migrated to present address[1]. Compare with list 
archive at
List needs correction. Thanks.



Matt Lundin | 23 Dec 15:49 2014 not updating

The feed for has not updated since September.
This is because the group points at a non-existent feed url:

Trying to access this url results in a 503 error.

The correct url is:

However, when I try to create a new gwene group with that url, I get the
following message:

"A feed with this internal ID ( is already
subscribed as"

If someone could change the feed to point to the correct url, I would
greatly appreciate it!

As an aside, I have been running into such cases increasingly on gwene.
I.e., the url of a feed will change, the feed will break, but because of
the internal id (which I assume corresponds to the link tag of the rss
feed?), it is impossible to create a new group with the correct url.