Jean-Baptiste Denis | 20 Oct 11:22 2014

musicpd mailing list change


it looks like the musicpd devel mailing list is not updating since a few months.

The posting address is still the same, but there has been a migration from
sourceforge to another server :

Is this possible to update it ?

Thanks !

Lars Brinkhoff | 14 Oct 12:42 2014


Please delete  Thanks!

(The feed stopped working a few days ago, and I suspect the feed URL
needs to be updated.)
JLuc | 12 Oct 20:21 2014

Search broken ?

Searching sometimes leads to errors and no answers :

Warning: virtual() [function.virtual]: Unable to include 
'/cgi-bin/omega.cgi?query=forum&author=&group=spip&sort=relevance&DEFAULTOP=and&query=' -
request execution failed in 
/home/xapian/html/index.php on line 102
JLuc | 12 Oct 20:18 2014

Archived-at ?

It looks like the "Archived-at" header has disapeared of the newsmails ?

Lorenz | 10 Oct 18:15 2014

blocked IPs

Hello Lars,

could you please have a look at IPs reported as block in the last months?

Mine ( is blocked now since 2014-06-11.


Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 10 Oct 17:10 2014

Further diskiness

I've gotten the new 4TB spinning disks (for various mirrors), and I'm
probably going to install them tomorrow or on Sunday.  So that probably
means further downtime.  But I'm not quite sure which machines I'm going
to install the disks in, so I'm not quite sure what will be going down.


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Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 7 Oct 20:13 2014

Re: Disk switcharoo

I'm now going to switch the spool from ger to plane.  There should
hopefully be no significant downtime.  I'm basically just stopping
spooling, mounting plane:/spool/articles over /var/spool/news/articles,
and then starting spooling again.

I'll keep the NOV files and the active/history files on ger.


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Dato Simó | 5 Oct 20:37 2014

gmane.linux.debian.conference.announce empty?


Could somebody check why the following group appears empty in 

Note that the associated list is active:

Thanks in advance!
Steinar Bang | 5 Oct 17:09 2014

plane should stop reporting spam in these groups

The spam reported by plane in these group, isn't spam:

(and if there should happen to be one real report in all of the noise it
won't bee seen by me...)
積丹尼 Dan Jacobson | 3 Oct 05:49 2014 glues next paragraph onto each message without even a whitespace

Each item in a phpBB feed has a "<p>Statistics" (<p>統計).
$ GET | perl -wnle 'print for /<p>統計/g' | wc -l

Alas, rips out the <p> and glues the whole mess to each message,

The whole thing is then truncated, so on shorter messages, we end up
seeing the mess. On longer ones we don't.

for a in \ \ \
do w3m -dump $a
done|perl -pwle 's/統計/  <at>  <at>  <at>  <at>  $&/'

Well at least <p> could become a whitespace, not zapped totally.

Thank goodness it doesn't affect NNTP.
nsz | 28 Sep 12:41 2014

feedback about subscription request

how long am i supposed to wait for feedback after
i submitted a subscription request on


how do i know if my request got dropped or not?