Daniel Farina | 1 Apr 19:22 2014

If a followup post is rejected, the subject line is cleared

If one runs into the "too much quoted vs. new text" limit (or maybe other 
errors, too?) the "Subject" line is cleared when Gmane comes back to you with 
the error.

That's what caused the blank subject at: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.discuss/16069

As a more subjective aside, I do think that validation error ("too much 
quoted fluff") is tortured for communication of that short length.  Being 
able to see the request, confirmation, and resolution in one communique would 
be the fastest way to understand what happened when being presented a page 
from the archives, here.

Thanks again.
Daniel Farina | 1 Apr 12:27 2014

"weft didn't produce an output"

I thought I might raise this for discussion, after doing some searching to 
see if there was a known issue causing it.

The message "weft didn't produce an output" appeared for a post of mine:


And then I noticed that it affected gmane.announce as well:


Both messages are March 31st/April 1st in origin.
Octoploid | 31 Mar 22:54 2014

vanished messages in gmane.science.mathematics.logic.coq.club

All messages posted before 12 Mar 2014 on 
gmane.science.mathematics.logic.coq.club are inaccessible.
With nntp I get "could not copy message" errors. 
The web interface says: "No such file."

Any idea what is going on?

Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen | 29 Mar 12:33 2014

Downtime today

I will be taking down news.gmane.org briefly today to install a USB3


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Daniel Moniz | 27 Mar 03:53 2014

Some recent-ish messages "not available" in gmane.comp.lang.caml.inria: bug or expiry behavior?

Hi there Gmane developers (and users),

I was recently trying to read some posts in gmane.comp.lang.caml.inria
that seemed relatively recent, but my newsreader returned a notice
saying the message was no longer available. These were recent-ish posts,
and while some of them may have been sent with various
X-No-Archive/Archive/X-Archive headers to force expiry, it seemed
unlikely all of them would have that set. But I don't have any data to
know either way. Would there be any way to tell if this is in fact
what's happening with all of these messages, or is it just a bug of some

Here are some Message-IDs and nntp links to sample posts of the sort I'm
talking about. The first set, a thread from 2014-03-03 to 2013-03-14
("Bioinformatics Js_of_ocaml GSoC project") is a little interesting in
that all of the posts returned this "message is no longer available"
notice *except* for the last one, sent on 2014-03-14, which I was able
to retrieve. Three older ones, from 2014-02-19, are just others I was
unable to retrieve as well.

2014-03-03 to 2014-03-14
"Bioinformatics Js_of_ocaml GSoC project"

<CAMu2m2JyqVW36BFS4Z+e2=5fNyXL8Nzw3nvbqdxijf+CzjEqeg <at> mail.gmail.com>

<CAF1Sy-F7aZLKMLLRu6E=6FCaCw3KvYmxKKprOSjhgSryZXT+rA <at> mail.gmail.com>

<CAMu2m2+DK0EP-irs=-PObYXw1jFnH7KNcLhSXCJYy6fuL2jJrA <at> mail.gmail.com>
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Olly Betts | 17 Mar 12:24 2014

rain down?

Looks like rain may be down - http://search.gmane.org/ isn't responding,
and I can't ssh to it or ping it from plane.

Lars - can you check and reboot if necessary?  Let me know when it's back
and I'll check it over and restart the spooling stuff.

Andreas Metzler | 16 Mar 07:59 2014

GROUP gmane.comp.lib.gmp.general / 480 Read access denied


gmane is suddenly showing 480 for selected groups, but not all of them (i.e.
I am *not* on http://gmane.org/denied.php):

200 news.gmane.org InterNetNews NNRP server INN 2.5.1 ready (posting ok)
group gmane.comp.lib.gmp.devel
480 Read access denied
group gmane.linux.debian.devel.general
211 188339 1 191477 gmane.linux.debian.devel.general
cu Andreas
Octoploid | 9 Mar 19:03 2014

Spam messages in gmane.comp.gcc.devel

Since February the gmane.comp.gcc.devel list shows many
SPAM messages when read through nntp. At first I thought
this was due to a filtering problem on the gcc side. But
these message are apparently gmane only, because they never
show up in the gcc archive (http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc/2014-03/).

I use mutt as my nntp reader and it lacks filtering support,
so I cannot filter on crossposts to gmane.spam.detected.

My question is, wouldn't it be better to only archive messages
on gmane that come directly from the mailing lists? And ignore
all other messages? So when a user posts to gmane directly,
send the message to the mailing list and only store it on gmane
when a rebroadcasted copy arrives.
Olly Betts | 22 Feb 23:25 2014

"weft didn't produce an output."

This seems to be happening on a few articles recently, all of which
seem to be older ones (or perhaps I've just been looking at older
articles more).

For example:


It's not just confined to this group though, it's just I was looking
there when I thought I really should report this.

Looking in the NFS mounted spool for these two on plane, they look OK.
Appending /raw works too.

Lars Ingebrigtsen | 22 Feb 11:23 2014

Progress on the new SSDs for the Gmane spool

On dar blogz:



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