Danny | 4 May 23:31 2012

[ Snuff Box The Nasal Snuff Club] Hello all

Hello all my names Danny and being using snuff now for the past year
I had been smoking for 15 years at a 30 a day habbit which was becoming increasingly more expensive and health
affects we're starting to become obvious, short of breath etc
Upon scouring the net I stumbled upon snuff and the rest is history
Don't get me wrong I may nick a ciggue here or there if having a drink but may be 2 a week
My favourite snuff manufacture has got to be Poschl Tabak and the snuff of choice has to be Radford premium
and Andechs spezial snuff both great flavours and really like the texture I have found other snuffs of
different manufacturers very dry and sets me on a sneezing marathon 
I like the medium moisture and the dark nature of Poschl snuff and recommend to any new snuff taker good thing
is the good boxes they come in really stylish
Well will post soon as I have other Poschls on the way probably 1 or 2 I haven't tried yet and normally have 2 or 3
on the go at once


Danny | 5 May 13:15 2012

[ Snuff Box The Nasal Snuff Club] Taxi

Instead of my usual poschl I ended up ordering Taxi blue and taxi spearmint ,read some reviews and people
seem to be happy with this and also quite cheap compared to my poschl, would appreciate any reviews if you
snuff regularly 
Also my smoking shop has a good deal on multibuy snuffs




Yavuz Cemal | 11 May 23:53 2012

[ Snuff Box The Nasal Snuff Club] meerschaum Pipes

sending a better link for meers 




Yavuz Cemal | 11 May 23:50 2012

[ Snuff Box The Nasal Snuff Club] Smoking Pipes

Hi Brothers ;

Those meers on smoking pipes are worth at least a look at 



Nancy Detter | 16 May 05:52 2012

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