robertnalis | 1 Oct 02:39 2001

Re: Tonquin beans

Thanks, Remsitas. I think I'll avoid ordering
one. <br><br>Robert N.<br><br>PS Are Tonka Toys named
after these beans :-)? (Don't know if they have them
overseas, but they're pretty popular here in Australia.)

mrtobak | 1 Oct 07:09 2001

Re: Tonquin beans

Horses for courses, I guess. <br>Tonquin can be
found in many of the F&T snuffs. If you smoke a pipe,
it is the principal scent in S. Gawith's wonderful
1792 Flake (aka Cob Flake).<br>I love tonquin
flavoring--in fact, I had Samuel Gawith make me up a custom
snuff that has a lovely wallop of tonquin in
it.<br>Check these for more
info:<br><a href= target=new></a><br>and
<br><a href=
target=new></a><br>And yes,
tonka beans were used in snuff boxes in ye
olde days, although as has been suggested I expect the
snuff would taste of little else after a day or so.

scotchandtoast | 1 Oct 19:33 2001

Re: Tonquin beans

Dear Mr. Tobak:<br><br>I am a pipe smoker and
love 1792 Flake. The only F&T I could locate with
tonquin was Princes, which has a lot of other perfumey
components that I don't like. I just ordered a number of
unscented snuffs from S. Gawith. Could you please provide
me the details re your custom snuff so I can give it
a try when I place my next order? Or else, could
you let me know when you're placing your next order
so I can piggy-back?<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Jan

saphiresalive | 1 Oct 20:38 2001

Re: Message from the old snuffbox founde

Reply to saphiresalive 9/24.<br><br>Welcome to
the group. I too, used to view the old deja group,
although it went defunct before I ever joined. I do
remember though, that deja was not very user friendly, I
believe your old handle was Pocketwatch. Mark.
<br><br>That's right I used to be Pocketwatch. My new handle is
from my dog's name who died in January. I had her 12
years. This group is great. I am very proud of Graeme's
effort to keep this going after my demise. Good to be

saphiresalive | 1 Oct 20:43 2001

TO: scotchandtoast

By: scotchandtoast<br>Date: 9/24/01 5:43 pm
<br><br>Charles:<br><br>Welcome to the group. I noticed you're a S'Nuff fan. I
ordered a box of twelve pocket tins and, while I like the
blend, I've found others that I prefer. If you like,
I'll endeavor to send you the ten tins I have
remaining if you'll commit to sending me $10.00 plus
shipping. Just say the word.<br><br>Again,
welcome.<br><br>Regards,<br><br>Jan <br><br>Jan, Write me off line and maybe we can
work a deal.<br>My Email
Charlesnospam <at><br>Delete
the first nospam and replace the 2nd nospam with
com and it will get to me.

mtrex57 | 2 Oct 22:39 2001


I was looking on the Mc Gahey site, and saw his wooden snuff boxes.  They look very nice.  Does anybody out there
know how well they function?  Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks, Mark.

mtrex57 | 2 Oct 22:44 2001

Re: What am I doing wrong?

Reply to Rodl79, 9/24<br><br>Just wondered if you managed to get the Levi Garretts, and/or the W. E.
Garretts snuff yet, and if you did, how did you like them?  Mark.

robertnalis | 3 Oct 02:08 2001


Mark, I bought one a couple of years ago, and
have found it to be a really good snuff box: closes
very tight, solid construction; and folds out like a
little book which fits comfortably in the hand, making
it easy to take a pinch or two. It also makes a very
pleasant "click" sound when opened and closed. The only
black mark I could give it is that it won't keep the
snuff fresh and moist for longer than a day, and is not
the sort of snuff box you'd use for a moist,
coarse-ground snuff.<br>A good snuff box, but it has its
limitations.<br><br>Robert N.

mrtobak | 4 Oct 06:39 2001

Re: Tonquin beans

My blend is a combination of Cob Dark, the
unscented base snuff for Kendal Brown (NFS) and a shot of
tonquin oil.<br>When placing your order with S. Gawith
ask for the tonquin-flavored "American Blend" and
they should be happy to whip you up a tube.<br>If that
doesn't work, contact me and we'll work something

nynofault | 5 Oct 01:35 2001

cool cheap snuffboxes & my delurking

Hi. My name is Tom & I've been lurking here for a
couple of months. I started taking snuff to get thru
workouts without smoking a cigarette. I stopped working
out but not snuff taking. <br><br>Recently, I tried
to replace my cheapo CVS pillbox/snuffbox & I found
something cool at Duane Reade. They are called the "Pill
Case Stacker" and made by MEDport. They are round,
clear, green, plastic screw-top pill boxes slightly
bigger than the CVS boxes. They come 5 to a pack for
$6.00 and they screw together. I just bought my second
pack to add to the first. The tower on my desk now has
the following:<br><br>Packard's Club<br>McCrystal's
Highland Ice<br>Buttercup Sweet Scotch<br>and the
following by Fribourg &
Treyey:<br>Bordeau<br>Morlaix<br>Dr. J.R. Justice (mixed by me from the
above)<br>Kendal Brown.<br><br>I have a choice while at home and
if I want to take one or more with me, I simply
unscrew it, add on of the extra lids, & put it (or them)
in my pocket. <br><br>The only downside is that the
top is screw-off and not attached when
open.<br><br>Anyhow, I sure could use some suggestions as to what to
put in the last 3 boxes.<br><br>Thanks for your help.
I'll try to be less long-winded in the