Jon Presco | 3 Nov 18:23 2006

Rosamunda Took

Rosamunda Took
Rosamund Queen of Lombards
and the Lost Kings of Numenor

The time has come to gather our forces and destroy the Doomsayers 
and Evil Terrorists of LaHaye and Darby. I will lead you in the 
battle for the Temple where once dwelt the Lord of Truth. I will 
show you that Paul of Tarsus is Golum, a parasite who fed off the 
destruction of the original Nazarite Church. I will show you the 
brave Nazarite Warrior, a Gentile, who fought the evil forces of 
Rome that came to crush the Joyous Children of the Restored Jubilee.

The full title of the painting at the Royal Academy reads:

Assassination of Alboin, King of the Lombards. "His faithless spouse 
was anxious for his health and repose; the gates of the palace were 
shut, the arms removed, the attendants dismissed and Rosamond, after 
lulling him to rest by her tender caresses, unbolted the chamber 
door, and urged the reluctant conspirators to the instant execution 
of the deed. On the first alarm the warrior started from his couch; 
his sword which he attempted to draw had been fastened to the 
scabbard by the hand of Rosamond; and a small stool, his only 
weapon, could not long protect him from the spears of the assasins."

In an early version of J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy time-travel story 
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Jon Presco | 3 Nov 22:41 2006

Saintan Paul The Sex Enslaver

Saintan Paul

'The Devil and Enslaver of our Sexual Beings' 

(Images: Jesus as wizard blinding Paul. Golum. The Devil enlsaving 
Lovers. Pope Gregory with beaked-nose like Paul's. Beaked-nose.)

Here is a discription of Paul who borrows the angelic face of Saint 
Stephen whom he had murdered, and uses it as a mask. I tear away the 
mask of this Devil.

"Saul was a citizen of Tarsus who would later become Paul. He is 
called the apostle to the Gentiles. Brought up at Jerusalem, Paul 
lived with relatives, apparently in the home of a paternal aunt. We 
probably know more about Paul's appearance than any other New 
Testament character. He was a man of little stature, dark-
complexioned, thin-haired upon the head, bowlegged, blind in one eye 
and a great hooked nose that sprang from the point where his thick 
eyebrows met, he was called an "ugly little Jew" and was described 
as having some deformity of body. The young scholar was unimpressive 
physically but his brilliant mind and intense piety attracted 
attention. He was considered full of grace, for sometimes he 
appeared like a man and sometimes he had the face of an angel".

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Jon Presco | 4 Nov 19:20 2006

"Bush not the Devil!" declares Ted Haggart. "But, the Devil DID make me do it."

"Bush not the Devil!" declares Ted Haggart. "But, the Devil DID make 
me do it."

Ted Haggard, President of the National Association of Evangelicals 
(NAE) offers the following comment on yesterday's speech at the 
United Nations by Hugo Chavez:  "NAE theologians and scholars have 
conducted a thorough exegetical study of the biblical texts 
concerning the person, disposition, and earthy manifestations of 
Satan (Beelzebub, Lucifer, Prince of Darkness). They have 
incontrovertible concluded that, contrary to the assertion of Hugo 
Chavez, President Bush is not the Devil."

Right after I drop-kicked Saintan Paul into a pit of fire in my last 
blog, I turned on CNN News and was blown away to see Ted Haggart 
admit he bought drugs from a gay prostitute. Haggart was leading 
the "Healthy Marriage Initiative." which aims to turn our Democracy 
into a mega-church where Bush's Virgins dressed in white will get 
hitched to his Good Ol Boys in blue jeans.

When the Christian-right began to gain power, they bid their 
followers to attend Bible study. Right-wing ministers began to point 
to Saint Paul as their Political Father who gave them spiritual 
permission to take over our Democracy and turn it into a 
ecclesiastical state.  But, then real Biblical scholars began to 
point out Paul was a "Nut-job". In 1990 a group of theologians 
concluded Paul was a split bi-sexual who castrated himself so he 
wouldn't be tempted to bugger virginal boys. Finding the core of 
their Right to Rule untenable, they began to demonize the Democrats, 
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Jon Presco | 5 Nov 17:38 2006

The End Time for the American Taliban

The End Time for the False Prophet of the American Taliban

"If you got to castrate your miserable self with a piece of rusty
barb wire, do it."

"Hear the word of the LORD, America, fag-enablers are worse than the
fags themselves, and will be punished in the everlasting lake of

If gays are sinners, then Jesus came for them and other sinners in
order to show them God's Mercy. But Jesus, nor God, have ever shown
mercy to the "wolves in sheeps clothing" those covert, self-
righteous. liars who hide their sins behind what is God's, and
sorely use sinners to their own end.

The day after Osama Bin Ladin and his Taliban attacked the World
Trade Center, the associates of Ted Haggard attacked the Democratic
party in order to bring it down, render it utterly powerless. These
false prophets claimed this is what Jesus and God wanted because the
Democratic party enabled fags. Here is what Pat Robertson had to say
about 911;

"I really believe that the pagans and the abortionists and the
feminists and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to
make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the
American Way, all of them who try to secularize America...I point
the thing in their face and say you helped this happen."

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Jon Presco | 5 Nov 19:02 2006

Pat Robertson Lays Blame For Giant Meteor Strike on Ted Haggard

Pat Robertson Lays Blame For Giant Meteor Strike on Ted Haggard

"Robertson also said the widespread practice of homosexuality "will 
bring a bout terrorist bombs, it'll bring earthquakes, tornadoes and 
possibly a meteor." 

"Don't get me wrong." Pat told the press, "This disaster was caused 
by Haggard's refusal to back me on the assasination of Chavez, and 
not his recent Gay Escapade. It's Ted's fault Orlando is no more. If 
you think this is bad, wait till tuesday night after voters allow 
the drug-soaked Democrats to take control of Congress."

In 1999 Pat Robertson gave a prophetic warning to the citizens of 
Orlando Florida that alas has come true. As for Pat and Ted's 
prophetic promise made in secret to President Bush, that Jesus will 
help him bring Democracy to Iraq, the American tax-payer is till 
working on that.

"William Nordhaus, a Yale economist who published perhaps the most 
extensive independent estimate of the potential costs before the war 
began, suggested a war and occupation could cost anywhere from $100 
billion to $1.9 trillion in 2002 dollars, depending on the 
difficulty of the conflict, the length of occupation and the impact 
on oil costs."

Pat Robertson told reporters that William Nordhaus is a true 
prophet, but "You have gay enablers in the Democratic party to thank 
for delaying Jesus' divine intervention - and not Ted!"
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Jon Presco | 5 Nov 21:12 2006

Haggard Calls Down Meteor Strike Upon Himself

Haggard Calls Down Meteor Strike Upon Himself

(Click on images to enlarge)

In what can only be described as a case of Religiosu Suicide, Ted 
Haggard bid God strike him dead with a meteor if he is not telling 
the truth about never having sex with a gay prostitute. Because of 
Haggard's spiritual arrogance, there is no sign of life at the New 
Life Church that was founded by Haggard.

As Sunday morning services began, Haggard wandered down the isle 
looking dazed and confused. Standing before the startled 
congregation, Haggard announced he had been up all night working on 
his divine explanation that consisted of fifty pages or more. 

This caused the congregation to let out a collective moan, knowing 
now he had not thrown away that speed he had purchased from that 
evil fag.

As Haggard tried to read from his garbled text, that in the morning 
light now made little sense to him, he began to adlib.

"I got the idea to have illicit sex in the closet – if you catch my 
drift - from Bill Clinton. But as God is my witness, I never had 
sexual relations with that man. If I am not telling the truth, may 
God send down a meteor to strike me dead this very second."

As Haggard fell to his knees and began to speak in a garbled tongue, 
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Jon Presco | 6 Nov 00:05 2006

Did Bush get his 'Iraqi Freedom' vision from Haggard?

Did Bush get his 'Iraqi Freedom' vision from Haggard?

"I teach a strong ideology of the use of power," he says, "of 
military might, as a public service." He is for preemptive war, 
because he believes the Bible's exhortations against sin set for us 
a preemptive paradigm, and he is for ferocious war, because "the 
Bible's bloody. There's a lot about blood."

Ted Haggard

This question is no joke.  Above is a link to a group who seriously 
questions Pastor Ted's motives in regards to doing missionary work 
in Iraq.

"Ted Haggard claims that to evangelize the Muslims "the primary goal 
is not to win new Christian converts but to "serve the Islamic 

Haggard was  a Cold War Warrior for Jesus and Capitalism. Here he is 
saying he see no threat from un-educated people who are commonly of 
the Catholic faith.

"But with the influx of people from Mexico, they don't tend to be 
the ones that go to universities and become our research-and-
development people. And so in that way I see a little clash of 

"Typically, Catholic nations aren't shooting people into space. 
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Jon Presco | 6 Nov 00:29 2006

Ted Haggard Prayed for Saddam before Shock & Awe

Ted Haggard Prayed for Saddam Hussein before Shock & Awe

It is looking like Pastor Ted was God's, and thus Bush's, man in 
Iraq, the Lord appearing to both Ted in the middles of the night. 
Did they both have trouble sleeping? Hitler was a speed-freak.

"Ted Haggard recently made a false prophecy. Last week the Spirit of 
the Lord woke me in the middle of the night and powerfully spoke to 
me. He told me that if we could mobilize 1,000,000 intercessors to 
pray for Saddam Hussein, that he would leave Iraq, thus avoiding the 
need for a war. (The World Prayer Center/Pastor Ted Haggard and The 
World Prayer Team - Colorado Springs, CO, 12/20/02, 

And then the Lord spoke into my heart that if we could mobilize one 
million to pray consistently here until the beginning of the year, 
then the Spirit of the Lord would stir in Saddam Hussein and he 
would simply get on a plane in the middle of the night and fly out 
of the country. ... (Ted Haggard, 700 Club,

It is our understanding that the World Prayer Center has access to 
the Mission America member list--a reported "8,000 churches and one 
million Lighthouses", among the many others who would participate.  
We believe the call of the World Prayer Center was certainly heard 
by over a million people, and still Saddam did not leave Iraq as 
prophesied by Ted Haggard.
Haggard did what he believed the Lord asked him to do, but the 
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Jon Presco | 6 Nov 16:58 2006

Christians Feed Off Darkness and Seek Evil Where No Evil Exists

Christians Feed Off Darkness and Seek Evil Where No Evil Exists

(Images: Pastor Ted's congregation high on Spiritual Crack.  God's 
Warrior Angels. Satan coming on to Jesus, the Super Virgin.)

Christians FEED off the alleged darkness and evil in the world. If 
sin did not exist, they would not exist. Christians are taught they 
are goddettes, miniature versions of the Son of God, and thus they 
are obligated to do Missionary work, go into the World of Darkness 
and seek Dark People to become intimate with and convert to their 
way of life. They say homosexuals and lesbians do the exact same 
thing. Is this why they depict them as Worthy Rivals, on par with 

This Dumb & Evil Duality is destroying our Democracy, and has 
launched a Holy Missionary Crusade against Islam with Pastor Bush as 
their leader, who will not turn back, who promises to wage Spiritual 
Warfare against the 'Evil Ones' till he leaves office. By then, he 
and his minion will have made the world a very dangerous place. 
These dangerous lunatics are Religious Addicts,are addicted to the 
Darkness.  Going after sinners is how they get their kicks, their 

Above we see the Keepers of Dark Things reacting to Ted Haggard's 
confession. It does not get any better then this. This is proof the 
Anti-Christ is always at work, and is the cause of the Republicans 
closing the gap in the polls as evangelicals rush home to defend the 
Fatherland from the Forces of Evil. They will never consider the 
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Jon Presco | 6 Nov 20:45 2006

Getting Out the Republican Vote

Getting Out the Republican Vote

(Images: Pastor Bush musters his Born Again voters. A more wholesome 
Pastor Ted getting a good nights rest in Holy Detox. Sexy Succubus. 
A newly made Republican thanks to Christian VooDoo.)

The Democrats are crying "FOUL" after Pastor Bush offered the 
severed head of Saddam to the first hundred 'Born Agains' who cast 
their vote in Virginia.

Pastor Ted is looking much more wholesome after his exorism, and is 
ready to appear on Fox News tonight - a changed man! Gone is that 
gay smirk, that devilish gay glint in his eye. Alas, here is the 
long awaited October Suprize!

"We had to hire a very sexy heterosexual Succubus to suck Ted's homo-
tainted brains out." said Pastor Paul. And now Ted is pure enough to 
summon the Holy Ghost and capture the Black Vote. Boy, won't that be 
a shock to the Demon Democrats!"

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