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Fwd: Re: Absalom 'Father of Peace' & 'King of Kings'

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I have added the second half of this chapter to the first.


> Chapter Five
> Absalom 'Father of Peace' & 'King of Kings'
> "And it came to pass after forty years, that Absalom said to the 
> king, I pray thee, let me go and pay my vow, which I have vowed 
> the Lord."
> These are the words of Absalom the son of King David who Joseph 
> Flavius said lived to the age of seventy. The average life 
> was forty years of age and this was the traditional number years 
> a generation. If Absalom was born when David was twenty, then 
> was ten years old when he was made "judge of the land"? This vow 
> appears to be the vow of the Nazarite who were the judges of 
> It was Samuel the Nazarite who anointed Saul King of Israel, and 
> David. How did Samuel come to own such power? Was there a college 
> priests and judges who would chose a king, a Messiah to rule Israel 
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John Presco | 9 Aug 14:44 2003

Fwd: Re: Joab Zeruiah and the Philistine Bodyguard

It looks like we are at the crux of the matter, being the Kings of 
Judah and Philistia put all their eggs in one basket and now their 
dynastic survival depends on one another. This is extremely 
interesting as the Philistines are Greeks, a Cretan colony in Judaea, 
and the Greeks would fight for ownership of the Judaic religion "to 
this day". That the tribe of Benjamin is now being associated with 
Arcadia and the Spartans, one must wonder if Shimei was a son of 
Absalom, perhaps by Michal, as there is a love story behind this 
rebellion, at least in regads to Adonijah whom David became 
suspicious of when he desired the  most famous woman in Israel, who 
may be Saul's daughter whose five sons will be hung, their bones 
buried on the Mount of Olives where Shimei has built his house as 
David ordered. We know his house is there, the "house of the 
fisherman" for David warns him he will surely die if he crosses 
Kinrod which is the stream that lies in the valley between the Mount 
of Olives and Zion. Surely Jesus crossed the Kinrod, and his "blood 
was upon his head."

2SA 19:23 Therefore the king said unto Shimei, Thou shalt not die. 
And the king
sware unto him. 

1KI 2:36 And the king sent and called for Shimei, and said unto him, 
Build thee
an house in Jerusalem, and dwell there, and go not forth thence any 

1KI 2:37 For it shall be, that on the day thou goest out, and 
passest over the
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John Presco | 13 Aug 19:56 2003

Long Live the Sun King

Here is chapter seven 

'The Rose Fox'

Chapter Seven

Long Live the Sun King


Jon Presco

Copyright 2003

"The name Absalom can mean "father of Salem" or Jerusalem. That he 
has been given the name Melchizedeck and Uriel, suggests he was a 
divine being and king. Jesus was also associated with these angels. 
In the genealogy of Absalom we see that his mother's father, Talmai, 
is descended from Shem, another name for Melchizedek. Talmai is the 
name of one of the Anakim the "long-necked" giants of Hebron where 
Melchizedek was king, a priest-king. David was never forgiven for 
moving the capitol of Israel from Hebron to Jerusalem. It is David 
who should be titled a "rebellious son". Was David the son of 

As I read it it is David who usurps an ancient authority, and not his 
son Absalom who appears to be a devout fundamentalist. David has gone 
over the the Philistines and is helping them conquer Israel. For them 
to be successful they must overcome Melchizedeck whom Abraham 
recognized as a divine overlord of Israel. The angel Uriel is another 
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John Presco | 16 Aug 00:33 2003

Fwd: Re: Melchizedek "king of Salem"

Here is the liniage of the Fisher King of Geshur, from Noah to 
Absalom the rightful 'King of Jerusalem' a title no doubt Jesus/John 
> > > > > 
> > > > > Jon
> > > > 
> > > > SHEM ([Melchizedek])
> > > > ____ - 1842
> > > > TITLE: [Melchizedek]
> > > > 
> > > > BIRTH: 2454 B.C., Shulon, East Eden 
> > > > DEATH: 1842, B.C. 
> > > > Father: (I) NOAH 
> > > > Mother: TITEA 
> > > > 
> > > > Family 1 : (dau) ELIAKIM 
> > > > MARRIAGE: 2400 B.C., Shulon, East Eden 
> > > >   ELAM 
> > > > + ARAM 
> > > >   LUD 
> > > > Family 2 : 
> > > > + ARPHAXAD 
> > > > + ASSHUR 
> > > >   UZ 
> > > >   HUL 
> > > >   MESHECH 
> > > >   GETHER 
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John Presco | 16 Aug 00:41 2003

Fwd: Re: James the Nazarite was Melchelzidek priest

"The Life and Times of James the Just, Brother of Jesus

-or- The Just One is Praying for You
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Jackson Snyder, November 9, 2002

Snyder Bible Home   All Sermons     Challenging Sermons

Also Read: Nicknames, Surnames, Code Names and Aliases: Exactly Who 
Were Jesus' Disciples?

Psalm 22:1-18 (UMH 752)  James 4   Matthew 24:4-22

The disciples said to Jesus: We know that thou wilt go from us. Who 
is he who shall be great over us? Jesus said to them: In the place to 
which you come, you shall go to James the Just for whose sake heaven 
and earth came into being. (Gospel of Thomas 12)

The Martyrdom of James the Just
  On October 21st I just happened to be watching CNN in an Indiana 
hotel room when a familiar face came on to make an announcement.  It 
was Herschel Shanks, the editor of Biblical Archaeology Review, and 
he said that the ossuary (bone box) of James the brother of Jesus had 
been discovered among the possessions of a collector in Jerusalem.  
He had owned this precious artifact for thirty years without even 
knowing what it was!  On the side of the limestone bone box is the 
inscription, "James son of Joseph brother of Jesus," as translated 
from Aramaic.  Shanks told the press that this was the first direct 
evidence that James and Jesus existed.  There is no evidence of 
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John Presco | 18 Aug 16:40 2003

FitzAlan, Lancelot & Parcival

Robert de Boron has Alain le Gros as as the leader of Bron's (Hebron) 
twelve sons who go to Britain to wait for the "third man" who will be 
the permanent keeper of the Grail. The le Gros family of Britain were 
the Counts of Albemarle (Aumale) a title that was also held by the 
Counts of Champagne in France. Lancelot del Acqs may also be kin to 
Alain le Gros of Britain. Robert Bruce and the Kings of Scotland are 
kin to the Counts of Albemarle, as is Louis 'Les Gros' king of France 
via Stephen King of England. The Counts of Champagne is the family 
that ties all these people together.

Emperor Hadrian employed the Sarmations against the Picts who were 
terrified by the silk dragon they carried into battle as it had a 
lantern within and at its tail a whistle. This was the Cockathrice. 
The Sarmations were excellant sword makers and are now being seen as 
the source of the Arthurian legends.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2003

"The 'Sword in the Stone' story itself, in all of its manifestations, 
probably derives from a ritual that was practiced by the Alans, a 
group of Northeast Iranian-speaking nomads from the trans-Caucasian 
steppes who invaded the Roman Empire in the fifth century C.E. 
(Littleton 1982; Littleton and Malcor 1994, 181-193).15 These horse-
riding nomads settled heavily over the area that became France and 
founded many of the noble families who would become patrons of the 
medieval Arthurian tradition (Littleton 1982; Littleton and Malcor 
1994, 3-57, 293-325). Many of them also became prominent figures in 
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John Presco | 18 Aug 17:00 2003

Robert de Boron's tale

"The grail family and a company of guardians guard the object. 
Wolfram calls them "templars" but there are women as well as men."

In my book 'The Rose Fox' I identify Hugue Count of Champagne as the 
founder of the Knights Templar. The name Payen (pagan) is a term 
applied to some of Hugue's kin who descend from Anne of Kleves who 
was a Ros princess. The Ros were pagans from Russia who were said to 
have been converted to Christianity, but this was just a convenience, 
they devout pagans for I suspect they are related to the Carians and 
King David's own bodyguard who I link with the Trojans and Aeneas, 
the founder of Rome. They would also be kin to Brutus the Trojan who 
came with refugees from Troy to live in Britain. The Ros/Rus made up 
the Varangian guard whom I believe the Knight Templars were modled 
after, they the bodyguards of the Roman emperor and his family. The 
Guelf (Welf) family had come to control much of Burgundy and the 
Franche-Comte, they kin to the Lombards.

Hugue had been taken captive while on Crusade. When the Byzantine 
emperors launched their Crusade into the Mideast in the 6th. century, 
the Vrangians were in charge of paying ransoms. I suspect this was 
the main duty of the Templars, to be a trustworthy sect of Monk-
Knights who could guard the ransom treasure, and be sure the freed 
captive was not recaptured. 

Jon Presco

Copyright 2003

An anonymous French prose romance, the Perlesvaus was written c. 1212-
1220 for another crusader patron, Jean de Nesle. It uses elements 
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John Presco | 18 Aug 17:22 2003

Walter (Gauther) Montbeliard Montfaucon

I yet to find any record of a town named Boron within the vicinity of 
Montebleiard. The closest nieghboring town is Rougemont which is 
about the same distance mentioned in this brief biography. There was 
a Jewish community living in Rougemont that amazed the Hainauts who 
employed them to do many things they could not, from making soap, 
saddles, and other luxeries. This area is known for the ruins of 
Roman temples. There is a Jewish connection to the Sabians which I 
explore in my novel. 

Jon Presco


Despite being famous for his cycle of Arthurian Romances centred 
around the Holy Grail, next to nothing is known about the Burgundian 
known as Robert de Boron. His works reveal that he was a poet in the 
employ of one Gautier, who has been identified as Gautier de 
Montbeliard, the Lord of Montfaucon. Robert presumably hailed from 
Boron - a small village about fifteen miles from Montbeliard - where 
he appears to have been a cleric of some sort. In 1202, his master is 
known to have taken part in the Fourth Crusade from which he never 
returned, dying abroad ten years later. So Robert's Arthurian trilogy 
must have been written in the very late 12th century, probably after 
the Glastonbury monks' 1191 "discovery" of King Arthur's body, since 
Robert's 'Vales of Avalon' would seem to be in Somerset. He wrote Le 
Roman de I'Estoire dou Graal (also called Joseph d'Arimathie), the 
Merlin and, almost certainly, a version of Sir Percivale's story 
usually known as the Didot-Perceval after an early owner of the 
manuscript. They were originally put down in octosyllabic verse but 
only the first named work and 504 lines of the Merlin survive in this 
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John Presco | 18 Aug 17:42 2003


The Ferrette family owned Rougemont castle and have been titled 'Lord 
of Rougemont'. They were the Lords of Montbeliard as well. Their 
blood ties to the Counts of Champagne and the Habsburg are 
everywhere, but are kept real low key. I suspect this is because this 
family became the Kings of the Roman Empire under Habsburg-Catholic 
rule. The Counts of Champagne and the Knights Templars were heretics 
in the eyes of the Pope, and they seem to have severed a branch of 
this amazing family tree, they divorcing themsleves from an 
connection to the Grail and Arthurian legends for they would know of 
its true source - a rival Kingdom of God.

Godstalk de Rougemont had extensive correspondence with Erasmus who 
was one of the founders of the Reformation, though he straddled the 
fence. Seargent de Rougemont fought alongside William of Orange the 
Protestant King of England. The Rougemont were Huguenots who had to 
flee France. There ties to Holland are still to be understood.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2003

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John Presco | 18 Aug 20:14 2003

Agnes of Rosemont

Below is another fable about a maiden of Rosemont. Agnes of Rougemont 
is accosted by Othon (Otto) von Habsburg in his conquest of the 
Franche-Comte. He wants to marry her, own her, but she fades away 
when he goes to cut her throat when she refuses. 

Othon married Hilla von Ferrette and acquired Rougemont.

Jon Presco

Otto (Othon) II HAPSBURG
`le Docte'
HRH William's 24-Great Grandfather.
My 27-Great Grandfather. Born: abt. 1057 Died: 1111 

Wife: Hilla (Hila) von PFIRT 
Children: Gertrude HAPSBURG ; Werner III von 
HAPSBURG ; Adelheid (Princess) of HABSBURG 

/ -- Lanzelin von HABSBURG + ====> [ 190 ,c,&] 
/ -- father of Bishop Werner 
| \ | (skip this generation?) 
| \ -- Luitgard von THURGAU + ==&=> [ 190 ,C,&] 
/ | OR: Luitgard NELLENBURG + ==&=> [ 193 ,C,t,&] 
/ -- Radbot (Count) in HABSBURG (? - 1045?) 
/ -- Werner (I; II; Count) of HABSBURG (? - 1096) 
| \ / -- Adalbert II av/von SAARGAU + ==&=> [ 192 ,C,&] 
| \ -- prob. Ita von METZ (? - 1026) 
| \ | OR: poss. Ita von METZ + ==&=> [ 191 ,C,t,&] 
| \ -- Judith (Jutta) von OENINGEN + ==&=> [ 191 ,C,&] 
/ | OR: Judith of OHNINGEN + ==&=> [ 193 ,gC,t,&] 
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