Jon Presco | 20 Sep 15:45 2004

Rosamonde Miller 

Tau Rosamonde Miller 
The Mary Magdalene Line of Succession 
In January 1962, Tau Rosamonde Miller was contacted and offered 
ordination by emissaries of the hierophant (bishop) of the Mary 
Magdalene Order (Holy Order of Miriam of Magdala) in Paris, France. 
Just as in every previous ordination performed by the MM Order, only 
women were invited. No candidate, including Rosamonde, had ever 
known of the Order¡¦s existence prior to their first contact. She 
became at that time in spite of „o or because of „o her young age, the 
successor to the Lady (bishop/hierophant) as well as their seventh 
and last Marashin, a title given every few centuries and with no 
counterpart in other traditions.
The Mary Magdalene Order claims its lineage of succession from Mary 
Magdalene herself. After the death of Jesus, given the attitude 
toward women at that time, it became necessary for her to leave if 
she and her lineage were to survive. According to tradition, Mary 
Magdalene, along with Joseph of Arimathea and a few trusted ones 
fled to the West. They landed in the British Islands where they 
stayed until Joseph¡¦s death. Once her work with Joseph was 
completed, she sailed with some of the women to the Continent. Her 
successors survived despite bigotry and persecutions by the careful 
selection of candidates; by the passing of their orders exclusively 
to women; and by maintaining the most strict secrecy throughout the 
The Mary Magdalene Order never had a ban against ordaining men. That 
women only had been ordained was not doctrine, but necessity. 
Rosamonde trains and ordains men as well as women in this line of 
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