Bell-Metereau, Rebecca L | 2 Dec 18:53 2007

Re: "Constructed Light, Constructed Meaning" Visual Culture Graduate Student Conference

From: Emmett P. McKenna [mailto:e.p.mckenna <at>]

Subject: "Constructed Light, Constructed Meaning" Visual Culture Graduate Student Conference

*"Constructed Light, Constructed Meanings" *

*Visual Culture Graduate Student Conference*

The Department of American Studies at Saint Louis University invites papers
for its 2008 Visual Culture Graduate Student Conference. This year's
conference theme,  "Constructed Light, Constructed Meanings," coincides with
the "Dan Flavin: Constructed Light" exhibition at the Pulitzer Foundation
for the Arts, St. Louis. This interdisciplinary graduate student conference
welcomes proposals from the humanities and social sciences that explore the
diverse uses, functions, and meanings of light - in its natural,
manufactured, and manipulated forms - in artistic expressions, cultural
representations, and people's daily lives and experiences. Renowned visual
culture studies scholar Dr. Shawn Michelle Smith, Associate Professor of
Visual and Critical Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
will deliver the keynote address.

*Date: April 11-13, 2008*

*Location: Contemporary Art Museum, Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, and
Saint Louis University Museum of Art in St. Louis, Missouri*

*Deadline for Proposal Submission: January 15, 2008*

Paper topics may include, but are not limited to, the following themes:

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Bell-Metereau, Rebecca L | 2 Dec 18:56 2007

Hitchcock discussion

From: Ken Mogg [mailto:muffin <at>]

Subject: Hitchcock discussion

A new group for 'advanced' discussion of the films of Alfred Hitchcock 
(person and phenomenon), and related issues, has been started by me and 
my co-moderator, Prof. Tony Williams, here:

The group is for teachers, critics, authors, and professional 
filmmakers.  In less than two months, we've had 200 'posts'.  Already 
our members include an editor of a Hitchcock annual, an editor of a film 
and philosophy online journal, and the author of a book on Hitchcock 
soon to be filmed!

Meanwhile, as always, I invite H-Film members to visit my Hitchcock 
website's News & Comment page on a regular basis.  Films and topics 
recently discussed include NORTH BY NORTHWEST, FRENZY, THE MANXMAN, the 
importance of a strong central idea, Peter Lorre, BULLDOG DRUMMOND 

- Ken Mogg

Bell-Metereau, Rebecca L | 3 Dec 01:16 2007

CFP: Vine Deloria, Jr. Memorial Panel SW/Texas PCAACA 2008 Conferences, Alb. NM

From: Sara [mailto:sara.sutlercohen <at>]

*Call for Papers: Vine Deloria, Jr. Memorial Panel*

*"His Body of Work, in Memoriam: Vine Deloria, Jr."*

*Native/Indigenous Studies Area**

**2008 Southwest/Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Association*

*February ** 13-16**, 2008*

*Southwest/Texas Popular & American Culture Association's
29th Annual Conference* *in* *Albuquerque, NM*

Paper proposals are now being accepted for a panel dedicated to the breadth
of work and teachings of Vine Deloria, Jr. in the Native/Indigenous Studies
Area.  Given the immediacy of this since his very recent passing, I'm happy
to accept titles and very short abstracts for submission.  Ideas can be
fleshed out more later on.

* The deadline for submitting proposals is December 15, 2007.*

Inquiries regarding this area and/or abstracts of 250 words may be sent to
Sara Sutler-Cohen or John Miles at the contacts below. Please forward this
email to people who would be interested in participating.

*Dr. Sara C. Sutler-Cohen*
Area Co-Chair, Native Studies
PCA/ACA Annual Regional Conferences
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Bell-Metereau, Rebecca L | 3 Dec 01:18 2007

Re: Moving Image Archiving and the Academy

From:    "Leo Enticknap" <ldge <at>>

Moving Image Archiving and the Academy

A MeCCSA Practice Section Conference
Saturday, 15 March 2008, University of Leeds

Call for Papers

Confirmed keynote speakers:
            Professor Nicholas Pronay (University of Leeds)
	    Professor Charles Barr (Washington University in St. Louis)

For over three decades, British universities have played a pivotal role in
helping to preserve and curate our audiovisual heritage, as well as
researching the cultural and historical significance of archival moving
images.  From the establishment of the Slade Film History Register in 1969
and the East Anglian Film Archive in 1976, the higher education sector has
supported and nurtured the archives themselves.  Many landmark journals
and monograph series which pioneered the interpretation of film and
television as cultural form and primary historical evidence have their
roots in British universities.  They also provide research and
interpretation related to other collections, the Mitchell and Kenyon
project being a prime example.

Following on from MeCCSA's Future of Screen Heritage symposium held in
September, we should now reassess the nature of the institutional and
intellectual links which exist between our film archives and our
universities, and to explore how they might develop and strengthen.  The
conference is intended to explore the role, contribution and requirements
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Darryl Wiggers | 5 Dec 08:40 2007

H-Film Fellowships Posting

From: "Emily Burns" <burns <at>>

Dear Editors,
I would like to post information about a Social Science Research Council
fellowship open to PhD students. The application period runs from
December 3, 2007 to February 8, 2008. Below is the desired posting -
please direct as to how to post this on your H-Net.
Thank you,
Emily Burns
Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (DPDF)

The Social Science Research Council, with funding from the Andrew W.
Mellon Foundation, provides fellowships up to $5000 to humanities and
social science students to support predissertation research.  In
addition to receiving funding, fellows participate in two four-day
workshops organized around the research fields and that bracket the
summer research.  Workshop exercises prepare fellows in formulating
doctoral dissertation proposals that are intellectually pointed,
amenable to completion in a reasonable time frame, and competitive in
future dissertation research fellowship competitions.  Workshops will be
held May 29 - June 1 in Saint Louis and September 11 - 14, 2008 in
Milwaukee.  Travel, lodging and meals for the two workshops are provided
by the SSRC.

DPDF is open to early-stage graduate students in all disciplines of the
social sciences and humanities who are currently enrolled full time in
PhD programs at accredited universities in the United States and whose
predissertation research fits into one of the five research fields.
Students pursuing relevant dissertation topics may apply to one of the
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Darryl Wiggers | 5 Dec 08:40 2007

Religion, Faith, Spirituality: An Interdisciplinary and International Postgraduate Conference on the Past, Present and Future

From: Nathan Abrams [mailto:nathan.abrams <at>]

Second call for papers

Religion, Faith, Spirituality: An Interdisciplinary and International
Postgraduate Conference on the Past, Present and Future

25-26 June 2008

To be held by the Graduate School of the College of Arts and Humanities,
Bangor University, Wales.

Proposals for presentations are welcomed from postgraduates which
consider, but are not limited to, the following topics from the broad
area of religion, faith and spirituality:

Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, fundamentalism, clash of civilisations,
environmentalism, globalisation, war, terrorism, evolution, genocide,
creationism, ancient and new religions, cults, new age beliefs, science
fiction, photography, performance, popular culture, film, media,
literature, drama, art, creative writing, poetry, music, race, gender,
ethnicity, class, politics, ideology, patriarchy, language and
linguistics, ethics, morality and rhetoric.

Presentations may take the form of papers, readings, performances,
posters, film and multimedia demonstrations. Presentations will also be
considered for publication.

Please send titles and abstracts (for presentations of no more than 20
minutes) of no more than 400 words by 1st March 2008 to Shelly
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Darryl Wiggers | 5 Dec 08:41 2007

NEW BOOK: The Changing Face of Evil in Film and Television

From: Marty Norden [mailto:norden <at>]

** apologies for cross-postings **

I thought list members might like to learn about the publication of my
anthology, _The Changing Face of Evil in Film and Television_ (Rodopi,
2007).  A description and table of contents are offered below:

The popular media of film and television surround us daily with images  
evil -- images that have often gone critically unexamined.  In the  
that people in ever-increasing numbers are turning to the media for  
understanding of evil, this lively and provocative collection of essays
addresses the changing representation of evil in a broad spectrum of  
and television programs.  Written in refreshingly accessible and de-
jargonized prose, the essays bring to bear a variety of philosophical  
critical perspectives on works ranging from the cinema of famed director
Alfred Hitchcock and the preternatural horror films _Halloween_ and  
the 13th_ to the understated documentary _Human Remains_ and the  
coverage of the immediate post-9/11 period.  _The Changing Face of  
Evil in
Film and Television_ is for anyone interested in the moving-image
representation of that pervasive yet highly misunderstood thing we call
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Darryl Wiggers | 6 Dec 04:56 2007

Call for Reviewers - FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman

From:    "Adella Ladjevardi" <adella <at>>

Call for Reviewers for Educational DVD Package of FLYING: CONFESSIONS

We are seeking North America based scholars who will write and submit
a finished documentary film review to journals (academic print or
online), association newsletters, email listservs, etc.

Reviewers must have a publication(s) in mind, confirm with the
editors that it will publish film reviews, and will be responsible
for corresponding with the editors. [Zohe Films cannot submit the

Please see the following short description. Click on the link below
for full synopsis. If you’d like to receive a review copy of  the
Educational DVD Package of FLYING: CONFESSIONS OF A FREE WOMAN please
contact me directly, off-list, at: adella <at>

FLYING: CONFESSIONS OF FREE WOMAN is a six-part series (each episode
is 60 mins., color) that takes a personal experimental approach to
female life in the 21st century. The series narratively and visually
interweaves aspects of filmmaker Jennifer Fox’s own life over five
years and across seventeen countries to understand how diverse women
define their lives when there is no map. Employing an ingenious new
camera technique, called "Passing the Camera", Fox creates a
documentary language that mirrors the special way women communicate.

Because intimacy is an activity that requires the presence and
vulnerability of at least two people, Fox quickly realized that a
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Darryl Wiggers | 6 Dec 04:57 2007

In Media Res Dance-themed week, December 3-7, 2007

From: Avi Santo <avisanto <at>>

Welcome to a special dance and media-themed week from In Media Res.  
feel free to respond to their comments and add your own thoughts and  
about the series as well.

This week’s In Media Res line-up:

Monday, December 3, 2007 – Dana Heller (Old Dominion University)  
“National Dance Styles and Global Television Formats”

Tuesday, December 4, 2007 – Kelli Kilgore (City of Virginia Beach)
presents: “You Can't Stop the Beat: Dance the Gen X Addiction”

Wednesday, December 5, 2007 – Zachary Dorsey (University of Texas at
Austin) presents: “Slick Moves: Queer Fight Choreography in The

Thursday, December 6, 2007 – Jane Desmond (University of Illinois –
Champaign Urbana) presents: "Unexpected Virtuosity and the Dancing

Friday, December 7, 2007 – Anna Beatrice Scott (University of  
California --
Riverside) presents: “Infinite Auditions: Dance as Data Set and Habit”

Please check out these wonderful contributions and offer your thoughts  
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Darryl Wiggers | 6 Dec 04:58 2007

In Media Res Call for Curators

From: Avi Santo <avisanto <at>>

In Media Res Call for Curators

MediaCommons is currently seeking curators for In Media Res for the  
of January 14, 2008 through May 2, 2008.

Both individual contributions and theme weeks are welcome

If you are interested in curating for IMR, please contact Avi Santo at
asanto <at> for more information.

About In Media Res

Monday-Friday, a different media scholar will present a 30-second to
3-minute clip accompanied by a 250-300-word impressionistic response.  
goal is to promote an online dialogue amongst media scholars and the  
about contemporary media scholarship through clips chosen for either  
typicality or atypicality in demonstrating narrative strategies, genre
formulations, aesthetic choices, representational practices,  
approaches, fan engagements, etc.

MediaCommons is a strong advocate for the right of media scholars to  
from the materials they analyze, as protected by the principle of “fair
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