Janet Staiger | 1 Aug 01:19 2010

CFP--Genre, Music and Sound

posting for Dr Pauline Manley:


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MOVIES, MOVES AND MUSIC: The Sonic World of Dance Films
Edited by Dr Pauline Manley and Dr Mark Evans
Published by Equinox, London

About the Volume

Over the last 40 years, while the musical film has faded from its 
historical high-point to a more isolated and quirky phenomenon, the dance 
film has displayed refulgent growth and surprising resilience. A phenomena 
of modern movie-making, the dance film has spawned profitable global 
enterprises (Billy Elliot), has fashioned youthful angst as sociological 
voice (Saturday Night Fever, Footloose and Dirty Dancing) and acted as a 
marker of post-modern ironic camp (Strictly Ballroom). This modern genre 
has influenced cinema as a whole in the ways bodies are made dimensional, 
in the way rhythm and energy are communicated, and in the filmic capacity 
to create narrative worlds without words.

Emerging as a distinct (sub) genre in the 1970s, dance film has been 
crafting its own meta-narrative and aesthetic paradigms that, nonetheless, 
display extraordinary variety. Ranging from the experimental, 'you are 
there' sonic explorations of Robert Altman's The Company and the brutal 
energy of David La Chappelle's Rize to the lighter 'backstage musical' form 
displayed in Centre Stage and Save the Last Dance, this genre has garnered 
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Darcey West | 1 Aug 20:26 2010

In Media Res-Lady Gaga's Gender/Queerness

This week's In Media Res special theme week is called Lady Gaga's Gender/Queerness. Here's the line-up:


Monday August 2, 2010 – Jessalynn Keller (University of Texas at Austin) presents: “I’m not a
feminist… I love men”: Rethinking Lady Gaga’s Postfeminist Rhetoric and its Potential for Social Change

Tuesday August 3, 2010 – Kirsty Fairclough (University of Salford, United Kingdom) presents:
Mainstreaming the Avant-garde: Gender and spectacle at GAGAKOH

Wednesday August 4, 2010 – Madison Moore (Yale University) presents: Lady Gaga and the High Heels of New Feminism

Thursday August 5, 2010 – Karin Sellberg and Michael O’Rourke (University of Edinburgh and
Independent Colleges of Dublin) present: Lady Gaga’s Phallicity

Friday August 6, 2010 – Dom Nasilowski (Concordia University) presents: Answering the Feminist Call:
Lady Gaga’s "Telephone" as Pop Art

  To receive links for each day’s posts and see our latest calls for curators, please join our Facebook group:

  You can also follow us on Twitter at  <at> MC_IMR.


  In Media Res is dedicated to experimenting with collaborative, multi-modal forms of online scholarship.

  Each day, a different scholar will curate a 30-second to 3-minute video clip/visual image slideshow
accompanied by a 300-350-word impressionistic response.

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Imre Szeman | 2 Aug 07:48 2010

CFP: Rewriting Lyotard

fyi, imre

Call for Papers

Rewriting Lyotard Conference

University of Alberta
February 11-13, 2011

The last few years have seen a resurgence in scholarship on Jean-François Lyotard, including a series of
recent and on-going translations of his work into English (Enthusiasm, Discourse, Figure), the
bi-lingual five-volume Writings on Contemporary Art and Artists, and a number of recent publications of
essays on his work in both French and English (Minima Memoria, Gender After Lyotard, Les Transformateurs
Lyotard, and the collection in French entitled simply Lyotard).

With this conference, we aim to further this interest and foster its development by bringing together the
disparate community of scholars working on various facets of Lyotard's thought. Writers and artists
interested in Lyotard’s philosophy are also welcome. In “Rewriting Modernity”, Lyotard takes up the
notion of “rewriting” as a way of avoiding the periodization inherent in the term “postmodern”. He
links the act of re-writing to the process of “working through” the event - including the event of
reading itself. By framing this conference around the concept of re-writing, we invite scholars from
various disciplines to share their workings-through and re-writings of Lyotard's texts, ideas, and
concepts. We thus not only seek to pay tribute to his work, but challenge and engage in dialogue with his
philosophies and, as he repeatedly invited his readers to do, explore how we might think differently,
think otherwise, and think on radically new terms.

Taking as our focus the forthcoming collection of essays on Lyotard's later writings, “Jean-François
Lyotard: New Encounters”, we are particularly interested in papers addressing the “later” themes
and works, but other topics on Lyotard are also welcome. Areas of interest might include, but are not
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Sophie Sunderland | 2 Aug 11:19 2010

CFP: Special edition of Cultural Studies Review - "Secular Discomforts: Religion and Cultural Studies"

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Call for papers: "Secular Discomforts: Religion and Cultural Studies." 
Special edition of Cultural Studies Review

Guest co-editors: Sophie Sunderland (University of Western Australia); Holly Randell-Moon (Macquarie University)

Secularisms shape the way in which religion is placed in community, challenged politically, and lived
privately and publicly. Whilst Cultural Studies has long focused on the micropolitics of everyday life
that shape discourses in intimate, relational, sensual and politically charged ways, secularism has
largely escaped attention. The need to challenge the conceits of secularism is indicated in Stuart
Hall's keynote address for the 2007 'Cultural Studies Now' conference. Reflecting on the importance of
the politics of representation, Hall argued that Cultural Studies' next challenge was to explain why an
Islamic fundamentalist movement has so far constituted the only significant opposition to neo-liberal
 So what keeps secularism in the Cultural Studies closet? And, more importantly, what complications are
set in motion when 'doing Cultural Studies' with religion? This issue heeds Hall's call for Cultural
Studies' engagement with the politics of religion and neo-liberal capitalism from the perspective of
discomfort. Whilst discomfort signals uncertainty and change, it is also a catalyst for exploration,
enquiry, anxiety and frustration. What might make explorations of religion and secularism
uncomfortable, undesirable, unorthodox, and perhaps unnamable? What privileges accompany closeting
the religious body, or the secular body? What forms of disquiet and discomfort create 'religious' and
'secular' responses in the media and political sphere? What might it mean to be 'relaxed and comfortable'
in relation to the religious? How do specific cultural, political and corporeal economies position
intellectual engagements with the secular and religious? What do representations of religion
communicate about living religion, living secularism, and doing Cultural Studies?

Possible areas of analysis include:

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Michael Filimowicz | 2 Aug 22:31 2010

Second Call for Papers, Presentations and Works: CINESONIKA 2010

Second Call for Papers, Presentations and Works: CINESONIKA 2010

Venue: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia

Keynote Speaker: Don Ihde

CINESONIKA: The First International Film and Video Festival of Sound Design is extending its deadline for
the conference component to Sept 6th. 

We are seeking interdisciplinary contributions on sound in relation to the moving image. Media thinkers,
film scholars, art historians, performance theorists, composers, filmmakers, sound practitioners,
multimedia semioticians, philosophers of perception - we invite these and others to submit proposals
for 20 minute panel presentations. All accepted submissions will be considered for inclusion in a
special issue of The Soundtrack journal (Intellect books), 1000-3000 words for short articles,
5000-6000 for long papers.

Submitting to the Conference:

Please write "Cinesonika - Paper Submission" in the subject heading.

EXTENDED Deadline for Abstracts (under 500 words): Sept 6th, 2010.

Please submit your abstract and short bio both as an attachment (.doc or .pdf) and also pasted into the body
of your email submission, to info <at> cinesonika.com

For information on submitting audiovisual work to the festival, please visit:


Important Dates:
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Jaimie Baron | 3 Aug 18:29 2010

CFP: Reimagining the Archive (Update)

Call for Papers and Participation

*Reimagining the Archive: *
*Remapping and Remixing Traditional Models in the Digital Era*
November 12, 13, 14, 2010
University of California, Los Angeles, James Bridges Theater

Symposium - Screenings - Speakers
*Opening keynote - Rick Prelinger*, archivist, filmmaker, founder Prelinger

Digitality has radically and dynamically transformed the role of traditional
archives and museums as repositories for revered, to-be-safeguarded cultural
objects. As de facto archives created by users and industry organizations
proliferate online; as the social engagement and complexity of Web 2.0
culture expand; and as expansive copyright regimes entail ever more
intrusive forms of monitoring and enforcement, archives' traditional
missions of custody and controlled access are being challenged by the new
habits and expectations of scholars, researchers, and the general public

We invite archivists, scholars, educators, technology professionals, and
artists to submit 500-word abstracts for PAPERS, PANELS, PRESENTATIONS,
POSTERS, and DEMONSTRATIONS that explore and examine the wide spectrum of
issues influencing and impacting the evolution of archival access, practice,
technology, and research in the digital era.

Deadline for abstracts is flexible and proposals will be considered as they
are received; preferably before *October 1*.
Abstracts should be submitted to digital <at> ucla.edu.
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green | 4 Aug 01:51 2010



We are inviting academic editorial contributors to the Green Series, a new
electronic reference series for academic and public libraries addressing
all aspects of environmental issues, including alternative energies,
sustainability, politics, agriculture, and many other subjects that will
comprise a 12-title set. Each title has approximately 150 articles (much
like encyclopedia articles) on major themes, ranging from 1,000 to 4,000
words. We are starting the assignment process for articles in Volume 11:
Green Culture with a FINAL submission deadline of September 23, 2010.

This comprehensive project will be published in stages by SAGE eReference
and will be marketed to academic and public libraries as a digital, online
product available to students via the library’s electronic services. The
Series Editor is Paul Robbins, Ph.D., University of Arizona, and the
General Editor for Volume 11 is Kevin Wehr, Ph.D., California State
University - Sacramento. Both editors will be reviewing each submission to
the project.

If you are interested in contributing to this cutting-edge reference, it
can be a notable publication addition to your CV/resume and broaden your
publishing credits. SAGE Publications offers an honorarium ranging from
SAGE book credits for smaller articles up to free access to the online
product for contributions totaling 10,000 words or more.

The list of available articles is already prepared, and as a next step we
will e-mail you the Article List (Excel file) from which you can select
topics that best fit your expertise and interests. Additionally, Style and
Submission Guidelines will be provided that detail article specifications.

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Rosalin Krieger wants to stay in touch on LinkedIn


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Cliff Laine | 2 Aug 13:34 2010

Art world > Culture world

Dear All

I was wondering if anyone could just remind me who took the Danto /
Becker / Dickie concept of the artworld and developed it a bit into
something she (?) called a culture world. I think it was a female art
critic.  She's mentioned in Johnathan Harris's The New Art History but
I'm not at Uni today and can't look it up.

If this rings a bell with someone I'd be grateful to know who it was.



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