Subhash.Jaireth | 1 Jun 01:16 2005

Shooting during a live tele show


In the seventies (1970s) a female TV journalist/presenter in the USA shot
herself during a live show. I was wondering if some one can lead me to more
information about the incident. 



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>>Hello all.  I've heard that Edward Said often made reference to the
>>concept of 'pessimism of the intellect; optimism of the will'
>>associated with Gramsci and the  early Italian communist party.  Is
>>anyone aware of extended, contemporary discussions of the
>>phrase/idea--by Said or others?  I'm also interested in discussions
>>of the  pessimism/optimism themes that make no reference to the
>>Gramscian motto.  Thanks for any leads.
>I really like the series of interviews (w/ Julia Kristeva, Mouffe/Laclau,
>Ghassan Hage, Gayatri Spivak, Brian Massumi, Michel Serres, Isabelle
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david silver | 1 Jun 01:17 2005

new reviews in cyberculture studies (june 2005)

New reviews (found at ) include:

David de Ugarte, 11M. Redes para Ganar una Guerra (Icaria, 2004)
Reviewed (in Spanish and English) by Maria Goicoechea, American University in 

Anthony G. Wilhelm, Digital Nation: Toward an Inclusive Information Society 
(MIT Press, 2004)
Reviewed by John F. Barber, University of Texas at Dallas
Reviewed by John Carr, University of Washington

Marie-Laure Ryan, ed., Narrative Across Media: The Languages of Storytelling 
(University of Nebraska Press, 2004)
Reviewd by Jessica M. Laccetti, University of London

Robert O'Harrow, Jr., No Place to Hide: Behind the Scenes of Our Emerging 
Surveillance Society (Free Press, 2005)
Reviewed by Lisa Smith, American Humanist Association


david silver

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nebula | 1 Jun 11:22 2005

Nebula: Generalist/All Topics (8/22/05; online publication, issue #6)

Nebula invites readers to peruse its latest issue, Nebula 
2.2, which is now online with unrestricted access at .  You might also like to view our 
archives as well as the Special Project CFP, both of which 
are available through the website.  We now invite 
submissions for Nebula 2.3.  Please submit your intended 
contribution by August 22, 2005 to be considered for 
inclusion in this issue. 

Nebula is an online academic periodical which is interested 
in all things intellectual with the intention of providing a 
platform for interdisciplinary reading.  Unlike other 
academic periodicals, Nebula is not limited to one Faculty 
or subject.  We accept academic articles from any discipline 
provided that these are written in non-specialist language 
and in a manner that appeals to a broad audience.  Nebula 
also publishes intellectual writings that may not 
necessarily meet the generic conventions of an academic 
article.  In addition, we encourage academics and 
intellectuals to participate in a public debate as regards 
world politics.  We particularly welcome submissions of a 
marginal or “against the grain” nature and those that 
heavily interrogate popular political ideologies in a sound 
and well-evidenced manner.  Writings of high calibre that 
are particularly underrepresented in other academic 
periodicals are most welcome for consideration.  Nebula also 
publishes literary and art works and is willing to consider 
any (graphic, cartoon etc.) material, which can be published 
on the world wide web.  Submissions intended for Nebula are 
not limited by a particular house style; we simply ask that 
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Yolie Torres-Garcia | 1 Jun 17:10 2005

UCSD Visual Arts Department and Derrick R. Cartwright, June 3, 2005

You are invited to the UCSD Visual Arts Department  Informal Open 
Conversation with:

Derrick R. Cartwright
Executive Director
San Diego Museum of Art

Come to meet Derrick R. Cartwright and discuss possibilities between UCSD 
and the San Diego Museum of Art regarding future programs and potential new 
collaborations.  Mr. Cartwright will present his vision for the museum, 
followed by a few slides of forthcoming exhibitions, and a question/answer 

Date:           Friday, 06.03.05

Location:       Visual Arts Facility (VAF) Seminar Room

Time:           1:00 p.m.

This is a great opportunity to form a liaison and brainstorm.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by replying to this e-mail or by 
calling the number listed below should you require additional information. 
And feel free to bring along a friend.

We look forward to see you there!

Best wishes,
Yolie Torres-Garcia
Executive Assistant to the MSO
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avisanto | 1 Jun 20:33 2005

Flow Volume 2, Issue 5

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that the latest issue of Flow: A critical forum
on television and media culture came out on Friday, May 27. This issue
features columns by Aniko Bodroghkozy, Daniel Marcus, Walter Metz, Jason
Mittell, and Dana Polan.

We have also published a one-shot piece by Kallol Bhattacherjee  and our latest
edition of Pass The Remote, with Jessica Birthisel, Lindsay Bosch, and Beth

Please feel free to visit the journal at to read these
columns and contribute responses to them.

This issue's columns:

Pass the Remote: The iGeneration. Jessica Birthisel , Lindsay Bosch  and  Beth
Bonnstetter provide a consideration of the Internet generation's experience of
human-to-human relations.

North eastern India: Satellite TV's Forgotten Spectator. Kallol Bhattacherjee 
asks "did satellite TV help to change the identity of Northeastern India?"

Media Studies for the Hell of It?: Second Thoughts on McChesney and Fiske. Aniko
Bodroghkozy asks "Why and how do you study media?"

Live Richly, and Prosper. Daniel Marcus asks "What is Citibank selling?"

"Can There Be Television Without Star Trek?". Walter Metz discusses how
canceling shows such as "Enterprise" is akin to amputating parts of our
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Elizabeth Cherry | 1 Jun 21:44 2005

Re: newscaster suicide

Hi Subhash, 

The newscaster was Chris Chubbuck...It took place July 15, 
1974 at 9:38 AM on her show Suncoast Digest. Her last words 
were: "In keeping with Channel 40's policy of bringing you 
the latest in blood and guts in living color, you are going 
to see another first -- attempted suicide." 

I don't know what kind of information you're looking for, 
but apparently there was a 3-page article by Sally Quinn in 
the August 4, 1974 edition of the Washington Post. 

All of this info I got from an internet search. 

Liz Cherry

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>In the seventies (1970s) a female TV journalist/presenter 
in the USA shot
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J Armitage | 2 Jun 09:35 2005

Cultural Politics 1.2

Dear friends and colleagues

Please find below the contents of the latest issue of Cultural Politics, out
now. Please feel free to circulate to appropriate lists and other 
interested parties. Details of subscriptions and manuscript submissions 

Best wishes 

Cultural Politics 
Volume 1, Issue 2 
July 2005 

The Conservative Assault on America: Cultural Politics, Education and the
New Authoritarianism 
Henry A. Giroux 

The New Face of Global Hollywood: Black Hawk Down and the Politics of 
Debbie Lisle and Andrew Pepper 

Distribution and Media Flows 
Sean Cubitt 

Luck, Power, Corruption, Democracy? Judging Arts Prizes 
John Street 

Field Report 
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Douglas Dowland | 2 Jun 21:11 2005

CFP: Psychoanalysis, Community and 20th Century American Literature (7/1/05; APSC, 11/4/05-11/6/05)

(with apologies for cross-postings)

Proposal for Panel

For The Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society

November 4-6, 2005 at Rutgers University

Plenary Speakers: Willy Apollon and Eric Santner

Douglas Dowland, The University of Iowa, Panel Chair

What foundational psychoanalytic tensions are wrought out in the 
representation of community in literature?  This panel seeks examples of 
how psychoanalytic theory and practice illuminates representations of 
communities in modern and contemporary American literature.  Examples from 
all genres of literature, including canonical and non-canonical texts, will 
be considered.  A variety of approaches, including orthodox and unorthodox 
psychoanalytic practices, are appreciated.

Paper proposals should consider how tensions in communities are 
historically and politically influenced and how these tensions may be 
mitigated by the history and politics of psychoanalysis as practiced 
concurrently in America.  In other words, how does "psychoanalysis" 
redefine "community" and how does "community" demand provide a necessary 
contour of psychoanalytic practice?

Papers of a meta-commentary nature will also be considered, including how 
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Melissa Hardie | 3 Jun 05:57 2005

Re: Tourism & Terrorism

Dear List

A Ph.D. student of mine is currently working on the relationship between 
tourism and terrorism, in particular what might be said about the 
tourist and terrorist as migratory/destructive/culturally 
suspect/unsanctioned identities.  Can anyone suggest some useful 
readings for her, particularly in the area of recent work? If you email 
suggestions to me personally, rather than the list as a whole, I promise 
I will in turn send the list a summarising account of suggestions for 
posterity's archival sake.

Many thanks

Melissa Hardie.

cultstud-l mailing list: cultstud-l <at>

Karl Maton | 3 Jun 15:14 2005


Apologies for asking this on the list.... I'm afraid I've lost the email 
that tells you how to change email address for the list.  Can someone 
remind me how to do this.  Thanks

Karl Maton

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