gary hall | 2 Aug 10:47 2003

Mediactive: New Journal

A new Journal and a new imprint
from Lawrence and Wishart

editor Jonathan Rutherford

MEDIACTIVE is an exciting, ground breaking new journal created by the
new publishing venture Barefoot Publications. MEDIACTIVE
engages with contemporary issues of culture and politics for a non
fiction and academic readership. Its aim is good quality writing and
scholarly work.

Issue 1 is on Knowledge/Culture and aimed at teachers, lecturers and
university students. Published on May 27 it begins where the
majority of its contributors find themselves: in the crisis hit
universities. As the government turns universities into corporations we
the question what kind of education do we want? The issue argues that
New Labour is promoting an 'Ignorance Economy' and analyses
the business takeover of schools, the commodification of journalism and
the future of learning.

Contributors to the Knowledge Issue include: Clare Birchall, Lynda
Dyson, Alan Finlayson, Andrew Goffey, Gary Hall, Glenn Rikowski,
Jonathan Rutherford.

ISBN 085315 9726

Available post-free from Barefoot Publications
c/o Lawrence&Wishart, 99a Wallis Road
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Kate Douglas | 5 Aug 11:03 2003

Update: MCR feature on Musicals

Hollywood to Bollywood: Reviewing the Culture 
of Musicals 

An M/C Reviews feature

Edited by Emma Nelms and Kate Douglas

M/C Reviews would like to invite contributions 
for a reviews feature on the theatrical and 
cinematic significance of musicals.

We will publish a collection of short critiques 
or thought-pieces (each submission should be 
1000 words or less) on the subject of musicals 
(whether film or theatre), as well as reviews 
of particular musicals.

Possible topics include (but should not be 
limited to):

The re-emergence of the musical (from Moulin 
Rouge and Chicago to Dancer in the Dark)
Musical favourites—"hits" and "misses"
Hollywood, Bollywood and European musicals; 
musicals and nationalism; post-colonial and 
postmodern musicals
"Stars" of the musical
Film adaptations of stage musicals
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Daniel Makagon | 5 Aug 17:19 2003

stand-up comedy readings

I'm teaching an Introduction to Speech Communication course in the Fall.
The course is basically a public speaking class but after years of doing
it as a skills course my mind is starting to turn to mush. While student
speeches will still make up the bulk of their graded work, I want to
introduce the students to some alternative conceptions of what it means to
speak in public. The first third of the semester will focus on questions
about public life and democracy. The second third will cover the standard
skills (and alternatives/challenges). The last third will focus on
stand-up comedy. I think stand-up comedy offers us a range of ways to
think about speaking in public as far as race, class, gender, social and
cultural norms, government, and the list goes on.

So, to the point of my e-mail: If you have any recommendations about
possible readings (culled from academic and/or popular sources), could you
please e-mail me *off-list*? I will compile a bibliography and send that
to the list. Similarly, if you've taught a unit on stand-up comedy and
have recommendations about other materials, lessons, etc., I would d
appreciate that as well. Thanks in advance for your help. Take care.

Daniel Makagon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Communication and Cultural Studies
Department of Humanities
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI  49931
(906) 487-3093

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Will Straw | 5 Aug 18:31 2003

Communications Position at McGill


The Department of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University 
invites applications for a tenure-track position in Communications Studies 
at the Assistant, Associate or  Professor level beginning August 1, 
2004.  The applicant must have a PhD and experience in teaching. 
Applications are being sought from those with expertise in the history 
and/or analysis of communications media.  Specific areas of specialization 
might include new media and their uses, the analysis of popular media, and 
the relationship between technology and media forms.  Knowledge of the 
French  language is an asset.  The successful candidate will teach 
postgraduate seminar courses and supervise student theses and projects at 
the MA and PhD levels, and will be expected to contribute to the 
development of new undergraduate programs.  Salary will be negotiable, 
depending on experience and qualifications.   The deadline for applications 
is November 1, 2003. Applications should include a curriculum vitae, a 
statement of teaching and research interests, and two examples of scholarly 
writing.  The candidate should arrange for three letters of reference to be 
addressed to Dr. Will Straw, Acting Chair, Department of Art History and 
Communications Studies, 853 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, Quebec H3A 
2T6.  All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however Canadians 
and permanent residents of Canada will be given priority.   McGill 
University is committed to equity in employment.

Will Straw
Acting Chair
Department of Art History and Communications Studies
McGill University
853 Sherbrooke Street W.
Montreal, QC  H3A 2T6
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Christine Harold | 6 Aug 23:12 2003

cfp: Ethics and the Environment

Special Issue Editors: Kevin DeLuca and Christine Harold, 
University of Georgia

Ethics of Seeing:  Consuming Environments

The title of this special issue was carefully chosen.  
“Consuming environments” can be taken at least two ways.  
First, it addresses a tendency for those of us living in 
industrialized cultures to visually and materially consume 
the natural world.  That is, “nature” often serves the dual 
roles of providing the raw materials of industry as well as 
providing the beautiful scenery in which laborers (as 
consumers) spend their leisure time.  Second, the phrase 
simultaneously addresses the ways in which our cultural 
environments (largely visual in character) promote and 
intensify our roles as consumers.  These cultural 
environments can include commercial media ecologies (e.g., 
television, Internet) as well as physical public landscapes 
that are increasingly saturated by commercial messages and 

“Ethics of seeing” was carefully chosen as well.  As many 
contemporary philosophers have asserted, unlike “morals” 
which describes an a priori commitment to a somewhat static 
set of principles, “ethics” must necessarily emerge out of 
specific situations.  With this in mind, we encourage papers 
that resist the urge to condemn this or that environment or 
practice as “right” or “wrong” and instead explore the 
different constraints, effects, affects, and provocations 
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culture | 7 Aug 19:01 2003

Re: cultstud-l digest: August 06, 2003


That last message on Ethics and the Environment
was completely garbled.
Can you send it again or in another form?


>CULTSTUD-L Digest for Wednesday, August 06, 2003.
>1. cfp: Ethics and the Environment
>Subject: cfp: Ethics and the Environment
>From: Christine Harold <charold <at>>
>Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 17:12:11 -0400
>X-Message-Number: 1
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centime | 10 Aug 04:33 2003

call for papers on social theory

5th International Social Theory Consortium: Toronto 
York University 
June 6th to June 9th 2004
Call for Papers and Panel Discussions 

The purpose of the International Social Theory Consortium and its annual 
conference is to organize the International Social Theory community and to 
provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange on problems in 
contemporary social theory broadly conceived. The conference will be several 
days long, and papers are welcomed from scholars, faculty, and graduate 
students who work in any of the many areas of social theory. In addition, the 
2004 conference will host a day long workshop on the theme of discord. Possible 
areas of exploration for the workshop are: discord as a disenchantment of 
conflict, discord as a deepening of disagreement, and discord as a promise of 
dissonance. We are particularly interested in discord in social thought as well 
as in a critical examination of the artifacts of discord. Conference organizers 
invite submission of 150 word abstracts for papers intended for the discord 
workshop. We also invite submission of abstracts for papers and proposals for 
panels for the general conference. 

Please note the deadline for abstracts for the discord workshop is Sept 15 
2003. Otherwise, please send abstracts by December 20 2003 to The Graduate 
Programme in Social and Political Thought, York University, 4700 Keele Street, 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3, 
discords <at>

If you have questions about wheelchair accessibility contact discrords <at>

For more information see the Social Theory Consortium website: 
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Kembrew McLeod | 13 Aug 22:36 2003

Fox News sues over its trademark "Fair and Balanced"

irony, sweet irony...

Franken Says He Doesn't Mind Fox Lawsuit

The Associated Press
Tuesday, August 12, 2003; 7:56 PM

NEW YORK - Al Franken, the humorist being sued by Fox News Channel 
for use of the phrase "fair and balanced," said Tuesday he doesn't 
mind the legal action.

But he does wish it hadn't happened during his vacation.

Fox sued the former "Saturday Night Live" performer and his 
publisher, the Penguin Group, to stop them from including "fair and 
balanced" in the title of his upcoming book.

Filed Monday in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, the trademark 
infringement lawsuit seeks to force Penguin to rename "Lies and the 
Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right," 
scheduled for release next month. It also asks for unspecified 

Fox News registered "Fair & Balanced" as a trademark in 1995, the lawsuit said.

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jeremy hunsinger | 13 Aug 22:00 2003

a new science war or a new culture war?  is a petition in 
regards to the changes that texas is putting forth for a new biology 
textbook for high schools.  The addition made are primarily adding the 
Intelligent Design theory.  Many people have responded negatively to 
this move by Texas because it has implications for national textbooks, 
as Texas is a major purchaser of texts.  In considering this in 
conjunction with the recent naming of the brights , i think we are seeing a new 
polarization.... any thoughts?
Jeremy Hunsinger
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
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Matt Soar | 14 Aug 06:47 2003

CFP: M/C Journal - "Text"

Hi folks,

Please find below a call for papers for an upcoming issue of the online
journal M/C. Please forward as appropriate; I also apologize in advance for
any cross-posting.

Best wishes,

Matt Soar
Department of Communication Studies
Concordia University

Call for Papers: 'Text'

A forthcoming issue of M/C Journal
Recent issues include 'Fight'; 'Share' and 'Logo'
Other upcoming issues: 'Fibre' and 'Joke'

M/C Journal is an online, blind peer-reviewed journal of media and culture


Catriona Mills (School of English, Media Studies, and Art History,
University of Queensland)
Matt Soar (Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University)

Deadline for submissions: 13 October 2003
Release date: 3 December 2003
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