Jonathan Sudler | 15 Dec 02:55 2014

Re: John Klassen

That "old school" engineering drawing comes from lots of practice. Even the old masters only became
masters after many years of study and practice under the watchful eye of their teachers. 

The reason we have such a plethora of non representational work is because with post modern era, artists
decided to rebel against the centuries old way of doing things in part because the wanted to break with the
rules and discipline.

As we've moved into an era of instant gratification, we are now left with "artists" who cannot fulfill their
art because I don't believe they can draw. Discipline is lacking. And hey, who needs it anyway when you got a
computer that can do it for you, right?

Jonathan Sudler 
Rosalind Hibbins | 10 Dec 20:01 2014

FW: Can you draw?

Hello Larry  I can't draw for toffee.

I can model in clay though, also trace from photographs and adjust to make reliefs.  Also there are  various
measuring and adjusting tricks I've been taught which are invaluable.   Actually even drawing on stone is
less worrying than on paper because the evidence of false lines is so easily destroyed.

I love the fact that when working stone all the mistakes can be made on the way in, and that even something
apparently catastrophic can be salvaged and even give a more interesting result by just turning the angle
in a bit more.

Another advantage of stone is that working it, by hand at any rate, is so slow that no-one bothers to compete
with anyone else, so there is not the humiliation of being bottom of the class for a shared standard exercise.

Mind, I don't claim to be artistic, just to love stone, the act of working it and the beautiful contrasts of
light and shade when it is carved...  It is also delightful to see people happy with the outcome.

All good wishes


> From: larry@...
> Subject: [stone] Can you draw?


Larry Frazier | 10 Dec 19:42 2014

Can you draw?

Most artistic people can draw, at least well enough to sketch out ideas. I can’t. I got started sculpting
because I happened to go to a school that required everyone to take a hands-on art class, and I happened to
get tossed in to the sculptor’s section. Found out I could sculpt, and that I enjoy it. How about you? Care
to share with us? 
| 1 Dec 19:10 2014

Wet electric angle grinder

 Dear All,
I would appreciate some advice re. the Makita adjustable speed electric water fed angle grinder that I am
considering purchasing. I work mostly
on smaller (12"-20" high) pieces of marble. Most of my pieces are very curvy-with tight spaces, and I was
wondering if anyone has experience in using this grinder on similar pieces, and in general.
Thanks in advance for your advice and guidance!

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| 20 Nov 16:53 2014

Pneumatic Hammer

I am in the market for a new pneumatic hammer and I'd like to hear what is your 
favorite and most useful pneumatic hammer?

Mike McHugh

Brian Matheson | 20 Nov 09:10 2014

Jade Symposium

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Hi all, if anyone is in the area there will be a fantastic symposium happeni=
ng in Vancouver this weekend with some very talented artist as well as some e=
xperts in archaeology, mining and gemology.=20

We filmed all year in many locations around the world and Andrew Matheson ha=
s produced a stunning documentary film in regards to these jade carving comm=
unities around the world. Have a wee look

There will be loads to learn from some very experienced folks.

I'm so excited,



Lee Jordan art | 20 Nov 08:30 2014

cuturi jam

good day carvers

my cururi pneumatic hammer is jamming. as I’m working with it the air continues but the piston stops moving.

anyone know the best way to clean it out? I’ve had it for over 20 years and it is a good hammer.

Lee Jordan

Guv | 18 Nov 20:40 2014

My latest work

Here is a link to my Facebook page where my latest work is displayed. This is called
“Celebration” and is an hommage to the first settlers of Longueuil in the mid 1600’s.
Behind the sculpture is a grave that contains the bones of 40 plus people who were buried in the first
graveyard and were unearthed by archeological digs recently <>

Annie Pasikov | 13 Nov 17:39 2014


Darcy, nice seeing your name and seeing you the last few years at the Loveland, Colorado sculpture shows.
Don't know what you need Zimbabwe stone for but I believe they still sell it in Loveland, not sure of contact info.
But Don's suggestion of the local black pearl soapstone is great for you since you live in Virginia and it's
located I think near Charlottesville, Virginia. It is fabulous stone and you could just go pick up a piece
that "speaks to you".
And to the list: I am in the process of legally changing my name, will take some months/a slow process but it
will be Annie Ruby.
Just lost my studio so after 25 years, am not sculpting...hope to still do the occasional piece somewhere,
haven't lost my love for sculpting stone.
Best to all and keep the photos coming...I love seeing what creativity is coming through.
Annie Pasikovsoon Annie Ruby 		 	   		  

darcy meeker | 12 Nov 21:06 2014

Zimbabwe stone

I used to carve Zimbabwe soapStone. Anybody know a source?
Darcy Meeker

Deb Vandenbroucke | 16 Oct 22:21 2014

Keep me subscribed

still need this? I read in bulk

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