Dugo Nore | 13 Apr 10:03 2014

Sources for marble in northern California

  i've been silently on the list for a few years and have recently relocated to Nevada City, California from
southern Arizona. i've been sculpting in marble for 15 years (+/-) and am looking for a source of good
marble in this area...Sierra Nevada, San Francisco bay area/ Sacramento area... I've only found tile and
slab, I'm interested in blocks and rough (natural) stone, various sizes. Does anyone know of a resource in
this area that offers natural carving stone? I"m really missing getting my hands dirty and dusty. 
  Cheers, Dugo Nore

Art is breath.  Can't imagine life without it... Breathe Deep!

Chris Shields | 25 Mar 05:16 2014


Thank you for looking through the emails,  all of them. Lol.  Also thanks for the kind review of the artwork.  I
don't mind the comments about design and gravity and such.  I think that is what makes this list so
beneficial. Actually I am glad that you and others will take the time to share the  hard earned knowledge you
have learned.  

I sort of understand what you are saying about gravity.  At least with smaller figures. 
The few figures I have carved all stand on their own without a supporting object or being attached to a base. 
This is the first figure that I included an external object such as the wings.  The wings (which I did not send
an image of) used to go down to the "floor" and curl around upon themselves providing a sturdy base and
forming a nice triangle with the feet for support.  It stood without a base.  When the first wing broke, the
figure still stood with the other wing and feet.  But when the second wing broke, there was no way to counter
balance the figure and also the weight of the wings.  The figure was leaning back because he could rest on the

To be honest I have no idea how they seem to balance but they have.  And the part about how the grain runs in the
stone and which direction to carve a long object so the weight doesn't snap the piece in half will just not
stick in my brain.  At least not yet.  

I will look up the examples you gave.  Time is running short.  I think I will be finishing him up by Wednesday. 
Then I will have to decide if I have enough time to make something supporting, use a rod support or glue the
one wing back on.  

Lighter note, defying gravity.  Isn't that what angels are supposed to do?  

Chris Shields | 20 Mar 16:46 2014

How to mount a leaning figure sculpture to a base?

Hi everyone.
I was wondering if I could get some tips on mounting a small stone figure to a base.  I carved the figure leaning
back on wings, but one wing broke (I no longer have) and now the second wing has broke.  So that leaves only the
feet touching the base, but center of gravity is leaning backWards.  The ankles are narrow and only one foot
rests completely on the base.  The other foot only the toes touch the base.  Ugh. The sculpture is 14" tall.  

Should I try to put a rod through the narrow leg or is there some other way?  Can work be displayed in a juried
show with a support armature showing?  Sorry I don't know what that support is called.  

Thank you for any advice you are willing to share.

Roger Wing | 5 Mar 18:56 2014

Looking for White Alabaster Source

I am looking for White alabaster.I am in Philadelphia.
Roger Wing                www.rogerwing.com


Gary Grossman | 24 Feb 18:24 2014

bent blade

B - sorry to hear about the bent blade. I can't imagine there's any
solution to this, that won't involve safety (weakened area that will break
at typical grinder speeds) or performance (out of balance blade) issues.
So go an buy a bottle of Tomatin or Tamdhu (if you can find it) and decide
which new blade you want. cheers, g2
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dflan77 | 12 Feb 21:54 2014

pneumatic chisel for lettering?


Has anyone tried or used a pneumatic chisel for lettering?  Does it work?
Thanks for whatever suggestion you can give. 

Mike M. 

Martin | 7 Feb 14:17 2014

restoring the initial aspect of a stone

I dropped this 70 kg Amarillo Fosil sandstone piece and it broke. 


The dark gluing substance is Akemi "Endurecedor" (Hardener). 

How could I restore as best as possible the initial aspect of the stone? Your answers will be much appreciated.



Martin | 7 Feb 14:17 2014

restoring the initial aspect of a stone

I dropped this 70 kg Amarillo Fosil sandstone piece and it broke. 


The dark gluing substance is Akemi "Endurecedor" (Hardener). 

How could I restore as best as possible the initial aspect of the stone? Your answers will be much appreciated.



... | 7 Feb 04:02 2014

Barre/Trow Holden for sale

New Barre ¾ inch B hammer with 3 carbide chisels, hose, valve,
instructions, oil….never used…$350 delivered

Joseph Cowlishaw | 6 Feb 20:29 2014

Introducing myself: Joseph Cowlishaw

I am the new manager of Alpine Gems.  We are the largest supplier of
alabaster stone in the United States.  Our rockyard is located in the
beautiful southern Utah desert town of Summit.

We have around 200 tons of various alabasters currently in stock, with many
unique colors that we mine direct from our quarries.  We carry Translucent
Orange, Translucent Peach, Raspberry, Silvercloud, and other colors. We
also carry Obsidians and Agates.

Our new Virtual
some select pieces of our stone.

I look forward to interacting with members of this list.

Best Regards,

Joseph Cowlishaw
General Manager
Alpine Gems, LLC
(435) 294-1618

VICTOR ORIECUIA | 6 Feb 19:02 2014

Re: requests - scams?

> At 11:16 AM 2/6/2014, Larry Frazier wrote:
> >Others have said "I get these all the time &shy; it's a scam." I don't get them
> >at all. I got this email in 2012, trusted blindly, and all worked fine. Paid
> >by PayPal.
   Has anyone attempted sales using e-currency, ie. Bitcoins?  I havn't done my homework yet, but it seems like
an interesting option.  I think a Bitcoin ATM machine has been set up in Vancouver and Montreal.  It converts
bitcoin to cash and vise-vera.  Any thoughts?

Victor Oriecuia

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