Praveen R. Bhat | 1 Aug 04:54 2008

Re: Mind

praNAm all,

Hari Om, Marko,

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> Dear Praveen!
> 1.How can there be such thing as a seeker which cleans the mind?

Hah! a neat play of words by the mind, my dear friend. Lets get back
to your original mail and analyze the same using your recent Qs:

"The mind will always try to tell you that you are not self-realised
yet. Don't believe it."

Apply your recent Q.1 to this and ask whom the mind will tell? Is that
you as the seeker? If that, the mind is the seeker as per you; then
the mind is telling itself. If it can tell itself, so can it clean
itself, can't it? If its not the mind, then that you are different
from the seeker/ mind? To whom is the mind talking to then? It has got
to be the seeker, different from the mind, who else will listen to the
mind and analyze it? Can the real you listen, etc?

"It will always put new conditions."

To whom? As above again.

self-realisation the mind still works the same old way. It always
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sriram | 1 Aug 18:12 2008

Re: mental effort

I think a guru is definitely an external influence to direct the truth
seeker -sishya-to the correct path pursuing which with sraddha the seeker
realises the truth.If it is construed that the real guru is within oneself
why it is said that when the student is ready ,Guru appears on the
scene?Guru is an external factor only and He only gives right directions to
the yearning and the dedicated.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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> Dear Marco
> I fully agree with you and appreciate your views.
> My Guru Shri. Virajeshwara too says that the real guru is within you and
> the external guru, at the most, can be like sign post directing you to go
> inwards.He also says dissolving the 'Mind' is the only wayout to realize
> with which you loose yourself (ego)and you can call this as even mukthi.
> He always says that there can be many amny teachers who can just reproduce
> what has been read from scriptures, but they always remain mere teachers.
> But Truth can be understood only from those who have experienced and they
> seldom speak.
> When I had been to have his darshan during this vacation, he again
> stressed that there is
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Siva Senani Nori | 1 Aug 07:36 2008

Re: Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj (it is actually about mixing theory and practice)

Pukraj Singhji, praNAm!
> Just a word of caution. Please do not interleave intellectual arguments with
> actual experiences. It is unbecoming of the theorists, intellectuals and
> academicians in the list to imply their ideas to the realm of spiritual
> experiences by positing this or that happens, if and but, contradicting a
> notion by referring a piece of literature. 
- but, why!? Theorists and others must express ideas only if they relate to reality and the practical
experience. Otherwise those ideas are not worth being expressed.
> Thought, speech and language
> suffer from the ultimate dichotomy and are the most imperfect expressions of
> absolutism, be it written by God or mortal. This duality between language
> and consciousness - arising due the expressionistic deficiencies of the
> former and the unfathomable abstractness of the latter can stray us,
> frustrate us, make us write. They are completely different worlds.

- I fully agree with you that concisousness is abstract and that it is difficult to grasp. Since it is
difficult to define exactly, we try to describe something pointing to it, near to it, like it, an
upalakshaNa. The answer is not withdrawal but an effort of better quality.

> I will advise the list members to stick to purely academic and overt
> pursuits and arguments thus preventing any bias or prejudice. If you have an
> experience, share it as experience and do not refer any kind of supportive
> literature how awesome it might be.

- By experience, if you mean stuff dealing with sookshma Sareera, Jonathan Livingston Seagull kind of
manovega, parakAyapraveSa, or as I recently picked up hypnagogic or hypnopompic states, sleep
paralysis, lucid dreams, awakening of kuNDalinee, acquisition of some siddhis and so on, I generally try
to not bother myself too much with such "experiences" or their narrations, and I guess many in the list
might; but that does not mean that others should not share such experiences or try to co-relate them with
'supportive literature'. I mean if anything, the stance which reads prejudice into such acts is
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Siva Senani Nori | 1 Aug 08:04 2008

Re: Advaita-l Digest, Vol 48, Issue 23

Dear Sri Sasidhar Reddy

Welcome to the list!

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> I want the full text of Ribhu Gita in sanskrit version. Can any one let me
> know where to buy it? download it? If it is possible to get Siva Rahasya
> completely thats also a good help in deed for me.

You can find the full text of Ribhu Gita at Do
take some time to explore the Sanskrit Documents website as it is a very rich source of various documents in Sanskrit.

In case you want a critical edition, following is an old message on the list which shows where the Ribhu Gita
is available 

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venkata subramanian venkat_advaita at REDIFFMAIL.COM 
Wed May 7 07:01:36 CDT 2003 
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The Tanjore Manuscript Library (popularly known as the Saraswathi
Mahal Library) has publiblished the Shiva Rahasya Purana
(incomplete as on date) in Sanskrit Devanagari Text.

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Marko Gregoric | 1 Aug 08:15 2008

Thanks to you

Dear friends!
I am self realized. I just want to pay my sincere homage and
gratefullness to your beautifull culture and philosophical treasures
which helped me a lot.
Wish you all the best!



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Siva Senani Nori | 1 Aug 08:27 2008

Re: Question on Kathopanishad bhAshyam

Reverred Sir
Thank you very much for a) the clarifications and b) a practical demonstration of why the bhashyas must be
learnt at the feet of a guru.

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> Question on Kathopanishad bhAshyam
> Dear Shri Murali,
> By the expression "keshAncidbhramaha", which means, "the wrong notion of
> some persons", what is meant is that some may think that the reference to
> manas here is to 'manomayaH purushaH', i.e., the AtmA identified with the
> mind, and not the mind itself. So Anandagiri points out that the reference
> here is to the mind which is made up of the sattva part of the five subtle
> elements and is therefore bhautika.
> The sentence "'annamayam hi somya manaH" appears in chandogya up. VI. 5. 5.
> It means that the mind is made of food. ch. VI. 5. 1 says that the food
> which is eaten gets divided into three parts. The grossest part becomes
> excreta, the less gross part becomes flesh and the subtlest part becomes the
> mind. Thus the mind is a product of food. There is a story there to show
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Marko Gregoric | 1 Aug 12:17 2008


It is still only a concept but it is the closer one I can get to
describe self-realization.



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Sasidhar Reddy | 1 Aug 19:33 2008

Re: Thanks a lot for Ribhu Gita

Dear Senani,

All i can say is thanks which is never bigger than what you have done to me.
This is a community of wonderful souls. Thanks again. Ribhu.

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> Dear Sri Sasidhar Reddy
> Welcome to the list!
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> > From: Sasidhar Reddy kmsasidhar@...
> > I want the full text of Ribhu Gita in sanskrit version. Can any one let
> me
> > know where to buy it? download it? If it is possible to get Siva Rahasya
> > completely thats also a good help in deed for me.
> ?
> You can find the full text of Ribhu Gita at
> Do take some time to
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Marko Gregoric | 1 Aug 20:47 2008

your true self


*That which exists is not your true self. *
*That which doesn't exist is not your self.*

Brahman has no "property" of existing or not-existing because there is no
entity separated from Him which could possibly "observe" so.

Marko Gregoric | 1 Aug 20:56 2008

the verb "to be"


The verb *to be* needs (for its correct functioning) an *object* *which is*or
*which is not* and a subject which can tell so. So  in my opinion we have
here the very seed of duality.

Would somebody agree on this?