Paiste, Marsha S. | 3 Jan 18:03 2012

NETSL Logo Contest Deadline Extended, Eligibility Expanded

New England Technical Services Librarians (NETSL) invites designs for its Logo contest.  The deadline has
been extended to March 2, 2012.  Anyone working in a New England library may participate.  Details are
available at:
Please submit your entry to netslogo <at><mailto:netslogo <at>>

In addition to our admiration and gratitude and regional renown, the winner will be rewarded with a $50<> gift card.

The new logo will be unveiled at NETSL's Spring Conference at the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA,
on Thursday, May 3, 2012.

New England Technical Services Librarians (NETSL) is a section of the New England Library Association
(NELA).  For more information about NETSL visit

We eagerly await your submissions!

Karen Nadeski
NETSL Membership Committee
knadeski <at><mailto:knadeski <at>>

Committee members:

Cindy Weber
Dorothy Alling Memorial Library
Williston, VT
cindy <at><mailto:cindy <at>>

Bethany Pierce
Bridgewater State University
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James Weinheimer | 4 Jan 10:12 2012

Google and Link Spam

"Google's Jaw-Dropping Sponsored Post Campaign For Chrome" by Danny 
Sullivan (Search Engine Land, Jan. 2, 2012)

This article talks about how Google paid a company to add links to pages 
on their sites that point to a specific advertisement about Google 
Chrome. The author of this article says: "The campaign [...] probably 
had instructions that just said people should write about whatever they 
want, positive or negative, with the only requirement being that the 
Chrome video be included as part of their post." The actual problem is 
that the people who added the paid links to their post did not add a 
"rel=nofollow" attribute to the links, which prevents the Google search 
engine from counting it in their page ranking algorithm. This is one of 
the ways that Google attempts to get rid of "link spam", i.e. to prevent 
companies from paying people to increase the number of links to their 
sites, which in turn will raise their ranking in a Google search result. 
J.C. Penney was punished severely for doing this with their "dresses" 
campaign (links are in the article).

The question was: would Google in essence, punish itself for the same 

(By the way, unfortunately, the posting the author mentions appears to 
have been withdrawn, but you can still see it in Google's cache: 
It's curious that the link the author points out in his screen clip "Ah, 
<link>Google Chrome</link>. Where would our online life be without it?" 
is actually *not* a link in the cached version at least, but this is 
beside the point)
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James Weinheimer | 4 Jan 16:23 2012

Cataloging Matters Podcast #13


This is to announce that there is a new Cataloging Matters Podcast, this 
one is entitled "Thoughts on Open Development". It is available at

Please share this with others who may be interested.

*James Weinheimer* weinheimer.jim.l <at>
*First Thus*
*Cooperative Cataloging Rules*

Lundgren,Jimmie Harrell | 5 Jan 14:40 2012

Midwinter Meeting: FSAIG

Dear Colleagues,
You are cordially invited to the 2012 Midwinter meeting of the ALCTS CAMMS Faceted Subject Access Interest
Group (FSAIG). 

Date:   Saturday, January 21, 2012
Time:   4:00-5:30 PM, Location:   DCC - D222

Increasingly users are searching for library materials through "Next Generation Catalogs" or
"Discovery Systems" which provide visible options to limit keyword retrieval sets by subject terms. How
do our current subjects function in this context? Can standards be developed for this? What should they

Please join us at the ALCTS Cataloging & Metadata Management Section Faceted Subject Access Interest
Group Midwinter Meeting as we consider these relatively new questions. Bring along your ideas and
observations and be prepared to share them with the group. 

Jimmie Lundgren 
Associate Chair & Contributed Cataloging Unit Head 
Cataloging & Metadata Dept. 
Smathers Library 
PO Box 117004 
University of Florida 
Gainesville, FL 32611-7004 
352-392-7365 (fax) 
jimlund <at> 

Thomas Krichel | 5 Jan 14:46 2012

conference on "The Value of Unique Scholarly Identifiers to Academics, Institutions and Countries"

  On behalf of the organizers, I am pleased to announce the conference
  "The Value of Unique Scholarly Identifiers to Academics,
  Institutions and Countries". The conference is organized by the
  Association of Lithuanian Serials (see It will
  take place in Parliament of Lithuania (see, in
  Vilnius, Lithuania on February 14th, 2012.

  We think that the topic of researcher identification is relevant not
  only to librarians and publishers but also to researchers of all
  subject areas.  Therefore, the main goal of the conference is to
  explain to the wide academic community how the latest technologies
  have been changing their profile in the scholarly universe and what
  they can expect in the future.

  Well-known speakers will give insight on the future of the scholarly
  universe and the image of academics in it. Read more about the
  conference at

  If you wish to contact the organizers write to Eleonora Dagiene, Chair
  of Council, Director of VGTU Press, eleonora <at>


  Thomas Krichel          
                                               skype: thomaskrichel

Christine DeZelar-Tiedman | 5 Jan 15:14 2012

ALA Meeting Announcement-Cataloging Educators and Practitioners

Bibliographic Control: A Meeting Between Educators and Practitioners
January 20, 2012: 1:30-3:00 PM
Dallas Convention Center, Room C146
Co-sponsored by ALCTS and ALISE

"On the Record", the report of the Library of Congress Working Group on the
Future of Bibliographic Control, stresses the need for an up-to-date
educational preparation of catalogers, metadata specialists, indexers, and
other librarians and information professionals, so that the educational
system will continue to produce professional librarians whose skill sets
match the needs of the marketplace that they will be entering.

To address this issue ALCTS and ALISE are convening a meeting for
librarians involved in bibliographic control (writ large) and educators.
This hour and a half-long forum will feature three speakers, providing
varying perspectives on the current state of cataloging and metadata
education and what cataloging and metadata practitioners need to know in
the workplace. Time will be provided for the speakers to respond to each
others' presentations, and to questions and comments from the audience.

The session will be moderated by *Dr. Arlene G. Taylor*, Professor Emerita
of the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences, and will
feature the following panelists:

*Shilpa Rele*, Digital Program Librarian at Loyola Marymount University in
Los Angeles, CA, and 2009 MLIS Graduate from the University of California,
Los Angeles. As a recent LIS graduate, Shilpa will discuss coursework and
internships that she took during her MLIS program, and how well they
prepared her for her current position.

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Breeding, Marshall | 5 Jan 15:22 2012

ALA meeting announcement: LITA Technology and Industry Interest Group

"Bringing service organizations, vendors, IT providers, librarians, and library technologists
together to discuss industry and technology trends."
The newly organized LITA Technology and Industry Interest will meet at the ALA Midwinter Meeting:
Date: Saturday, January 21
Time: 10:30 - 12 noon
Place: DCC-A303
Co-Chairs: Marshall Breeding (Vanderbilt University), Matt Goldner (OCLC)
The LITA and Technology Interest Group has been constituted to bring together members from companies and
other organizations that produce technology-oriented products and services with members from
libraries that depend on them.   This IG facilitates the partnerships inherent in the relationship
between vendors, including both commercial companies and non-profit organizations and libraries.  It
spans those involved in proprietary and open source software.  These partnerships include involvement
in collaborative development of new technology products, beta testing arrangements, involvement with
API toolkits or other development platform, and a variety of other activities.
Topics that might be addressed by the Interest Group might include:

*         Strategies for strengthening positive relationships between libraries and their technology partners

*         Working toward more coherent API frameworks across heterogeneous product environments

*         Facilitating library involvement at earlier stages of product development

*         Establishing reasonable expectations regarding vendor support and involvement at library
conferences and encouraging libraries to engage with vendors at conferences in ways that increase the
value of the investments made in exhibit rental, receptions, and sponsorships.

*         Plan a program for the Annual Conference that highlights these topics and stimulates a dialog between
libraries and industry representatives.
IG Web site:
E-Mail List:
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Moen, William | 5 Jan 15:56 2012

Web Archiving PhD Funding Support Available

Web Archiving Doctoral Support Funding Available 
Application Deadline February 15, 2012

The University of North Texas College of Information ( is accepting
applications for a 3-year award to support doctoral studies in its Interdisciplinary Information
Science Ph.D. Program ( The IIPC Web Archiving Doctoral Support
Award is made possible by a grant from the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC, The mission of the IIPC is to acquire, preserve and make accessible knowledge
and information from the Internet for future generations everywhere, promoting global exchange and
international relations.

The College of Information is collaborating with two members of the IIPC in providing a high-value,
high-impact doctoral experience for the selected student. The overarching goal for this initiative is
to build capacity in the academy to train and prepare future researchers and faculty members to address
the multifaceted challenges of preserving and using web archives. Two IIPC members - University of North
Texas Libraries ( and the Internet Archive ( -
will provide opportunities for hands-on practice and research to supplement and complement rigorous
coursework. The awardee will also be directly engaged in activities of the IIPC. This award will be made by
April 1, 2012 to a qualified applicant to begin the Ph.D. program in Denton, Texas, 
 in Fall 2012.

The IIPC Web Archiving Doctoral Support Award includes the following funding, totaling approximately
$40,000 per year in financial support:

-- Annual scholarship to offset travel, lodging, and other living costs, as well as expenses related to
coursework and study (e.g., books); provided by IIPC.

-- Graduate Academic Tuition Scholarship ( that will cover
all tuition and mandatory fees; provided by the UNT Toulouse School of Graduate Studies and the College of Information.
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Christopher Cronin | 5 Jan 20:53 2012

ALA Midwinter Meeting: ALCTS Heads of Cataloging Interest Group

The Heads of Cataloging Interest Group will meet on Monday, January 23, 2012, 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. (Dallas
Convention Center, D-171). The theme for our discussion is "Developing Service-Oriented Models for
Cataloging and Metadata," and we are delighted to be joined by a distinguished panel of speakers:

Jee Davis (University of Texas) & Jina Wakimoto (University of Colorado, Boulder), "Cataloging IS a
Public Service: Repositioning Cataloging and Metadata Services":  The current environment of library
cataloging and metadata services is one of constant change and adaptation in face of changing standards
and technologies, staffing reductions, budgetary constraints, and shifting priorities, to name but a
few.  The speakers will discuss various challenges they have confronted as heads of cataloging and
metadata services departments and turning them into opportunities: dealing with change in their
institutions; repositioning their departments through assessment and redesign of workflows;
overcoming resistance by cataloging staff and motivating them to adapt; and building relationships
with other areas of the library. The speakers will also identify what they perceive as future challenges
and will discuss their ideas to meet the new demands on cataloging and metadata services.

Teressa Keenan (University of Montana), "Charting a Course with NOMAP:  Integrating Metadata Workflows
into a Traditional Cataloging Unit":  Recent collaboration between the Department of Native American
Studies and the Mansfield Library at the University of Montana and the Smithsonian Institution to
digitize primary source documents related to the various tribes of Montana created an opportunity for
expanding the scope of work done by catalogers at the library.  To date there have been more than 35,000
documents digitized and made available on the Montana Memory Project, Montana's Digital Library and
Archives website ( 
This presentation will focus on the metadata creation portion of the project.  It will describe how
metadata creation was integrated into the daily workflows of traditional catalogers; the additional
training that was required for staff; and the impact of the project on the productivity of the department. 
There will be an analysis of what worked well and what didn't as well as plans for improving the process and
better integrating both traditional and non-traditional cataloging practices within the department.

Jennifer O'Brien Roper (University of Virginia), "Envisioning Culture Shift: Building a Strategic
Framework for Service Oriented Cataloging":  Identification of mission, vision and goals are the basis
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Massey, Susan | 5 Jan 23:16 2012

ALA Midwinter 2012 Meeting Announcement: Cataloging & Classification Research Interest Group

You're invited to attend the ALCTS CaMMS Cataloging & Classification Research Interest Group at ALA Midwinter
Topic: Traditions and Transitions in Batchloaded Catalog Data
Date:  Sunday, January 22, 2012
Time: 10:30 am - Noon
Location: Dallas Convention Center A306

In the current economic climate, libraries must adopt cost-effective methods to facilitate access to
collections. Vendor-provided records enable access to individual titles when batch-loaded into the
catalog, but often have substantial quality issues. In this year's meeting, CCRIG explores the
benefits, challenges, and best practices for batch-loading vendor catalog records.  Following the
presentations, there will be an opportunity for audience questions and a panel discussion of issues by
the presenters.

"Batchloading: Current Practices and Future Challenges: A Survey of Large Research Libraries,"
presented by Rebecca L. Mugridge, Head, Cataloging and Metadata Services, Penn State University Libraries.
The presentation reviews survey results showing how batchloading records for access to digital
collections can impact staffing, budgets, workflow, and quality standards.  The data also examines how
batchloading activities are managed within libraries, how information technology issues support
and/or hinder batchloading activities, and how libraries assess the effectiveness of batch loading.

"Quality Issues in Vendor-provided Records for E-books," presented by Stacie Traill, Cartographic and
E-Resources Cataloging Coordinator, University of Minnesota Libraries, and Chew Chiat Naun,
Cataloging Strategist, University of Minnesota Libraries.
The University of Minnesota Libraries documented and analyzed types of errors in vendor-supplied 
batchloaded records for electronic book collections.   This presentation describes specific error
types detected and the methods developed for identifying and correcting errors, including use of the
MARCEdit tool. It also discusses unresolved issues in quality control for batchloaded records, and
proposes some potential larger-scale solutions.

"Fast, but Accurate?  Pitfalls of Batch Metadata Editing," presented by Kathryn Lybarger, Coordinator of
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