Mike Padlipsky | 23 Nov 23:13 2004

rfc 666

in honor of the 30th anniversary of its original publication, coming up 
this friday, a 'director's cut' of rfc 666 has been made available by its 
author at


since getting it formatted for an 'official' posting of it will probably 
take so long that even the 31st anniversary might not be a realistic 
goal.  [but, hey, at least it's finally been scanned and ocr'd, even if the 
author did have to do it myself.]

cheers, map

[whose shoulder problems caused him to break down some time ago and create 
a 'signature' file to apologize for the lack of his formerly customary 
e-volubility -- and who's been employing shiftless typing for a long time 
now to spare his wristsnfingers, in case you didn't know ... and who's 
further broken down and done http://www.lafn.org/~ba213/mapstuff.html , 
rather grudgingly]