Call for papers: Studies in South Asian Film and Media, special Science Fiction issue

*Call for Papers:* *Studies in South Asian Film and Media**, Special Issue on Science Fiction in South Asian Film, Media, Arts and Literature.* Although science fiction has been a popular literary genre in several South Asian languages it has received little critical attention. The absence is even more acute in the areas of cinema, theatre, radio, television, the visual arts, and new media. This lack of scholarship leads to the misassumption that science fiction has been of little consequence to the South Asian literary, cinematic and artistic imaginations. However, this has hardly been the case, as one realizes from the popularity of vernacular science fiction over at least two centuries of literary history. In more recent times,cinema, painting, installation art, graphic novels, plays, as well as radio and television series have drawn upon science fiction to generate new inquiries into time, space, history and memory, raising on tological questions about technology?s interface with the contemporary world. This issue is an attempt to recover and assess the histories and imaginaries of science fiction in South Asia across a diverse range of mediatised, artistic and literary forms. It marks a small step towards calibrating the region?s scientific and technological imagination outside of a developmental paradigm. We seek to solicit contributions from scholars, filmmakers, artists, writers, as well as sci-fi enthusiasts offering historical and critical perspectives on significant texts, individuals, institutions, and themes that have shaped the cultural and artistic expression of science fiction across South Asia. *Dates and Submissions policy* Please write to rashmi.sawhney-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org or aartiwani-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org to discuss your ideas. Abstracts of 500 words along with an author bio should be emailed to us by the *5th of November 2014*. In addition to critical essays of 6000-8000 words, we also welcome shorter creative pieces of 2000-4000 words in the form of interviews, photo essays (B/W), speculative pieces, translations of short stories, and artists? reflections on science-fiction influenced work. The deadline for the first draft is *30th January 2015*. All contributions will be peer-reviewed and the final submission will be due by *30thMarch*. The issue will be published by *June 2015*. All copyrights are to be cleared by the authors. Guidelines to the Intellect house-style are available at http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/MediaManager/File/style%20guide(journals)-1.pdf . Do please circulate - thanks! Best, Rashmi ---- Dept. of Cinema Studies School of Arts and Aesthetics Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi 110067

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THE FD CARTOON FILMS ( PART 1 ) at "THE fd ZONE" on 25 OCT 2014, 4 PM <at> Films Division, Mumbai


"THE fd ZONE" is happy to bring you an extensive selection of animation films made by the Cartoon Film Unit of Films Division. These will be screened over two sessions, on 25th October and 8th November, 2014.

The films reflect the preoccupation of the state organisation and its use of the very specific medium of the cartoon film to reinforce the desired messages. The films also reflect the development of different styles of animation in the first few decades of Indian cinema history, with names that appear with regularity in the FD catalogue: Govind Saraiya, Pramod Pati, Dilip Jamdar, VG Samant, Ram Mohan and Bhim Sen. The attempt was to adapt the western technique of animation and Indianise it in terms of the characters' appearance and movement and apply them to the very specific context of the growing nation.

The Cartoon Film Unit was later named the Animation Unit and continued to make nation-building and public service spots, 'quickies' as they were called, many of which became a part of our collective consciousness through their dissemination on Doordarshan and now on the internet. The film will be presented in chronological order over two sessions, two weeks apart.


1949, 7 min, English, B/W, Rajbans Krishan

This cartoon film attempts to acquaint people with preventive methods of fighting disease. It emphasises the necessity of ensuring cleanliness and countering superstition, the scourge of the masses.

1958, 9 min, English, B/W, Govind Saraiya

The metric system was introduced in India from October 1, 1958. This system is meant to standardize all weights and measures and simplify transactions. This documentary, done entirely in animation, gives a very interesting picture of the earlier chaos in weights and measures and explains how the metric system has been introduced to simplify calculations.

1961, 9 min, English, Colour, Pramod Pati

This cartoon film, presents in a nutshell, with the help of animated maps and diagrams, some geographical and economic facts about India. It shows how the people of India under the Five Year Plan Projects are striving to achieve a fuller and better life for all.

1962, 11 min, English, B/W, Pramod Pati

By observing simple rules of hygiene and sanitation, sickness and disease can be banished and this is what the cartoon, meant for audience in rural areas, attempts to depict. While explaining the two important aspects of rural sanitation - clean and safe drinking water and the use of sanitary latrines, the film also depicts the proper methods of constructing sanitary wells and latrines.

1965, 4 min, English, B/W, Govind Saraiya

This film brings out the importance of family planning. It shows a happy family life in a comfortable home where all the children are properly looked after by both the patents.

1966, 5 min, B/W, English

The benefits of vasectomy are stressed in this film as the answer to family planning.

1968, 7 min, English, B/W, Dilip Jamdar

This short quickie is in praise of dignity of labour. The idea is based on a tale from the Ramayana.

1971, 6 min, English, Colour, Govind Saraiya

There are quite a large number of travellers who do not care to purchase a ticket while travelling by railways. This is an offence and the film cheating the railways and the nation.

1971, 6 min, English, Colour, Leo Lionni 

This animation film is based on Mr. Leo Lionni's children's book"Swimmy". The theme of the film is unity.


Date and time:
25th October 2014, 4 pm

RR II Theater
6th floor
Phase II Building
Films Division
Pedder Road

All screenings at The FD Zone are free and open to all. 
Entry is on first come first served basis.

Upcoming programmes at "THE fd ZONE" Mumbai
31st and November 1st and 2nd - "Our Lives to Live' film festival, courtesyIAWRT.
November 8th - The FD Cartoon Films ( Part 2 )


"THE fd ZONE" team

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Chennai Monthly Screenings: October 2014

Chennai Monthly Screenings: October 2014

Organised by MARUPAKKAM

On 25 Oct; at 6 pm

At Panuval Book Shop, Thiruvanmiyur

Guest Speakers:

Prasanna Ramaswamy, filmmaker

Ravi Subramaniyan, writer, filmmaker

Susithra Thanigaivelan, journalist


Mini Hari


Sama – Muslim Mystic Music of India

Dir: Shazia Khan:  52mins: Documentary: Multiple Indian regional Languages; 2013; India

SAMA is the story of Indian Islamic Music, born out of a union of Indian and Islamic traditions, more than a thousand years ago. It explores the intermingling of these, in both form and content, to become a truly magnificent sound.

The Muslim mystics have always upheld a revered position across the country, particularly for their indispensable impact on various musical traditions in India. While traditionally the Muslim mystics are associated with Sufism, their cultural influence transcends all religious and geographical boundaries. The principles and values of finding god in oneself, a sentiment reverberated in prayers within Hinduism and Buddhism as well, provides an inter-religious umbilical cord to variation of hybrid sounds that continue to influence of the mystic musical traditions across India.

The Film explores the Islamic music traditions in India and portrays how they have borrowed and taken inspiration from the culture of the India, in both form and content, to become a truly magnificent sound. The Film discovers that connection which allows the artiste to become one with the creator and experience peace, calm, serenity and joy.

We welcome you all!

Amudhan R.P.


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5th Siliguri International Short & Documentary Film Festival

Dear Friends,

If you and/or your friend have made a short fiction or documentary in 2012-14 within a duration of maximum 30 minutes, please send it to the 5th Siliguri International Short & Documentary Film Festival (Competitive, 15-17 Nov 2014). Just copy the following entry form in a plain paper, fill it up, sign and send with two DVDs of your film to the following address. Entry fee: Rs.200. Deadline: 30 October 2014.

5th Siliguri International Short & Documentary Film Festival;
General Secretary, Siliguri Cine Society;
Himalayan Nature and Adventure Foundation;
Nivedita Market, Hospital Road;
Siliguri - 734001; West Bengal, India;
Ph: +913532430856.
Mobile: 09434233833.
Mail: <pradipnagslg-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>

Entry Form:

1. Title of the Film in Original Language / English:
2. Fiction / Documentary:
3. Year of Making / Country / Language / Duration:
4. Festivals Participated / Awards Won:
5. Name / Address / E-mail id / Mobile No. of Director/ Producer:
6. Synopsis of the Film (Max.60 words):
7. Director's Bio (Max.60 words):
8. Authorization with Signature:

Premendra Mazumder
Vice President,Federation of Film Societies of India
Mob: +91 9830140517

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SCRIPT International Short Film Festival

Dear Patron/ Film Maker,


 I had written to you last year regarding SCRIPT International Short Film Festival. The Fifth Edition of the Festival SCRIPT 2015 is scheduled at Fidelity Theatre, IMA House, Kochi on 20 and 21 Feb 2015. SCRIPT stands for Social and Corporate Responsibility International Promotional Theatre. The Festival is organized by the Rotary Club of Cochin Metropolis in association with Rotary District 3201. The Festival aims to highlight the Clubs humanitarian efforts in adopting Kothad Village a backward island village off Kochi and generate Corporate and organizational Support for the same. The Club has adopted a multipronged approach to development of the island community in terms of Geriatric Care, Education, Drug Rehabilitation, Employment Generation, etc.


SCRIPT 2015 focuses on socially relevant short films and documentaries of a maximum of 30 min duration. SCRIPT 2015 is supported by the Indian Documentary Producer’s Association (IDPA) and Public Service Broadcasting Trust (PSBT). The festival is also registered with the International Film & Festival Organisation. The Kuala Lumpur International Short Film Festival and Curtas da Ribeira Grande Festival in Portugal have become a partner Festival for this event. The categories of competition are : -

1.    Film Makers

2.    International

3.    Documentaries

4.    Students (Should produce certificate from College)

5.    Mini/ Ad films (with  social message) (Max 2 min)

There will be a first Prize of Rs 25,000 and a second Prize of Rs 15000/- in each category, alongwith the Golden Halo Award. Special Jury Awards will be given where deserving.   The last date for Registration is 01 Dec 2014. This time a token entry fee has been instituted and details are in the RULES section in the website, as well as on the registration form when downloaded. Registration should be done online, but filled registration forms with signature should be submitted along with the two copies of CDs/ VCDs  of Films.  Publicity material like posters and stills can be submitted once the final selections are announced. The address to which films should be send is “SCRIPT 2015, Mathewsons Building, Near St Antony’s Church, Kaloor, Kochi – 682017, Kerala, India Mob : +91-9895323777.”


For Details of rules and previous year’s results, please visit www.scriptfilmfest.in.  Those who are on Facebook, please join the SCRIPT short Film Festival Group https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=127560387274236


I have a special request to you as a well wisher of SCRIPT Film Festival. Kindly spread the word about the SCRIPT Short Film Festival among you friends, peers and members of the film fraternity. This is for a social cause and we will remain ever grateful to you.

Jacob Isaac
Technical Director SCRIPT 2015

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D.I.Y. Film Workshop by Revolucinema [1 Attachment]

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From: "revolu cinema" <revolucinema-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>
Date: 17 Oct 2014 11:09
Subject: D.I.Y. Film Workshop by Revolucinema
To: "Surya Dash" <dash.suryashankar-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>

No-holds barred. Extreme. Rigorous. 6 Day Campsite Film Workshop in a Forest.

How to Make a Film No Matter What.

If You Are Dying to Make a Film You Got to Do It Yourself !!

14 - 19 Feb 2015, Odissa

Rs. 15, 000 per participant (food, water, shelter included)

Films emerging from the workshop will be screened at the Bring Your Own Film Festival in Puri (21 - 25 Feb)

Limited Seats. Apply Now.

Write to revolucinema-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org why you would like to be part of this and the most fiery applicants will be chosen.

Unleash the Cinema Beast in You !!


Attachment(s) from surya dash.suryashankar-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org [docuwallahs2] | View attachments on the web

1 of 1 Photo(s)

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Film Site

Hi friends
Films For liberation  www.filmsforliberation.com  is the  India’s only film based website which aims at to promote film writing , review  culture on popular and offbeat cinema . though there is no dearth of  writings on Cinema  , but  all  articles ,reviews are race , culture centric  ultimately cant be defined cross- sectional as Cinema is itself  posses a universal language .
It  is just an endeavour  in this direction all friends are requested to send their articals , documentary links  , reviews   with photo etc. all will be published  free of cost



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A petition for safeguarding 'foreign artists' in Bollywood

Dear all 

Some of you may have read about the threat to the foreign (read Pakistani) artists working in Mumbai's film/TV industry by an industry union called CINTAA (Cine and Television Artistes Association) in the wake of the Indo-Pak border skirmishes. (Please see the links at the bottom which explain what's going on). Following is a petition that some of us have evolved to send to CINTAA. You may like to sign this petition if you agree with it. You may also forward this others who might be interested in supporting this:

An Appeal to members of Cine and Television Artistes Association (CINTAA) and others in Indian film industry
It has come to the notice of the undersigned (through recent news reports – see links at the bottom) that the members of CINTAA and some others in the Indian film industry are objecting to the participation of artists from foreign countries, especially Pakistan, in Indian movies and television. Among the reasons given for this objection and calls for a ban on Pakistani artistes are (1) that the foreign artistes lack the specified visa and (2) the current border tensions that Pakistan is having with India. Some members of CINTAA and other individuals have also made statements such as “...Pakistan has not been kind to Indian artistes and their artistes come and take away our people’s work here” or “...Pakistani artistes should not be allowed to work in Bollywood as India has great talent and there is no need to look across the border”. There are also reports of a certain new movie being stopped from release as it features a Pakistani artist.

The undersigned would like to lodge a strong protest against this attitude of narrow nationalism in India’s entertainment industry, and would like to request everyone to welcome and support international artistes, regardless of their nationality, as long as they follow the required Indian visa rules. We are definitely in favour of the artistes complying with Indian laws of immigration and work permit etc., but monitoring its compliance should be left to the Indian government authorities. How can a private entity such as CINTAA dictate terms to the artistes without taking into account the larger opinion of the Indian arts and entertainment industry, and of course, the audience?

We appeal to CINTAA and the entertainment industry at large to shun this unnecessarily jingoistic attitude and welcome great talent wherever it may come from. After all, Indian cinema and television is as much popular (and profitable) outside India (including Pakistan) as it is within the country. A large number of Indian movie scenes are being filmed in foreign locales, and the presence of ‘foreign-looking’ faces, especially in the songs, do fascinate the majority of Indian audiences. Large chunk of profits on recent Indian movies are being earned from outside India. (Salman Khan’s 'Kick' was the all-time highest earning movie in Pakistan). Indian artistes and technicians are working in film industries all over the world, including Hollywood. Pakistan’s recent film 'Zinda Bhag' had an Indian cinematographer, sound designer, editor and even actors. There is even some Hollywood animation work that is being outsourced to India. In such a thriving globalized market, how can we have such a narrow attitude? Also, good talent from abroad (especially Pakistan) should only add to the competitiveness, thus improve our own talent, rather than affect the earnings of Indian artists. In fact, such a narrow parochial attitude on the part of Indian associations would ultimately be counter-productive, as it might discourage international productions that often work with a mix of Indian and foreign talent to shoot in India. We appeal to CINTAA and all other stakeholders in the entertainment industry to work towards keeping the doors of art and creativity open for cross border flows, even if our governments and armies are in conflict. This would go a long way towards building a climate of peace in the region.

Signatories so far:
Yousuf Saeed, New Delhi
Shohini Ghosh, New Delhi
Shashwati Talukdar
Anand Patwardhan, Mumbai
Iram Ghufran, New Delhi
Paromita Vohra, Mumbai
Anjali Monteiro, Mumbai
K.P.Jayasankar, Mumbai
Saba Dewan, New Delhi
Chintan Girish Modi, Mumbai
Subuhi Jiwani
Yogendra Jawadekar, Mumbai
Chandita Mukherji, Mumbai

Please send your name to me to add to this list. This petition can be also be signed at http://www.indianvoice.org/allow-foriegn-artists-and-talent-to-petition.html
Or http://noborderforartist.blogspot.in/2014/10/an-appeal-to-members-of-cine-and.html

See the following reports for further details:
CINTAA doesn't want foreign artistes in Indian films, Mukesh Bhatt opposes move

Pakistan artists in trouble: BJP to oppose the release of Ali Zafar's ‘Kill Dil’

Yash Raj Films 'Kill Dil' faces release threat over tensions in LoC

Indians protests against Pakistani actors to work in Bollywood

Cintaa to take movement opposite Pakistani artistes in Bollywood

CINTAA to take action against foreign, Pakistani actors

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Fwd: REMINDER: Vikalp <at> Alliance: BEING BHAIJAAN Screening on Friday, Oct 17

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From: The Vikalp Archive <vikalp.archive-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>
Date: Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 8:27 PM
Subject: REMINDER: Vikalp <at> Alliance: BEING BHAIJAAN Screening on Friday, Oct 17

Vikalp <at> Alliance



77 min | Documentary | 2014 | Directors: Shabani Hassanwalia and Samreen Farooqui


WHERE: ALLIANCE FRANCAISE, Theosophy Hall, 40, New Marine Lines, Next to Nirmala Niketan, TEL:2203 6187



This is a story of a Salman Khan Look Alike, or as the posters of his dance shows say, Junior Salman of Nagpur. He is ‘hamara Salman’ on the very intense Jai Salman Whatsapp group, and is a beloved bhai to textile salesman, Balram and the engineer-at-heart Bhaskar. Together, with other Salman fans, they’ve launched a combined search for a larger identity, to replace the very ordinary one life handed out to them.Being Bhaijaan explores Indian masculinity by mapping the emotional, spiritual and philosophical contribution Salman Khan makes in the lives of men in small-town India, who find themselves increasingly disassociated with a changing country, its competitiveness, and its new woman. And find solace in a notion of manhood, constructed brick-by-brick, through a superstar’s perceived personality, which is as old-world as Salman Khan’s films.

Both the filmmakers will be present at the screening. 


Paromita Vohra
<at> parodevi
"हम हैं दीवाने फिर कैसा डर"

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WESTFRONT 1918 by GW Pabst at "THE fd ZONE" on 18 OCT 2014, 4 PM <at> Films Division, Mumbai


'THE fd ZONE' is very happy to announce its partnership with Max Muller Bhawan, Mumbai. With this, we will bring you films from Germany once every month and we begin this week with a 1930 anti-war classic 'Westfront 1918'directed by the master G W Pabst. With this film screening 'THE fd ZONE' also marks the centenary of the first world war which started in 1914.


German with EST, B/W, 88 min, 1930

Directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Produced by Seymour Nebenzal
Written by Ernst Johannsen
Cinematography by Fritz Arno Wagner and Charles Métain
Edited by Wolfgang Loe-Bagier
Music by Alexander Laszlo

'Westfront 1918' (German: Vier von der Infanterie) is a German film, set mostly in the trenches of the Western Front during World War I. It deals with the impact of the war on a group of infantrymen. 

The film bears resemblance to its close contemporary, the All Quiet on the Western Front (1930), and was particularly pioneering in its early use of sound. It was Pabst's first talkie, where he managed to record live audio during complex tracking shots through the trenches.

Westfront 1918 was a critical success when it was released. With the rise of National Socialism, the film was quickly considered by the German authorities as unsuitable for the people, notably for its obvious pacifism, and for its clear denunciation of war. This was an attitude that propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels would soon label as "cowardly defeatism".

Date and time:
18th October 2014, 4 pm

RR II Theater
6th floor
Phase II Building
Films Division
Pedder Road


All screenings at The FD Zone are free and open to all. 
Entry is on first come first served basis.

Upcoming festival:
31st and November 1st and 2nd - "Our Lives to Live' film festival, courtesy IAWRT.


"THE fd ZONE" team

Posted by: The FD Zone <thefdzone-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>


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Our Lives...To Live Film Festival 31 Oct-2 Nov, 2014



in collaboration with

IAWRT (International Association of Women in Radio and Television) India

a specially curated 3-day film festival 


(seeking a JUST world!)

films of courage, protest, hope


Fri 31 Oct, Sat 1 & Sun 2 Nov 2014

save the dates!

Curator’s Note:

A festival of films around

"​seeking a just world"... 

Slippery fellow, Justice. As murky as prejudice, as amorphous as inequality, as two-faced as patriarchy, as evasive as discrimination, as cunning as privilege, as unforthcoming as sweatshop wages, as ephemeral as a politician’s pre-election promises. 

To cut to the chase, the world is still filled on every side with the big “I” of Injustice, with the small satisfying joys of justice few and far between. The notion of injustice is linked to the idea of justice denied, which is based on a sense of what our rights are, or of how they are being trampled on – which

​in turn ​brings us to our struggles to obtain or regain those rights, as equal citizens of the state and equal members of our various communities. 

The festival include​s​ several films that portray people’s movements for the protection of their land, resources, livelihoods, cultures, health, lives, freedoms – against the ravages of bauxite mining, nuclear reactors, army brutality, social exclusions, and compromised systems of justice. 

There are also individual stories, personal musings, satirical takes, heartwarming triumphs, and examples of resistance through art. 

We have exciting student films, testimonials and community videos, reports shot with urgency in a day, films made lovingly over years. There​ is animation, there are music videos, delectable fiction shorts and three fiction features! Together and singly, these films -- sourced from India, South Asia and the planet at large – tell us intense, moving, prescient, disturbing, hopeful human stories.

Many of the filmmakers will be present, along with other discussants who are deeply engaged with some of the concerns these films foreground. Do join us to make the three days truly vibrant with discussion and debate, about cinema as well as about our lives...to live.

​- ​
Smriti Nevatia, Curator, Our Lives...To Live FF  

Just a few glimpses (full programme coming soon!)

Marcela Zamora Chammoro


Mexico-El Salvador I 2010 I 86 min


An unprecedented look at the illegal and dangerous journey of three Salvadoran women to the US. DoñaInés is searching for her disappeared daughter. Marta and Sandra  want to escape domestic violence and poverty. As the immigration debate continues to rage, this film helps to bring understanding to these urgent issues.

  • Best Documentary (Jury Prize and Audience), Festival Int
    l de Cine en Derechos Humanos, Argentina

  • Best Central American Feature Documentary, ICARO

Uçman Balaban


Turkey I 2014 I animation I 1 min


A ban on alcohol, bombing of villages by the army, the Gezi protests, media censorship on the media, a protestor beaten to death – a visual representation of what happened over one year in Turkey.


Marc Thümmler              


Germany I 2008 I 28 min


Stasi surveillance as a film experience: For years, the Ministry for State Security spied on photographer Harald Hauswald, whose photographs deviated from the self-image that the GDR wanted to portray. The film juxtaposes voice over texts from the Stasi files with Hauswald’s photographs. 

  • Nomination for Best Documentary, German Short Film Awards  Best Mid-length film, Achtung Berlin, New Berlin Film Award
  • 1st Prize and Audience Prize, Competition East / West, Emerge And See FF Berlin
  • Special Prize, Indie Lisboa, Portugal
  • Honorable Mention, dokument ART FF
KP Sasi (the filmmaker will be present)


India I 2013 I 88 min


This story of false cases filed against Maudany becomes a revealing narrative of how many Muslims are implicated in false cases under questionable laws. Maudany is a charismatic leader who has spoken up for various marginalised sections, and supported the Koodankulam and POSCO people’s struggles.


festival classic

Sashi Kumar (the filmmaker will be present)


India I 1989 I 35 min


In January 1989, a politically-backed goon and his henchmen attacked and killed the playwright- writer-activist Safdar Hashmi, as well as  worker and activist Ram Bahadur. The film pieces together the shameful attack from eyewitness accounts, and reconstructs Safdar’s short life through archival footage, photographs and conversations.


Abhilash Vijayan (the filmmaker will be present) DWAND (The Duel)

India I FTII (Cut.in Festival) I 2012 I fiction I 13 min


In a remote village in the state of Chhattisgarh, the battle between Maoist rebels and the Army is played out in a barber’s shop. The film is inspired from a story by Spanish writer Hernando Tellez. 

  • Special Jury Mention, Cinemaiubit Int’l Short FF, Romania
  • Gold (Short Fiction), Silver (Editing), Gold (Sound Design),Cut.in Students’ FF, TISS, Mumbai
  • Best Film, Ladakh Int’l FF
  • Kodak Vision Prize for Best Visual Performance, Int’l Student FF Písek, Czech Republic
  • Best Film, Best Direction, Best Cinematography Awards, National Students FF, Aurangabad
Anders Østergaard

BURMA VJ: Reporting From A Closed Country

Denmark-Burma I MLF I 2008 I 85 min


Armed with small handycams, undercover video journalists risk torture and life in jail to keep up the flow of news from the streets of Rangoon. The film documents  the historical and dramatic days of September 2007, when the Buddhist monks started marching. 

  • Joris Ivens Award (Best Documentary);  Movies That Matter Award, IDFA , Amsterdam
  • Main Award & Amnesty Award, CPH: DOX, Denmark
  • Golden Apricot, Best Documentary, Yerevan Int’l FFArmenia
  • World Cinema Documentary Film Editing Award, Sundance FF
  • Nomination, Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature
  • Audience Top Ten, Hot Docs, Toronto

 Amudhan RP (the filmmaker will be present)


India I 2012 I 80 min


Post the Fukushima disaster, the people’s movement against the Koodankulam nuclear plant in Tirunelveli district gained momentum. Farmers, workers, small traders and salaried people joined the poor local fishing community in their struggle.  The film reflects its local,  independent, non-violent and democratic ethos. 


festival classic

Kidlat Tahimik


The Phillipines I 1983 I fiction feature I 90 min


A village switches from making small-market handicrafts to international Olympics memorabilia. Tahimik’s warm-hearted yet ultimately devastating parable on the global economy is as relevant now as when it was made, 30 years ago. It is both a witty satire on the effects of globalisation, and a documentary-like portrait of Philippine rural life. 

  • Top Prize, Mannheim Int’l FF
  • Blue Ribbon, American FF

 Nishtha Jain (the filmmaker will be present)


India I 2009 I 70 min


A closer look at those who come to the filmmaker’s door becomes a way of entering a parallel world of garbage collectors, domestic workers, delivery boys, watchmen  – all those who labour long hours in difficult conditions to make middle and upper class lives in the city of Bombay more comfortable.


Necati Sönmez


Turkey I 2007 I 48 min


In Turkey, the death penalty was abolished in 2002. This documentary humanely tackles the issue of capital punishment while wandering in two deserted prisons where many executions were carried out.  It  asks: Why did we kill all these people? 

  • Second Prize, Ankara Int’l FF
  • Golden Karagoz for Best Documentary, Int’l Silk Road FF
  • Special Mention, DocumFest, Romania
  • Special Mention, Int’l FF and Forum on Human Rights, Geneva
Dahna Abourahme

Lebanon I 2010 I live action & animation I 54 min


The film documents an important chapter in the history of Palestinian refugee women in Lebanon. Weaving between past and present, animation and daily life, it honours how women continue to contribute to the survival of the Palestinian community in exile. 

  • Audience Award 3rd Place, Dox Box Documentary FF, Syria
  • Jury Award, Medium Length Films, Al Jazeera Int’l Documentary FF, Doha

Mania Akbari


Iran-UK I 2004 I fiction feature I 73 min

This stunning  film in several episodes  explores some of the issues of men and women living within the confines of tradition and family life in Iran. Each episode has a man-woman couple in different life situations – dependencies, limitations, power struggles and conflicts. 

  • Best Feature Film, Venizia Cinema Digitale, Venice FF
  • Grand Jury Prize, Spirit of Freedom, Bahamas Int’l FF
  • Best Director & Best Actress, Barcelona Int’l FF
  • Most Innovative Film, Wine Country Int’l FF, USA

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