After an insanely successful weekend of Just Say Now activists making thousands of calls for Prop 19 and marijuana reforms, we’re proud to announce a brand new phone banking effort to target other key voters.

Together with the Women’s Marijuana Movement, Just Say Now is rolling out an online phone banking tool for women marijuana activists from across the country to place phone calls to women voters in California, a key demographic to turn out for Proposition 19.

“If Prop 19 is going to pass in California, it needs the votes of women and mothers,” said Jeralyn Merritt, a criminal defense attorney and board member of Just Say Now. “Prop 19 is the safe, smart choice for California communities. Thanks to this new organizing tool, women marijuana activists can speak directly with women voters in California about the benefits of Prop 19 and get out the vote. This is a great way to  empower women voters and let them know their votes not only count, but can make a real difference on a critical issue facing California communities.”

Activists from Just Say Now have already made nearly 6,000 calls to voters for marijuana reform in the last week, and expect thousands of more calls in the final two weeks of the campaign. Members of the Women’s Marijuana Movement earlier organized events across the country in October to encourage women to speak out in favor of Prop 19 and marijuana legalization. We’re working with the Yes on 19 campaign to target top priority voters for turnout, and comes as the campaign rolls out its own effort to showcase moms who support Prop 19.

“Women across the country are standing up to end marijuana prohibition,” said Eva Enns, the project coordinator of the Women’s Marijuana Movement. “The facts are clear: compared to alcohol, marijuana is the safer alternative. Marijuana is less toxic and it does not have the same association with domestic abuse, sexual assault and other acts of violence that alcohol does. By passing Prop 19, we can take marijuana out of the hands of street dealers and drug cartels and make it more difficult for children and minors to have access. Yes on Prop 19 is the smart choice for women and families in California, and we’re proud to spread the word to these voters.”

Our phone bank is open – if you’re a woman and a marijuana activist, take a couple minutes to call women voters in California and help get out the vote for Prop 19!