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RE: Bagby Trip Cancelled - Cycle Wild

I’m a child of the Bush (sr) era, whaddaya want?


Bike Camping 102: Winter Camping is next weekend, there will still be a couple of winter camping trips, but closer in.  Keep an eye on for details!






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"Not gonna do it.  Wouldn't be prudent."


(hee hee.  Matt, you crack me up!) 


On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 4:47 PM, matt picio <> wrote:

The Cycle Wild Bagby Hot Springs trip originally scheduled for this weekend
(8th / 9th) is cancelled due to weather.  The forecast is calling for 90%
chance of rain, high of 49 degrees and low of 37.  Due to the long distance
involved on this trip, I don't consider it to be prudent.

I waited just a little too long this year - next Bagby trip will be in late
spring / early summer when the road is clear of snow.  Apologies for the
short notice.



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