Aaron | 6 Jan 08:16 2005

a few thoughts on Tabor traffic safety

So tonight I was at the Tabor Heights Traffic Safety Forum and listened 
to our friend Greg Raisman talk about traffic, transportation, and 
safety. He brought up some interesting factoids that I thought some 
folks would be interested in.

Regarding children and the elderly - children have a 30% smaller range 
of vision than adults which means that they are less likely to see an 
object coming towards them out of the corner of their eye.
Both children and the elderly have difficulty visualizing the speed of 
oncoming objects due to the shape of the cornea.  If the object is 
moving as it travels (like an animal) this isn't much of a problem.  
However with unchanging objects like a car, the perception of speed is 
not clear.  (this is the main reason that I don't drive)

Another point that I thought was interesting was that, according to 
Greg, the perception of a vehicle's speed is faster than the actual 
speed for someone standing outside the car.  However the person driving 
perceives their car's speed as being lower than the actual speed (not 
apparently taking the speedometer into account).  That's why we always 
yell and curse at drivers who look back and shrug their shoulders.

I don't know the source of these stats, but Greg is a passionate and 
well educated PDOT employee.  So I have no doubt that he got them from a 
well researched source..

After the meeting I was privileged to speak with John Turner who in 
addition to being one of the core organizers of the meeting, is also an 
ardent bike advocate.  He had an idea which I think is worth pursuing.
Since it's currently impossible to travel safely through the north part 
of Mt Tabor, and the south part is only possible by going over part of 
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Aaron | 6 Jan 08:55 2005

[Fwd: Meeting Notice: 12/12/06 LOPAC]

In case this wasn't forwarded to the Shift list, I encourage many people 
to go in support of bike access.  The city appears interested, but the 
residents don't.

Aaron Tarfman


What: Lake Oswego to Portland Transit and Trail Alternatives Analysis PAC
Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Time: 5:30 p.m. 
Place: Lake Oswego Adult Community Center
          505 G Avenue
          Lake Oswego, OR

Meeting agenda will be distributed prior to the meeting. 

Thank you,

Kelsey Newell
Administrative Secretary
Metro Planning
(503) 797-1756


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Aaron | 24 Jan 05:37 2005

Merry Ho Ho

Have a wonderful holiday.
In thanks for all that you are doing for this wonderful city,
Here's a card for you


Happy Everything.


Aaron Tarfman
Transportation Diplomat

"It's amazing to me that people can save $7000 a year by making a simple lifestyle change."


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